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StressChecker, Biofeedback PC product for stress control and sports training.(Respilex is the only authorized supplier of the StressChecker on Amazon!!!)
StressChecker, Biofeedback PC product for stress control and sports training.(Respilex is the only authorized supplier of the StressChecker on Amazon!!!)
Offered by Respilex
Price: £58.75

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4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent for monitoring stress levels, 18 Dec. 2011
I was searching for a device that monitored Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to monitor my stress levels. You normally have to pay several hundred pounds for such as device.

This fitted my budget and has been excellent for giving me immediate feedback on my bodies state.

The monitor and software have been well designed and matched.

The only small criticism is that the graph that presents your results can be a little difficult to understand initially (it's not quite intuitive enough) but once you see what the graph is presenting then it's fine.
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The Healing Code: 6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Any Health, Success or Relationship Issue
The Healing Code: 6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Any Health, Success or Relationship Issue
by Alex, Ph.D. Loyd
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars Answers to Potential Buyers... my personal experiences..., 8 Jan. 2011
>>> I have updated this review (and the star rating from 4 to 5) after using the code for over 6 months now and working with a Healing Codes Coach for over 3 months.

Original Review....

I stumbled across this book when I was reading a review of the Emotion Code from someone who had used many of the available modalities with limited benefit but had mentioned that they were impressed with the Healing Code's initial results.

Firstly, to underline some of the statements that have been made by the Author in this forum relating to 1 star reviews:

THE CODE - The Code IS IN the book. It is a 'universal code' that is very simple to do.

A COMPLETE PRODUCT - This is NOT a promotional product but one that can be used entirely on its own without buying anything else. Yes, there are other, far more expensive, products available through a web site but these are not promoted (apart from a single mention)

TESTIMONIALS - There are a number of testimonials in the book, but this is not an unreasonable thing to do and they form a very small part of the book

HEALING STORIES - There are a number of healing stories written throughout the book, but these are to illustrate certain aspects relevant to what is being considered in that part of the book

TWO PARTS - The book essentially falls into two parts, the Healing Code itself and the background to how and why it works. I went straight to the Healing Code as you can start using it immediately without reading the background information. Although, I did find the background information very interesting and read this after starting to apply the Code. I suspect that whilst there is a degree of factual science behind some of this (such as what they know about epigenetics) there is a tendency by Authors to extrapolate and speculate beyond the known science. For example, I am not certain that anybody yet really knows where memories are stored - this book claims that they are held in every cell in your body, whereas other books claim they are held out in some sort of matrix (which is why they can be shared and removed from more than one person at once).

AN ATTENTIVE AUTHOR - If you read some of the one star reviews then you will find that the Author has responded to many of these (see site). You can view these responses by clicking the 'Comments' link. This is fairly unusual from my experience for an author to take that level of personal interest, which I believe is a credit to the author.

NOT SO FAST HEALINGS - People have complained about all the 'miraculous' healings mentioned in the book that seem to happen almost instantly but they have not had this. However, the author does state that sometimes it can take some considerable time, and this is reiterated in his responses on Amazon reviews. Interestingly, Dr Alex's wife healing process took six months, after her initial dramatic improvement.

ACCESSING THE FREE ONLINE ADDITIONAL RESOURCES - This is very easy to do if you follow the clear instructions in the book.

DVD PRESENTATION... I have just obtained and viewed an excellent presentation of the Healing Code by a couple (Jack & Anne Stewart) in Warrington. It is a recording of a session where they were presenting the Healing Code to a small group as well as giving a demonstration. This supplements the book really well. If you're interested in obtaining a copy then you need to contact Debra Brown of Mastery Path (do a search in Google. Jack & Anne have their own web site dedicated to the Healing Code (thehealingcodes dot co dot uk) and also run workshops etc.


- BACKGROUND... I have had a journey, with my first major turning point being the reading of the The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment (fantastic!). I then learnt about the Mind/Body connection from The Divided Mind: The Epidemic of Mindbody Disorders(which is mentioned in the Healing Code). I then learnt a lot about myself doing journalling. The next step was learning how damaging and unhelpful negative behaviours are from Nick Arrizza through his excellent Mind Resonance Process (but this is expensive treatment, but his book Esteem For The Self is well worth read and application of the process personally). I then found EFT Discover The Power Of Meridian Tapping; A Revolutionary Method For Stress-Free Living to be very helpful and effective to a point, especially in life situations that cause stress at that moment. I also found Donna Edens The Energy Medicine Kit extremely beneficial for generating a relaxed state and still use her 5 minute exercises regularly with an immediate feeling of rebalancing body energies.

