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FIFA 14 (PS4)
FIFA 14 (PS4)
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Price: 53.27

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1.0 out of 5 stars EA are money-grabbing b*****ds, 12 Mar 2014
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This review is from: FIFA 14 (PS4) (Video Game)
Don't get me wrong by the low rating, its not because the game is terrible, its just because all that EA have really changed is the graphics. The graphics are really good, buts that isn't enough.

Let me get one thing straight. If you only plan on getting this game to play single matches against friends, then buy it. You will really enjoy it for that. However, if you plan on doing pretty much anything else, forget it, especially if you plan on playing against the computer. That is where this game really goes wrong, and this is why:

1) There difficulty levels make no sense. I genuinely find Legendary mode easier than professional.

2) The computer will react to the command you give the player before they even complete the command, making it extremely difficult and frustrating. Again, this doesn't make it impossible, but it will make you angry.

3) The AI controlling the other players on your team is useless. It seems to especially enjoy making runs and then stopping as soon as you play a through ball or it tends to leave pretty much your entire team standing behind players on the opposite team. As the AI for the opposite team presses very high up the pitch, it leaves you with no options and you get tackled straight away.

4) Tackling is the computer is basically pointless. They will win every second ball, every standing tackle goes to them, so you end up making 25-40 tackles per game with little or no success. This also works for rebounds and clearances. All clearances go to the computer. All of them. And rebounds always fall to them in either box, it will have quietly moved your players out of the way so it can score/clear.

5) The computer always wins balls in the air. ALWAYS. Doesn't even matter what the stats are they will just win it if they are near you.

6) The computer will muscle you off the ball, fairly or otherwise, and will always win it if they get a player close to you. If they have the ball they will just shove you to the ground (even strong players with good balance).

7) Changing players against the computer gives you only the player they want you to move out the way so they can pass to that spot, not the nearest and most sensible option, so you either have gaping holes in the defence or you are too late once you've found the right player, and they will probably score.

Note: this is not me whinging, I play this game and I do win often, it just doesn't feel like you are winning because it is basically scripted for you to lose most games.

Someone also needs to explain the rules of football to EA. If you do not interfere with play from an offside position it is not offside. If you pull on someone's shirt its a foul. If you check somebody's run by putting an arm across them it is also a foul for obstruction.

Call of Duty: Ghosts (PC DVD)
Call of Duty: Ghosts (PC DVD)
Price: 16.04

1.0 out of 5 stars Worst CoD yet, 8 Jan 2014
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
This is by far and away the worst call of duty game of the entire series.

Single Player: 2/5

The Campaign is not bad, if extremely predictable, but is not very long, completed it in about 6 hours. There is also extinction mode, but it isn't even worth looking at. Extinction mode is basically like zombies but with aliens and is extremely dull just doesn't go along with Call of Duty.

Multiplayer: 0/5

The new squad based system is fairly interesting, but there are a few major issues that will ruin the experience.
1) Hackers. Over playing this game for about 3 days (on multiplayer) about 1/4 of the games were won by people with aimbots and wallhacks (seen in deathcams). This is quite frankly ridiculous. There is a report option, although what this does is unclear, and they just continue to hack.
2) Spawning. The game will consistently spawn you right in front of another player, especially when playing free-for-all (I was doing this for the new challenge system which I will come on to in a second). This got so bad to the point where I died once and well within 10 seconds I had a 5 death streak because it would spawn me with my back to another player. It does have protection from explosives that go off too soon after spawning but not bullets. Also occasionally it will spawn you right behind someone, which may be a bonus to you, but this will also go against you more often than not.
3) Challenges. The new challenge system is idiotic. You can only do a few select challenges at a time, which reset after 2 weeks! That's right, 2 weeks! Considering there are 5 challenges (+weapon camouflage challenges) and the only way to reset them sooner than the 2 week time limit is to spend a squad point, which is a complete waste.
4) Squad Points. This is the method of unlocking new equipment or perks (although thankfully perks are unlocked by levelling up as well) and new squad members. You earn 2 points per level, although you also earn them one at a time from some of the operations. You can buy anything at any time, which almost defeats the point of levelling up. It is not the worst thing about the multiplayer, the previous 3 are.
5) Maps. The maps are far too large as a general rule, with no smaller map like Nuketown or Rust. There are also far too many entrances to each place. For example, you are in a building, having managed to avoid being spawnkilled, and you look around and realise there are probably no fewer than 5 separate entrances to defend, so you go outside, and there is almost no cover and a lot of vantage points over you position. By the time you've realised this, you're probably dead and you will have probably been consequently spawnkilled as well.

In conclusion, this game is terrible and a waste of money. Do not buy it, just stick to Black Ops 2, it is a much better game.

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