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Halo Glasslands (Halo 1)
Halo Glasslands (Halo 1)
by Karen Traviss
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Halo Glassland's - An absolutely terrible novel, 18 May 2013
Word's cannot describe just how bad this book is, but I'm going to give it a try anyway.

I've been a fan of the Halo Universe for over a decade. Eric Nyland's `Fall of Reach' was probably the first novel I ever read. I still feel it was largely due to Nyland's brilliantly sculpted world and characters that the Halo franchise was able to branch into so many fields of media (comics, anime, short live action films etc)

And now ten years later we have received the complete opposite of Nyland's masterpiece, a novel that is quite simply poorly written and terribly executed.

Where to start?

Firstly is the atrocious inconsistency errors. Humanity going from a decimated backwater race on the verge of extinction to economic superpower in a matter of month (despite the fact most of our worlds and production facilities have been glassed or destroyed). Then off course there is the Sangheili, a much loved and respected alien race suffering an episode of sudden extraordinary bad luck and loss of intelligence. (Such as misplacing all their capital ships and their genetically crafted engineer's. You heard me, not destroyed, not misappropriated, misplaced. We're suppose to believe top military assets were stolen as if someone left the keys in the ignition whilst billions of engineers on every Covenant world and ship vanish without a trace, it's beyond implausible!)

And there is Travis's almost nauseating obsession with demonising Catherine Hasley.

I understand that Dr Hasley is a somewhat controversial character among fans, however Travis's seemingly personnel vendetta against Nyland's principle character reaches truly ridiculous proportions at times, with Hasley being likened by Travis's own supposedly moral characters, (characters is a bit of a stretch, there basically mouthpieces all spouting the same preposterous nonsense) to some of the worst individuals in all of human history. Dr Hasley was the surrogate mother of the Spartan II program, without her guidance, love and care the Master Chief would not have been the selfless steadfast Hero of the Halo Universe we all know and love.

Halo is a Universe whose foundations have been built on a chilling credible and realistic background(with a large degree of fantastical but always believable alien cultures supporting this Universe). Glassland's throws this credibility straight out the window and replaces it with a poorly researched and ludicrous plot, flimsy two dimensional characters and complete lack of consistently with the other Halo novels and literature.

For weeks after reading this novel I kept hoping to wake up and find out Glassland's was just a bad dream, the dream you tell yourself could never happen.

Now I hope at the very least Nyland will be brought back to write the next series of novels. At most I hope that Glassland's and all subsequent novels Travis writes for the Halo Universe will be discounted to alternative fiction and discarded.

It could be the only way 343 can fix this mess.

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