- INITIAL EFFECT OF THE CODE... I had what I guess they call a healing crisis. It felt like there was a battle going on in my body. It felt like it was in the layer just below my skin. I was waking up in the night and having to do the Code. It felt like I was going backwards in terms of healing. One night I got up and cried so hard like I've never cried before. There seemed to be a big initial release.

- SLOW PROGRESS... Since then progress has been slower. I have a lot of negative childhood programming that occured repeatly over a long period so there appear to be a lot of memories that seem difficult to access.

- PHYSICAL EFFECTS... There has been little in the way of physical changes, although I have always had problems with a blocked up nose (on one side or the other) and this seems to have eased. When I first started school I had a lot of sore throats and was off school a lot - I still have one permanantly swollen gland. I tried to find the mememory associated with this - what I found was a traumatic event when my mum forgot to pick me up from school and I was left outside on the steps until a teacher found me and took me inside. Perhaps I need to work on this further.

- THE ENERGY... I can actually feel the energy when I do the Code. It is particularly noticeable when I do the jaw and side of the head positions. I can feel the energy inside my head when my fingers are in position. I've not seen anyone else mention this or any mention of it in the book.

- BIG IMPROVEMENTS [Added 2 weeks after intial posting of this review]... I have been working nearly everyday with the codes and have found it very effective on emotional issues. One big one for me is anticipatory anxiety - I can get anxiety building up days before an event. It is about things I have no need to be anxious about, but I have had this problem for years that has seriously hampered me and affected my health. I tried it one night when I was struggling, just specifically on the anxiety (rather than on a particular past memory), and it completely disappeared. Not only that but I know that I used to feel the anxiety but when I go looking for that feeling in my body I can't find it, it's really strange but fantastic! I have other less dramatic but equally effective experiences of emotional type issues. I'm keeping keeping on with this! It will be interesting to see how it goes in the long term but I feel that these issues have been completely resolved and disappeard. All I do know is look out for things that affect me emotionally and work on them, sometimes just directly on them.


- THANKS for making this information available at a reasonable cost to everyone. There are clearly many more people gaining benefit from it than would have done had you not published the book.

- MEMORY FINDER... The description of how to access a memory is extremely short in the book. This is one of the most difficult aspects for me. Perhaps a more lengthy section on this would help. Are there things that can be done to help with memory finding... clearing the mind? meditation? etc.

- A RECOMMENDATION... If you want to get this information out further then I suggest you take a similar approach to 'The Tapping Solution' (excellent) and 'Letting Go' (didn't provide enough information on how to do it) by creating a DVD. This will appeal to another audience type again and will help get it out to even more people.

Thanks again and a highly recommended book.

>> UPDATE... 6 months on...

My life has changed incredibly! For the first few months I worked with the code on my own. I also purchased the Full Manual and Q codes. But it got to the point where I felt I needed someone to guide me... this was when I tracked down a Healing Code Coach (I chose Lorrie Rivers, who has been fantastic). I have been working with her for over 3 months now and the effects have been truly remarkable.

A couple of years ago I realised that the ephitaph on my grave stone would probably read... 'Unfulfilled Potential'... at last I am starting to show some promise in fulfulling the potential that the gifts I have been blessed with can deliver... I am at last becoming Who I Really Am.

The Coaching process is remarkable in itself, you don't need to spend hours pouring your heart out, like so many other therapies. You simply have a short chat on the phone, without the need to reveal much in the way of personal information and you are given a power personal code.

My life is changing dramatically... and people can see it. I am calmer, less stressed, more caring and loving, noticing the needs of others more than being wrapped up in my own needs, more perceptive, more intuitive... the list goes on.

Of all the therapies and modalities I have tried I now know that I will never need another!!

A grateful thanks to Dr Alex.
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Miss HIV [DVD]
Miss HIV [DVD]
Price: £11.67

4.0 out of 5 stars Ideologies collide... there appears to be a winner... more will die, 19 Nov. 2010
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This review is from: Miss HIV [DVD] (DVD)
This DVD provides an incredible insight into the battle being fought at the forefront of AIDS prevention in Africa.

A battle of ideaologies.

One ideology that says you shouldn't tell people how to behave, because it's their right to behave how they want, and one that says there is a way to protect yourself and your families but it means some self-control.

The DVD tries to present both sides of the argument but with an unlying message.

