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Frantic (OST)
Frantic (OST)
Price: 20.23

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5.0 out of 5 stars Expanded edition of classic Morricone score, 23 Dec 2012
This review is from: Frantic (OST) (Audio CD)
This is a fantastic soundtrack; one of my favourite Morricone scores. This new release extends the original and is worth the purchase. As always, the notes in the FSM releases are fantastic, giving detailed history and track information for the score. Highly recommended!

Original album tracks:
1. I'm Gonna Lose You (04:02)
Performed by Simply Red
2. Frantic (04:06)
3. On the Roofs of Paris (06:03)
4. One Flugel Horn (03:19)
5. Six Short Interludes (04:31)
6. Nocturne for Michelle (03:17)
7. In the Garage (04:13)
8. The Paris Project (03:17)
9. Sadly Nostalgic (01:50)
10. Frantic (06:04)

Bonus Tracks -- Film Versions
11. Warner Bros. Logo / Opening Titles (01:45)
12. La Musette / Sondra Disappears / Breakfast / The Bracelet (02:28)
13. The Court Yard / The Suitcase / Blue Parrot (02:14)
14. One Flugel Horn (02:28)
15. Ransacked Room / Michelle Arrives / On the Roof (02:31)
16. Airport (00:54)
17. Search in Vain (01:36)
18. Knocked Out / Telephone Call (01:14)
19. In the Garage (04:14)
20. At the Mirror / Touch of Class (01:16)
21. Sadly Nostalgic / Sondra (01:24)
22. The Paris Project / End Credits (06:31)

Prokofiev: Orchestral Works
Prokofiev: Orchestral Works

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3.0 out of 5 stars Rare, but beware!, 20 Oct 2011
This recording is a very frustrating release. On the positive side, it is the only CD recording available (at the time of writing) of Prokofiev's opus 7 song for female chorus and orchestra, The White Swan. This is a setting of words by the poet Balmont and is a serene and delicate piece, lasting only 4 minutes, which any true Prokofiev fan would wish to hear.

Unfortunately, its opus 7 companion piece, The Wave is not included, rendering this as being only a part-recording of the complete work as Prokofiev intended (i.e. "Two Poems, opus 7"). I cannot understand the thinking that gives us yet another version of the now common Dreams, opus 6 but neglects the opportunity to give us a premiere recording of a further Prokofiev rarity to supplement the over-familiarity of the rest of this CD's programme.

Beware! This is also a LIVE RECORDING, which it does state in tiny letters on the CD cover, but is very difficult to see. I am not a fan of live recordings of classical works due to poor sound balances and the intrusive shufflings, coughing and applause from the live audience. I think it is important that prospective buyers are aware of these facts before purchasing what is now a rare and therefore potentially expensive marketplace item.

Classical labels and conductors of Prokofiev - hear my plea... a complete recording of opus 7 please!
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Skinner.Salter: Classic Scores of Mystery & Horror
Skinner.Salter: Classic Scores of Mystery & Horror
Price: 16.21

4.0 out of 5 stars Music - Good! CD - Bad!, 11 Oct 2011
Another in the excellent Morgan/Stromberg re-recordings of Golden Age film scores; wonderful film music that would be completely neglected except for their commitment to restoration and release of the work of a variety of composers. Herrmann, Steiner, Tiomkin and Alfred Newman and many others have featured in the team's restorations to full orchestral glory for posterity and our listening pleasure. They are here joined by the lesser known talents of Frank Skinner and Hans J.Salter, who scored many of the classic Universal horror films of the 30s and 40s.

Complete music written for Ghost of Frankenstein [45.02] and a shorter suite from Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror [14.29] are accompanied by a few other themes. The quality of the performance and production are at the usual high standards we expect from the team. Historically, the recordings of Universal Horror music may not be as significant as Casablanca or King Kong, but what enjoyment can be derived from listening to music that accompanied the monster lurching down the village streets and other classic black and white images from the genre.

The disappointing thing about this release is the absolute lack of information to accompany the recording. All the other Marco Polo and Naxos reissues of those releases I have seen have featured booklets with excellent information about the films, the composers, the music itself and the restoration. (Morgan/Stromberg have set up their own label Tribute Film Classics and their booklets are 32 pages long, packed with info.) The booklet for this CD version gives track titles printed so small that they are hard to read - and that is it! On the reverse of the insert is a photo of some Naxos Classical CD covers, but no content at all about the two films and the music.

This is the only release of this particular recording. The Naxos website has a short paragraph about the recording but it is of minimal use/interest, so it was obviously intended for issue with nil written commentary. A huge dissapointment to those of us who enjoy reading descriptions of the music and a bit about the background to its composition.

So, while I enthusiastically recommend the release and feel grateful this music is available to fans of the Universal series in particular, the CD release is not essential to have in that format. Save yourself some money and use the cheaper download option. Even if you burn it onto a CD yourself and stick a photo on a piece of copy paper, your CD cover will be every bit as quality and useful as the official CD release.

Completely Mad: A History of the Comic Book and Magazine
Completely Mad: A History of the Comic Book and Magazine
by Maria Reidelbach
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Original Mad Men, 16 May 2011
Completely Mad: A History of the Comic Book and Magazine
Completely Mad: A History of the Comic Book and Magazine
Completely Mad
Completely MAD: A History of the Comic Book and Magazine

This book is completely fascinating... An overview of the history of Mad Magazine, Alfred E Neuman and the Usual Gang of Idiots (the Mad writers and artists)has been researched, written and illustrated with such care and attention to detail it has to have been a labour of love for writer Maria Reidelbach.

