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30m RJ45 to RJ45 UTP CAT 5e stranded network cable (Grey)
30m RJ45 to RJ45 UTP CAT 5e stranded network cable (Grey)
Offered by Northeast Cables Ltd
Price: £4.69

4.0 out of 5 stars Destroyed by user negligence, 18 Feb. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
One room was a little far for the router, with too many heavy walls blocking the signal. So I bought this wire and ran it down to that room under the carpet. Worked great for a good long while until one day it stopped working. Flipped the carpet over and the wire was shredded.

Many feet make small work of an Ethernet cable.

I have since bought new cables and set up a more professionally wired network.

1.8M USB 2.0 Data Cable A Male to A Male - Black
1.8M USB 2.0 Data Cable A Male to A Male - Black
Offered by WHOSAVE
Price: £1.10

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4.0 out of 5 stars Don't remember buying this., 18 Feb. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
And if I did buy it, well... I can't seem to find it. 7 more words required one two three


5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic!, 18 Feb. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Really happy with this. It was cheap so I wasn't expecting it to be perfect. Just "good enough". But I was wrong, it has lasted ages with barely a scratch. I thought that surely by now the cheap PU leather would have started to flake and peel, or the stitches would have come apart but nope, it's still in great shape.

It has even saved my phone on a couple of occasions, dropping it accidentally onto a hard wooden floor, the case gives the phone great protection.

Love the product guys, one extremely happy customer.

Tin Handle Acid/Flux Brush
Tin Handle Acid/Flux Brush
Offered by Hyatt's All Things Creative .
Price: £3.15

4.0 out of 5 stars The Tin Handle Acid/Flux Brush, 18 Feb. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I like this brush, the simple and minimalistic design speaks to me about the world we live in today where function is synonymous with form, like the beauty of a well built bridge is due to the engineering precision and perfection that comes first before any aesthetic design. No aesthetic thought is needed when the function performs its task to perfect efficiency because that is simply how nature works, the path of least resistance, evolution to find the most reasonable and precise answer. Just as this simple brush has been born into a world of purpose, tasks and processes this brush has one job: to be a brush.

What is a brush? What is it to brush, if someone were to ask me "Hand me that brush" what is it that they are doing that is in need of such a tool. Can they not simply use their hands? The brush has the ability to be both gentle and firm with even pressure to whatever surface that you wish to present it with, a mathematician may be able to calculate the differentiation of relative pressure per pico-metre across each bristle as the contact area from bristle to material surface changes from the tip all the way up to the handle, the closer you get the more resistance and I imagine if graphed the results may be a perfect curve.

So light in my hands as I reflect on this mere brush, one only fathoms of the journey it has taken to now be held here by me. Beginning as sheet metal, stamped out and curved into a handle closed around the bristles. How many brothers does this brush have, all stamped out of the same sheet, all looking the same, all so alike yet different. So many different brushes with so many lives, many will hear the phrase uttered "hand me that brush", but oh what a multitude of surfaces, medium and material will they all experience.

The brush, so simple, so subtle, so perfect.

Mini Compact Portable FOLD Foldable Quiet 2 Fans USB Cooling Fan Cooler Pad Mat Stand With Light for HP DELL Acer Ibm 7' to 17' Inch Laptop netbook,iPad xBox xBox 360 PS3 PS2 Projectors External (Silver)
Mini Compact Portable FOLD Foldable Quiet 2 Fans USB Cooling Fan Cooler Pad Mat Stand With Light for HP DELL Acer Ibm 7' to 17' Inch Laptop netbook,iPad xBox xBox 360 PS3 PS2 Projectors External (Silver)
Offered by BV-electronics
Price: £1.99

2.0 out of 5 stars Still looking for a durable laptop cooler pad, 18 Feb. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This one was nice for travelling as it folded up quite small. And it seemed to do the job keeping my ridiculously hot laptop cool when playing games. But like so many other laptop cooler pads I've owned, (two others I think :P) it was let down by such horrible build quality.

The wire simply isn't protected at all from even the slightest of tugs. Maybe if I was using the laptop as a desktop and never touched the pad it might have survived more than a month or two. But try to use your laptop on your lap with this thing and it simply won't survive. I tried to repair it using sugru and it gave me an extra month or two of life out of it, but its build quality flaws are fairly fundamental. But I guess, what can I expect from a product that is so cheap: cheap build quality.

