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Ceol nam Feis 2
Ceol nam Feis 2
by Valerie Bryan
Edition: Ring-bound

5.0 out of 5 stars Tunes, Fiddle,Piping and Songs from Alba, 7 Sept. 2014
This review is from: Ceol nam Feis 2 (Ring-bound)
Dots for over 100 tunes with Harp, Fiddle, Piping and Puirt-aBeul (songs) produced by Feisan nan Gaidheal (feisean org).
Suggestions for Ceilidh tune sets, songs in Gaidhlig and translation to English.
It is a treasure trove for those interested in Scottish music or interested in attending a Feis in Alba, I came upon it at Feis Rois.

Has some of my favourite tunes " a Fagail Bharraigh, Ba bo mo Leanabh, Crabbit Shona, Fagail Liosmor, Hector the hero, Leaving Store, Marni Swanson of the Grey Coast, Miss Rowan Davies, Togail Curs air Leodhas, Dean Cadalan Samhach, Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda, Braigh Uige, Cearcall a'Chuan, Cum Ur n'Aire, Dream Angus, Far am bi mi-fhin, Fraoch Ronaigh, Griogal Cridhe, Hi Oro's na Horo Eile, O mo Dhuthaich, Oram Chaluim Sgaire, Jig Runrig, Little Cascade, Ramnee Ceilidh et al.

Well worthwhile and excellent value for money. It was produced by all out of a spirit of sharing and passion. The attention to detail shows this.
Any serious follower of Scottish music should a copy.

The Scottish Mandolin Tutor by David 'Dagger' Gordon [Taigh na Teud Music]978 1906 8040 39
Simon Mayor New Celtic Mandolin 095227762X
Session Tunes Books 1-3 by the Scots Music Group [SMG, Edinburgh]
The Scottish Violinist by J. Scott Skinner [Bayley & Ferguson, Glasgow]
Ringing Strings by Tom Anderson [Shetland Times] 0900662409
Fiddle Music of the Scottish Highlands [Taigh na Teud Music]1871 9313 20
The Scots Fiddle by J. Murray Neil [NWP] 190323 8684
Highland Collections by Highland Music Trust [HMT]0954 1478 47
'Box and Fiddle' magazine
'Fiddle On' magazine'
Clarsach tunes/ music played by Wendy Stewart 1871931223
Play Scottish Accordion (Beginners) - Sandy Brechin - Learn to play Scottish
The Cape Breton Collection of Scottish Melodies for the Violin consisting of Marches, Slow Airs, Strathspeys, Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes, etc. mostly ... by G. F. MacQuarrie.
Edited ... by J. Beaton by Gordon F Macquarrie B0000CZBZP
Scottish Words by Iseabail Macleod[Drew]095525 9908

Useful contacts:-
Feisean org
Scot Folk org
scotlands Music
Scots Music Group
play Scottish Music
nigel gatherer
folk Trail
Rampant scotland
Scottish dance
Dept of Appalachian Studies (Scottish and Irish Studies) - ETSU
Box 70556 - Johnson City TN 37 614 - 17 07
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Deluxe Encyclopedia of Mandolin Chords
Deluxe Encyclopedia of Mandolin Chords
by John Baxter
Edition: Paperback
Price: £9.95

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars QUICK START FOR CHORDS & CHORD TONES, 2 Sept. 2011
Showing Bluegrass , Jazz & moveable chords - excellent for beginners to intermediates, with contributions by Scott Tichenor (chord types) & John Bird (practice tips).

The following tips are by a layman for the layperson.

So where do you start ? Why use chords, which chords do you use, why so many variations, what is the best way to practice, what chords go together, why cant I get a simple answer to my questions (the Russian Doll syndrome).

You may wish to embellish a melody (especially slow airs) to avoid `typewriter' style by exchanging a few melody notes with chords.
A Triad chord is made of 3 notes, with 4 strings you can have up to 4 notes in your chord.

Start with 2 finger chords (see on MandolinCafe website), which use 3/4 strings.
The FFcP or 4FcP (four finger closed position -i.e. no open strings) allow you to go up the neck in a Chord scale, mainly used in Jazz.
Double Stops (two strings) give a short-cut effect of a chord when playing a fast tune.

You use chords to provide backup harmonies/melody to a singer. See the Nashville Numbering system for a systematic approach to playing by ear.
Listen to a recording of a good bass player/guitarist and practice against their style. Get a form (variation) that you are comfortable with.
Variations of the same chord occur due to ease of chord shapes, harmonies, ascending and descending melody notes (included in the chord).
For the absolute beginner - try 'Fun with the Mandolin' below.

Practice each day starting with 30mins/day.

Relax the fingers and think of where to move.
1st move the `Luidin' (pinkie), then slide along any using the same strings, then place the other fingers on new strings. If a finger is crossing more than one string make sure your thumb is providing the counter pressure opposite the location of that finger (to give it added strength).

