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Yodel are the worst courier ever

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Posted on 30 Apr 2012 13:21:55 BDT
Historical status information for Parcel Number JD00 022 893 3204 9286
Status Date Time Signatory Branch Comments
Delivered 30/04/12 12:31 MIDDLETON HULL HOME DELIVERY
Parcel with courier for delivery 30/04/12 HULL HOME DELIVERY
Out for delivery 30/04/12 07:33 HULL HOME DELIVERY
Passed to delivery courier 28/04/12 08:41 HULL SERVICE CENTRE
Arrived At Depot 28/04/12 08:05 HULL SERVICE CENTRE
Departed Depot 27/04/12 18:55 WEDNESBURY HUB
Arrived At Depot 27/04/12 18:53 WEDNESBURY HUB
Parcel data received awaiting coll. 27/04/12 LICHFIELD SERVICE CENTRE

Another sucessful Yodel delivery for me

In reply to an earlier post on 2 Jun 2012 12:53:26 BDT
i had a similar experience with youdel. The courier poded as left in front porch. I haven't even got a porch ???..... Youdel are the worst courier i have had the misfortune to deal with.....when i called them i had to hold for approx 20 minutes and than was told they would transfer me to the appropriate department....held again for 5 minutes and than hung up.....all this time i was charged 10p per minute....Amazon should stop using Youdel.

Posted on 11 Jul 2012 20:57:44 BDT
T. Kirk says:
Yodel are awful. Absolute joke of a company. Have to now wait another week whilst they re-schedule my delivery. Even though I was actually in when they supposedly delivered.

Posted on 17 Aug 2012 18:20:13 BDT
I ordered a wii and it was shipped with yodel by amazon. The online tracking systems said it is delivered and I signed for it but I never received it nor a delivery notification letter. This is unbelievable and outrages! And yodel does not even provide a number to chase it up properly! Absolutely hideous company

Posted on 17 Aug 2012 19:05:34 BDT
ben stamford says:
at least amazon sort out the problem when yodel screw up. And if u ask nicely, they sometimes give u a gift voucher

Posted on 17 Aug 2012 19:06:48 BDT
ben stamford says:
Maybe Amazon have chosen then deliberately so that people spend money on the first class service

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Aug 2012 19:23:30 BDT
Amazon are very helpful, they gave me my money when my dog food was delivered by Yodel two weeks I had to go in store and purchase some at twice the price!!

In reply to an earlier post on 28 Aug 2012 14:46:09 BDT
EileenB says:
This is the 2nd time I have been let down by Yodel...and both times the excuse is wrong address...Why this only happens with Yodel I do not know....They are rubbish and I am fuming. If you go to their website it does not recognise your tracking number and therefore you cannot get in touch with tel no. Then you have to go back to Amazon and wait while it is sorted. Amazon...Please get rid of this courier....They are useless.

Posted on 29 Aug 2012 13:29:51 BDT
EileenB says:
Further to my post yesterday...Sent Yodel an email..not an easy thing...Have not had the courtesy of a reply as yet..sent another one today! No reply.. Got in touch with Amazon..they said they would chase them up. Tracking today says parcel is out for delivery...Into afternoon now and still nothing..will not hold my breath.
Have asked Amazon AGAIN not to use this courier for my orders...puhleeeesz....
My order has been in Yodels possession since the 23rd August...!

In reply to an earlier post on 29 Aug 2012 14:37:11 BDT
well i ordered over £800 worth of electric items, 1 new tv, 1 montior, 1 laptop(birthday present for my fiancee) paid for guaranteed next day along with a wall bracket for the TV, tv came via city link, delivery driver was great, text me to say he was in the area and would be with me within 30 mins. this was 10.30am saturday morning, then had the fun job of waiting for my delivery all day from the Home delivery Network AKA YODEL, rang their customer service department about 11.30 as the website was showing the items where out for delivery, get told the website dosent always show the right state, as it down to the individual depot to update when items are scanned out, as sometimes it dosent show untill the following day and they can deliver upto 7pm to a residental address.

so tried ringing back around 3.30 to see if i could get a rough idea of when im likely to get my delivery, recorded message, our contact centre is now close, you can use our 24hr track and trace service via our website. great! so like an idiot waited in all day with one very angry finacee thinking i haven't bought her a birthdays present and more interested in where my new mointor was. 7pm comes and goes still no delivery, due to the bank holiday,wasnt able to speak to them untill tuesday morning, when i called them on my way into work, spoke a "paula" who informed me that my "items" had been serverly damaged in transit and was being returned to amazon and speak to them for a full refund

so straight on the phone to amazon to rasie holy hell and get a new laptop shipped the same day, only to be told we have none left in stock now, and nothing they could do,apart from offer me a replacment that was nearly £150 more, so queried how bad the damage was to the items, and got told "totally destory sir" i have used amazon alot for electronics and i know for a fact that they package things really well as well as the manufactors pack things well, from what i can gather the parcel was thrown on to the delivery van last min when they releasied it was a garautneed next day delviery as the driver was about to pull out the depot, not scanned out, and not sercured at all, and spent the best part of a day being banged about in the back of the van, it was only when he came to the end of his drop list(which are computer generated tell him which parcel is for which delviery address) he releasied that he had an extra parcel on the van, scanned the code into his magic wand thing, then saw the state of the box, and releasied it was buggered and returned to the depot to let them now, this was 8pm saturday.

