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Posted on 10 Dec 2010 12:13:49 GMT
Barca says:
Alright chaps,

Thanks to MMM for the pickup truck. Blasted it's way through the series.

If anyone's up for some online I should be on tonight, so hit me up.

Posted on 10 Dec 2010 12:15:08 GMT
DaveManhore says:
Cheers rab. Yeah i gave the used cars i bought an oil change and what not. Somethings I should really do to my own car!

Posted on 10 Dec 2010 12:19:51 GMT
MC Zaptone says:
Talking of super-fast cars............Is it actually possible to take gold in the VW camper (Top Gear track) in the special events? If so HOW??


In reply to an earlier post on 10 Dec 2010 12:27:56 GMT
Last edited by the author on 10 Dec 2010 12:28:16 GMT
Barca says:

I got it after a few attempts.
You just need to remember what the other drivers do at each corner.
I could usually overtake the first van at the first corner, outbrake a couple at the next, then slipstream along that next straight. The hammerhead is quite tricky, as you often get shunted, but try and get the inside line for the second part of it (the sweeping right-hander). That way you can (gently) use them to get round. Just remember to slipstream on each straight and you should be able to outbrake the remaining vans on the last few corners. I think I managed to overtake the last van on the second to last corner.

Posted on 10 Dec 2010 12:41:14 GMT
Last edited by the author on 10 Dec 2010 12:45:31 GMT
"From what I've read damage is supposed to unlock at level 20, because by that point you'd actually be able to afford the repairs. I think the fix body stuff in the earlier levels is for used cars."

That's actually a myth that somehow very quickly propogated online forums! Damage is there from the word go but there's two answers to the original Q.

Visual damage is fixed automatically (bumpers hanging off, that sort of thing). However, over time the chassis of the car becomes weaker, twisted, buckled - insert another adjective to similar effect. You can pay in GT Auto to restore the original strength and 'fix' the handling but it's often as expensive as simply buying a new car if you've been racing it for a long time!

In reply to an earlier post on 10 Dec 2010 12:44:37 GMT
RAB says:
I stand corrected, then.

Posted on 10 Dec 2010 13:34:32 GMT
Last edited by the author on 10 Dec 2010 13:35:43 GMT
Just watched a vid of the Red Bull x1 doing the nurburgring in under 4 minutes. Incredible.

EDIT: A few stats for it...

Cost: 20 million Cr at Lv40 or unlock by doing red bull x1 challenge or get B spec lv35

Country: Japan
Engine displacement: 3000cc V8
Power: 1,483 bhp/1106 Kw
Weight: 545Kg (615kg with fuel)
Top Speed: 452 Kph/281 Mph
Nordscliefe Time: Under 3:47 is possible
Torque: 714Nm
Bhp/Tonne: 2,720
Length: 4.75M
Height: 0.98M
Width: 2.18M
Acceleration: 0-60mph in 1.4 seconds!!! (veyron does it in 2.5)
0-120mph in 2.8 seconds!!!
0-200mph in 6.1 seconds!!!
Other facts: You can pull over 8G's in it, as much as the G's experienced in a fighter plane. This makes an average man feel like they weigh over 600kg!/over 1300 pounds
Downforce: 0.17G at 100kph/2.78G at 400kph

Posted on 10 Dec 2010 13:40:25 GMT
Last edited by the author on 10 Dec 2010 13:41:31 GMT
I want it!

Also am now nursing a semi

Posted on 10 Dec 2010 13:58:54 GMT
Last edited by the author on 10 Dec 2010 14:22:27 GMT
I don't know about you lot, but I'm very pleased having done the "Gran Turismo World Championship" complete. All five races in one go and in only my 2nd try. I spun out on the Nürburgring in my 1st attempt but nailed them in the 2nd for four wins and one 3rd spot, a huge golden thingy and entry into level 18 :)
The Dodge Challenger with custom transmission and everything did it. Only on the Madrid circuit I missed some of the tight roundabouts ....the Challenger does have some limitations. But I like that one, I like it a lot.