Practice the different groupings (starting with the KoC/KoG below - GCD or other related chords from the Circle of Fifths).
Do 4 strums in a steady `Tick Tock - grandfather clock' rhythm with a steady right hand arm movement and maintaining without a pause while you change chords on the 5th strum.
When more proficient go clockwise and then anticlockwise around the Circle of Fifths.

Practice chord progressions from the Delux Encyclopedia'' (Mc Cabe and Music theory pages 70 & 71).
Practice your personal chord variation list to hear the differences in each chord variation (see below).
Practice the Perpetual Motion chords (lessons on MandolinCafe site).

You will find a sound and finger configuration that will be comfortable.
You should DRAW out a TAB diagram of the stings with the notes upto at least the 12th fret.
Start collecting the chords you use and note the sequence (1,3,5,7 and other notes).
Google your favorite tune name and chords to find a starting point for the chords.

The key of the melody, is the most important note of the melody and is usually the last note and with the chord of the same name.
In the Key of G (KoG) there are seven melody notes, without the sharps/flats, the KoA seven notes are A, B, C#, D, E, F# and G.
Most melodies will finish on the key note this then becomes the Key Chord.

For American music the key notes frequency order is GACDEFB.
For Irish tunes the KoC will comprise of 80% of folk tunes and will finish on a C note and 90% of them will have a group of 3 related chords or chord set (CFG) for the key of C.

5 - 'Pentatonic Scale' - (5 Notes) the ancient 5 note scale (a, c, d, f, g) - the same scale in ancient Celtic, Greek and Chinese music - the black-keys on the piano.

7 - 'Natural' notes - the Harmonics frequencies found in nature from which A to G notes were developed. You have seven days a week, seven primary colors, seven letters ('naturals'- frequency notes without flats/sharps in a scale) - A to G - the white-keys on the piano.

12 - 'Chromatic Scale' - includes subdivisions on the Naturals that Western ears can distinguish (Eastern music has upto 24) and includes the sharps/flat notes - all the keys of the piano.

When only two strings are strummed (giving a short-cut to chord effects). A proper chord has three notes in it.

For Example (see Nigel Gather's site and mandolin Cafe for others) -
KoG (Key of G) - using 2 Strings from GDAE (with the fret number - 0 = open string) notation as in a scale:-
G(4) D(5) - G(0), D(4) - D(5), A(2) - D(2), A(3) - D(4) , A(5) - A(3), E(0) - A(5), E(2) - A(2), E(3)

See 'Fretboard Roadmaps' below.
Note (see top page 14 - the black dots are fingered notes, the white dots are open strings. The two strings strumed together are shown as linked. Each of the 5 distinct double stops, as shown in the dots & tab, are shown together in the diagram to display a pattern).

Using 1, 3,5 sequence of the note. for example if 1 is 'C', then 3 is 'E' and 5 is 'G'.

Your chord can have 3 main variations (also others) -
Using 4 strings - variation1 is 1,3,5,1octave (as above), variation2 is 3,5,1octave,5octave and variation3 is 5,1octave,3octave,5octave
(Remember those Arpeggios ?).
The chord 7th is another variation with the 7th note (will be `F' if in this case if `G is 1) and hence `G7'. Usefull to bounce back and forth as a holding pattern if a singer cannot remember the next line of a tune.
So from the melody note you can substitute a variation of the notes (1,3,5 & Extensions 7,9,11,13) or octaves.

If your melody note is `G' for example (this becomes 1 or root), your 3rd note is `B', 5th is `D' and 7th is 'F'.
So then with the four strings try various combinations of (Notes: 1,3,5,7 or 'x'-not used) on the strings to see which compliment the melody note being replaced.
Note that some chords are the same (Bb=A#, Eb=D#, Ab=G#, Db=C#).

The chord set relationship of chords is called the 'I-IV-V' chord progression (major chords built on the 1st,4th & 5th note).
So if the chord progression is in the Key of G - you most likely will have cords G,C, D or D7 (1,IV,V).

So from the Key of `G' (KoG) to the Key of `A' (KoA), you can think of seven main groups of chords that go together (depending on the Key).
In terms of frequency of use: KoC-CFG, KoG-GCD, KoD-DGA, KoA-ADE, KoE-EAB, KoB-BEF#, KoF#-F#BC#.

A pattern of Chord relationships with the previous and past chords emerges as follow -
This relationship of the 7 Natural groups of chords can be expressed in the circle of chords (12 major chords including flats/sharps and double this for the minors).

In an alpha order (not the circle of 1/5ths) starting with KoA to the 7th being KoG showing how the last note relates of one key relates to the first one following (this relationship is expressed in the simpler diagram form)
KoA 1-ADE, KoE 5-EAB KoB 2-BEF#, KoF# 7-F#BC#, KoC 3-CFG, KoG 4-GCD, KoD 5-DGA.

