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The Official 'Next Gen' Console Speculation Thread.

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Initial post: 4 Dec 2011 15:43:09 GMT
Last edited by the author on 4 Dec 2011 15:45:56 GMT
Nessy says:
So many stories flying around at the moment of when we will see the next gen consoles and how powerfull they will be, i thought i would make a thread to keep all the stories and rumours together.

(Amazon also look like they deleted my infamous Wii U thread along with my TOR and Football one lol).

I think we will see a lot more of the Wii U at next years E3, it will be released Worldwide in Nov 2012 and it will be a stop gap console between this and next gen, hardware wise (around 50% more powerfull than the PS3 / 360).

Nextbox will be unveiled at E3 in June 2012 and be released sometime in 2013 with Halo 5 and be 50% more powerfull than Wii U.

PS4 will be unveiled at the TGS in Sept 2012 and be releaed sometime in 2013 with Uncharted 4 or God of War 4 and be 75% - 100% more powerfull than Wii U.

The PS3 and 360 will continue to sell and have games made for them just like the PS2 has, esp in smaller economic countries for at least the next 5 years, so if you dont want to be an 'early adopter' to the new consoles then you wont be left behind and will still get all the annual Fifa, CoD, BF, WWE ect games.

(All of this is just my opinion from the various news stories, rumours, leaks and forum posts i have read over the past year).

Posted on 4 Dec 2011 15:47:09 GMT
Nessy says: -

"New rumours have surfaced today surround the technical specifications of the new Wii U console.

While it's unlikely Nintendo will every reveal a detailed list of the machine's exact numbers, developers can sometimes be more willing and, according to a Wii U Daily report, one Japanese developer is already willing to share.

The site says its development source has revealed the Wii U will pack a quad Core, 3 GHz PowerPC-based 45nm CPU, "very similar to the Xbox 360 chip".

It goes on to cite "768 MB of DRAM 'embedded' with the CPU, and shared between CPU and GPU (graphics card)", with an "unknown" ATI-based graphics processor also slotting in the box.

It goes on to claim that Nintendo is experimenting with two versions of the console - one with 768MB of RAM, and another with 1GB - presumably to assess the benefits of the increased memory versus the added cost.

Other recent rumours have claimed that Wii U will, despite Nintendo's prior announcements, be able to connect with multiple touch-screen tablet controllers."

Posted on 4 Dec 2011 15:52:07 GMT

"Having given Microsoft a year's head start in the current generation, PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan said it would be "undesirable" for PS4 to repeat that for the next-generation.

Speaking to Eurogamer TV this afternoon at a press event for PlayStation Vita in London, Ryan, who stepped up to the SCEE top job in the summer, said: "I think we would consider it undesirable to be significantly later than the competition [with the next PlayStation]."

With Wii U out next year and Microsoft expected to reveal the next Xbox in 2012 amid suggestions that a number of studios are already making games for a 2013 launch, industry chatter regarding a PlayStation 3 successor has been considerably more muted.

This, coupled with Sony's overall financial position, has led to speculation that the company is behind its rivals with its next-generation planning.

Ryan defended Sony's strategy, insisting: "There's still a lot of unfinished business on PS3."

He added: "If you look at PlayStation 2, now in excess of 150m units installed globally, a huge majority of that was done at price points of £120 or lower. [With PS3] we've only just hit £199 in the UK, so clearly there's a considerable untapped part of the market there."

Last week Edge reported that a first-party Sony studio had ceased PS3 development and moved onto PS4 development. The unnamed developer is also apparently involved in building the graphics technology for Sony's next system.

It then said Guerrilla Games was making a new Killzone game - for PlayStation 4?"

Posted on 4 Dec 2011 15:58:00 GMT
Last edited by the author on 4 Dec 2011 15:59:05 GMT
Nessy says:
Take the controls from Killzone 3 and put them in a game much more like the second and it would be a winner imo, altho i actually think Sony should give the Killzone franchise to another developer as it could potentially be as big as Halo, BF and Call of Duty imo.

Makes sense about them not wanting Microsoft to have another whole years head start on them again, after how long it has taken them to catch up with them this gen in console sales, i would expect both consoles for Xmas 2013 at the latest but i suppose by then the Wii U will have sold almost 20 million consoles (if it's priced right and has a few huge first party games at release) lol.