In reply to an earlier post on 10 Dec 2010 14:19:22 GMT
The Nürburgring Nordschleife in 3:55 ...yeah, on youtube. The background music is beastly but everything else is quite an accomplishment. {}

Posted on 10 Dec 2010 14:54:40 GMT
Gibbon says:
Wow... 3:55 :O
Talking about the Nurburg, the trophy for going round it in under 7:20somthing... does your GT-R have to be standard? Has anyone done this in a tuned GT-R and got the trophy (or not, as the case may be)?

Posted on 10 Dec 2010 14:56:16 GMT
It has to be the Arcade stock model with no better than Hard racing tyres on.

Posted on 10 Dec 2010 20:37:36 GMT
Last edited by the author on 10 Dec 2010 20:37:56 GMT
Gibbon says:
anyone wanna swap my 2D racecar for their Alfa 155 RaceCar??

Posted on 10 Dec 2010 20:58:07 GMT
Hunter says:
I've watched the video and it just stops at 3mins55. No showing of time on screen to prove it although it looks genuine. Bloody good driver to achieve it at any rate.

In reply to an earlier post on 10 Dec 2010 21:08:38 GMT
my 599 06 now has 719 BHP

Posted on 11 Dec 2010 06:04:49 GMT
Last edited by the author on 11 Dec 2010 18:37:39 GMT
Ha ha. The level 10 Gran Turismo Rally Special. Another Special I simply cannot bother to attempt anymore: I start the 1st ...looooong wait while 3 cars ahead of me are sent off ...then I finally myself am sent off .....and I always finish 3rd or 4rd no matter which car and I see barely any hope of improvement The same for the next track ......loooooong waits and I only lose more and more time and become more and more frustrated. And when I give it up as completely hopeless it only means I have to start the WHOLE thing all over again.
Nope, I'm done with this: I have not the patience with each restart demanding several minutes.

(heh-heh, later: wonders of dexterity enabled me to nail the final Gold in the Loeb Rally Special and I got the insane Citroën Rally C4. I now can enter the Gran Turismo Rally Special through the back door. Life is wonderful)

Posted on 12 Dec 2010 18:08:39 GMT
thedolphin says:
Does anyone have a Lamborghini or Ferrari they can lend me for the Professional Series that requires a specific marquee? Be very useful if you could!

Many thanks...

In reply to an earlier post on 13 Dec 2010 09:20:44 GMT
dolphin, thats what i need! if you get one or both could you do the honours and give me a message to let me know who from so i could ask to!

Posted on 13 Dec 2010 12:10:23 GMT
DaveManhore says:
I've got a lamborghini gallardo that i can lend. good for a lot of events in the pro series as well as the gallardo challenge at level 17. It's fully kitted out and flies.

Just add me and i'll send it over tonight. As long as i can get it back for Friday.

Posted on 13 Dec 2010 13:09:30 GMT
thedolphin says:
Thanks Dave. is your PSN davemanhore? I'll add you tonight! Cheers. - could you lend it to Stuart1822 too.

Stu - I'll add you too, you're welcome to borrow any of the cars in my GT5 garage.

Posted on 13 Dec 2010 15:37:45 GMT
RAB says:
If anyone's still having trouble with the classics series on Beginner, win the Festival Italia in Amateur (finally pimped my Fiat enough to blitz them) and you get a '65 Alfa Giulia. Lovely looking car, and it won all three World Classics races first try, although it's lacking a bit in the straights. Currently trying to get it quick enough to do the Euro one.

Posted on 13 Dec 2010 15:41:58 GMT

if you win the lamborghini seies in professional you get a countach 74 which you can use in the euro, and that should be more than enough.

In reply to an earlier post on 13 Dec 2010 15:54:08 GMT
RAB says:
Right, not up to the Lambos yet, and certainly don't own one.

Posted on 13 Dec 2010 16:24:27 GMT
DaveManhore says:
Yeah, my id is davemanhore. rab, you're welcome to it as well.

Still not done the pickup truck event on beginner if anyone has a spare.

In reply to an earlier post on 13 Dec 2010 16:27:58 GMT
Dave, if ant has sent me the pick up back i lent him then will forward on to you. It is bright yellow and goes like stink. It will walk the pick up events on beginer
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