Rag Time Chord Progressions usually follow -
For example if in D (1='D') - then 3-6-2-5-1 becomes F#,B, E7,A7,D

Folk Music chord progressions usually follow -
1 - 3/6(minor) - 2 (minor/major) - 5 - 1

Suggested Reading :-
(Top Class Overview DVD) 'How Music Works' by Howard Goodall [...]; Howard Goodall's Big Bangs [2008] [Region 1]DVD ~ Howard Goodall ASIN: B0017HEY98; Big Bangs: Five Musical Revolutions by Howard Goodall 070116932X;
Reference booklet `Music Theory 101' by Larry McCabe ISBN:0786659491;The AB Guide to Music Theory Vol 1 by Taylor, Eric ISBN1854724460; Evolution of the Art of Music by Parry;

The Nashville Number System by Chas Williams 0963090674;
Mike Marshall Mastering Chords & Theory DVD ASIN: B0013UQUV4;
Niles Hokkanen's GUIDE TO MANDOLIN CHORDS ( AND HOW TO USE THEM) by Niles Hokkanen . ... ISBN:
Mel Bay Deluxe Encyclopedia Of Mandolin Chords by John Baxter 0786647973;
The Mandolin Chord Book by James Major 0825622964(possible chord sets for each key);
'Fun with the Mandolin' by Mel Bay (9780871664501-without the CD, 2 finger chords);
Fretboard Roadmaps [Hal Leonard] 0634001426;
Developing Melodic Variations y John McGann 0786650990

Also -
Folk Harp music Arrangements' by Silvia Woods ISBN:093666102X; Celtic Backup for all Instrumentalists by c. Smith [MBay] 9780786640652;
Chord Tone Soloing (Guitar) by Barrett Tagliarino 0634083651; Absolute Beginners: Guitar Scales by Cliff Douse 0711987726; The Irish DADGAD Guitar by Sarah McQuaid 0946005931; Irish Traditional Guitar Accompaniment
with Gavin Ralston DVD[Waltons]B000HKCSUI ; Understanding DADGAD For Fingerstyle Guitar by Doug Young 0786676418

Dissent into Treason: Unitarians, King-killers and the Society of United Irishmen
Dissent into Treason: Unitarians, King-killers and the Society of United Irishmen
by Fergus Whelan
Edition: Paperback
Price: £14.99

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Pivotal Publication for Ireland, 23 Dec. 2010
Re November's (2010) book launches in Dublin and Belfast:-
The Dublin venue was packed with standing room only (Senator Eoghan Harris launched the book), all copies were sold out on the night.
In Belfast the launch took place in Rosemary st. Presbyterian church, where William Drennan (of the Manse) founder of the United Irishmen was reared.
Members of the congregation, senior Belfast figures from UVF, UDA, Eochair ex-Republican prisoners and Stickies were in attendance. At the end of the talk Fergus gave a beautiful rendition of a verse from the hymn 'How can I keep from singing'. The later conversations over tea and biscuits were insightful, and not a bowl of soup in sight.
I was told by one attendee he had no knowledge of this history, never learnt anything of this period and that this was the first time he had heard the story, a conversation that was mirrored later on the Catholic Lower Falls.
One UDA commander who purchased a couple of copies explained to me that one copy was for his son, that another was for passing around some friends. This begs the question of where are the inter-community forums and dialogues promised in the Good Friday Agreement, a serious and dangerous omissions in the current situation.
My grand aunt Mary and aunt Mary (Cluain Ard) instilled their anti-sectarianism into my young mind and made sure I understood that some of their best friends from the linen-mills were in the Woodvale, an intercommunity sisterhood ('a spirit of the Charabanc' ), a hope that one day soon may return.

So which state is comfortable in their prejudice, knowing their were right in their 'planters' religion has a history of bias against the Celts, the Gaelic language, Republicanism, were Calvinistic in their outlook and whose flag should be the Union Jack ?
Correct, The 26 county republic !!

Where Celtic Christianity was suppressed and replaced by the French Norman Crusaders Roman centered variety (1178, after the Orthodox split), it's contemporary version was Jansenist (Louvain in Belgium mirroring Dutch Calvinism), Daire Keogh and O'Cadhain (p19 & 44) detail their anti-republican and anti-Gaelic credentials (Maynooth was seeded with French anti-republican royalists, at it's beginning, in 1802 post the French revolution).
At the battle of the Boyne, if the French Royal Absolutist banner had not been available, Catholics would have followed the Stuart banner, the Jacobite flag (the early Union 'Jack').
The Stuart disdain for their 'subjects' and their scheming was shown by the approach to 'pacifying' their Scottish realm by the pilot testing plantations on the isles of Leodhas (Lewis) agus na Haradh (Harris) (~1607).
Billie's (Liam's) side used Green sprigs on their clothing, fought for constrained monarchy, supremacy of parliamentary democracy and toleration of dissenters and freethinkers.

