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International Cricket 2010 (Xbox 360)
International Cricket 2010 (Xbox 360)
Offered by smeikalbooks
Price: £18.98

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4.0 out of 5 stars Scratchy Start, but a good solid 70, 30 July 2010
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
International Cricket 2010 is an improvement from Ashes Cricket 2010. The obvious improvment is the new action cam, which is a nice new edition to the game. The action cam really does feel like you are actualy playing cricket and, if you dont like it, you can opt for the traditional broadcast view.

That aside, the big relief in IC 2010 is the scoring rates of the A1. In Ashes Cricket, especialy in Test Matches, the A1 would seldom block a ball, seeing scoring rates of around 8 - 15, depending on the mode in which you opt for. However, this time around, the scoring rates are far more realistic, with the A1 scoring at around 3.50 - 5.00 RPO, which although is not completley realistic, allows you to enjoy playing, as it would be pointless mirroring an actual Test, with the A1 scoring at around 1 RPO when the ball is swinging.

The instant tournament is also great, which allows you to play realistic cups, such as Champions trophy and the World Cup (although they are called Champions Cup and World Trophy due to licensing issues). These are really good fun to play, and you can get unlocks etc from completing the various stages. You can also play a Test series in the tournament mode, chosing how many tests in the series (from 2 to 5). You can also play 1 off ODI's, Twenty20's and Tests at any venue.

Especialy in the Twenty20's and the ODI's, batting can be extremely challenging, especially on the hardest mode, and you can often see your side totaly capiculate from a decent start from 40 for 1 to about 130 all out, if you play totaly recklessly. This is where another new edition to the game, the power stick comes in, allowing you to modulate the power in which you play your shot. This is especialy useful when the field is out, allowing you to either chip the ball into gaps or place the ball there, allowing a sprinted two. You can check field placings before the ball is bowled, by pressing the left stick, which helps with your placement of your shot.

However, I would have liked to have seen the 2010 / 11 Ashes down under to have featured on the game, which could have seen the realease of the game in about October or Novemeber. Not only would have it allowed for improvments but it would have been far more suitable than ridiculously realeasing it in the middle of a football World Cup.

I would like to see the review system in place, and therefore make umpires decisions be more unpredictable, as it would add an exciting edge to the game.

They could do with mabye adapting the English County format, with the revelvant tournaments featuring in the game, ie LV championship, CB 40, FP Twenty20 etc.

The catching could also be looked at, as the catching is easy after a while.

Bowling is now good, and it feels like you now can out fox the batsman, ie slipping in a slower ball to make him chip one up in the air, and THERE ARE NO RUN OUTS!!!!

i do think that you could also adjust the batsman in his crease, ie batting him out his crease or deeper in his crease, particulary in the shorter forms of the game.

Overall a really good and fun game; 8/ 10.
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Ashes Cricket 09 (Xbox 360)
Ashes Cricket 09 (Xbox 360)
Offered by Shop4World
Price: £14.15

4.0 out of 5 stars keeps You Comming Back For more, 2 Oct. 2009
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Ashes Cricket 2009 is easily the best cricketing game so far. The graphics are good, and unlike most, i thought the player likenesses in England and Australia are quite good, especialy Ryan Sidebottom and Ricky Ponting. The Ashes campaign is excelent, although when mastered, medium is easy, i got australia out for under 100 3 times in 4 tests, but on hard its a challenge. im 1 nill down at Lords, although im leading by 69 with 10 wickets in hand.

I thought that the Twenty20 in England and the ICC Champions Trophy could have been encourparted aswell.

The batsman should also be able to move about within his crease - im talking about depth in his crease so counteracting the yorker etc.

The Stamina levels are not good enough, fast bowlers can bowl maximun 5-6 overs in one spell, and in a test match on day one you could find paul collingwood or for Austrlia Mike Husses bowling in around the fifteenth over, same for Odi's.

The tournaments also only start from quater finals.

Free Hits in ODI'S, only in Twenty20's

in notcied that the players appeal to the wrong umpire.

AI needs to score more defensively, they usualy slog spinners, in tests Ai should score at 3-6 an over but in odi's fair enough quick scoring rate but it needs to be controlled so they bat out all the overs.

Bowls can happen but not often, and when you do bowl them, stmups should come out of the ground.

This may seem alot but i am very picky, It's a good game worth the money.

Cricket 07 (PS2)
Cricket 07 (PS2)
Price: £17.99

4.0 out of 5 stars 49 not out, 14 Aug. 2009
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Cricket 07 (PS2) (Video Game)
ea sports cricket 07 is a good game, once youve got to grips with the new controls. the new century stick batting control is a really good addition, which makes you feel more in control of the batsman. the bowling however is VERY boring and VERY repetative, although you can autoplay this and completley skip the AI's innings by going on to auto play in the game menu. The AI, particulary in first class and test matches, scores VERY slowly. It's best just to autoplay their innings. the 1-5 star rating system is also good. 1-3 stars are extrmely easy and it really isnt to hard to score 36 off an over frequently. However, 4 stars is a challenge, and will make a good game. 5 stars is virtualy impossible, my highest score being 190 all out of 78 overs (ive been bowled out for under 100 so may times) but this is a challenge and its quite good fun. you can also do lots of things on cricket 07. ashes; 05 ashes, 06/07 ashes and 05 ashes scenarios. you can play the world cup in the caribbean in 2007, play the anual world series in austrialia, play a test series, tour a part of the world, go in the nets, play the english county season, australian state season (all with lisnesed cups so liverpool county cup, c&g trophy twenty20 cup, natwest pro 40 etc) or you can just play a match. one day matches can be reduced in overs, so you have the choice of 10 overs, 20 or 50. ea cricket 07 has lots of things to explore. on the down side the comentry is AWFUL even though it has legend richie Benaud and mark nicholos. the umpiring for lbws is dreadfull, ive been given out lbw when the balls pitched outside the line of leg stump and hit me on the bad outside the line! playing a shot. there are also a few dogy run outs given. that aside ea cricket 07 is really good and i recomend it to anyone!

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