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Gelert Footpump - Yellow/Black , 5lt
Gelert Footpump - Yellow/Black , 5lt
Offered by The Magic Toy Shop
Price: £7.49

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3.0 out of 5 stars More than fine.... until it starts to come apart., 22 April 2012
It's light, quick to inflate things and comes with a range of nozzles. So why only 3 stars? It's because the yellow vinyl is prone to cracking, and the seals to the metal rim don't stand the test of time. When a hole in the vinyl fist appeared I thought it would be easy to fix with some heavy-duty tape. Then another crack ... and another .... and because of the continual flexing the heavy duty tape doesn't stay completely air tight. I tried pva glue over the top but it didn't work.

It's cheap enough to replace, just don't think of it as a long-term piece of equipment.

Neem Oil - 100ml
Neem Oil - 100ml
Offered by The Aromatherapy Shop Ltd
Price: £5.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars Neem oil v. head lice, 9 Aug 2011
This review is from: Neem Oil - 100ml (Personal Care)
Ok, I bought this because at 50 years of age I contracted my first ever case of head lice! YUK doesn't even come close to how the itching and the fact you're infested, and things are sucking your blook makes you feel. At first I went down the chemical route (twice) and rigurous combing but the little blighters were still there! Then I tried olive oil, mayonnaise, vinegar, tea-tree oil... it was desperate times as you can imagine.

After a bit of googling I came across neem oil (never even heard of it up to this point). The smell - well, it's not good, but it's not so bad that it will have you running from the room. It smells a bit like burnt/gone off peanut butter. The oil is solid at room temp but as soon as you start rubbing it in it becomes an oil. It is very oily, so you can't really go out when it's on your hair (not to mention the smell of course). It's the kind of treatment you'd apply on a Friday night and wash out on a Monday morning. For the first 12 hours I could still feel the lice moving (I know, horrible) but after that there was a marked decrease in itching and feeling them move.... I did a second treatment the next weekend just to be sure, but I think (hope) they're all gone now.

The way it kills the lice is amazing - the smell app mimics lice hormones and interfers with how they feed and reproduce. It supposedly finishes off the eggs as well as the lice (loads more info on google of course).

It's easy enough to shampoo out and the smell doesn't linger. I have shoulder length thick hair and I only need to use about 1/3 bottle at a time so it's economical as well.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Seems to work, but trying to get it out is a nightmare!, 20 July 2011
Easy enough to apply - just a case of squirt, squirt, squirt and massaging it in with your fingers to make sure those 'orrible lice and eggs are suffocated to death. There is no smell or burn and it doesn't drip. Seems almost to good to be true...

then comes the fun bit, trying to get it OUT. I shampooed three or four times and my hair still felt like an oil slick. Following morning my hair actually looked wet, but it was actually still gunked up with the gel. Desperate times, so after a bit of googling I found a suggestion to use flour to absorb the gel, there was also a mention that lemon juice would cut through the gel. Off I go to the bathroom armed with a bag of flour and some lemons - oh the exciting life I lead - and it seems to have done the trick. So on dry hair I rubbed in some flour to soak up the gel. Shampoo and rinse. Then a good squirt of lemon juice and shampoo and rinse again. My hair certainly isn't squeaky clean, but it doesn't look like it's been dipped in oil.

Ok, I wrote the above just after trying the flour + lemon juice treatment.... the following morning my hair was a *little* better, but it certainly wasn't fit to be seen in public, the oil/gunk remained. I was getting desperate by now so as the lemon juice had seemed to help, I thought that maybe salt would be better than flour. Made up a paste of salt and lemon juice and rubbed it into dry, gunked-up hair. Started to shampoo and, oh wonders of wonders, BUBBLES! Hedrin contains an anti-foaming ingredient which is why shampoo won't later... I may have overdone with the salt + lemon juice it because my hair was certainly drier than usual - but that's a small price to pay for getting rid of all that gunk.

It's clear from googling that many people have trouble getting Hedrin out of their hair, even after many, many shampoos. If you're reading this Hedrin, you need to start including some sort of solvent/post-treatment spray to break down the gunk.

Am I still itching - yes I am!! I had some nasty bites on the nape of my neck before treatment, and none since, so perhaps I'm just imagining the itching. Time will tell.