This book along with AQ Stewart's,Toland's, Keogh's and O Cadhain's, are essential tools in diffusing and dismantling the tribal sectarian narrative of Irish politics.

Fergus' father and Mairtin O Cadhain were good friends and shared state subsidised accommodation during WWII (along with Behan and my uncle Padhraig, then aged under 16, my uncle Sean's accommodation being in South England).
"Lili Bolero ("An lili ba leir e, ba linn an la" - "The lily was seen above all/triumphant, we won the day). Yes per Behan, the Apprentice Boys of Derry were speaking as Gaelige.

The book focus on these enlightened thinkers, who organised the Belfast Harp festival (1792) where Bunting transcribed the remaining old Gaelic Harp melodies, published the first book in Gaelic (the Bible), founded the University of Belfast, women debated Wollenstonecraft's book. The dissenters were the last denomination to insist that their clerics were fluent in Gaelic and whose disdain for hierarchy closely matched the earlier Celtic Christianity.
They organised the first known anti-slavery demonstration, Belfast itself was the first port to boycott ships dealing in the slave trade.
You will find this book an intriguing read, is easily accessible, with a wide brush stroke (Ireland, England, Scotland and USA), a possibly a taster of further publications from the author and will be sure to change many perspectives.

A Quote from Thomas Russell, pertinent to our times: -
"The starving wretch who steals for bread - but seldom meets compassion
Then shall a crown preserve the head - Of one that robs a nation."

Other References:-
Scriptures politics of the Rev. William Steel Dickson by Brendan Clifford 0850340446
United Irishman - James Hope by Newsinger 0850364965
A Deeper Silence: The Hidden Origins of the United Irish Movement ATQ Stewart 0856406422
The French Disease: Catholic Church and Radicalism in Ireland in the 1790's by Daire Keogh 1851821325
Mary Ann McCracken by Mary McNeill 0856404039
The Trial of William Drennan by Larkin 0716524570
Drennan Selected Writings Vol 3 (Emmet) 1872078060
Soul on Fire - Thomas Russell by Quinn 0716527324
The Man from God Knows Where - Russell by Carroll 1856071308
Thomas Russell and Belfast by Clifford 0850340330/0850340802
Autobiography of Archibald Hamilton Rowan 9780217179720
Theobald Wolfe Tone by Bartlett 0852211333
Life and Death of Lord Edward Fitzgerald by Moore 1425499104
Citizen Lord by Tillyard 0701165383
Recollections of the Life of John Binns 0548232148
Memoirs of Miles Byrne 1432522728
The Nature of the State of Ireland by Arthur O'Connor 1901866122
Belfast in the French Revolution by Clifford 1872078001
Irish Rebellion by Stuart Andrews 1403995982
Drennan on Emmet1872078
A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft 0486290360
'Tone - inné agus inniu' by Ó Cadhain [Coisceim & cic - in Gaelic] ASIN: B0000COWNZ
Belfast and the Irish Language by de Brun 1851829385
Hidden Ulster 1873687354
Brendan Behan's Island 0091558611
Dunaire poems by O Tuama 0851053645 (bilingual)
Beathaisnéis: 1782-1881 ; 0903758830 (Gaelic)
The harp of Ireland Grainne Yeats B0006F19PE

The Remaking of Modern Ireland, 1750-1950: Raymond Gillespie 1851826602
Scotland and the Ulster Plantations: 1846820766
The Highland Clearances John Prebble 0140028374
The Life of Thomas Muir: Who Was Tried for Sedition Before the High Court of Justiciary in Scotland, and Sentenced to Transportation for Fourte by Peter MacKenzie 1165086034
Old Reminiscences of Glasgow and the West of Scotland (Volume 1); Containing the Trial of Thomas Muir byPeter Mackenzie 0217263321

The Making of Europe: Conquest, Colonization and Cultural Change 950 - 1350 by Robert Bartlett 0140154094
Irish Jesus, Roman Jesus by Snyder 1563383853
John Toland by Duggan 9781907522086
The Philosophy of John Scottus Eriugena: A Study of Idealism in the Middle Ages by Dermot Moran 0521892821
Pelagius: Life and Letters by B.R. Rees 0851157149
Salm Vol. 1 by Hebridean Choir ASIN: B0002LUAFW;
Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom by John O'Donohue 006092943X

'The Journal of Margaret Hazlitt' edited by Ernest J Moyne [University of Kansas Press] B0007DWHCE
British Supporters of the American Revolution, 1775-1783 Sheldon S. Cohen 1843830116
Prisoners of War in Britain 1756 to 1815 Francis Abell 1144626161

