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Bound By Flame.

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Initial post: 17 Mar 2014 15:15:27 GMT
J. Morgan says:
Anyone else noticed this in the listings ?

I looked it up and it looks similiar to the Witcher in combat. Choice between 2 handed style, 2 dagger style or flame/demolition.

There are a bunch of NPCs who you can have different types of relationships with(romantic,friendly,rivalry), no idea how that changes the game, but it apparently does.

Combat seems to be a mixture of real time but with the ability to pause for more complex tactics.
There is also something about choosing to give into the demon (you get possesed early in the game) or struggle and retain your humanity.

With Witcher delayed, it might be worth a look.Price needs to come down a bit more before I hit order though.

Posted on 17 Mar 2014 15:56:26 GMT
Is it open world or linear?

Posted on 17 Mar 2014 16:12:41 GMT
Last edited by the author on 17 Mar 2014 16:13:38 GMT
J. Morgan says:
It's hub like, much like Witcher2 apparently.

Branching plot, multiple endings.

Posted on 17 Mar 2014 16:15:16 GMT
J. Morgan says:
The ammount of crafting and customisation is very impressive, you can even change the pommel on your sword. Not sure if the effects go beyond cosmetic, but it did say something about heavier blades etc.

Posted on 18 Mar 2014 08:35:47 GMT
It looks like hot poop, can't wait to fire that bad boy up.

Posted on 24 Mar 2014 10:31:22 GMT
J. Morgan says:
link to some info about crafting/companions etc.

Posted on 4 Apr 2014 18:03:18 BDT
J. Morgan says:
New combat footage up

What you might take as frame drops are a slow motion effect when you activate dodge.

Posted on 8 Apr 2014 09:53:07 BDT
J. Morgan says:
Some Dev. replies to various questions.

*It is possible to lock-on any target at anytime; allowing you to focus a specific enemy, crowd control your targets or just use your ranged weapons.
*The slowdown effect happens when you manage a timed counter-attack or dodge. It also happens with critical hits.
*[When it comes to slow motion,] you can't turn it down. That a visual effect that occurs when you do critical attacks, or when you counter/dodge your ennemy attack with a perfect timing.
*When starting a new game, you can choose your character to be a man or a woman. You can also customize facial aspects.
*Each equipment in the game can be upgraded through crafting, these upgrades heavily affect your character's looks.
*Your character will handle crossbow only. But you'll have a companion master of bow.
*A digital version of Bound by Flame will be available on the PlayStation Store for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.
*There is no new game "+" option... But with different endings, different fighting styles and branching story, you can really get a renewed experience from a new game.
*The enemies do not level up according to the player's level; they get harder and stronger with his progression. We also worked very hard on having a very diverse range of enemies for a renewed experience.
*The game features a night/day cycle with an impact on enemies' presence and quests.
*It's around 30 hours of gameplay to complete the game once - and of course there'll be multiple side quests. But depending on your choices, you can unlock different endings, and live a different story. You indeed have a flame demon living inside you, that will always push you to make evil decisions. This will have an impact on the story, on the relationship with your companions... and also on your combat style - the demon will lend you its powerful pyromancer skills.
*Each level up means experience points to spend in 3 skill trees. You can unlock/improve skills to specialize into Warrior Stance (tank, break, stun moves) or Rogue Stance (DPS, dodge) and Pyromancer (fire balls, area spells, fire your weapon, invoke fire spirits).
*Around 15 skills per tree that you can upgrade thrice each. Aside, you have Traits Points to spend to improve your Crafting skills, Combat skills, and Demon Traits! If you do mean choices and chose the "dark" side along your journey, your inner flame demon will progressively take the control of your soul and you will unlock specific traits. You'll get more powerful in fire spells/mana regen, but there will also be side effects I won't develop today.
*The equipment you loot/purchase, and more important the crafting system, will also be key elements in your progression.
*During a fight you have chances of breaking an enemy's attack or having your attacks being broken. The opposite is also true; an enemy can be resistant to breaking and you can improve your character's resistance. Being resistant means taking damage but not playing hurt animations and not being stopped, thus, sometimes, giving the impression that the enemy did not "feel" the blow. You can improve your "breaking" ability as well as your resistance through your skill tree and choices of equipment.
*It is possible to lock-on any target at anytime; allowing you to focus a specific enemy, crowd control your targets or just use your ranged weapons.

Posted on 8 Apr 2014 10:29:34 BDT
I am now generally excited for this, and will be a purchase on PS4 for me.

The only game which has actually got me excited in a long while tbh..

Posted on 12 Apr 2014 08:03:18 BDT
J. Morgan says:

Contains some explanation, as well as showing how the crafting of a weapon affects the performance in battle. Also some companion stuff, but not much.

Quick explanation. Sometimes you see that the character or monster does not appear to react to a hit. This is intentional. Each has a "break" stat (I thikn similiar to poise in Souls). If the attack does not "break" you , then you will take damage, but your animation will not change. If you get "broken" you get flung across the screen, or get your animation reset etc.

Posted on 12 Apr 2014 16:22:07 BDT
M. Thompson says:
It would be great to see an online co-op mode for this type of game , does anyone know if this game has any online functions ? allso no new game + is a bit of a downer and thats what games like dark souls 2 does so well , keeping you playing untill the next installment . Maybe they could add this in a later update ? but i must say i like the look of this game and will be buying it ^^ .

Posted on 22 Apr 2014 11:01:31 BDT
Last edited by the author on 22 Apr 2014 11:03:04 BDT
J. Morgan says:
More info.

Your choices will determine your destiny... and your appearance!

Bound by Flame, the new RPG developed by Spiders studios, is set for release on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, Xbox 360® and PC on May 9, and a series of exclusive images now provides another tantalizing glimpse of what's in store! The game hero takes center stage in these screenshots, and players can create and play him before launching into an epic quest in pursuit of the Ice Lords. All your choices in Bound by Flame will therefore impact on your adventure and also on your hero's appearance!

You therefore play a mercenary of the Freeborn Blades, who is possessed by a flame demon at the start of the adventure. When you start a new game, you are free to choose your character's look: gender (which will affect some of the dialog, particularly with companions and potential romances), facial features, ethnicity and hairstyles.

But your character customization doesn't end there; you will find and create new items of armor during your quest using the ingenious in-game crafting system. Not only will this have an impact on your combat tactics using the bonuses you have been granted but it will also alter your appearance, because each armor item can be customized with various extras, i.e. shoulder pads, knee pads and a range of other protective features, each having a particular style. The combinations are infinite, so each character will be unique!

Last but not least, you will be faced with many choices and dilemmas during your adventure. Depending on your decisions, you can perform heroic actions to reject the demon's influence or be consumed by the power of the flame by allowing yourself to be controlled by the demon's will. This demonic influence will be shown in the different stages of your transformation, and you will become increasingly demonic and less human! These screenshots illustrate all this using a selection of characters you can create and play in Bound by Flame!

Bound by Flame will be available on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, Xbox 360® and PC on May 9, 2014.
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