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Resident Evil Zero (GameCube)
Resident Evil Zero (GameCube)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Resident evil zero, 12 Mar 2003
Resident Evil Zero (Gamecube)
Ever since it's early release on the playstation, the resident evil saga has been a force to be recond with and resident evil zero is no exception. You first take control of Rebecca chamber's a low ranking member or the police's special star's bravo team and soon find yourself in trouble when you and your team mates crash land in a forest that is full of flesh eating zombie's. As you progress you meet your second playable character Billy coen, a renegade prisoner that has supposedly killed 25 people. These two lead characters soon decide to put their differences aside and try to escape their predicament.
This game has been carefully created so that you have to use both characters to solve curtain obstacles, which makes co-operation a real necessity if you want to progress through the game. If you decide to neglect one of the characters they will die and it will be game over for you which means you really have to keep checking on both of them if they are separated at different parts of a level.
The freedom to take the players in different directions really adds a new dimension to the game and with the vast array of enemy's you get to face it's a game you really won't want to put down. Graphics wise there isn't a game like it that could stand up to it as it seems to have built on the already brilliant resident evil remake that was brought out last year. Objects move as they would in real circumstances and the weather and sound effects are incredible, you almost feel like you are there.
This is by far one of capcom's greatest games as well as probably one of the best resident evil game's to date. Capcom's attention to detail really show's the power of the gamecube at it's greatest, an absolute must have game for any gamecube owner.

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