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OT: Movies you've seen recently

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Posted on 19 May 2012 22:15:58 BDT
It had to be better than American Pie mate, that was an unfunny version of Porkies ten years ago go knows what its like now.

In reply to an earlier post on 19 May 2012 22:17:44 BDT
Nick. says:
I really enjoyed the earlier American Pies, as I've been watching them since I was young (probably too young) so I know what kind of thing to expect. My brother went to see the Dictator, and said it was really good. As it's scripted, it loses some shock value though.

In reply to an earlier post on 19 May 2012 22:23:37 BDT
Yeah i fancy Dictator too, i guess he couldnt get away with unscripted (real life) again, even Americans have to cotton on eventually.

In reply to an earlier post on 19 May 2012 22:25:53 BDT
Nick. says:
If your tempted by it, go for it! I agree once people know what's going on, it won't be as good, but it does look hysterical.

Posted on 19 May 2012 23:57:30 BDT
Wayne says:
Don't listen to old man bauer Nick he's got lousy taste in films lol. The American pie films are funny. The first three that is, the others without the original cast are lame. Looking forward to seeing the new one.

Posted on 20 May 2012 05:09:43 BDT
Last edited by the author on 20 May 2012 08:42:17 BDT
Ignore Wayne, for a clever chap he loves some serious dodgy films. So I'm not surprised he likes American bloody pie, he probably likes the scary movie films too and will tell u The Matrix is the best sci fi film ever made : )

Ok the first American Pie was funny in parts but the sequels are good too ?? The 3rd that wedding one funny ???? Watchable ??? Oh Wayne Wayne Wayne : )

Posted on 20 May 2012 08:39:20 BDT
chrissy1977 says:
Sorry but the dictator does not look funny in the slightest. Obvious, juvenille humour highlighted by an awful trailer. Ik not sure how or why SBC still gets to make films as, apart from Isla Fisher, that bloke has nothing going for him.

Or maybe Im just a bit jealous :)

Posted on 20 May 2012 09:45:33 BDT
DaveOz says:
Borat was the highlight of SBC's Hollywood films so far. Absolutely brilliant.

Posted on 20 May 2012 09:47:34 BDT
Bunny says:
I thought Borat was rubbish, much prefered the short sketches he did to the movies

Posted on 20 May 2012 10:26:14 BDT
DaveOz says:
The short sketches were equally fantastic imo. Although I did like the narrative of the Borat movie. But yeah the pure randomness of the sketches was class. My favourite Borat original sketch is when he turns up at the regatta and is taken on a tour of the team quarters. The amount of times SBC nearly breaks character as he's on the verge of cracking up is very funny.

Posted on 20 May 2012 10:29:18 BDT
Bunny says:
yes where he kisses all the men and turned his nose up at the woman lol

I loved him as Ali G on the 11 oclock show, when he wasn't too well known, he could get away with a lot then.

In reply to an earlier post on 20 May 2012 10:52:19 BDT
Nick. says:
Yeah, I'd completely agree with that. The last one was the worst by far, with very cheap laughs. The only one without the original cast that I enjoyed was the Naked Mile.

Posted on 20 May 2012 10:53:22 BDT
DaveOz says:
"yes where he kisses all the men and turned his nose up at the woman lol"

The way he sets up the punch-line by not kissing the woman at the end of the line had me in tears.

In reply to an earlier post on 20 May 2012 11:00:07 BDT
[Deleted by the author on 20 May 2012 11:00:24 BDT]

Posted on 20 May 2012 17:15:08 BDT
DaveOz says:
I was wondering whether any of you guys had the Pulp Fiction Blu-ray? How is that on the picture-quality front?

In reply to an earlier post on 20 May 2012 18:28:20 BDT
Very good indeed (if you bare in mind the film is 18 years old). Miramax were bought up by Disney who have an increasingly strong back catalogue of great restoration jobs and blu ray packages that does extend to their subsidiary companies. Sin City was cited as an industry standard blu ray on its original release; and restoration on older films such as Fantasia (1941) and Bambi (1944) are also incredible.

Posted on 20 May 2012 18:31:49 BDT
DaveOz says:
Thanks trelawny. I'm thinking of buying the 'best of the best' movies solely on blu-ray - especially those I haven't purchased on DVD.

I wonder if we'll be seeing a Batman blu-ray trilogy box-set later this year featuring Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises? I'll definitely be snapping that up as I only have The Dark Knight on DVD.

Posted on 20 May 2012 20:04:30 BDT
Last edited by the author on 20 May 2012 20:09:14 BDT
I find that hilarious Disney released Pulp Fiction on Blu ray ! : )

Posted on 20 May 2012 20:05:04 BDT
i liked american pie 3 - probs thought it was the best of the original trilogy lol

agreed with borat; sketches > film, altho the film was still very funny. "and now i speak to a geniune chocolate face. no makeup!" LOL

just about to watch 'the thing' - the new prequel one. see the 1982 carpenter one LOTS of times, got it on dvd etc. and adore it. prefer it to aliens/predator etc, and as some of will know i'm obsessed with those classics. overall the 1982 'the thing' is my favorite alien-based creature feature, and i'm just praying the new one doesn't want to make me scratch my eyes out in anger lol

also recently re-watched species 1 & 2. very enjoyable if slightly more disposable alien films :)

In reply to an earlier post on 20 May 2012 20:07:01 BDT
the best blu-ray i have is avatar. say wahat you want about the film, (i like it. yes; it's dances with wolves with blue spacemonkeys, but meh) but the picture is STUNNING and would always be what i would show anyone who wanted to know what all the fuss is with blu-ray

In reply to an earlier post on 20 May 2012 20:08:41 BDT
Last edited by the author on 20 May 2012 20:10:00 BDT
Speaking of Batman, has Anyone got the dark knight on Blu ray ? Have u noticed it often switches from full screen to enveloped wide screen throughout the film. Whenever its a landscape shot like Gotham skyline it's full screen, then back to the top and bottom black borders the next scene. It's something to do with the transfer from IMAX to blu ray, it drives me mad.

Posted on 20 May 2012 20:36:37 BDT
DaveOz says:
Bauer, I think the Dark Knight issue with the Blu-ray is because Nolan shot a few scenes in IMAX and the rest on standard film. If I remember correctly, the expansive, city-scape scenes were IMAX whilst the standard, interior / dialogue scenes were normal film, hence the weird aspect ratio. Although that really shouldn't be happening as I can guess how distracting it would be to see that when watching a film.

In reply to an earlier post on 20 May 2012 20:39:54 BDT
The DVD release is fine though, no problems what so ever. :)
Low-Tech FTW!!!

Posted on 20 May 2012 20:51:24 BDT
That's the thing DG I never noticed it until some git pointed it out ! ..... Oops sorry : )

Posted on 20 May 2012 21:42:42 BDT
DaveOz says:
Well, now you've passed it on! Hopefully by the time I get the film on blu-ray I'll have forgotten this conversation, lol.
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