Youth and Rebellion 0750911638
Friends of Liberty 0674323394
Social Unrest in England bt Archer 0521576563
English Radicalism [Burt Franklin] ?,0521890829,0521180813, 085315497X, B0014LV706
Colonel Despard: The Life and Death of an English/Irish Jacobin by Clifford Conner1580970265;
Floating Revolution 184415095X
Treason Trials of 1794 0718514459
The Scottish Insurrection of 1820 0859765199
Cato Street Conspiracy by Stanhope B00114ZINS, 1844159647, B0006BW14Q
Debating the Revolution 186064936X
King Mob 0750937262
Life & Times of Thomas Spence 0859831728
Radical Culture 0814324525
The Enlightenment: A Comparative Social History, 1721-1794 by Thomas Munck 0340663251
Selections from the Papers of the London Corresponding Society 1792-1799 by Mary Thale 9780521089876

The Age of Unease: Goverment and Reform in Britain, 1782-1832 by Michael Turner 0750915374
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Rev Hammer - Freeborn John Live [DVD]
Rev Hammer - Freeborn John Live [DVD]
Dvd ~ Various

0 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars The Cradle of modern politics 1647-60, 1 Sept. 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The Bonny Besses of the CD was sung and well received in both Belfast and Dublin. It aroused a curiosity as to why this story remained hidden.
Overall there seems to be a dearth/shortfall of songs known of this extremely interesting period, a thanks to all involved.

My Bonny Bess.byReed Ernest BallB0000CSNU0
Bonny Bess.byCooper Thomas B0000D45O8
Digger SongbyLeon Rosselson onYouTube
Ballad History of England0713409681Roy Palmer, For the Good of the NationbyLeon Rosselson0904526704

So you think that political movements developed in the 19/20th Century ?

Civil Rights - read the Levellers who argued for an egalitarian constitution and suffrage.
Communards - read the Diggers (Winstanley) who thought it "obscene/ sinful" not to use common land while thousands of landless peasants starved. Mirroring the later Irish and Indian famines in lands of plenty.
Quasi Military Dictatorship - standing army controversy - read the Protectorate (seen by Royalists as a usurpation of legitimate monarchical rule and by Republicans as a dictatorship which as a monarchy in all but name). see Napoleon.
Dictatorship of the Proletariat, end to private property until the coming Socialist society - read the 5th Monarchists (Thomas Venner) or Taborites of Bohemia, rule by the Righteous and Virtuous (remember Jonestown and Pol Pot).
Fifth Monarchy (biblical Daniel 2:44 - Christ will rule with his saints for a 1,000 years) We are all God's children and no hierarchy (man made episcopacy or royal) should control all land and power.
The Womens rights movement - read the Bonny Besses
Hippies and free love - read the Ranters/Adamites (antinomian Puritans).

Both Winstanley and Lilliburn became Quakers (who then represented the dispossessed) with their independence of mind and power of debate, after the restoration their reforming energy was internalized save for the anti-slavery campaign.

Both Rainsborough and Sexby started as adventurers but ended as radical democrats and were influenced by four sources. The Bible-Lollards/Hussites (eg: St Marks Ch12 v29-31, Amos Ch5v24, Micah Ch6v8)
Liliburn was influenced by the history of the French Norman regime it's consequences including the Peasant Revolt 1381 and also by the existing Dutch Republic (Leiden & Antwerp - Franciscus van den Enden),
Rainsborowe was influenced by the American contingent within his regiment (his inlaws were governers of Mass. and many came from Mass, New England, Charlestown, Rhode Island, Providence, Salem etc).

After the schism on the eastern flank, Rome authorised the French to secure the western flank. A decade after the Orthodox split (1054), the Papal banner (Bayeaux tapestry) was used by the French Norman Crusaders to show this in the invasion of England 1066. This Papal banner later became known as the Georges cross.

At the battle of the Boyne (Irl 1690), if the French Royal Absolutist banner had not been used, Catholics would have followed the Stuart banner, the Jacobite flag (early Union 'Jack').

Billie's (Liam's) side use Green sprigs on their clothing, fought for constrained monarchy, supremacy of parliamentary democracy and toleration of dissenters and freedom of religion.
Hmmm 0/3, maybe it is time to review the accepted narrative and revisit the historical facts !

No doubt William Drennan (son of Rev. Thomas, of Rosemary street Belfast) knew of this and the Levellers when the color green was chosen for the emblem of the United Irishmen (Eoin Rua O Neills banner is another possibility).

The flag of the English Republic (as per the Charterists) was horizontal Sea Green on the bottom (the Levellers), White in the middle symbolising a society at peace with itself and its neighbours, and dark crimson red on top (symbolising the blood of the Anglo-Saxons, the Peasant revolts, Levellers, Diggers and Charterists).