Point me in the direction of a well built cooler pad and you will have my money!

Bosch PHG 600-3 Heat Gun
Bosch PHG 600-3 Heat Gun
Price: £33.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Does the job, 18 Feb. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Three settings, cool warm and hot if I remember correctly. Bought it to fix my PS3's ylod and this heatgun worked a charm reflowing the solder on the motherboard.

Solid and durable, Bosch is a good name and seems to live up to the reputation.

No Title Available

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2.0 out of 5 stars Not for a Dell Laptop, 16 July 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
My old laptop, a Dell Inspiron 1520 was bought in 2007, had a lot of power for it's time (nvidia 8600 256mb, intel core 2 duo T7500) but had a tendency to get hot. Very hot. So laptop cooler pads have been quite a necessity, especially when gaming or just wanting to use the laptop on my lap but still be able to father children someday. Unfortunately I can never seem to find anywhere that sells decent laptop cooler pads. This one is my third.

The first two eventually couldn't withstand the minor rigors of being placed on my lap, then onto a table. Back and forth etc. Design quality was low. But so was the price, and they both lasted for a while. A little over a year each I think. But while they lasted, they did a good job at cooling the laptop and lifting it up to let the fans breathe.

So, onto this Laptop cooler pad. I bought it because it looked sturdy (It is). And because it can prop my laptop up, a nice feature I was looking for too. Unfortunately several things are wrong with this product. I'll list them.

1. Fans are extremely weak, the beat of a flies' wings could do better.
2. It sits flat and snug under the laptop, suffocating any under-side vents your laptop may have.
3. The metal attachment for fixing the wire to the on/off switch underneath sticks out, and is sharp.
It is only stuck down with cheap glue. A few times it snagged on my trousers and yanked the cable out
when lifting the laptop cooler pad off my lap.
4. The lip on the front is very small, so when propped up, my Dell laptop would just slide off.
Works well with a macbook pro though.

Unfortunately, this cooler pad wasn't enough for my Laptop, and it overheated and died. I have a new laptop
now (which also slides off this cooler pad) but fortunately runs quite cool. So no need for the cooler pad!

Only buy this is you want a cheap stand for a smaller laptop with a square edge on the front,
like a macbook pro. It won't cool your laptop down, it might do the opposite by suffocating the underside fans.

VonHaus Nano 3.0 Media Player- HD TV Digital Mini Media Player - 1080p - MKV - Play any file from USB HDDs/Flashdrives/Memory Cards
VonHaus Nano 3.0 Media Player- HD TV Digital Mini Media Player - 1080p - MKV - Play any file from USB HDDs/Flashdrives/Memory Cards
Offered by DOMU UK
Price: £69.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic piece of kit, 13 Feb. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I hope this thing lasts for years, it's so tiny I'd be afraid to break it. But when I received it and saw how small it was I realised that this isn't just useful for the home, but also for travel. Gone are the days of sitting in a cheap Italian flat with only Italian channels to watch while on holidays. This thing will fit into your pocket and plug into literally any tv old or new with it's AV cable or a HDMI.

It supports PAL, NTFS, 50hz, 60hz, 720p, 1080i etc I can't imagine a tv that it won't be able to play on. And in terms of files it supports, it could play everything I threw at it, including mkv. Also if you wanted to watch a movie shot in 21:9 aspect ratio on an old 4:3 tv you can just press a button to change the aspect ratio stretching the movie, and it still looks good.

For the price I paid for this, it actually surpassed expectations, picture and sound quality is excellent. I may well be buying another very soon.

Xbox 360 - Wireless Controller (Black)
Xbox 360 - Wireless Controller (Black)
Offered by Gameseek
Price: £30.44

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3.0 out of 5 stars Bought it for my Laptop, 18 July 2010
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
As all my electronics are black, I wanted to continue that trend and buy this controller. I own a PS3, and a few of the games that would have otherwise enticed me into buying a 360 are actually available on the PC. So I decided to buy a black xbox controller for my Laptop so I could bring it with me on my travels.

I loved the xbox s controller, and the 360 is similarly shaped and nearly as comfortable. I like the easy to grip concave analogue sticks and the controller fits comfortably in my hands.
Drawbacks are: The horrendous D-pad and the my large hands find my middle fingers being scrunched up into the sharp groove of the battery pack on the back of the controller.

