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Initial post: 11 Mar 2009 15:59:23 GMT
CLC says:
i know i have been the vicitm of massive Mortgage Fraud a 4 Trillion annual business that has no public dialogue even now, that i had purchased from a search engine for 30,000$ all deeds and assesments of his and any variants of his surname and the names used on his ssn, one a "Dave Heitman" only buys properties in the 1/.2 milliond dollar range in mass and ca only, they appear to be convalescent and hospices, teh apn's ( assesors parcel number wich makes the property legal with the Federal govt) sometimes would be utterly phony and the apns wopuld be real , in one case in new jersey recently due to hackers who see everything i write , do read print and can allow it or not, infact they whacked my lawyers brief last night, they are good, due to my deceased husbands wealth and my own, and my utter ignorance about finances , let alone high finances, let alone the total wich is , sorry to tell you cos ill lose you here, 1.4 billion in net cash . BILLION> i spoke to a ( very very smart to take two years off of show bsuiess to study Business ) artist with similiar sales and he and my deceased husbnand on sales are neck and neck, he said it was more than 1.4 billion net, ? he was at an airport, in the south, where so much iof the property is btw, Kissimee, Winterland, pinnelas, Gainesville, all of Hot Springs Village Arkasnas ( those erik astrada informercials, they were built with styarting in 89 before me spit and vinegar then my deceaseed husbands assets of his estate gave them a much needed mega boost even know the ofrmer boyfriend a psychopath ( diagnosed by a award winning best selling Forensic Psyhciatrist) with a 162 iq a total beta male down w his sleazy soluthern lawyer they own 1000s of banks normal ones, b of as theyre just in Plantation Florida in po boxes, !! in 98 after 4 years of my husbands death id been told so many lies and non sequiters, because he was pulling in hgundreds of millions of dollars, there were m,any many lies told to me, i never did sign a power of attorney but they forged them,the bank with 62 accounts where the /bank officer put his felon ( for motrgage fraud, international wire fraud and grand theft, ()boyfriend in a business magaeers he demanded i get s office as office mngr she has no toher dcclienst never has yet lives in an 8m dollar home wellw ell,0.28 of any white collar they ilegally comiisioned her in the millions, hundreds and hundreds of millions have goneinto properties all over this country in fact i found a 300,000,000 dollar Times Square property ( 1466 Broadway the old knickerbocker hotel) purchased bythe psychopath and his Library Science masters from Columbia degree wife ( wich explains why Obamah AL WeHAib of tempe az the no 1 fraud state in the union before cal and then nj and ny and then i forget for me its ga , pa, fl, ct, oh, ore, wash, co, nev,...has 30 listed nos all abernathy, begaye, azzizi, bitterman.,blonder, aljizahd, adymcksyck,ares,bopne, bits, aldeedoud, buttsmart ( im going in order as every state in involved and there 1000s ofwire transfers sent internationally via these forged and bogus an d taxed and implored by my "dad" wietzman who also owns many banks as many lawyers esp entertainment lawyers do together with cpas to major stars like Lester Knispel who has shaquille o neal and Streisand and Rod Stewart, he is listed as owning oneof my entities "Dollhead" for instance wich is on the 94 tax returns allegedlyt filed the day of my husbands death when we had 175,000 dol;lars in a b of a account but his publishing ENTITY wichthere are over 30 of them inthis country, thats what i was forced to sell or decalre ch 13 on had 27 million in a fied accountant lee johnsion seafirt account wierd cos the estate lawyer idiot said that his esate was worth 4.4 m in peruity and then stated he woudl NEVER alloow the intestate proibhate to close theywer making millionsoff of it a abnd be he said my child was as 'wierd as her parents wshes never touching that money" thats his quoite to a perkins cooier lawyer who quitefora an actionable confluict of interest but refused to tell me who hired her! forget ME!