It is very well filmed and produced. Yet its message is extremely stark and saddening... the western idealogy is killing Africans. The fact that abstinence is the only 100% way to prevent the spread of aids is too inconvenient for some people to stomach, the problem is they're the ones that don't have to live with every 4th person being HIV positive!

It appears that in the battle for human rights its the humans that lose out, and mostly African humans.

If you're interested in Human Rights then I highly recommend John Warwick Montgomery on 'Why Human Rights are Impossible Without Religin'. This ties in well with the message of this DVD.

Intelligent Design Uncensored
Intelligent Design Uncensored
by Wiliam A. Dembski and Jonathan Witt
Edition: Paperback
Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars An excellent overview of the current position of the debate, 3 Sept. 2010
This book is a very easy and quick read.

It gives you an excellent overview of the argument and provides detailed responses to the criticism of Intelligent Design.

The book is well structured and leaves you with all the answers.

The only thing I would be critical of is that once again IDers fail to tell you exactly what they do believe... presumably an old earth with God intervening at various points, but this could have been stated clearly. I appreciate that once you move away from a literal interpretation of Genesis then its more conjecture as to how this can be explained, but nontheless for the bible-minded reader this would be an opportunity to make a case for their view of events.
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The Energy Medicine Kit
The Energy Medicine Kit
by Donna Eden
Edition: Misc. Supplies
Price: £26.10

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best packaged product I've bought in a long time, excellent value and quality, 3 Sept. 2010
This is a superbly thought out product. Designed to give you an introduction to body energy therapy.

It comes with CD, DVD, booklet, crystal and cards... someone has given this a lot of thought and is excellent value.

The product itself is an excellent introduction to this type of therapy.

Donna Eden goes through the various exercises with a group session which give you a great insight to its effectiveness. I started watching it a little cynical but it becomes clear that this is a genuine session.

The 5 minute exercises are perfect for busy people to get a feel for the effect this sort of therapy can have. Because it's so easy, and there are a set of cards you can take around with you (i.e. on holiday), it makes it easier to keep up with and keep using.

I definitely feel the difference once I've been through the exercises.

An excellent product and excellent results.

Made to Stick: Why some ideas take hold and others come unstuck
Made to Stick: Why some ideas take hold and others come unstuck
by Chip Heath
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.59

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5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best business related books I've read, 19 Oct. 2009
This book was an excellent read and I would highly recommend it to anyone that has to convince others of their ideas.

It deals with a wide spectrum of subject matter, way beyond what I was expecting of it, and provides many real life examples.

I was interested in finding out if there are any common aspects to sticky ideas that can be easily applied... and these are clearly conveyed and amply covered in this book.

I'm applying the ideas in this book almost daily... no more abstract... only concrete!

I guess the proof is in the fact that I now pass on the ideas in this book to others.

Dawkins And Lennox - Has Science Buried God? [DVD]
Dawkins And Lennox - Has Science Buried God? [DVD]
Dvd ~ John Lennox

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4.0 out of 5 stars Admissions by Dawkins make it worth the watch, 16 Oct. 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
A good discussion between these two minds. Lennox's book is far more persuasive than his side of the discussion.In fact the discussion didn't really cover the main subject matter of the book.

Having read both the 'God Delusion' and 'Has Science Buried God' I know which contains the most science!

Lennox gets Dawkins to admit that Jesus did exist. Also, he admits that currently science can only explain one out of the three big questions posed by our existence... 1) How did the universe come to be how it is 2) How did life come about and finally the one that science, Dawkins believes, has answered 3) How did we get to humans from initial life forms.

Lennox unfortunately weakens his case, particularly in Dawkins eyes, by believing that God, in the form of Jesus, came to earth and died on the cross. When the Bible teaching can be understood that Jesus was a unique person - formed from genetic contribution from Mary and God - and he was in reality the son of God (not one part of a pre-excistent trinity). This has far greater explanatory power and is logically more consistent. The Christadelphians (formed in the mid 1800's) hold this belief.

Creationists suffer from the propoganda that they do not believe in evolution. The aspect of evolution that has been proven, and is accepted by Creationists, is that of survival of the fittest and natural selection. The problem arises when evolution is used to explain the explosion of intelligent information that is required to move from simple (actually far from the case) to more intilligent forms. This is well covered in Lennox's is book.

I'm sure those buying this DVD will have read the book. If not I would highly recommmend it as it is an excellent and contempory evaluation of where science has taken us to.

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