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Posted on 5 Jun 2012 15:34:24 BDT
Last edited by the author on 5 Jun 2012 15:52:14 BDT
Thanks Chris, I was getting confused and started ranting when I got killed by a few AUGs last night. Valleyboy managed to rob an AUG from a corpse last before exclaiming that it was a laser rifle with almost zero recoil.

I've got my eyes on that M417 assignment as it looks the mutts but don't fancy the 50 kills with L96 to get it!

Edit: my mistake M417 requires TUGS assists and capping flags. Should simple enough

Posted on 5 Jun 2012 18:04:22 BDT
i picked up the aug and the m6a52 or whatever the LMG is. and nearly done with the shiny gold medic dog tag as well

Posted on 5 Jun 2012 18:45:48 BDT
hi all, played some lovely and some dreadful games of BF3 over the weekend. managed to get the complete warrior cheevo as well so was pretty chuffed with that especially when my heart was racing trying to make sure i didn't die until i got my assault rifle kill.

will probably get premium as i dont think its to bad for 4000ms points or £30ish as i do get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Jun 2012 19:42:43 BDT
Grats on the complete warrior it's a good feeling when it pings one of my fav trophies

Posted on 6 Jun 2012 06:20:52 BDT
AndyBSG says:
There's some terrible spawning issues on the new maps and i'm really not sure i'm enjoying them at the moment.

Very little tactical play involved and this is definitely the most 'run n gun' i've seen BF3 and can't help but feel this pack was made purely to entice some of the COD fan base :(

Also been getting a ridiculous number of claymore kills

Posted on 6 Jun 2012 07:10:38 BDT
Not really that impressed with the new maps and the whole Cod feel to the games. It's basically run to a flag, get c4'd or claymored because the cap area around the flags so small. Think I'll get the assignments done and probably not go back.

Posted on 6 Jun 2012 08:30:13 BDT
Last edited by the author on 6 Jun 2012 08:30:36 BDT
I'm fully paid up to BF3 Premium. Have to wait until the 12th for the maps though. Feels like I've just got a few camos and black dog tags for £33 lol.

I'm a bit worried about what I'm hearing about the Close Quarters maps on here. I was hoping for something like Operation Metro Conquest - this doesn't sound like it is the case:-(

Posted on 6 Jun 2012 08:35:04 BDT
MintFox says:
I'll reserve judgment till I play it myself but it doesn't sound good. The new game mode sounds terrible!

Posted on 6 Jun 2012 08:48:20 BDT
the new game mode is like one from black ops. ill probably just play normal maps unless there is a specific assignment to play new ones. might hop on for a bit tonight to see if I can get some more done

Posted on 6 Jun 2012 08:54:33 BDT
Last edited by the author on 6 Jun 2012 09:00:04 BDT
MintFox says:
If I get the U2 plat done early I shall join you and we can moan about it together!

It sounds like the kind of thing I would probably play if I was on by myself (and if I liked it) but would just hit the 'core' modes if I was on with you guys. I used to play a bit of TDM when I was on alone as you don't have to try and communicate with randoms that way.

Posted on 6 Jun 2012 08:57:40 BDT
Sanchez says:
Well Ive played bf3 on PC now for a couple of hours and it's hard work, the mechanics are so much more difficult, no insta grenade or knife, 100 different keys to remember and the mouse is as twitchy as a twitchy thing.

I love the bigger maps, more objectives, more people and the graphics a jaw dropping but it's definitely going to be an 'occasional play'.

Posted on 6 Jun 2012 10:47:34 BDT
I hope to be on tonight from about 9 so hopefully join some RATS then.

Played a bit off gun master pretty poor gamemode as Chaos said but helps get the assignments quite quickly as there's about six - eight pistol kills guaranteed every match.

Posted on 7 Jun 2012 12:44:34 BDT
just got the premium pack!! Had a problem downloading the close quarters maps!!! had to do it 3 times to get it right, froze the first two times! Have not tried it yet!