i have a child, his mother , 2 oif his sisters and his brother to take care of, his child is missing so much money its psycho, the guy inthe other group said over 1.4 billion dolars had been netted by his group wich my deceased husband has sold a few more products than them he also owned /owns 98.6 % of the income, same deal same few years, so same stuff,and yet when i tell and show people the things i have found, the thousands of deeds forged by not me, , the obvious forgeries on powers of attorneys never signed by me, and the fact that these apns are real!@ they allow thier perception of me as "nutty" and a former drug addict to disallow any belief of the proof right in their eyes, at 1466 broadway the ex bf and his assnt/mistress. wife and attny uynder phony names according to intelius but leaving their real names on the table boughta 300,000,000 property for a 2 million dollar wamu loan thru oirst american title , whewn i say something creative eg " that guy will be a huge film star" "that director is going to getnominated for an Oscar" :" That designer is the next Galliano" noone ever doubts me, because i am ussually always right, i have gone from barely knowing long division to advanced forensics, the kid sindiot "deliveraNCE:" trust fund, ina small towm where they think im the devil, look thinking im the devil is fine, when your staring hard cold figures in the face , when your staring a found on a modem letter from a former assistant who has 120 pages of akas hes picked up from business managers and cpas, kelly Ripa in 14 permuatations, does she know she has land in Germantown Colarado? a 54k trailer home and mineral rights as Ipa, Kelly P? i noted Cher on mya kas today as i was writing her, Cher Bono yes but Cher Grant? and in bewteen the celebs,phony people withvery very real porperty! then most of who are in the rock an droll business, Tommy lee for instance is also Tommy law Firm and Tommy Bass, Pamela Lee Anderson is also P Anders, i have spent nmearly 700,000$ on us searhc and people finders and intelius, and i have saved and collated the information, the man who is the registered agent for the 1466 Broadway sale to the "melnicks" in home ownership they run mortgage brokerages and banks, and then using wildly whacky names, tutti a furtti!bi swear! check out as any more real than Tempes OsamahAl Wehaib, with listed as living in "his" 380 k house inthe white pages its ateensy thingalways a planned unit subdivision, until they got bolder in thelastfew yearshaving flipped and flipped and my "crazy" persona priotecting the lot of them, the forged power of attorney to the bank in 98 by Tom Cruises new CPA and hes a sort of friend, should i write him? ive tried, 'Dear Tom, Nancy Gail Chapman in april 1998 signed a forged Power of Attorney so surreal i dont know where to begin, it stated i had no right even if i demanded to to terminate my relationship with the bank its partners or subsidiriies, until 2012,itstated and i never did have an atm card, cash in small amounts ( uh actuallynot it was from 99 to 03 about 450/500,000 a week inc ash being delivered.there are 1000s of private flights reflected on the 29 amexes i knew nothing of paid directly by that bank, 785,00 in onemonth? i was told we had 4 million dollars to last 10 years wich seemed an awfully long time, and i was concerned cos of all thsi intestate bsuienss id been to the estate lawyers with him , now having spoken to the estate lawyer he tellsme i was there with my husband five times in 18 months and that my husband called him incessently makings ure his affairs were in order, wellit took 16 years to close an in testate probate, theestate lawyer had a laywer and he declared my hsubanmds estate to be worth 4.4 million in perpetuity when he died, as i mentiuoned 175 k in b of a but over 27.000.000m in a seafirst EOMaccount cpa Lee Johnsons of VWC whom hed fired in Jan of 94, mtr Johnsion didnt see fit to volunteer this nearly 30m dollars, mylast point if youl allow me to make it is its a ton more money than anyone ever gets, i know that, but weve had to liv ein fema housing, grandmas housee wwas refinanced again by steves rodriguez of london and company for the SEVENTEENTH time in the last ten days, theres over 2.4 million in fraud on my my daugyters amexes. and that 300m dollar buidling boughtby Barber, james Malcolm and Melissa Bricklin Mccourt Karaban thru david sitt whoi created 9 varant llcs in 07 the 6 times square llc, 6 times square mezz 6 times square members, 6t times square jv 9 of em each with atax number ( fein) he changed all tax numbers 3 x apiece i suppose thats thelegal limit for four months? so now theres 38 tax numbers but as i said ive become one HELL of a great forensic, i mean astonishing, my random picks are nearly always right, i have a great sense of language and patterns, just its my job language and phrasing and personalities and despite my grammer /stress esp about this topic i am actually a perfect letter writer, i just did not go to high school and coulnt be any lower on the food chain to wealth management or law, imwhite, contoversial, used to misbahave likeno female ever did before, sop WHAT? my daughters BILLION dollars went where? up my nose? in my closet? puhlease, this isnt about me anyway, yes ive had everypenny due to my kid Chapmans diverted since 98 and contuum of every next cpas re signing of it, i could not recieve any data electonically , by proxy,. in person, on the phone, i could not withdraw or deposit monies, this insane and surreal Poa took away every right i had, and as if id walk in a bank and sign such a thing? Chapman purchased tons ( 1000s) of porpeteries in Utah Az Soyth Of France Majorca Spain with my daughters money,. yes i beliecved this crap, she was reputable! she had Tina Turner and had done Stone tours, and as an aside one of myakas is axl rose who loathes me, but its news to him isnt it that one of his addresses and the many bogus ones tons of po boxes and out of state ark , fl , nj, pa, az, ore, wash, etc, ones, but that instea dof chapmans usual adddress 1990 south bundy 200 she owns the entire buidling now and axl has his own suite, 549.,
