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Hollywood Miracle Diet 48 Hour
Hollywood Miracle Diet 48 Hour
Offered by STRATTON UK
Price: £18.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Rubbish - Save your money, 5 July 2012
I bought this after seeing the reviews on here. And I have to say its the most expensive bottle of squash I've ever had to drink... And it did absolutely nothing. I didn't even loose half a pound.

I followed it to the letter, including drinking extra water throughout the day and not eating for the 48 hours.... I also go to the gym everyday and do an hour or so workout but still had no results at all.
I did find I was using the toilet more but obviously if your liquid intake is upped then you loo time will be too.

All this product is is a mix of concentrated fruit juices like orange,pineapple etc and a mix of vitamins. So the sugar content is high so its not that good for u in my opinion.

Personal I wouldnt buy it again and I wouldnt recommen it to anyone either.

You can by better detox products from a health shop at a lot cheaper cost and they would probably do more than this did.

A total waste of time and money.

Slim in 6 Workout DVD Programme: Six Week Slim Training Body Reshaping Workout DVD Programme
Slim in 6 Workout DVD Programme: Six Week Slim Training Body Reshaping Workout DVD Programme
Price: £66.80

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic!!!!!, 2 July 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I am so glad i bought this dvd set.
I was thinking about it for so long after seeing the ad on tv but coz the price was high i kept umming anr arring.
I did consider doing the three payments of £19.99 over 3 months direct from beach body but when i reviewed it online alot of people who had done that, or even paid in one go, seemed to have constant cold callers from beachbodys and problems with them taking more money that what was agreed.

So when i found it on here and read the great review before mine i was like, yeah go on then!

And im so glad i did.
Yes it is alot of money up front but the work outs are fab.
for starters theres not much talking at the beginning. Alot of the dvds i have have reeeeeeeeally long intros which is fine for the first time you do it, but if u do it every day it gets annoying having to skip all the time.
This one The lady who does it just gets on with it. And even the beginners workout which is half hour long is intense!
I can defiantly see why it works!
I was more out of breath doing the half hour beginners dvd set than i get going to the gym for an hour and a half, which i do every day!

The band you get is great, although i would say mine is a little short but maybe it will give a bit with time.

The delivery was fast as well. BUT Amazon seem to waste sooooo much packaging on everything they send.
The box it arrived in was big enough for about 3 dvd payers, full of thick paper packing and hiding in the bottom was a triple dvd size box with the bands attached. It was laughable!
All i have to say is its a good thing i recycle!!!

But for anyone who is thinking of buying this and is unsure, honestly i was thinking the same but its a great set, loads of food info in the books that come with it and its great for anyone of any age. Its fun to try so i would say Try it!!!! You'l love it!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Over the moon!, 2 July 2012
***** UPDATED REVIEW ******

I take it all back!! I weighed myself this morning and have lost another 3lb!!
That is a total of 5LB in a week!

because i only lost 2lb in the first few days and didnt move from there i thought it was water weight and put these tablets down as rubbish but now im Totally eating my words!!

I am over the moon, and i WILL be buying these again =)



I am a 29 yr old female. height 5'5' - weight currently 13st 13lb (after the tablets)

I did a lot of research before choosing to buy these tablets.
And i chose the 150g dose rather than the 180g dose because of the feedback people left on here.
The 180g seemed better until i read the reviews... 80% of the reviews said they had bad headaches and sickness from the stronger ones, where these ones seemed to have less people with that problem.

The day i started these i took one just to see how i felt and i have to say i was ok. They defiantly gave me a boost of energy. And i did at one point feel a little sick but just got up and had a drink and did some house work which took the edge off.
But every day since then i havnt found them as effective with the energy boost. In fact ive not noticed it at all.
My appetite has been cut back so im not picking,not that i did much anyway.

In the first day i lost 2LB which i was buzzing about, BUT i also didnt stop going to the loo so im guessing that was just water weight.

Ive been on them over a week now, taking two a day as directed but am still only 2LB lighter than when i started.

i go to the gym every day and i do home fitness as well so really i should have lost more IF they actually do what the box says and speed up your metabolism.

One downside was that i missed one day of taking them, by accident.. i totally forgot, and i had a banging headache by the end of the day. im guessing thats coz i didnt have the caffeine in my system from them.

I will finish the bottle as i paid a lot for them but to be honest i am disappointed. It is a very expensive way of loosing only 2lb(of which was only water) ... i could have got a lot cheaper water tablets from the chemist if thats what i wanted them for.. but i wanted them to burn fat as promised but sadly that doesnt seem to be the case.

I wouldnt buy them again and i wont be trying the 180g either as i cant see them fairing any better.

Instead i may try the JST Jodie - SEMTEX EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS tablets instead (Jodie Marsh supplement range). After research into them they have been selling out everywhere and are supposed to be amazing.

Personally if i new then what i know no i wouldnt have wasted my money.
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