The debate on modern democratic principles are key to understanding the mind of Jefferson and other statesmen in the centuries following. Putney was also the catelist for the women's movement in England.
Toland published the writing of Sydney (the first republican recorded in Ireland), Ludlow and Harrington and was later buried in the grounds of the St. Mary's (see 'SW15 1SN' on Multimap) where the debate took place.
Mary Wollenstonecraft, after personal tragedy tried to commit suicide from the adjoining Putney bridge.

The French Normans transformed the anglo-saxon society into a workcamp, where the locals were reduced to inmates in a serf/slave society, along with it's watch towers, control and brutal repression, a commercialisation of religion, persecution of heresy/dissent and intense control by a hierarchy, which were replaced by French Normans (bar one).
The lack of rights for the ordinary serfs, dispossession, enclosure of common lands, primogeniture resulted in dysfunctional families, the dramatic increase in misogyny, concentration of power and wealth, rapacious 2nd and 3rd born, resulting in a dog eat dog society.
Both the Levellers and Diggers railed against the consequence of the Normans.

Why are ther no blue plaques ?
For Harrington, Thomas Rainborowe/Rainsborough (assassinated near Pontefract and buried in St. John's Wapping, London), Lilliburn, Overton, Wallwyn, Winstanley (London) and Algernon Sydney (hung not for what he did but what he wrote - SW corner of Trinity Square Gdns next to Tower Hill metro), Wollenstonecraft and St Marys Church, Putney bridge (where the Putney-Leveller debates occurred and Toland is buried.

Roundhead Reputations by Blair Wordon 0141006943
John Toland 'Father of Irish Philosophy' by Sean Kearney [Ben Madigan Press Belfast]
Feargus O'Connor, Irishman and Chartist by Donald Read B0000CKYZG B0006D9D86 B001OPC7RY, 0850365619
Intellectual Consequences by Chris Hill 075380252X

The New Social Agreement, PARADISE LOST
- gangpressed, Indentured, enSlaved, The new Empire for the few:-

(two former New Englander residents, Henry Vane and Thomas Veneer)
'Radical Republicanism in England, America, and the Imperial Atlantic, 1624-1661' by John Donoghue [University of Pittsburgh PA, 1999]
Jennings, Invasion of America, 0393008304
The New Design Discovered, 1149342021
Cromwell's Navy by Bernard Capp0198203934
'Adventures by Sea of Edward Coxere' by Edward Coxere, H.W. Meyerstein
'Commonwealth Principles' by jonathan Scott 0521035732
The Retired Man's Meditation by Henry Vane
No Enslavement of Native Americans by by Roger Williams
White Cargo by Jordan & Walsh 1845961935
A Healing Question'by Henry Vane B001EGOWQM
Mercurius Politicus by Harrington 1170927661

REVOLTS & MUTINIES (post 1649):- Lockyer
Bishopsgate, Burford and Banbury

'Ehud's Dagger' by James Holstun 1859844073
"Three Colonels Petition" by John Wildman
John Wildman by Maurcie Ashley, 1163192236
'The Fifth Monarchy Men' by Bernard Capp 0571241921
'Fifth Monarchy Insurrections by Burrage

The Jefferson Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth 1452600813

Algernon Sidney and the Republican Heritage in England and America by Alan Craig Houston 0691078602
The Origins of Anglo American Radicalism by Margaret & James Jacob 1573922897
The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution by Bernard Bailyn 0674443020

Harrington and His Oceana, a Study of a 17th Century Utopia and Its Influence in America
Pennsylvania as a Proprietary Colony by Dr.W.R.Shepard
Hugh Francis Smith 1177886863 1165505916

French Revolutionaries and English Republicans by Rachel Hammersley 0861932730
A French draft constitution of 1792 modelled on James Harrington's Oceana: Théodore Lesueur: Idées sur l'espèce de gouvernement populaire qui pourroit ... vetenskapssamfundet i Lund, XVII)
Théodore Le Sueur ASIN B00086BK32
The Abbe Sieyes by J H Clapham ASIN B000WYHRWS

Dissent into Treason by Fergus Whelan 0863224296
Whiteboys and Levellers of Munster by L.T. 1140736108
Levellers of Ireland (1790) B0014MR64G

