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Somewhat Damaged
Somewhat Damaged

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5.0 out of 5 stars What's in the basement?, 3 Oct 2012
This review is from: Somewhat Damaged (Kindle Edition)
A truly disturbing book, not for the faint of heart, 'Somewhat Damaged' is a horrifying look inside the mind of a man being eaten away by his grief. As he struggles against the madness that will surely destroy him, a chance encounter tIps the delicate balance and his descent into hell truly begins.
This is an oh so dark tale that compellingly probes loss and the extreme depths humanity can reach in dealing with it.
I'll be looking out for more from David Rogers!
Thoroughly recommended!

The Killing Moon
The Killing Moon
by Rod Glenn
Edition: Paperback
Price: 9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Post-Apocalypse Now!, 6 Oct 2010
This review is from: The Killing Moon (Paperback)
Picked this up a while ago after reading, and loving, Mr Glenn's other work 'Sinema' so thought I'd briefly add my thoughts.
'The Killing Moon' is a post-apocalyptic rollercoaster ride of a novel that swings from dark humour to nasty violence through it's pages.
As an aside... from some of the reviews I've seen, I think some people should perhaps not have picked up the book in the first place. There are certainly enough warnings of the dark nature of this work. It might be just me but surely it beggars belief that people will complain about the content of a book when it's pretty clear it isn't exactly Enid Blyton. A tip: Read the blurb before buying?
Anyway, that said, I personally found the characters in this novel to be well written and the story exciting and fresh... even in the well-trodden 'post disaster' genre. I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you like a little darkness, liberally dashed with humour, in your fiction, Mr Glenn is a name to watch.

Okami (PS2)
Okami (PS2)
Offered by APE-GAMES
Price: 11.90

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Beautiful Game, 15 Feb 2008
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Okami (PS2) (Video Game)
I bought this game as a leap of faith. A friend had raved about it and I decided to trust her judgement. At the time, I was looking for something a bit deeper to play on my PS2, something to get involved in.
With this game I found it.
Right from the opening 'gibberish' (subtitled) narration to the last great boss battle some sixty or so hours later, I was thrilled, moved, amused and enchanted by this amazing game.
You play the God(ess) Amaterasu, in wolf form, and you must awaken from a hundred year slumber to rid the world of an ancient evil that has been unleashed.
Your main tool is the Celestial Brush. This serves as a weapon, but also as a means to manipulate the environment. You can slice enemies in two with it, or you can turn night into day. As you progress on your adventure, you will learn more brush techniques to help you on your way. The control system for the brush is easy to pick up, as are the other controls that you must get to grips with.
You are accompanied on your quest by the little 'bug' Issun. He will give you hints and flesh out the story as you traverse the land. You will also meet many other characters who can offer information or quests and others who can sell you goods such as health items and will purchase any treasure items you have collected.
Your character can be upgraded by collecting 'praise' which you receive whenever you do a good deed, complete a quest, feed animals or restore parts of the ravaged land to their former state.
This game isn't the hardest game out there and this is the main critcism of it in reviews I have seen. The main adventure is fairly easy for the seasoned gamer (although lengthy) to complete and, if you get lost, there are plenty of hints to help you on your way. There are lots of side quest, things to collect and other diversions, though. You have no time to get bored here.
Visually, I don't think I've seen a more beautiful game on the PS2 and the music perfectly fits each event and locality.
The storyline, as I have previously mentioned, is by turns funny, moving and tragic and features many characters from Japanese Shinto mythology.
The 12+ Pegi rating reflects some of the slightly raunchy humour, of the 'Carry On' variety, that is in parts of the game.
I have played it through once and have just started another game. After a short break, I wanted to be in Nippon in the company of Amaterasu again.
Oddly, this game sold more in the US than it did in Japan. Sadly, the company who made the game, Clover, no longer exists. It's unlikely there will be a sequel, more's the pity, but I gather a Wii version is on the way.
In summary, if you want something different and involving from your gaming experience, you could do much worse than pick up a copy of this overlooked gem of a game.

Sinema: The Northumberland Massacre
Sinema: The Northumberland Massacre
by Rod Glenn
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars A modern Classic in the making!, 15 Jan 2008
Move over Barker, Herbert and King! Glenn is here!
Whilst, on the surface, this could be seen as just another slasher novel... it has so much more to offer. It will be especially satisfying to the cinephile reader (hence the title).
I don't think I've read anything of this genre with so much effort and care put into it for quite some time. Once you've read this book, you will never forget it!
Whether you have fun spotting the movie references, recoil at the brutality of Whitman's crimes, or feel slightly guilty chuckling at the dark humour, you will have a ball reading this! A guilty pleasure, maybe... but a pleasure, nonetheless.
Many movie references and quotes jostle for your attention in this book as the protagonist, a Tarantino-esque British video shop owner, decides to commit the perfect crimes.... and does so in style.
Extremely well written, this gripping and, at times, brutal novel follows the everyday trials and tribulations of a man planning a series of horrific murders in one small town cut off by a harsh British winter. Glenn also vividly paints for us the planning of Whitman's crimes and the lives (and deaths) of those he befriends and, ultimately, sets out to kill. There are no 'extras' in this movie.
As two dogged police detectives close in when the murders begin, can Whitman achieve his goal of total carnage? Read the book to find out!!
Likeable and well fleshed out characters abound in this novel (even our murderer is, despite his plans, sympathetic somehow) and it's all topped off with very dark and very British humour.
At turns shocking, funny and tragic, this book is a real page turner. This work will chill you to the core!
Highly recommended for horror or thriller fans with a strong stomach and will especially please those with a good knowledge of movies. Although, I stress that the latter is absolutely not necessary to enjoy this book!
I hope Rod Glenn goes on to do a sequel... I have a feeling that we haven't heard the last of Hannibal Whitman!

The King of America
The King of America
by Rod Glenn
Edition: Paperback
Price: 15.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars A thrill ride!, 26 July 2007
This review is from: The King of America (Paperback)
I'm not often moved to write reviews. Not through lack of enjoying books, but through sheer laziness!
However, I feel that this novel deserves a few words to recommend it.
From page 1, I found it a real page turner.
The very real possibilty of a new American internal war gripped me and I found it difficult to tear myself away for such human requirements as sleeping and eating!
The characters are well fleshed out and there are some real surprises throughout the book. The battle scenes are brutal and excitingly executed and the technical detail is NEVER so dry that you lose interest (unlike in some novels I have read that put geeky technicality over the need for a good story).
An excellent read that I'd thoroughly recommend to anyone who loves a good yarn!

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