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Initial post: 12 Oct 2012 23:47:45 BDT
Last edited by the author on 17 Oct 2012 12:31:52 BDT
Solar Fox says:
A home for the subject of mech games on all platforms. What mechs all share in common is a core concept of armoured combat vehicles with pilots. The history of mech games is also surprisingly deep. I've gathered a list of mech games for this generations consoles and 2000 onwards for PCs below. Any games i've missed then please let me know..

PlayStation 3

A.C.E. Another Century's Episode R (Jap Import)
Armored Core 4
Armored Core 4 Answer
Armored Core V (5)
DW Gundam
DW Gundam 2
DW Gundam 3
Front Mission Evolved
Zone Of The Enders HD Collection

Xbox 360

Armored Core 4
Armored Core 4 Answer
Armored Core V (5)
DW Gundam
DW Gundam 2
DW Gundam 3
Mobile Ops: The One Year War
Steel Battalian: Heavy Armor
Front Mission Evolved
Zone Of The Enders HD Collection
Zoids Assault

PC 2000 onwards

MechWarrior 4: Vengeance
MechWarrior 4: Black Knight
MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries
MechCommander 2
MechWarrior: Living Legends
Multiplayer BattleTech 3025
Mechwarrior Online


Armored Core 4 Answer Intro

Armored Core 4 Intro

Another Century's Episode R Intro

Mech Warrior 5 Trailer

Mech Warrior Online Developer Breakdown

Front Mission Evolved Review

Hawken Mech Gameplay

Vanquish Teaser

Posted on 12 Oct 2012 23:55:58 BDT
Solar Fox says:
Hawken gameplay from PAX 2012 is all mechs, all the time

War is a machine, apparently

Words: GamesRadar Staff on September 2, 2012

Ten years ago, PC gaming was obsessed with mechs--and then, suddenly, nothing. Now, it's 2012, and there are three different mech games in development. The prettiest of them is Hawken, the free-to-play game that many expect to be the best in the genre.

We're going to withhold judgement until it actually comes out, but if you're interested in seeing what the hullabaloo is about, we suggest checking out this footage from PAX 2012. If you want even more information check out our recent Hawken preview, or keep checking back every few minutes to see if we've posted new Hawken news.

Posted on 12 Oct 2012 23:58:14 BDT
Solar Fox says:
MechWarrior Online Founders' Program ends soon, open beta next week

by Mike Schramm on Oct 10th 2012 11:00PM

Joystiq got to see MechWarrior Online in its closed beta at PAX Prime a few months ago, and the game was coming along nicely: a little light on the fast-paced shooter action and heavy on the MechWarrior-based customization options and battle mechanics. Infinite Game Publishing and Piranha Games have announced that MWO is headed into an open beta next week.

Players interested in playing can sign up on the MechWarrior Online website to reserve a name right now, and anyone looking to spend a little money on the free-to-play shooter (based, of course, on the tabletop strategy game) can join the Founders' Program, which offers various tiers of premium rewards. The Founders' Program will finish up on October 14, with the open beta following soon after.

Posted on 13 Oct 2012 00:12:04 BDT
Solar Fox says:
Armored Core V How I Built A Good Mech And How To Make Money Quickly Early On

Posted on 13 Oct 2012 00:18:49 BDT
Solar Fox says:
Armored Core V Online Team DeathMatch Win - Gameplay Full Room

Posted on 13 Oct 2012 01:01:28 BDT
Solar Fox says:
Does anybody know what's happening with this film?

Posted on 13 Oct 2012 11:57:08 BDT
Solar Fox says:
I know this is a niche interest, but is anybody playing/played Armored Core 5 or Gundam 3 for co-op? I need to set up my mech properly on AC5 and i'm currently playing Gundam 3 at an early level on PS3.

Next gen should have more usable hardware for the mech genre. AC6 could look amazing if 'From Software' get it right and push capabilities. Hawken has set a great bench mark for mech games now and i'm hoping next gen will fully utilise it's hardware for a game on a similar level. Zone Of The Enders 3 is already confirmed for next gen, I hope it's the start of things to come with the mech genre. If Hawken comes to next gen consoles i'll be parting cash for sure.