The buttons and analogue sticks feel sturdy, although there is a "deadzone" in the middle of the analogue sticks, which hinders long distance aiming in first person shooters, needing compensation from better timing and strafing. You will be at a disadvantage to players using a mouse. But in my case, I am travelling around the world so having a controller garnered a much greater convenience than bringing a large table with me for my mouse and keyboard to sit on.

In Half Life 2, Half Life Episode 1 and Counter Strike: Source, you can open up the console and quickly set or customise all the buttons, set the responsiveness in the menu. Half Life 1 doesn't have such specific controls, only having options for the more old fashioned single joystick older gamers would remember. So setting the buttons limits you to using one stick for looking or one stick for movement. Not both. Third party customisation lends the possibility of setting the left stick's left x-axis directional movement as "A", right as "D", up as "W" etc. Which means if you really are determined, it's possible to play older games with the controller. In the same way that it's also possible to use the controller as a fully functioning computer mouse.
Team Fortress 2, Half Life Episode 2 Left4Dead 2 and Portal all fully support the controller making them the best games for using it. When playing L4D2 with the controller I noticed the popup hints would say for example "RT to fire" instead of "Left Mouse Button".

Personal Drawbacks:
My reasons for giving only 3 stars are partially my own fault, but I don't feel guilty for the higher expectations I had when purchasing this product. When buying a second, third and fourth PS3 controller, they always came with a usb cable. Charging them was possible with any usb mini cable I had lying around from other products such as digital cameras. Charging the controller and playing over the cable was also possible. A cable I had from my camera was very long, so charging from my couch while still playing wasn't a problem.

When I bought the 360 controller, I expected a cable. When the package came, there was no cable. And the controller to my dismay was powered by batteries. Batteries are the bane of my life, at this stage I almost fully expect everything to have built-in rechargeable battery packs.

I knew the controller needed a wireless adapter, I had chosen a wireless controller over a wired one because if in the future I had wanted to buy a 360 or just hook a PC up to my tv and play PC games as if I had a 360, I felt having a wireless controller was a better idea. But for now I was going to settle for using the wireless controller wired while travelling the world with my laptop.

Out of disgruntled necessity I quickly bought the only wire I could find, which turned out to be an expensive charge n play kit. I had shared my irritance of the lack of cables with the man working in Argos, who reassured my that I could now play on the PC via the cable.

At home after plugging everything in, and installing drivers supplied by microsoft, the computer then recognised the controller. "Xbox 360 controller found" "drivers installed", "your usb device is now ready to use" etc
So naturally I was under the impression that I was good to go. After some more trouble shooting on why my games weren't working, I eventually searched google and found out the relevant information. Although it is potentially possible to run a controller over the cable, microsoft have chosen not to release any such drivers, and instead require you to purchase the wireless adapter.

I was shocked. Something the sony controllers did with ease over a universal cable, microsoft required you to buy all these extra bits and pieces. The initial cheap cost of this single controller had quickly inflated. It seems quite backward that the sony PS3 controllers are the ones limited to their console only, while having universal connections and bluetooth. Where's on the other hand, the microsoft controllers are the ones that can also connect to a PC, yet their cables are all unique specially made only for those controllers, you need to either continueously buy batteries or buy a rechargeable battery pack, and you also need to buy a specially made wireless reciever.

It's baffling. The reasons for not ever buying a 360 had returned, hidden extra costs and compatability issues. Now I fully understand why Gabe Newell has decided to back the PS3 over the 360 as the more open console.

If you've gotten all the way through my above rant, congrats and thank you for reading.
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Western Digital My Passport Essential 320GB USB Portable External Hard Drive
Western Digital My Passport Essential 320GB USB Portable External Hard Drive

5.0 out of 5 stars Just what I needed., 14 May 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I needed some backup space. I had a 500 gig WD passport on loan from a friend for a while, and when he took it back, I knew I needed my own one.

We already have a terrabyte hard drive in the house for major storage, but it's too large to carry around. This passport hard drive backs up my laptop and is a quick and easy access point for my media, which I often transfer between computers or over onto my PS3. For example if I want to watch a video on the main tv.

I did have another small hard drive in the past. But being a cheap case holding a 2.5 inch sata HDD it soon failed. You don't save any time or money buying something cheap if it goes and fails on you. This WD passport is the most reliable in my personal experience.

Five stars for being reliable, durable and sleek in design.

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