Putney Debates & Levellers:
Thomas Rainboroweby Jones184383121X
The Putney Debates of 1647byMendle0521154421,0521650151
The Putney DebatesbyRobertson1844671755
Putney DebatesbyEmery0902591150
Harrington's Oceana0521423295
WinstanleyDVD(Diggers)Kevin Brownlow6305760497
Arrow Against All TyrantsbyRichard Overton090461705X
Levellers:John Lilburne,John Wildman, Putney Debates,Thomas Rawton,Sexby, Elizabeth Lilburne155365933
Levellers and the English Revolution 0851241549
Algernon Sidney and the English Republic 1623-1677byJonathan Scott0521611954
John Wildman, Plotter and Postmaste by Maurice Ashley 1432595245
Colonel Thomas RainsboroughbyS. Jones1873086032
The Writings of William Walwyn0820310174
The English Civil Wars [DVD]Robert Powell B00081MWZW
The English Civil War - A Nation At War[DVD] B002CYIR70
'Writing of the English Revolution'byKeeble0521645220

The Law of Freedom in a platform by WinstanleyASIN B0018I0I28
The Dutch RepublicbyJonathan Israel0198207344
The Pursuit of Glory: Europe 1648-1815byBlanning014016667X

Memoirs of the Author of 'The Rights of Woman'byWilliamGodwin 0140432698
Katherine ChidleybyKatharine Gillespie0754662314
Unbridled Spirits:Women 1640-60 by Stevie Davies 0704344890
The Weaker Vessel(Women In History)byAntoniaFraser1842126350
The Grand Quarrel byHudson0750923903

Normans&Peasent Revolt:-
The Making of Europe: Conquest, Colonization and Cultural Change 950 - 1350 by Robert Bartlett0140154094
UnRoman Britain by Miles Russell 0752455664
The Peasants' Revolt 1381[DVD]Michael LeightonB000B6F8GO
The Peasants' Rising and the Lollards: A Collection of Unpublished Documents Forming an Appendix to England in the Age of Wycliffe (1899)1104320274
Summer of Blood: The Peasants' Revolt of 1381byDan Jones000721393X
The Peasants' Revolt: England's Failed Revolution of 1381byAlastair Dunn 0752429655
Upside Down'LevellersB00005JJ7T
Medieval Heresy: Popular Movements from the Gregorian Reform to the Reformation Malcolm Lambert 0631222766

Political Theory:-
The Republic by Plato 0140455116
Oceana of James Harrington by Toland 9781140707219
Discourses by Algernon Sidney and Toland 0865970891
Algernon Sidney and Heritage by Alan Craig Houston 0691078602
Republicanism: Volume 1 by van Gelderen and Skinner 052167235X
Hugo Grotius (Great Political Thinkers) by John Dunn, Ian Harris 1858981034
Two Treatises of Government by Locke 0521357306
Milton in Government by Fallon 0271009047
Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes 0199537283

San Patricio
San Patricio
Price: £7.35

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Lovely and Belated CD - Excellent Well Done All,, 11 Mar. 2010
This review is from: San Patricio (Audio CD)
A lovely CD and FINALLY a recognition by leading Mexican figures that they were NOT ALONE - European and North American dissenters stood should to shoulder with their ancestors.
All we need now is to recognize the German speaking members of the brigada.

A belated, beautiful and timely collection of a Mexican-Irish melodic mélange. Other reviewers have done an excellent job on the melodies.

For a Historical Synopsis:-
the Brigada San Patricio fought for Mexico against American SLAVE state expansion(1846-48) and also for their religious rights. Of the 900 men (some with experience of the Napoleonic wars in Europe, it is estimated that approximately 30% were German speaking). - see the dvd of the 'film' - 'One Man's Hero' - with : Tom Berenger, Joaquim de Almeida, director: Lance Hool ASIN: 630571889X -

In Europe Republican governments were replaced by the Napoleonic dictatorship followed by the restored Monarchies (1815).
Post the American war of independence, Article 5 of the Paris treaty (Nov 1782), American democrats had to guarantee the `the rights of confiscated `property' of Loyalist Americans (this included slaves and estates). Although small loyalist farmers lost out, the larger Southern plantations owned by English aristocrats remained. Less than 5% of loyalist left for Europe, Canada or the Caribbean. Little changed from the `Ancienne Regime'

Paddy is wrong in his assertion on the dominating factors.
Slave power continued to be the main economic driving forces in the southern states of the new world.
Within the slave states, non slaveholding whites were barred from important offices and opportunities. With the Missouri line `Dixiland' could only expand west or south.

The Slave States:-
The Mexican constitution's (1824) abolition of slavery, in particular the sale of slaves incensed slave traders. In 1827 President John Adams offered Mexico US$1 Million to buy Tecas, in 1829 President Andrew Jackson tried with an offer of US$5 million but was also rejected.
See also `La Constitución de Apatzingán' by Ernesto de la Torre Villar ISBN 9688371777
Along with delegates Andres Quintana Roo & Carlos Bustamante (1814 - they called for popular sovereignty, republican government, abolition of slavery, equality before the law, representative government, separation of church and state.
Austin and Houston (both of Virginia) were instigators of the Tecas land grab. The addition of Texas to the Union as a SLAVE state, was blocked until the election in 1844 of president Polk.