Posted on 4 Dec 2011 16:03:04 GMT
Nessy says: -

"The Wii U will appeal to a very different consumer than the Wii does today, Nintendo has said.

Nintendo expects the Wii to sell well this Christmas, buoyed by The Legend of Zelda and a cheaper price point, US boss Reggie Fils-Aime told Time.

The Wii U, however, will launch with a different price and games.

"The consumer buying Wii hardware today is going to be a different consumer than the one who will be buying Wii U in the future," Fils-Aime said.

"This is the first holiday that the Wii is available at $149.99 or below, so it's an expanded demographic we're reaching. These are consumers who have heard about Wii for the past couple years, but at $199 or $249 it was economically out of their reach.

"We haven't announced pricing for Wii U, but you can definitely expect that pricing is going to be different and that the games are going to be different."

Despite this the Nintendo of America boss expects the Wii U, due out next year, to overlap with the Wii - and hopes Wii gamers will migrate to Wii U, which is backwards compatible.

"We do believe that Wii and Wii U will coexist for some time. As we drive the install base of Wii, we're really setting people up to take their gaming library and be able to transfer it over to Wii U."

Meanwhile, Fils-Aime said Nintendo remains committed to the DS family of consoles, despite the strong push on 3DS.

The DS, he said, now appeals to parents who wish to buy their young children their first console.

"We think the DS is going to sell well this holiday season," he said. "It's going to appeal to a different consumer. You can buy a DS Lite for $99. For a parent with a five or six year-old, maybe that's the first handheld you buy them. It's got a fantastic library of games - Super Mario Bros DS, Mario Kart DS - I think over 1400 games. I think it's a different kind of consumer than those who really want to experience the 3D of the 3DS."

Posted on 4 Dec 2011 17:00:29 GMT
A Portal Gun says:
I bought OXM today (only because I found my old copy from early '07 with a Halo 3 beta article and CoD 4 preview- never going to buy it again after finding out at the checkout that it costs £6 an issue now!) and they had a pretty decent article talking to devs about this.

It's not online though, so if you want to read it then fork out £6.

Posted on 4 Dec 2011 19:15:58 GMT
Last edited by the author on 4 Dec 2011 19:16:58 GMT
I'm confused, why am I seeing this:[Customers don't think this post adds to the discussion. Show post anyway.], and NESSY's posts getting marked down by people who aren't commenting on why? He said it's all his opinion and the word speculation is in the thread.

It bugs me when an OP is marked down as not adding to the discussion because he's the OP ffs.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Dec 2011 19:23:43 GMT
^^ Agreed. Marked you up NESSY.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Dec 2011 19:23:57 GMT
Nessy says:
[Customers don't think this post adds to the discussion. Show post anyway. Show all unhelpful posts.]

Posted on 4 Dec 2011 19:31:53 GMT
Nessy says:
Big one on PS4 from CVG, very interesting read imo -

"PlayStation 4: Why it won't be what you expect

The next gen will be born into a changing technological world. Here's what it'll do...

Henry Ford - father of the now-ubiquitous mass-produced car - once quipped that if he actually asked people what they wanted, they'd just ask for a faster horse.

Ask Dave Public down your street what he wants from the PlayStation 4 and he might well come up with a similar response: a faster PlayStation 3.

But this is space-year 2011. Will lashing two last generation consoles together and sticking a bigger number on the side cut it for a manufacturer besieged on all sides by competitors and innovators? Worse still, is bigger actually better any more?

The rubber band-powered rise of far less-powerful gaming devices such as Nintendo's DS and Wii, and more recently Apple's iPhone and iPad, has ruined playground disputes forever. It's a brand-new phenomenon in an area traditionally powered by technical innovation. Will this generation of gamers even know how powerful their devices are, let alone care?

But for us in the business of soothsaying, power is a good place to start. The PS4 won't drop everything to focus on pure processor grunt, but it will be notably more powerful than the five year-old PlayStation 3. There are two schools of thought on how the company will achieve this extra punch.

The first is a continuation of their current efforts. The PS3 is built on the bespoke 'Cell' processor, funded by Sony at great expense - it lightened their wallet by several hundred million dollars. The factories that make the processor carve an even greater chunk out of their bank balance: in December 2010, Sony bought the majority stake in the Japanese factory for a stonking 1.1 billion dollars.