Posted on 13 Oct 2012 19:28:27 BDT
Solar Fox says:
I guess if it isn't borderlands 2 or football then i'm going to get marked down on this forum then?

In reply to an earlier post on 13 Oct 2012 19:41:12 BDT
A Portal Gun says:
Strange you should get so many downvotes. I've never played a mech game but they do look interesting, if a little complicated.

In reply to an earlier post on 13 Oct 2012 19:45:48 BDT
There's been some mass marking down on some of the other threads too mate - check the most recent pages of the Final Fantasy and Wii-U threads.

Posted on 13 Oct 2012 20:13:34 BDT
Solar Fox says:
I've just noticed Adam. Seems abit odd how so many downvotes have been made so soon, abit harsh. I'm used to the odd 1or 2 mark downs but 7 in one day!? I never knew mechs were hated upon so much! :-o

Fair point Snarf, they can be initially complex but reward the patient. I enjoy designing a good mech now and again. Sure, I know it's not popular as alot of other games but they are worth abit of attention.

Posted on 15 Oct 2012 14:50:50 BDT
Solar Fox says:
Destroy Gunners Z is a great mech game on android. Not sure if it's available on iphone. Been playing it today, highly recommended.

Posted on 15 Oct 2012 16:57:45 BDT
djburty says:
i'll look at getting ZOE HD collection on the vita - i enjoyed what i played of ACV, but i just couldn't maintain interest in it. i think i'd prefer a turn-based mech strategy rather than the action orientated armored core games.

Posted on 15 Oct 2012 17:48:08 BDT
Solar Fox says:
I know what you mean Burty. ACV was both intimidating and under whelming. I've been told to persevere with it as it gets better as you understand the menu systems and combat mechanics. I sold it but have just re-purchased it to give it another try. I went back to AC4A which seems so much better than V oddly. If AC6 comes out next gen then those menus and combat areas need improving and the mechs need to be bigger in view.

ZoE HD will be quality. It's nice to know i'm not the only one looking forward to playing it in it's HD makeover. :)

ZoE 3 will be running on Hideo Kojima's FoX engine and recent tweets from Kojima suggests it will be set in ancient times? If it's as good as ZoE 2 then it will be something special.

Btw Burty, knowing that you're the jrpg specialist around these parts, is White Knight Chronicles any good?

Posted on 15 Oct 2012 23:09:59 BDT
djburty says:
White knight chronicles was good with access to the co op missions in the geonet - however geonet seems to be broken and so the game is basically single player and pretty mediocre. I'd wait for ni no kuni which looks a lot better.

Posted on 16 Oct 2012 08:45:40 BDT
Whens ZOE out? I loved that game.

Posted on 16 Oct 2012 08:59:38 BDT
I remember hating zone of enders when it came out lol. I think it was because Sony kinda forced you to buy it if you wanted to play the MGS 2 demo which I was desperate to play.

One of the best mech games I've played which isn't really classed as a mech game was lost planet. I loved the mech suits you could use in that game. What the hell happened to lost planet 2, so disappointed as it was nigh on impossible to play on your own with a rock hard difficulty (even on easy) and ai partners that were useless.

Posted on 16 Oct 2012 09:32:30 BDT
Neal Vincent says:
There are some downloadable ones you've missed, like "Virtual On" and (I guess) "Gatling Gears" - although that's more of a Western steampunk style. They're more arcade-type games, though. They're definitely on the Xbox 360, and presumably the PS3 too.

There's also "Zoids Assault" - a turn-based mech strategy game by Atlus for the Xbox 360, with mechs based on animal designs - from a Japanese series of models and anime by Tomy. I don't think that game ever got a Euro release, though. My US copy is definitely region-locked, so it won't work on a UK console.

Trying to remember the name of one I *really* enjoyed back on the original Xbox console... Got it (thanks Google!) - it was called "Phantom Crash : Blue Sky Brings Tears" - remembered it had the word "blue" in the title! Lots of customisation options. Phantom Crash is listed as being backwards compatible on the Xbox 360, so it *will* work on a 360, but apparently it has issues running on the 360 (slowdown, freezing, etc) - most of which can be worked around to some degree, but basically it's a lot better on a genuine original Xbox console.

