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A questions for all you CoD camping mongs

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Initial post: 4 Jan 2014 23:58:10 GMT
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Posted on 5 Jan 2014 11:08:33 GMT
Last edited by the author on 5 Jan 2014 12:51:14 GMT

You might as well ask the opposite - why spend good money and wander about.

The thought process is simple - the game gives points and progression for kills and K/D is considered a measure of how good a player is - by standing still in one place I can achieve both these things. if the game rewards standing still then it is the games fault and not mine.

The reality is that you are rubbish at COD and now your only outlet is to accuse those that beat you at it as somehow being "cheats" where the reality is that you are so easy to kill I can do it by just standing still next to a door - I don't even have to go to the trouble of looking for you. You would much rather I spent my time leaping in front of your poorly aimed showers of lead - sorry bud - far easier to sit here waiting for you to clump past with your back to me. In any case if you can't even shoot me when I am stood stock still what on earth makes you fancy your chances if I move about - unless you are just a dirty camper too, bitter that you are getting beat by your own game?


Posted on 5 Jan 2014 13:49:22 GMT
MF says:
I take it your playing the latest instalment of cod, Mr Noodle. If so then the game invites camping -- its the worst cod by far.

Posted on 5 Jan 2014 17:19:49 GMT
[Deleted by Amazon on 6 Jan 2014 06:01:36 GMT]

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Jan 2014 17:24:03 GMT
My favourite post of the day. This will obviously get deleted once an admin reads it. You replied to a tongue in cheek reply of a tongue in cheek post with a rather vapid, insulting retort. X

Posted on 5 Jan 2014 17:24:59 GMT
I do my best

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Jan 2014 17:25:35 GMT
I don't get you. X

Posted on 5 Jan 2014 17:35:51 GMT

Posted on 5 Jan 2014 17:46:43 GMT
Just as bad as campers are those who sprint & hip fire. There's just as little skill involved

COD nowadays doesn't cater to the slower but tactical approaches of COD4 and W@W, and I've refused to buy any more of the series until we see huge improvements (in term of that old, creaky engine it runs on and in terms of camping/Insta hipfiring/killstreaks, etc

Posted on 5 Jan 2014 17:51:14 GMT
Last edited by the author on 5 Jan 2014 17:51:25 GMT
Oh dear - I did try to point out I was being silly/devil's advocate!

I think there are some points to be made though - for example:

What I was saying was that if someone pays money for a game they can play it any way they wish - it is up to the game maker to design the game in such a way that negative play is defined and is punished. The way not moving much is rewarded so heavilly in the latest COD I can only assume that it is either intentional or it (the game itself) was somehow rushed and poorly designed.

The "you" I refer to in my satiric rant may as well be myself - I got very frustrated with the latest COD and found the only way to do well was not to move, which I find boring and pointless, hence I have hardly played (compared to hundreds of hours on previous CODS).

So - Soory Noodle - it was not a personal attack - I was in fact trying to get a bit of discusion going in the thread.

You are correct about one thing though - I am indeed a bag of unpleasant discharge.

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Jan 2014 18:06:36 GMT
Last edited by the author on 5 Jan 2014 18:08:43 GMT
You see those capitals at the beginning, that's Robeson shouting at you just so you understand his meaning. Still missed it though didn't you. lol

People pay their money they can do what they want. Since I've been playing it (COD4) there's always been camping. But there's been this weird shift in mentality at around MW2. In COD4 if you're defending a bomb in SnD it was considered defending and a sensible tactic given that's the objective. But now it's called camping.

The maps on Ghosts I just hate now. They're just terrible terrible maps imo. People used to call it a corridor shooter but not any more. It's just a sprawling mess with seemingly no design and more importantly no testing. For a very long time COD has been my go to FPS MP but I seriously can't imagine playing Ghosts in a months time let alone to the inevitable next game in November.