To jettison that setup would be financial insanity - especially when a future version of the Cell CPU could, according to those in the know, more than double its capability to 500 gigaflops. That's 300 more gigaflops than PS3 can manage and, as we all know, the more gigafl ops something has, the better it is. At gigaflopping, anyway.

The second option is madder, and involves Sony ignoring all that good advice. Nvidia are known to be working on a monster graphic chip codenamed 'Project Denver,' with a timing that would allow a clever console manufacturer to jump on board at an early stage. Project Denver is ARM-based. That doesn't mean you'll be wearing your PS4 - ARM is a system architecture common on mobile phones, and one Nvidia hope to scale up to very high-end machines. With smartphones becoming universal, compatibility could be as important as power.

This architecture switch would be of vital importance to developers working on PlayStation 4. The Cell chip in your PS3 is widely regarded as a devious little bastard, despite its potential. Put simply, the 512Mb of PS3's memory is rigidly halved between system RAM and video RAM, whereas the Xbox 360 allows developers to use all 512Mb for whatever they fancy.

This means PS3 devs can't just divert memory resources into, say, graphical wows when the AI needs are small. It takes more careful planning than that to get the best from it, and that takes time - and money. Hence the initial prevalence of disappointing ports.


Atari founder Nolan Bushnell recently argued there shouldn't be another console generation, as the PS4 and Xbox 720 would be "So close to photorealism that it doesn't matter." When both would pump out as-good-as-looking-out-thewindow graphics, what would draw either developers or gamers to one or the other machine?

A straw poll of developers, culled from PSM3's recent interviews, suggests all would happily embrace a more powerful console - but that their main desire was for a system that made game development quicker. An ARM-based architecture would suggest an easier time, but even if Sony do stick with Cell, a simpler, more forgiving architecture is surely forefront in their minds.

Publishing a successful console game in the modern age is an issue of two things: money, and time. Publishers are loathe to spend cash on titles that might not sell, even though that's potentially harmful in the longterm; even if they've got cash in the piggy bank, tying up talented creators for four years just to turn a minimal profit doesn't make sense.

The system now only rewards the top tier of triple-A titles, and if that model continues, the market will simply stagnate amid copies of Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed and FIFA. The PS4 must tackle this tricky reality by encouraging creative risk and experimentation through ease of use and - ironically for a luxury electronic item - a lack of expense.

If, come PS4, publishers are still even releasing physical media. The recent launch of OnLive in the UK has proved that a cloud-based, discless gaming option is viable, if a little wobbly on less-than-perfect internet connections.

Sensible wisdom would suggest Sony should unhook their claws from the kind of easily scratched shiny things that have held our games for the last decade, and rely instead on imaginary internet beams and tiny spots of data to stream our games from either a cloud service such as OnLive's, or a fat, solid-state hard drive sat under our televisions.

But, as with the Cell, Sony has its hands once again tied - they've already plunged millions into the development of Blu-ray. They fought hard to smother Toshiba's rival HD-DVD format with a beautifully-rendered pillow before it could even grow up, and they're not likely to abandon it now. PlayStations are the greatest driver of Blu-ray sales going. It's inconceivable they'd drop it from PS4, yet the world may have moved on already.


That's not to suggest the console manufacturers won't eventually ditch physical media - but Sony CEO Kaz Hirai seemed to suggest that Blu-rays had another decade in them. Back in August of 2010, he cited net infrastructure problems in Sony sales territories as a reason to stick with discs for now.

Even with that less-than-ideal infrastructure, expect the PS4's hard drive to be way larger than PS3's as standard. Developers are increasingly keen on installing as much as possible, rather than running games entirely from the disc - loading and streaming gains are palpable - suggesting perhaps the inclusion of a solid state drive either as a boot drive for a typical hard drive, or as the main device. Solid state drives act like giant USB sticks, and read from memory far more quickly and quietly than the whirry clunking of a traditional, moving-parts-included hard drive.