After 1815 and the restoration of the European ancienne regimes the 'White Royalist Terror' was unleashed on Republican, Radical Enlightenment, anti monarchic and anti-autocratic church elements. As a consequence many Europeans came to America seeking refuge as the United Irishmen before them - 'United Irishmen, United States' by David Wilson ISBN:0801431751.
The Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854) expanded slavery north into Kansas.
In New York slavery was abolished only in 1827 and a re-introduction was attempted again following this act.
Implementation of the `Fugitive Slave act' (1850) along with the need to fix the route of the railways finally provoked the American Civil War

General Zachariou Taylor (who owned more than 100 slaves in Louisiana & Mississippi) went into Mexico beyond the Neuces river (Corpus Christi).
Lincoln denounced the war in Congress. Thoreau went to jail rather than pay taxes to support it, and Ulysses Grant (who served in Mexico) described it as "the most unjust war ever waged by a stronger against a weaker nation". The Catholic Hierarchy more interested in protecting Anglo interests in the period of the legalisation of the Catholic church in England, sent two priests McEvoy (GaelicSpeaker) and Rein (GermanSpeaker) to stem the flow of support for Mexico.
The war was a prelude as many later took different sides in the North American Civil War (1861-65).
Some examples of the correspondence by Grant, Lee, Sherman, Taylor, Scott, Bragg on their personal experiences of the Mexican war prior to the Northern Civil War.

In consolation to the Mexican people, it was Californian gold that allowed Lincoln to subsequently defeat the combined forces of the slavistocracy and European royalty.
The Northern states at that time were the last refuge of the 'Republic of Letters' and the light of the Enlightenment, perilously close to being extinguished.

One of the etymologies of 'Gringo' in Irish folklore is the fact that many Patricios sang the Napoleonic song 'Green grows the Lilio' as they marched thro' Mexico.
One notable United Irishman, Jemmy Hope, still on the run, was interviewed by R. Madden in the 1840's aged in his 80's. I would like to see a film based on his life.
See 'United Irishman: The Autobiography of James Hope' by John Newsinger [Merlin] 0850364965.
Yes Liam, green was also the color of Rainsborough's, the Levellers, Liliburns banner. William Drennan would be proud of you, togha fear !

Other References:-
'Los Soldados Irlandeses de Mexico' Hogan ISBN:9687846070, 'United Irishmen, United States' by David Wilson ISBN:0801431751; 'The Rogue's March' ISBN:1574887386, 'Short Killing Affair by Foos ISBN:0807854050,
'Rise of the English Empire in the American South' Gallay ISBN:0300101937, 'Irish Slave Girl' by McCafferty ISBN:014200183X,White Women, Black Men by Martha Hodesh [Yale UP 1997] 0300069707, 0300077505;`Duffy's Cut' ISBN0275987272 &9780275987275; 'Letters on Jackson Edited by B. Leigh ISBN:0548321833 ; 'California Gold Rush and the Coming of the Civil War' by Richards ISBN:030726520X; How the Irish Became White' by Noel Ignatiev ISBN:0415918251 ;'
Colonel Despard: The Life and Death of an English/Irish Jacobin by Clifford C. Conner ISBN-10: 1580970265; Friends of Liberty - the English Democractic Movement by A Goodwin ISBN 0674323394;'United Irishman: The Autobiography of James Hope' by John Newsinger [Merlin] 0850364965; Dissent into Treason - Unitarians, King-Killers and the Society of United Irishmen by Fergus Whelan 9780863224294; Just Like Me by Michael Fallaw 1436385075.
See also Ron Kavana's song entitled "The Men That God Made Mad"
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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent - ahead of its time, 20 Jun. 2009
Excellent - shows how Ó Cadhain ahead of his time, a non sectarian agitator who read widely (no doubt he had read John Toland (Eoin o Tuathail) publications. A shame this has not reached a wider audience, will have to wait an English translation.
The book can be obtained much more cheaply via idproduct=1003.

Béal eiriciúil as Inis Eoghain: John Toland (1670-1722) by Alan Harrison [Coiscéim (1994)]ASIN B0000CONBM;
Hidden Ulster: Protestants and the Irish Language by Padraig Ó Snódaigh 1873687354; Belfast and the Irish Language by De Brun 1851829385;
The French Disease by Daire Keogh ISBN:1851821325;
An Tiomnadh Nuadh-(Bilingual)0901518271; Salm Vol.1 ASIN: B0002LUAFW;
Church Oraganisation in Ireland Ad650-1000 by Etchingham0953759806,; The Sources of Early History in Ireland by Kenny 1851821155,
Ireland and the Celtic Church by Stokes 0548204640;
Women in a Celtic Church by Harrington 0198208235, Archetypal Heresy:Arianism through the Centuries by Wiles 0199245916;

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