Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine - White (Baby Product)

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine
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26 May 2013 By Mummy of Two
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This is an ingenious idea/invention by Tommee Tippee although as many reviewers have stated in their reviews this unfortunately is not without a couple of shortcomings which if addressed and 'fixed' by Tommee Tippee would definitely make this an excellent baby product to own. It is for these couple of issues that I will mention below that I have marked it down a star rating.

When you first unpack the machine you need to complete a cleaning cycle to ensure that the machine itself is clean and ready for filtering your tap water. This process took about 20 minutes rather than the advertised 10 minutes in the instruction booklet as the water tank seems to take a bit of time for the water to fill all of the way through the water filter into the bottom section of the water tank. However this in my opinion was not a negative to the product but I just thought I would mention it in case another person thinks like I did that I was doing something wrong. The instruction booklet is very clear with a step by step process (and pictures too) and describes how to set up the machine and do the cleaning cycle along with how to actually use the machine, how to stop it if needed, maintenance and descaling so I was quite impressed with the clear and easy to follow instruction leaflet.

The machine has a cleaning mode and de-calc/de-scale mode which I thought is a brilliant idea and saves you having to faff around with de-scaling products. The machine is also very clever in that it detects when these things needs to be done and alerts you to the fact by lighting up one of the corresponding warning lights. The machine also indicates when the water level is low in the water tank to enable you to fill it, when the water tank is hot and when the filer needs changing. The water filter needing changing was to me one of my negatives about the machine as apparently each filter only lasts around 3 months and you then have to purchase another filter which I can understand but I think that the machine should have come with at least a years worth of filters considering the price and if not that Tommee Tippee should have offered some sort of discount on the cost of the filters for your first year as they whilst not totally expensive aren't exactly cheap at 9 a filter.

The machine itself is quite large and I put it alongside our Tommee Tippee Electric Steriliser to get a comparison and it's not far off the same length and width. This isn't a problem for us as personally we store ours in the Kitchen rather than upstairs in the Nursery as I think it would be a bit too bulky to be in the Nursery unless obviously you have a large Nursery. The other thing that has put us off storing it upstairs is that when it beeps it is very loud and I think would more than likely wake up your little one if you were trying to get a bottle ready before they were due to wake for their night time feed. The actual water filling into the bottle and general noise of the machine is also loud however not overly loud and nowhere near as loud as the machine's beep noise.

The machine comes with a bottle stand that you simply adjust by hooking it into the holes that are provided underneath the dispenser outlet according to whichever size bottle you are using so that there is no water spit when the water is filling the bottle. I thought that this was a good idea in that Tommee Tippee have included other hole settings than what would be needed for their own brand of bottles so that you were not automatically limited to using Tommee Tippee bottles if they were not your bottle of choice, although we do use their bottles in our household.

The machine does a 'hot shot' of water prior to you adding your formula to help kill any bacteria that may be living in your formula, which I thought again was a fantastic idea and provides additional peace of mind for parents. The instructions then direct you to add the supplied lid to shake the bottle and ensure that the formula is mixed well but as only one lid is provided you would continually have to wash this each time in order to use it. We just add the teat and lid onto the bottle and use this to mix the formula rather than the lid as these have obviously already been steilised with your bottle and it is only around a minute for the remaining water to be filled once you re-press the button. We just keep hold of the lid and teet until this process is complete and re-screw it all back on.

There have been a few comments from other reviewers about the quantity of water coming out of the machine being more than it should and I feel I can hopefully dispel some of this confusion/upset. Basically if you use the traditional bottle prep method i.e. without this machine and fill a bottle normally with say for example 150ml of boiled water and then add the formula to this amount and shake to mix - you will discover that the bottle has now risen to more than the original 150ml and this is because the formula changes the water to milk and as this is thicker the volume increases. Honestly my husband and I have had hundreds of 'arguments' over this with our first born in that when we were recording how much he had drank I was using the original water level measurement and my hubby was using the milk level measurement which was more. To double test/check this I have used a bottle without adding the formula with this machine and I can confirm that the water levels although minutely more than the measurement (and I mean minutely as in you can barely see it's more) are pretty much the desired measurement at the end and so I am sure that it is the added formula that pushes the level up.
For exmaple:-
6oz setting used - fills up to 40/45ml mark on bottle for the hot shot (no formula added) and then fills to 180ml (just over the 6oz mark) when the remaining water is added by the machine.
9oz setting used - fills up to 70ml mark on bottle for the hot shot (no formula added) and then fills to 260ml (just over the 9oz mark) when the remaining water is added by the machine.

Finally I also noted that another reviewer has thought that the measurements on the machine are in US oz and not in UK oz and that Tommee Tippee replied to her to ask why she thought this. I suspect she has though this as on the inside of the lid that covers the water tank there are US conversions for fluid oz to ml along with Metric conversions for fluid oz to ml which could make someone think that the machine is in US oz when it is in UK oz.

The bottle temperature when finished is perfect and ergo the name Perfect Prep. Whilst a bit cooler than what our 1 year old is used to he has no problems whatsoever with drinking it and guzzles it down just like a traditionally made bottle - he has not shown that there is any difference in taste than when we used to make his bottles up in the old traditional lengthy way. The temperature is absolute perfect for newborns as it feels like it is made to be at body temperature and I am looking forward to getting more extensive use out of the machine when our second baby arrives later this year. A really fantastic invention with just a few shortcomings in my opinion (noise level, filter longevity/price and in my opinion a bit pricey for the average parent although at present priced at a much more reasonable 56.49) but I don't think that these few negatives should be enough to put someone off purchasing it as it truly is a wonderful piece of baby kit.

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