However, solid state drives remain expensive: to outfi t each PS4 with one large enough to handle all the installs, patches and DLC packs would bump price up notably - as did the inclusion of Blu-ray in PS3. But the potential is great: built around a solid state drive, PS4 could be a book-sized (remember them?) device you can chuck in your bag and plug into any TV, mega-graphics and all.

That's if the base machine doesn't already come with a screen. The release of Vita indicates Sony aren't ready to give up on a dedicated handheld, but Nintendo's Wii U is set to bridge the gap between handheld and console: PS4 could also shake the reliance on the TV and become a constant presence in your day.

The Wii U comparison also extends to control. Sony remain quiet on whether a pad, a Movelike wand or something new will be the primary interaction with their new machine. There's only one technique we can rule out: brain power. SCE's US research and development manager - Dr. Richard Marks - reassured players that "The brain interface thing is too far." It's probably for the best, given our brains.

Notably un-ruled out is touchscreen. Since PS3's launch, a new generation has simply come to expect it: with Sony's phone background in Xperia Play (and their acquisition of phone-making Sony Ericsson arm) we could easily be swooping and pinching things on our PS4s come launch. And the date for that launch?

Any time from 'tomorrow evening' to '2016' to 'never,' according to the rumours. So we look to the people who'll actually be working with the technology for the best guess: Bethesda's Todd Howard, creator of Skyrim (he had help) pointed to 2014 as the dawn of the new generation, and that seems a safe bet to us. We don't know exactly what we'll see then, but pull together the facts and we can make an educated guess - it's going to be very different."

Posted on 4 Dec 2011 20:19:27 GMT
Very interesting. I love the Henry Ford quote.

If the PS4 (and its a big if) remains a machine that while has multi-media aspects is still concerned mainly with gaming then the stuff about making it easier (cheaper) for devs to build games for it is really important. In the long term it'll be the reason people may buy a console: for its greater variety of games.

I like the idea of cloud gaming (I'm not overly attached to solid media), it'll produce a drop in piracy/second hand market I guess and give publishers more money that I'd hope (maybe naively) they'd channel into games.

Going back to the Ford quote. While I like it the truth is cars for a very long time now have only evolved in terms of speed (I don't mean this literally). He implies that the common man only envisions in terms of evolutionary degrees and an innovator is able to make those leaps in imagination. And maybe that's true. But most things evolve in degrees, the car being the example and those leaps are kind of rare. It sort of needs the stars to align. In Fords case the manufacturing methods of weapons and a European invention.

It's obvious that we're on the verge of making a leap into a future where even the idea of a games "console" is obsolete. But I can't help thinking we're back in the eighties where we're close but be just not there yet. The internet (especially in this country) can't support millions of people cloud gaming at a speed and stability needed. As far as I'm aware anyway. So I think (for my money) the PS4 will just be a little step, it'll be a faster horse that'll have inspirational thoughts of being a car. If Sony can begin to organise their hardware to help devs then I'd be happy. Oh, and get rid of loading times.

Posted on 4 Dec 2011 21:00:03 GMT
Last edited by the author on 4 Dec 2011 21:19:20 GMT
Nessy says:
Having just bought another PS3 Riddles, i would still say to this day it was a fu*king disaster from day dot.

There are so many little things that annoy me about it from the laggy as hell PSN, to the fact you can't charge the controller when the console is on stand by, to the mostly terrible cross platform games, to the laggy as hell XMB and the unreal times it takes to install patches, games, demos and sync Trophies.

The problems started when Sony gimped themselfs with a $hitty dirt cheap GPU and a pityfull ammount of Ram, (256Mb for the overall System and 256Mb for the GPU was never going to cut it, even in 2006) early in development.

Then there was the complexity of the Cell CPU which to multi platform developers used to building games on PC workstations then easily porting them to the 360 (which is basically a 2006 budget gaming PC) was like trying to fit a square peg into a circle hole, the last 5 years results leading up to and including Skyrim are evidence (Oblivion, Fallout 3, GTA 4, Red Dead Redemption, Bayonetta, all of the Call of Duty's and countless more big name cross platform games are all superior on Microsoft's Xbox because of the choices they made at the development stages of the console.

They did hit the ball out of the park but on very few occasions in the 6 years it's been out, only Uncharted 2 & 3, MGS 4, God of War 3, Gran Turismo 5 and Heavy Rain came anywhere close to what Sony had promised before launch and they were all first party games and some of them were delayed multiple times.