Ms Reidelbach takes us through the origins of Mad which I had been unaware of previous to reading this book. Mad sprung from the backlash on comics in the 1950s particularly the legendary EC horror greats such as Tales from the Crypt and Vault of Horror. In fact it was EC who published Mad as a comic and then got round the stifling censorship prevalent at that time by metamorphosing into a magazine.

The story becomes a social history showing how Mad reflected the beginnings of consumerism in America along with the arrival of the Ad Men of Madison Avenue. They of course, became one of Mad's main targets with their unconventional and unrelenting satire. Reidelbach calls the Mad creators The Mad Men and having just seen Season 4 of the series about another group with the same name, there was a connection for me between the two that brought the story alive for me. I felt while reading, that I was in the world of Don Draper and co as much as that of Bill Gaines, Don Martin, Antonio Prohias, Mort Drucker, Al Jaffee, Dave Berg and all my other favourites.

If you are a fan of Mad (UK, US or wherever editions) buy this book. Relish the in-depth biographies of the team. Marvel at the complex and as yet unresolved origins of the What-Me-Worry kid, Alfred E Neuman. Steep yourself in the endless social commentary. Revel in how a humour magazine extended artistic expression and freedom of speech in the USA. Finally, enjoy the beautifully illustrated design of the book, complete with consecutive thumbnails of every US Mad cover up until publication in 1991. This book is available at very reasonable second hand prices... you will not be disappointed.

Doctor Who Return to Devils End [VHS] [1963]
Doctor Who Return to Devils End [VHS] [1963]

4.0 out of 5 stars Daemons revisited!!!, 14 Aug 2009
This is actually a documentary with the original cast and crew of the classic Pertwee 3rd Doctor story "The Daemons". It revisits the site of the filming in the village of Aldbourne intercut with interviews and archive film of the original shoot as well as photographs.
Fascinating and nostalgic by turns, this is an excellent companion to the actual story - if you own a VHS copy (still no DVD release unfortunately) you will be reaching for it immediately.
There were 500 of these videos signed by all the actors involved in "Return to Devil's End" (including Pertwee) and Christopher Barry as a special limited edition. Catch that one if you can!

Brides Of Dracula [1960] [DVD]
Brides Of Dracula [1960] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Martita Hunt
Offered by g515tfl
Price: 21.98

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2.0 out of 5 stars Ripped off again!!, 19 Nov 2007
This is a fantastic film, well-deserving its cult status as one of Hammer's best-loved classics. The direction, production and acting are all first rate and it is a shining example of the best of the horror genre from the 1960s. It should get 5 stars, but...

Why do we consumers get constantly ripped off by the companies producing these DVDs (and before that, VHS tapes)? To release this film after the long wait in a format which completely wastes Terence Fisher's excellently atmospheric direction is not just a shame, it is an artistic crime.

The problem is that the companies don't care one little bit, as long as they make their money. Another problem is that enough consumers either are ignorant of these travesties or THEY don't really care either. Those who DO know and DO care should refuse to buy this DVD, or return it to the company who made it, complaining. Maybe then, they would listen. Maybe...

All I can say is thank heavens for Amazon and others enabling reviewers to warn potential customers about being ripped off. At least with a bit of knowledge as to what we SHOULD be getting but are ACTUALLY being given, people can make an informed decision about spending their money on a bad product or not. Rather than buy this and then have to re-purchase the inevitable "special edition" (i.e. what it should have been in the first place) I will cross my fingers, put up some garlic bulbs, say a prayer and wait.

Beethoven: Triple Concerto
Beethoven: Triple Concerto
Price: 11.20

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3.0 out of 5 stars Good recording and performance, but beware!!, 4 Nov 2007
I bought this as it is a good pairing of two pieces I did not own on CD. Both the concerto and Fantasia sound pretty good and the performance is excellent.
However this is a live recording and I generally avoid these due to the (usually) poorer sound quality, but mainly due to the intrusive coughing/shuffling background noise from the audience. Also because of the applause at the end which ALWAYS starts before the final bar of the piece has drifted into silence, (some members of classical audiences love to show how clever they are by being so familiar with a piece of music they can dive in first with the OTT applause!) not allowing the listener to sit in peace and quietly reflect on the music just enjoyed.
If you look closely at the picture of the CD cover, you will just be able see at the bottom the words "live recording". Nowhere on the text details in the product description does it say this. Amazon's product details can be brilliant, but they are never consistent and for some items they are sadly lacking in any detail at all. It is a pity it would be such a huge task to have a consistency of detailed description for every item. Sigh, in a perfect world.
I know this is a personal gripe and may seem trivial to some customers but if you dislike live recordings don't buy this. If that does not bother you then I can recommend this CD as a good interpretation of two truly brilliant Beethoven masterworks!
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The Court Jester [DVD] [1956]
The Court Jester [DVD] [1956]
Dvd ~ Danny Kaye
Price: 3.75

65 of 66 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Brew that is True!!, 17 Feb 2007
This is one of those films that stays in your psyche as nothing more than pure fun and entertainment and when seen again does not disappoint. Anyone who recalls the phrases "the pellet with the poison/the vessel with the pestle/flagon with the dragon/chalice from the palace" will remember how funny this delightful Danny Kaye vehicle can be.

Yes, Kaye at his least annoying and most endearing in a colourful period comedy with lots of memorable scenes and a typically wonderful villainous performance from the inimitable Basil Rathbone. So throw away those old grainy VHS copies taped from analogue tv and bask in sumptuous digitally restored (we hope!) technicolor and enjoy what Leonard Maltin called "one of the best comedies ever made"! A classic - Enjoy!!

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