i found all this out from a nice rant at the poor chap who delviered my wall bracket via yodel yesterday afternoon who was shocked when i flew out the door to call him back after he dumped the bracket outside my front door, and proceed to walk away. after tearing him a new one about saturday delviery faliure, he said he wasnt on saturday and he only does little parcels as he is self employed, but it didnt surpise him and not the first time and wont be the last time that it happen. they are encourged to leave parcels where they think is "safe" if the person is out rather than return them to the depot

i didnt bother reordering the mointor manged to get it elsewhere and picked it up from store along with the laptop got same make and model for the same price, very let down by amazon on this the agent was very apologetic can saying she was really really sorry etc, still thanks to yodel it put a downer on my fiancees birthday, and made me waste an entire day waiting for these muppets to deliver.

Please please amazon drop these idiots as your preffered courier, use citylink or one of the other large companys out there, who im sure would do a far better job. just have to do a quick google search to hear of the horror stories of XBox's being thrown over back fences, i had a microwave delvierd just before christmas from a catalouge by Yodel, which was left outside in the pouring rain for every passer by to see. Amazon you are usually spot on, and worth the £49 a year for prime membership but if you contiune to use yodel, i will be cancelling my prime account

In reply to an earlier post on 29 Aug 2012 19:51:21 BDT
EileenB says:
Well..end result...have waited in all 7 pm checked the tracking, and guess what, tracking information says that they have attempted delivery!! So not only is Yodel useless they are also liers. I have been in touch with Amazon who are arranging urgent delivery and have told them NEVER ever give any of my orders to Yodel for delivery again....They said they would do this...I encourage everybody who has been let down by this absymal excuse of a courier service to do the same thing....

In reply to an earlier post on 29 Aug 2012 20:32:10 BDT
Matt Whitby says:
They won't do that. I complained about Yodel and said NEVER use them again and the following week they shipped out another order to me via them

Posted on 29 Aug 2012 20:42:04 BDT
Claire says:
They left a card saying left at back door, but nothing at back door! Rang the so called helpline no trace of parcel number or our name. A week later still trying to find out what the parcel was and where it gone!

Posted on 29 Aug 2012 20:52:25 BDT
A Dudley says:
I'll just add my two tales to the woes of Yodel...

I ordered a Digital SLR camera, well packaged by Amazon with lots of "Fragile" and "Electrical Item" stickers all over it. Yodel threw the package over a 6 foot high fence to land on the stone patio below. The box had this huge dent in it so I feared the worst when opening it. Thankfully, Amazon had packaged it well and the Camera itself wasn't damaged... but that's not the point.

My second tale is actually computer games related. I pre-ordered the Collector's Edition Diablo 3 from both Amazon and Play. I was out while both packages were delivered. Yodel thew the Amazon package over the gate, while the other one simply left a calling card telling me I could collect from the depot. No prizes for guessing which one was returned as the CE Box wasn't as well protected by the outer box...

To their credit, Amazon have put right when Yodel have messed up, but it really doesn't reflect well on Amazon.

In reply to an earlier post on 29 Aug 2012 20:54:12 BDT
EileenB says:
I suspect that too......but I shall continue to complain everytime I see the courier is Yodel....

In reply to an earlier post on 29 Aug 2012 20:55:51 BDT
EileenB says:
Yes....Amazon do put it right...I have great faith in them...however, it is offputting when you order something and you see the name Yodel come up and you know, you just know, you are going to have to put up a fight...

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Sep 2012 20:10:02 BDT
This is exactly the same experience I had when Yodel were delivering parcel from Virgin and also when they were collecting one for return to Amazon. On both occasions they said on thier website [ track my parcel ]that they had delivered and collected the parcels when they had not. I was in all day on both occasions. I don't know why anyone would use this company. Simply the worst

Posted on 24 Sep 2012 20:23:46 BDT
Yodel are simply the worst courier I have ever dealt with. On two occasions they failed miserably and lied on their website
1. They failed to deliver a parcel to my home from Virgin which for i had paid extra for express delivery [ they claimed on their website it was left in a porch which - I don' t have - a complete lie as I was in all day]. In the end Royal mail delivered a replacement on time.
2. Failed to collect a parcel for return to Amazon today. [They claimed it was collected at 5.41pm - despite the fact should have been collect by 10am. Another lie - it wasn't of course as I stayed in all day.]
Don't bother to call them - they don't answer. When they do they claim to sort it and nothing happens. No updates on progress , they don't return your calls despite saying they will . If you do get through they can only tell you what's on the tracking site [which is of course wrong] and cant apparently contact the driver. Compete waste of time. Never use this company.