That annual iteration is something I actually find troubling. Not for the usual reasons. But because almost the opposite. I'm not boasting, but I was actually quite good at COD4, playing each next iteration it has felt like I've had to relearn how to play the game, pump hours into them just to stay on par. People say they're all the same, but they're very wrong. Getting killed a million times in the back at the moment because I haven't the time to learn the maps, or getting killed because they're using sights that basically light you up, or killed because of IEDs that I can't see UNLESS I use a perk to highlight them (just so stupid imo). On and on it goes. I should be able to take whatever skill I have gained through playing previous games into the next game. But that never seems to be the case. Even MW2 felt like ADS wasn't really needed anymore to be a good player, not when you could spray n' pray or run around with akimbo. People complain that it's always the same, well I'm complaining that it hasn't remained the same. I honestly used to be quite good at COD, now I just feel like I've never played it before. Yes I know I sound like an old man. "Music was better back in my day" my dad might say, but I say "COD was better back in my day". LOL

Posted on 6 Jan 2014 09:47:23 GMT
kinjoking says:
last time i checked, most soldiers spend their time camping behind cover, i have very rarely seen any soldiers running around in the open hip firing in Fallujah, im finally glad that CoD made a game that in some way uses some real military tactics

Posted on 6 Jan 2014 09:53:19 GMT
Last edited by the author on 6 Jan 2014 09:53:37 GMT
Never got the camping argument. If someone is camping and kills you, you know exactly were they are and you have total freedom to approach the situation in any way you please. Every single advantage is now on your side.... if you get killed by a camping player twice then you are just bad at the game

In reply to an earlier post on 6 Jan 2014 10:20:12 GMT
Agreed. The way I used to deal with campers in MW2 (the last COD I ever played) was to 1, run past and get killed by them 2, Run past again to test if they're still there (this then lulls them into a false sense of security) 3, use a grenade launcher to pop them everytime I go near said point 4, steal their camping spot until they move on. You may lose 2 deaths in this way but you tend to gain about 4 at least.

In reply to an earlier post on 6 Jan 2014 10:52:53 GMT
Last edited by the author on 6 Jan 2014 10:53:05 GMT
You have grenades, flash bangs, stun grenades, grenade launchers and then of course my personal favourite you just blast the wall a few times to see if they are still sitting there

More than enough tools to deal with anyone

In reply to an earlier post on 6 Jan 2014 11:00:38 GMT
Yup, dealing with campers is pretty easy. And if you're THAT sick of them, move on to Battlefield, Killzone or Halo. Far less camping in those games.

Posted on 6 Jan 2014 11:07:34 GMT
kinjoking says:
yea but halo has its own problem with some the numpties that play it, most games ive been part of its just kids suiciding their own team members. grifball and team battle is aweful for that

In reply to an earlier post on 6 Jan 2014 11:28:01 GMT
Last time I played Halo online (when Reach was first released) the tactic just seemed to be, Get fast shooting gun, jump constantly, shoot wildly. Or get Hammer, use hammer.

Posted on 6 Jan 2014 11:36:50 GMT
kinjoking says:
it hasnt changed, i played it a few weeks ago for 50 or so games, and it is just full of stupid kids doing stupid things simply because they can

In reply to an earlier post on 6 Jan 2014 11:41:43 GMT
Learn to play fool :D

In reply to an earlier post on 6 Jan 2014 11:50:53 GMT
Naa, i'll just stick to games i'm good at.

In reply to an earlier post on 6 Jan 2014 11:52:51 GMT
Tried a bit of Killzone SF MP the other day...

Not bad, think i got 1 kill in 20 odd deaths.. was happy with that.. :(

In reply to an earlier post on 6 Jan 2014 12:14:58 GMT
Not tried MP in Killzone SF, dont have a PS4, I really enjoyed the MP in Killzone 2, but I thought KZ3 MP was a little flawed by comparison.

Posted on 6 Jan 2014 15:02:42 GMT
Bauer says:
I'm loving the Killzone SH MP, as I loved 2 & 3.

In regards to COD, yes there does seem a lot of folk that enjoy sitting in bushes. I dont think they should stop though, I think everyone should do it !! .. everyone spawns and runs to the nearest bush and just wait for the 10 mins to finish much fun would that be !

Posted on 6 Jan 2014 15:05:32 GMT
Last edited by the author on 6 Jan 2014 15:05:50 GMT
kinjoking says:
whats the high rise map like? or is called skydive or sky rise or something
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