I would scrap the Cell CPU alltogether for PS4, give it a new cheap Quad Core ARM CPU and a beefy Nvidia GPU (with 1 GB of Ram on it) and 2GB's of system Ram (which can be bought for £15 nowadays) and of course another Blu Ray player.

If the PS3 has exclusive games that blow the Nextbox first party offerings away (Halo, Gears, Forza), cross platform games that look identical or better and a stable online system then it will trounce it imo because of the quality of Sony's First Party Exclusives and the lure of Blu Ray again both to developers and customers.

Regarding 'Cloud Gaming', for backing up save files it's fine but to Stream full games you would need at least a 5MB internet connection and most of the country outside of the big cities don't have anywhere close to that and the UK are one of the better countries out side of North America.

Full Cloud gaming will come but not untill our network infrastructure is in place, maybe the PS6 will be a full Cloud based console ;).

Posted on 4 Dec 2011 21:47:59 GMT
I kind of agree about the PS3 failings. I only owned a 360 very briefly. I only played SP games (ME1/2, Crysis, Allen Wake etc) on it and then sold it on. All my mates play PS3 onlne. So I can't really and have no intention (as that's how foolishness begins) of comparing the two consoles. I've found the XMB particular while in-game get a lot worse over the last couple of years. I'm guessing its been caused by a patch. I have no place to judge multi-platform games as I've never owned two copies of the same game for two consoles. But I can say it's only in the last year or so that I've noticed only a couple of my PS3 games having any major issues. I can pretty much point my finger at Fallout 3 GOTY edition as the start. I played the vanilla, sold it on and then bought GOTY for the downloads and that was a mistake. New Vegas and Blops being the others. But I'd be surprised if somebody said "mostly" terrible in reference to cross platform games.

With fibre optics starting to come in now I'd say PS5 but I don't even think there'll be a Playstation as we know it then. Cloud gaming makes the whole thing as a games console obsolete. If Ford is right it might not happen from Sony, Nintendo or M$. It'll come out of left-field like the PS1. As long as its not Apple.

Posted on 4 Dec 2011 22:00:28 GMT
Nessy says:
"I've found the XMB particular while in-game get a lot worse over the last couple of years. I'm guessing its been caused by a patch."

The XMB is getting worse because as games are getting bigger and better looking (Uncharted 3, Skyrim, Batman ect) they use more of the very limited Ram available in the PS3, it's the equivilant of running a really Ram intensive programme on a PC then trying to tab out and surf the net or go through your files with 512MB of Ram, it goes at snails pace or in extreme cases can crash the entire system as it dumps all the data and taps out (which happened to me when i tried looking at a Trophy i unlocked on Uncharted 3 last week), the system froze and crashed, all because i had the nerve to try and look at my Trophies lol.

There isn't a huge difference on 80% of the Multi platform games, esp in the past year or two but the majority of them run at higher resolutions / framerates and look less jaggy on 360 because it has 512MB of Ram (for the developers to do whatever they want with, it's not strictly split between CPU and GPU like on PS3) and another 10Mb extra on the GPU to handle the jaggies.

The best thing about the PS3 is the controller imo, light, small and very comfy. I don't think they will mess with it too much for PS4, they will add an LCD touch panel and back touch pad to it very like Vita and put proper triggers on it.

Posted on 4 Dec 2011 22:09:58 GMT
Last edited by the author on 4 Dec 2011 22:12:55 GMT
I want to know when my virtual reality headsets are going to turn up like they promised in the early nineties! It's all built on lies!

Add me on psn, I've currently moved off MW£ and back to BF3.

Posted on 4 Dec 2011 22:15:20 GMT
Last edited by the author on 4 Dec 2011 22:17:25 GMT
Nessy says:
It sounds mad but Sony are actually working on VR as we type, it's a four point tower system but it's still in the very early stages of R&D and to be viable to sell and the hardware powerfull enough to run it, it's prob at least 10 to 15 years off, same for 3D HDTV's that don't require any glasses, they can build them already but they are around £20 000 to £25 000 to build.

Will do, will prob get BF3 early next year for the PS3, loved it on PC even tho i sucked at it using a Mouse and Keyboard.

