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50L Stainless Steel Auto Sensor Automatic Kitchen Waste Bin Dust Bin Automatic Chrome Lid with 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty(Black-SD001D)
50L Stainless Steel Auto Sensor Automatic Kitchen Waste Bin Dust Bin Automatic Chrome Lid with 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty(Black-SD001D)

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1.0 out of 5 stars Don't Waste Your Money, 14 Sep 2013
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Wouldn't normally submit a review for something as everyday as a kitchen bin but having spent over 40 on this just two short months ago feel compelled to warn anybody off buying this. Firstly you will waste a fortune (D type batteries don't come cheap) and after two months one of teh screws attaching the lid has worked loose leaving the bin inoperable. I now have a non-working bin which is unfit for purpose. I haven't got another 40 to spend on another so will just have to settle for a cheap plastic one, which is what I should have done in the first place. I normally try to be fair-minded in any review but this is a total waste of money. DO NOT BUY.

Jukebox Fury
Jukebox Fury
Price: 13.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars They've still got it, 17 Aug 2013
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This review is from: Jukebox Fury (Audio CD)
Have loved them since purchasing Birth School Work Death back in 1988. That album was chock full of angry lyrics about what was going on back in 1988, and it's obvious listening to this that age hasn't withered them at all. Primitive Man in particular evokes the spirit of Wilko era Dr Feelgood, and the whole thing clocks in at just over 37 minutes. For those of you like me brought up on vinyl at about 20 mins a side max this "short, sharp no- filler" straight to the heart of the matter approach will be a welcome reminder of how music used to be. Nothing on this album will change the world but you'll have a blast listening to it. The Godfathers then-still raw, still pissed off-it's all good. If new to them Birth School Work Death is the place to start but they haven't released a duffer yet and Jukebox Fury doesn't let the side down.

Monitor Audio I-DECK 200 Wired Active
Monitor Audio I-DECK 200 Wired Active

5.0 out of 5 stars At this price snap it up, 28 Nov 2012
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After my Bose Sounddock died on me after 4 years the hunt was on for another dock to replace it. As funds are tight and as I feel the Bose is overpriced for what it is I initially looked at the cheaper end of the market and went for a Klipsch I-groove HG, which many seem to believe is as good if not better than the Bose. Well for the 50 it is going for now it is indeed very good and if this is your maximum budget it is definitely a "must listen". But to me it wasn't as good as the Bose so I decided to look at docks in the 100 price bracket, which is when I came across the Monitor Audio Ideck at 150. As I have previously owned some fairly good separates hifi the brand was familiar to me and therefore appealed so I decided to push the boat out and go for it.

I am not disappointed-firstly this is a really solid bit of kit which belies the relatively low price tag, though I believe it is being discontinued and therefore heavily discounted at present. Be warned it isn't as compact as something like a Bose so will take up a fair amount of room on your table/cabinet whatever. It is also strictly "no frills" a dinky but basic remote control being provided. To me it looks much better in the metal/plastic than it does in the pictures too.

But sound quality is the most important thing and here it doesn't disappoint. I have about 6000 songs on my Ipod, all fairly compressed-I know I should use lossless/FLAC but haven't got round to it. The beauty of this dock is that even my fairly compressed stuff sounds excellent on it, and has me wondering how good it must be with higher quality files. I haven't had the guts to wind it up to full volume yet but suffice to say only the most ardent "headbanger" could fail to be impressed by output and in particular lack of distortion even at highish volumes.

My tastes are predominantly rock/pop so haven't tried other genres but would be surprised if it doesn't do a similarly good job-music has drive and clarity, bass isn't overwhelming but there is plenty enough there and treble, unlike, to my ears at least, the klipsch, isn't "splashy" or tinny.

There are foibles, no dock will ever be as good as a proper separates hifi or even a decent mini system but if you accept these limitations you will be amazed just how good this thing is. Another minor irritation is that the remote control, whilst neat, isn't always as precise as it could be and seems to be position dependant to a degree.

But the bottom line is this-if there is a better dock out there for a ton and a half then I would love to hear it. If you are after a dock with great sound quality, real drive and power but which can hold back when required, and don't mind not having all the bells and whistles, then I would strongly recommend you don't hesitate and get yourself this before they are gone. A great dock and best of all it's British too. Monitor Audio can be proud of this one.

Things The Grandchildren Should Know
Things The Grandchildren Should Know
by Mark Everett
Edition: Paperback
Price: 9.19

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5.0 out of 5 stars Not just the grandkids that should know this..., 10 Dec 2009
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Being a big fan of Mr E and all things Eels related have actually had this book a while now but re-read it the other night and felt compelled to submit my humble opinion. In truth other reviews here probably sum it up better than I can but to reiterate this is definitely NOT your typical "rock-star" "poor me" style autobiography, and it is part of E's considerable charm that he himself would probably cringe to think of himself in such a way. If you are already an Eels fan then this is VITAL as it gives a superb insight into the man, his (extraordinary) life and the inspiration behind the music-if you are not a fan then as others have said before me you will still find this a fascinating read. The content is already discussed in other reviews, the unconventional upbringing, deaths of close family and friends, and generally "so weird you just couldn't make it up" events in this amazing man's life-but it is far from a depressing read-indeed it is uplifting simply because E writes in a factual style and doesn't at any time ask the reader to feel sorry for him-if you want self-pity then look elsewhere. If you are prone to the odd "downer" (and let's be honest who isn't during these "rock hard times")I think you will emerge at the end of this book feeling that you have a kindred spirit out there-someone who really has been there and worn the t-shirt and just keeps getting back up for more.
A recent article by the great man himself attests to his slightly pessimistic (though understandable) view that he has to get as much music out there as possible as the family track record suggests he might not be here much longer to share his magic.
Like every other Eels fan I hope that Mr Everett's fears are unfounded-in case I didn't make it clear this is a magnificent book and I strongly recommend you buy it whether you are a dedicated fan, a casual observer or have never even heard of the man-if it introduces you to his music then your money will be well spent.
Oh and any guy who does a Christmas song and introduces the middle solo with "Baby Jesus-born to rock" is worth treasuring in my book....