Perfect Solutions - Ice Traction Slip-Ons - Large UK sizes 8-12
Perfect Solutions - Ice Traction Slip-Ons - Large UK sizes 8-12
Offered by Sourcing4U Limited
Price: £14.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars it snowed the day after these arrived - how's that for timing!, 29 Nov 2010
These really do WORK!

First time I wore them was to take the wheelie bin down the hill for collection. The pavement was a sheet of ice and I started off by doing the small, hesitant steps that people do when walking on ice - then I realised just how much traction these provide and that I couldn't even slip if I wanted to - believe me, I tried to slide down the hill and it just wasn't going to happen wearing these!

So why only 4 stars? Well, they're not that easy to put on - and as great as the grip is, I dread to think what it would do for indoor floors, which means that if you wore them shopping for example, you'd have to take them off before entering shops. It's also not that comfortable to walk on non-snow/non-ice hard surfaces.

For snow/ice though, they do a fantastic job.

In Treatment - Season 1 [DVD][2008]
In Treatment - Season 1 [DVD][2008]
Dvd ~ Gabriel Byrne
Price: £19.22

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5.0 out of 5 stars I'm ready whenever you are Dr Weston...., 15 Dec 2009
This truly is an excellent show, and Gabriel Bryne (playing the part of Dr Paul Weston) is better than I've ever seem him before. The writing is of such quality that you can watch it over and over again (yep, guilty) and you'll pick up something new each time.

All I need now is for Santa to realize just how good I've been this year and leave Gabriel Byrne at the bottom of my bed on Christmas morning!

Interquartz Gemini Speakerphone - White
Interquartz Gemini Speakerphone - White
Offered by mopodo-uk
Price: £54.66

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5.0 out of 5 stars Interquartz Gemini Speakerphone, 6 Aug 2009
My main reason for buying this phone was because of the spearkephone function. Despite other speakerphones costing much more, the reviews on Amazon were generally very poor with reviewers often reporting that they had to speak directly into the mic.

This speakerphone is excellent, you can be across the other side of the room and still hear each other. Also useful is the mute button which lights up when in use.

Coleman Double Airbed - Green
Coleman Double Airbed - Green
Offered by Johns Cross Motorcaravan and Camping
Price: £44.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars This is a quality airbed, 20 Jun 2009
This isn't your typical kids' type of airbed, you can feel and see the quality. Seems to require less pumping than others I've tried too. What's espeically good is the that seperate chambers can be pumped to different degrees of firmness.

The valve has to be pulled out, I spent fruitless minutes trying to pull the yellow cap out - but it's the clear collar that you need to pull up - you can then push this down before you remove the pump nozzle to avoid losing air.

Very pleased.

Dyson DC24 Multi Floor Ultra-lightweight Dyson Ball Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Dyson DC24 Multi Floor Ultra-lightweight Dyson Ball Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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5.0 out of 5 stars from an allergy sufferer, 20 Sep 2008
I agonised for weeks before I bought this... did I need HEPA filtration or not, was it just a gimmick...

Well as someone who sneezed everytime I vacuumed, using this is so, so impressive. Yes, the amount of dirt (not fluff, it was d-i-r-t) that it got out of the carpet was impressive, but the fact that I didn't sneeze once more than justifies the price.

Aside from the HEPA filtration, the ball makes it easy to whizz around furniture, and the suction is incredible. The only slighly negative point it that it's a bit heavy - but my nose and I can more than live with that.

I never thought I'd be raving over a vacumm cleaner, but it's like my new toy right now.

Sandisk MP3 Player Sansa Clip 2Gb Blue
Sandisk MP3 Player Sansa Clip 2Gb Blue

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5.0 out of 5 stars great gadget, 23 Feb 2008
I bought this because of the radio - and unlike the radio on my phone this can auto detect half-a-dozen stations wherever I am! easy to do fast recharge via USB and fast transfer of music. Doesn't have the loudest of volumes, but no doubt my ears will thank me in years to come and it is possible to boost this with a set of volume controlled headphones. Great for exercising as there are no moving parts (unlike some brands we all know) so there's no skipping or jumping of music.

If you buy this I can't see you being disappointed.

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