Posted on 5 Dec 2011 07:26:36 GMT
Nick says:
There releasing that star wars type 3d headset/screen here, in the EG review they said it was good, but you looked stupid...

Posted on 5 Dec 2011 08:49:53 GMT
[Deleted by the author on 5 Dec 2011 09:26:00 GMT]

Posted on 5 Dec 2011 09:12:11 GMT
Nessy I can't keep up with you, have you sold your xbox yet again and bought another ps3 yet again? You must have an endless pit of money somewhere or you've discovered how to actually grow a money tree!

Posted on 5 Dec 2011 11:14:02 GMT
Trigger says:
"Nextbox will be unveiled at E3 in June 2012 and be released sometime in 2013 with Halo 5 and be 50% more powerfull than Wii U."

Realistically, Halo 5 will not be out the year after Halo 4. At most, the '720' will either have a Halo 4 port or one won't show up until a couple of years after the console's launched.

"PS4 will be unveiled at the TGS in Sept 2012 and be releaed sometime in 2013 with Uncharted 4 or God of War 4 and be 75% - 100% more powerfull than Wii U."

Again, it's heavily rumoured that God of War IV will launch next September, in which case I find it extremely unlikely another GoW would be ready any sooner than a couple of years afterward. I also find it unlikely that ND will have another Uncharted game ready to launch in two years - especially if they have to work on new hardware and likely build a new graphics engine as well. IIRC Naughty Dog are only about 100-strong, which is not big for a developer of their quality.

A while ago I would have been adamant that MS and Sony would not be revealing their new consoles until 2013 at the soonest, but rumours that MS are revealing the 720 next year seem to be gaining momentum. If that happens, I think it will be an early show to take wind out of the Wii U and the console itself won't be launching until 2013, but if that's the case I think it'll also force Sony's hand to speed up their PS4 plans and not allow the 720 too much time on the market first.

However, just as likely I wouldn't be surprised if they have a 'gentleman's agreement' not to show anything officially until after Xmas 2012 - especially seeing as the 360 is enjoying its best sales period ever lately and the PS3 has only really been at full momentum for probably two years now. To succeed them might be necessary from a technical standpoint, but from a software and sales perspective I think both platforms are still or are still capable of delivering, and when MS and Sony took such a financial hit this generation it doesn't make much sense to rush to the next gen, even if Nintendo are getting the ball rolling already.

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Dec 2011 11:34:12 GMT
"same for 3D HDTV's that don't require any glasses, they can build them already but they are around £20 000 to £25 000 to build."

Really, well Toshiba must be making one hell of a loss on this thenToshiba 55ZL1G - FULL LED 512 Aree - Kira2 MEGALED - 400Hz - Soudbar - CEVO TV - 3D - 2Dto3D - Webportal - PVR - AudisseyEQ - 3D Resolution+

Posted on 5 Dec 2011 11:53:56 GMT
Thing is..with Microsft having 1 million xbox sales and 750,000 Kinect sales in just 7 days the other week why push forward with the xbox 720 so quickly? From a mass-market point of view

Posted on 5 Dec 2011 12:38:41 GMT
Dela says:
"Nextbox will be unveiled at E3 in June 2012 and be... 50% more powerfull than Wii U."

"PS4 will be unveiled at the TGS in Sept 2012 and be... 75% - 100% more powerfull than Wii U."

But at the moment mid-to-high-end gaming PC's are 10 times more powerful than the current gen so they will still be nowhere near what people are expecting from next gen...

Also how can they say their consoles will be "50% - 100%" more powerful than the WiiU when the WiiU's spec's arn't even finalised???... Even Ninty don't kno the final spec's...

And here we go again with the $ony bullsh*t, "PS4 will do XYZ" when in reality, upon release, it will only be capable for half of what they promised...

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Dec 2011 12:51:18 GMT
Trigger says:
I think it's commonly believed that the Wii U's capabilities will fall around or a little more than the PS360.

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Dec 2011 12:56:10 GMT
Dela says:
I dont think it will, Tel... PS360 are 6/7 years old... Theres no way a company like Ninty will release a new console in 2012/13 that will only render similar games to what we have been getting since PS360 have been released all them years ago...

They have something up their sleeve... And it ain't only a stupid tablet controller thingy...
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