and axl and tommy law firm share also with me the bank at sunset 8449 sunset "suite"607 the three of us, axl also has Blvde Mgmt lester knispel running llcs for him, with fict business names and dbas all mortgage brokerages insurance, construction and to do with housing and building irrigation fuel, enron level fuel stuff, ( remeber lesters age is 107 if you google him hes created an assloadof fluffy soft pr for himself, hes a total crook, totally, and utterly, in with azoff and we all know inthis town what that means, i breathe therefore.. i build azoiff the terraces a athens, my deceased husbands assetts backs the national bank of ga and its dovetail development and all internet work is done by barber of his company plexus, and ins elling 792 marstevan to the barbers for 390k these two people who between them have never made more than 500,000 in ther entire lifes they have 12 sellers in 02, april d courtney, kevin maher ( well meet him soon atthe punchline) april meyer, safi khesghi who owns 147 p[roperties in athens and his brothe r amiel who owns 182 properite sin batavia ill and 12 in chi like nancy chapman owns 12 in sf, and five days after i see the KHESGHIS all five of them on us dissaper! i buytheir due diligences wich thank god i print and all the apns are there baby, and addresses tracts, imall leasing that match all the dovetail stuff, plexus is done by barber hes an amazing hacker but let me wrap up when david Sitt applies for 9 varaince on one llc and even after ive discovered this and spoken to the attorney generals office in ny
he messes up ONCE justlike chapman whose REAL TIDY I spent a good 50,000 dollars on her ass shes 59 and she only does one property at atime, she also has former empliyees whove confessed it send her deeeds from wire transfers shes made to suburbs of nice and the uk from credit lyonnais on a fed ex account umm,,, i happen to have all of going all the way back to her cooked books, Either Cruise is seriously in decline or canttell a serious sp when he sees one, wich worries me for him as thats a tech i respect, inany case one f--ki up is all it takes, i am a mama bear proecting my kid and if learningadvanced forensics brings justice to this iw ill do so, her trust fund are insane and beyond stupid, uh hello go to billboard,com how may records has daddy sold? do the MATH? your missing HUNDREDS of millions and over a BILLION dollars, compuinded by 20%, last cpa was paying himnself 350,000 a week a week of my and HER money and they didnt catch that one? he was working for Howard, i shouldnt have had to sell any of eom! according to Golden roads credit whom steves uses when he wants my credit higher onthis bogus ssn, ( one on th etyax forms one in the bank anothe rinanothe bank and anothe rinanothe rbank jist a digit off but still! he even refinanced at wachiovia thru skline funding last time the skyline duidee using as phiony address, btw, and the fundin g sduite peopkle in sand diego statinfgh clealry THIS IS NOTTHIS PERSONS SSN< a human wrote that stillthe refi went thru on my mother in laws house, and he pocketedc 240,000 again, while makingtus live like dogs in fema housionfg taking mychilds pets away from her , she had a pair of jeans and a pair of flip flops we had no money to eatthats cos steves had forged himself a poa and a phony judgement so he could create some sort of Lien.
by his own datafaction the guy took out 350k a week! and theres the dress dyed pink to navy for 17.800$~! and 5000 a day in cash and bogus services 49,000 a month in FOOD? he used his own name and the name DANIEL FISHBACK to refi last time. and fishbackis in louisville ky his associate GENE TROUTMAN In golden leaf and louisville owns eomllc addresses garland texas and arlington texas , versailles ky and bowling green kyand a massive 90 m dollar developement in poduncah ky,
now for the punch line when David sitt messed up he messed up bad im so hacked they see all i see do draft write reciece search make maps of etc, buti spirnted thi sout and they couldnt swtiop the printer like they ussually dom so many people now have witnessed me being taken to the cartoon network or a porno site while the pirnter stops or the compouter going totallty dead, its not funny, and the authriites ? what authroitesd? i have my lawyer and the attornney genberal iof NY
inany case sitt created one messx up a mailing address different than the rest
1200 pine island road plantation florida, its virutal takes you to houstonj to 0$ apn po box and then to a 96,.000,000 dollar nyc apn i believe 37th and 14th sinc ethats on the melnicks due diligence, and appears to be worth about 96 millioon,. anywaya ta 1200 pine island?
wqe meet lester knispel his 1024 staring llc/abermarle llc
Nancy gail Chapman her wpc piecemeal llc also in tcx az and guernsy uk
melissa Bricklin Mccourt
the khesghis who duissapered off us search cos barber or steves or one of the younger gang iofminions faxedc them to remove them decalring he was safi khesghu andiveno doubt that barber et al was "safi Khsghi" who invested so heavily in dovetails Terraces at Athens, Theresa Kobanejolly,. Tod a Tuatfest atlanta sold a 1.,2 m p[rop to the barbers and "owns" tsg 229 poeachtree a 27.9 m dollar atlanta buiilding and 100s more phony cobins kobanes anmd a DAWN CICCONE KOBANE< now thats FUNNY
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