And there's the "Front Mission" series, which were turn-based strategy-RPGs before the series went all action-based with the Western developed "Front Mission Evolved" (devolved more like, IMHO). You can get FM3 (a PS1 game) from the PSN store to play on PS3/PSP, or FM4 for PS2, and there was even a handheld version for the Nintendo DS.

Posted on 16 Oct 2012 11:55:30 BDT
Solar Fox says:
Hey Andy, there's no confirmation for uk/europe last time I checked but in the U.S. it's out on the 30th Oct but we may have to wait until Jan 2013 according to some websites.

Wayne, I agree totally with LP2. I noticed that the forthcoming LP3 has proper armour plated giant mechs this time around. Whether that makes the game as a whole an improvement is too early to say but i'm keeping a watch on it. ZoE The 2nd Runner is the better of the two, but that's not to say that ZoE 1 is any way a bad game. I enjoyed both but ZoE 2 is the cream. I can see both games looking sublime in HD.

In reply to an earlier post on 16 Oct 2012 12:09:05 BDT
Solar Fox says:
Downloadable as in PSN games or 360? Or just internet based games Neal?

Zoids Assault is one I missed on 360. I'll add that later.

I tried to keep the mech games this gen as they have clearly moved on from turn based games for more paced battle action. I think Hawken and Mech Warrior are paving the way to what we will experience in future.

Seeing Hawken and Mech Warrior running really does show how old, dated and restricted this gens consoles are now. I'm sure developers have learnt alot more on how to get the best from PS3's Cell, but i'm sure an easier platform to work on would be better too. PlayStation 4/720 are way overdue now.

Posted on 17 Oct 2012 12:30:41 BDT
Solar Fox says:
Lost Planet 3: Gorgeous 10-minute gameplay walkthrough

Developer commentary talks you through a mountain mission

By Mike Jackson for CVG UK

Capcom has unleashed another lengthy gameplay walkthrough video of Lost Planet 3.

The 10-minute feature takes you through a mission to fix a satellite comms station at the top of a mountain, where you discover that all may not be as it seems.

You'll also see gameplay in control of the massive Rig mech unit, for which the game switches to a first-person view.

Due for release early next year, Lost Planet boss Kenji Oguro says this sequel realises the vision he had for 2006's original. Looks stunning, too.

Check it out:

Posted on 17 Oct 2012 12:45:30 BDT
Solar Fox says:
Remember this..

Posted on 17 Oct 2012 13:11:36 BDT
Caryl576 says:
If you enjoy turn based stuff I think the PS2 title Ring of Red works on the PS3

(I know I revist it along with Front Mission titles on a semi-frequent basis)

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Oct 2012 14:05:26 BDT
Solar Fox says:
Caryl, i've heard alot of great words to be said for turn based mech games. Namely Front Mission and Ring of Red. I've never played them but with all this positive talk and recommendations for them i may have to check them out at some point.

I have seen them on PSN, Front Mission definitely, so if they are in a sale or special offer i will snap them up and download them just to see what all the fuss is about.

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Oct 2012 18:16:35 BDT
Neal Vincent says:
@Grayfox - downloadable as in PSN games.

"Virtual On" was originally a Sega arcade (coin-op) game series. The specific game that was ported to the Xbox 360 was "Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram." The game takes the form of 1-on-1 arena duels between mechs; very arcadey and action-oriented. The mech designs in the Virtual On games are by Hajime Katoki, best known for his design work on the Gundam series.

N.B. I can't see a PSN version of "Virtual On" so it may only be on the Xbox 360 (?)

Gatling Gears was an original game for PSN/XBL. It uses an interesting "steampunk" (futuristic Victoriana) mech style, but it's really just a twin-stick shooter. Doubt it fits on your list, really, but it might be of some minor interest just as a completely Western take on mecha.

Are you excluding the "Transformers" games? Ignoring the awful movie-licensed games, the two NON-movie Transformers games by High Moon Studios are genuinely great.
"Transformers : War for Cybertron" (2010)
"Transformers : Fall of Cybertron" (2012)
Both games were released on Xbox 360/PS3/PC.
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