Posted on 11 Jun 2012 07:47:41 BDT
MintFox says:
Played some CQ this weekend for the 1st time. Got kicked from a server by a level 100. When I messaged him to ask him why he said 'C4 on he objectives.' never mind that I was only doing it in retaliation to his team doing it to us. Well seeing how he got his rank. Anybody challenging to him gets kicked.

C4 is a problem on CQ though, it's easy enough to throw a frag at the objective but it's so fast paced that it's hard to get another one out of the ammo box in time before you need to run to another objective. Apart from that one gripe I like the conquest mode very much. Gun game I played a couple of times and it's not for me. I joined late in one match and it was just horrible, running around with a pistol while everyone else had MG's wasn't fun.

Loving the new assignments though.

Posted on 12 Jun 2012 08:36:00 BDT
Not sure about CQ, it certainly has much more of a cod fell to the game play. Enjoyable as a change but think it will be back to standrad conquest in the long run.

Some nice points for me regarding the assignments, the L96 which is the only gun I have yet to get all unlocks for and the Scar which is the only engineer gun I've not got 500 kills are both needed for assignments. On the downside I've now got more guns to get unlocks for, it feels like I'm painting the forth bridge.

In reply to an earlier post on 12 Jun 2012 10:08:33 BDT
MintFox says:
So far the guns I've unlocked I like. The AUG is lovley and the L86 is also quite good. Far and away the best unlock I've got so far is the Spas. Look for it to be banned on most servers soon as it ruins people.

Got the 'Grinding the crack' trophy last night. What an excellent trophy name for that perticular feat. Only saw the proper grinding the crack video on youtube recently. It was amazing.

Posted on 12 Jun 2012 10:47:14 BDT
AndyBSG says:
Speaking of banned weapons, were there changes to Tank's Canister Shot in the recent update?

Before the patch I rarely saw anyone using it but it now seems to be getting used all over the place and i've seen several tanks 'sniping' choppers out of the sky with it with just two hits.

Posted on 12 Jun 2012 11:56:39 BDT
Hopped on to a game or two yesterday, joined Humphrey and had some good games and thats where i noticed a lot of people using the spas for the first time. Seems ridicuosly overpowered was getting blasted from all ranges near m-coms all one shot kills, nightmare.

See a lot of people with the bf3 premium tags playing on the old maps, are the new maps no good?

Posted on 12 Jun 2012 12:23:10 BDT
MintFox says:
New maps are good Banks, I would put money on you loving them but it's basically conquest deathmatch and gun game only on them. Normal conquest is still my bread and butter. Also every time I've played I've come across some sort of dodgey admin. This might change when the dlc is open to everyone.

Posted on 12 Jun 2012 12:29:14 BDT
I'll be playing the maps for the first time on 360 later. I watched Shosho's overview of the maps last night and I got to say I really like the look of them. Of course I need to play them first.

I was just wondering. Did you need to download the maps or were they part of the recent patch? And is the Aug available from the off or is it an assignment that needs to be unlocked? I know I'll find out later but just fending off the office boredom:)

Posted on 12 Jun 2012 12:30:29 BDT
MintFox says:
Need to download from the store. Aug is an assignment but it's dead easy. Heals and AR kills is all if memory servers me right.

Posted on 12 Jun 2012 12:32:32 BDT
Oh right. Cheers. Means I've got a wait until I can play them. I hope the filesize isn't too big.

Posted on 12 Jun 2012 14:11:38 BDT
@R over 1GB, I think it was 1.3GB

Posted on 12 Jun 2012 14:19:30 BDT
Last edited by the author on 12 Jun 2012 14:20:14 BDT
Funnily enough my mate just texted me a minute ago and said there is just a small XBox Live update for the close quarters maps on 360. I guess the recent big 2GB+ patch must have included the maps for 360.

In reply to an earlier post on 12 Jun 2012 14:35:38 BDT
"there is just a small XBox Live update for the close quarters maps on 360"

There was a small download for Premuim and then the bigger download for close quarters, or it's different on xbox
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