Creative PlayDock Z500 Portable speakers with digital player dock - white with black facade
Creative PlayDock Z500 Portable speakers with digital player dock - white with black facade

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4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Value For The Money, 26 Mar 2007
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Having recently bought myself the excellent Zen Vision M it wasn't long before I was hankering after a speaker deck to play it on-cue a problem.

The only decks I could find all seemed to be geared towards the ubiquitous Apple I-Pod, and there was a dearth of units suited exclusively to the Creative Player. It was with some relief then that I discovered the Playdock on the Creative website-having explored Amazon and found the price to be a reasonable 120, I decided to take the plunge and buy one.

It was with a degree of trepidation nonetheless and on opening the box when it arrived I wondered if such a (relatively) small unit really could do justice to my music collection. The answer proved to be a resounding yes-ok so it's not going to compete with a top notch hi-fi but then that's hardly it's purpose-what it will do is play your music(regardless of genre) clearly, with reasonable separation of different instruments and a power that seems to go beyond it's smallish proportions. In addition the bass adjustment is sensibly weighted and doesn't dominate the entire sound as I had feared it might, giving a welcome boost to weaker sounding tracks without swamping them in lower frequencies.

I have no idea how this compares to units such as the Bose or Apple systems(geared towards the Ipod) but frankly I don't care-the Playdock does all you can expect of it for the money and more.

As technology improves at ever increasing speed no doubt some more units designed for the Vision M will appear, but personally my advice is this-if you have a Zen Vision M you won't go wrong with the Playdock-it's worth every penny. Yes you can pick up cheaper units in the 70-80 bracket but as another reviewer said you get what you pay for-the Playdock will beat them hands down. Well worth an investment and well done creative on a decent, value for money product which at last gives us Vision M owners something to listen to our music on other than earphones.

Price: 8.30

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5.0 out of 5 stars Their most under-rated album?, 7 Feb 2007
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This review is from: Shootenanny! (Audio CD)
Reading through some of the other reviews from Amazon customer's on this album reinforces my view that Shootenanny! doesn't always get the credit it deserves.

While it is true that the previous 4 albums were always going to be a hard act to follow, Eel's 5th album shouldn't be condemned as simply a taster for the (admittedly magnificent) Blinking Lights.

Opening track "All In A Day's Work" displays E's black humour at it's best, while "Saturday Morning", as another reviewer pointed out already, should evoke fond memories for any of us who recall what it was like to be a kid waking up at the start of the weekend wondering what havoc we could cause that day-I could even claim that listening to it has made me more forgiving of my own kids when they run riot through my flat of a Saturday afternoon. Indeed, to me at least, it is this ability to write poignantly on any subject from childhood experience to the (rather more dark) material of "Restraining Order Blues" which marks Mark "E" Everett out as one of the finest songwriters of this generation(along with the wonderful Ian McNabb-but that's another story...)

But this is not a "bleak" album in the way that say, "Electro-Shock Blues" was, although still a fine work in itself maybe not the best "starting point" for the curious first-time Eel's purchaser? Admittedly I am too sentimental for my own good but the two songs which make this album for me are the glorious "Numbered Days" and to a slightly lesser extent the closer "Somebody Loves You". If these songs don't fail to melt the hardest heart or bring solace to anybody who(like most of us)has had a hard time either generally or from the dreaded "affairs of the heart" then there really is no hope for you(and I speak as a cynic).

Much is made(quite rightly) of the fact that E is a talented multi-instrumentalist, but what makes this album for me is his voice-certainly not classically beautiful by any means but the sheer empathy, humanity and world-weariness he feels really comes through on Shootenanny!-indeed there are few better commentators on the human condition in the world of music at the moment.

In conclusion, if you've never bought an Eels album before, then you won't go wrong with any of them but please don't let yourself be put off "Shootenanny!" as some sort of "Second-Rate" Eels product-it stands up on it's own and is well worth your consideration.

Saturday Night, Saturday Morning [10" VINYL]
Saturday Night, Saturday Morning [10" VINYL]
Offered by 5records
Price: 8.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Ah, fond memories..., 7 Dec 2006
Bought this on vinyl when it first came out and played it to death-thereafter it lay collecting dust until purchase of a new turntable(remember them?) made me dig it out once more. Still absolutely brilliant after all these years.

Had the pleasure of seeing them live at the Glasgow Pavilion in the late eighties and they were superb-heavier than on record as I recall-and they did a blinding version of AC/DC's "If you want blood" too.

If you like your music melodic, with meaningful lyrics which will at once move you AND get your feet tapping then I urge you to buy this-you will not regret it.

Proof(if it were needed) that the eighties did'nt always suck after all-can't wait to get the new album...

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