Posted on 25 Sep 2012 15:57:06 BDT
Last edited by the author on 25 Sep 2012 16:15:28 BDT
Jayne says:
Just seen this thread and I thought it might be worth mentioning this fine example of lousy service from Yodel. It's not only Amazon customers who are receiving poor delivery service. I ordered 30kg of cat litter and yes, I know, that's heavy - but the company (Zoo Plus) packs and sells them that way and they are sold in packs of 2 x 15kg and if you buy less they charge you more for it and usually only sell it in the twin packs anyway. Usually, Parcel Force will at least drop it outside my front door and issue me with a sour look, but the Yodel driver flatly refused to take it off the van! Oh and he moaned and whinged and whined and winnied like a little horsey the whole time this farcical excuse for a delivery was taking place. Now I can manage to get the package up the stairs by half lifting/dragging it but there was no way I was going to attempt to drag it off the van as well and I am sure their insurance company would not be pleased to hear of such shenanigans. Luckily my husband was home and he ended up taking the box off the lorry himself! If I had of been home alone (like that poor little McCulkin boy), I would have sent the driver away with the undelivered package which in turn would have caused even more problems. The Yodel driver was amazed at my husband's brute strength lol and was heard mumbling about backs being put out ect and not being paid to lift boxes that heavy (excuse me, your a delivery driver and your max. delivery weight is 30kg so don't act all put out and wimpy when you are expected to DO YOUR JOB!) I complained to Zoo Plus about this waste of space but never heard anything back and they are still using Yodel now and if I want Royal Mail and their sour looks instead of a possible self delivery or no delivery, I have to pay an additional 50p on what is meant to be free post on orders over £19! Grrrrrrr

Calling all internet shopping sites - PLEASE STOP USING YODEL! I would rather have my stuff delivered by a sour faced Parcel Force driver instead. Parcel Force = service with a scowl. Yodel = no service.

Geez I bet the Yodel drivers can't even manage to deliver their own turds. And let's hope they don't ask somebody else to take their turds out of their backsides for them.

Posted on 27 Sep 2012 22:32:09 BDT
My wife ordered birthday present for me to arrive to day - according the the Yodel order tracking system it went on a van for delivery at 7.38am today - it is now 10.25pm and nothing has arrived, no parcel no card.

I have spoken to Amazon who said they would refund the charge for special delivery but really why are Amazon using Yodel given all the complaints about them ? I should add that we ordered something else at the same time as my birthday present , it wasn't due to arrive until next week but arrived today (Thurs) after being ordered Tues night- Royal Mail at its best.

Posted on 28 Sep 2012 22:15:13 BDT
M. Hunt says:
Add me to the list of disgruntled customers.

They claim they tried to deliver yesterday and left a card, but no one actually showed up and there was no card. Contacted Amazon this morning who sent a message to call when in the area, Yodel confirmed they received the message and would contact the driver to have him/her call when in the area. I call again about 5:30 and their system says out for delivery and I am told they will not be passing on my details to the driver because they don't have the number to the driver. They want me to wait in tomorrow for a third day and possibly a fourth. Does Amazon really expect me to stay in for 4 days? Do they not think I also have a life? Get your finger out Amazon, get rid of Yodel. They have already received 5,000 complaints and won't do anything, so I won't hold my breath. Maybe if we all just stop shopping at Amazon until they get rid of this shoddy service.

Posted on 1 Oct 2012 10:58:53 BDT
may seem strange but the yodel parcel in my order arrived on time whilst i am still waiting on a next day parcel from city link yodel estimate 28 september 2012 arrived 28th september 2012 at 14:47 etsimate for city link next day 12 june 2012 and still waiting for arrival

Posted on 1 Oct 2012 11:56:08 BDT
AndyBSG says:
Not sure if i've posted my little altercation with Yodel on here before but this is a prime example of their so called 'customer service'.

My mum has pretty severe arthiritis and can't walk without a stick.

Takes the day off work to wait for a parcel to arrive and when the bell rings she's in the kitchen so she hobbles to the front door only to see the delivery driver shutting his van door as he gets back in the van.

So, she get's his attention by saying to him "Sorry it took so long, I have difficulty walking".

His reply was "Too late love, i've already failed the delivery" and he then just drives off before she can say anything!

Needless to say, I was fuming when I eventually got hold of their customer services who made no apology whatsoever.

In reply to an earlier post on 1 Oct 2012 13:36:18 BDT
Nessy says:
Lets hope that waste of flesh hit a tree on the way to his next delivery...

Posted on 18 Oct 2012 12:30:26 BDT
[Deleted by the author on 18 Oct 2012 12:31:02 BDT]
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