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Titanfall for 360 Delayed

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In reply to an earlier post on 7 Feb 2014 12:20:27 GMT
So its going to look indentical. Source engine is great but its dated. Its highly scalable but the 360 is already capable of pretty much maxing it. Its like 10 years old now!

Posted on 7 Feb 2014 12:45:48 GMT
noblood says:
In all likelihood, the game discs for both 360 and XB1 versions would have been pressed by now.

MS could then quite easily release a day one patch for 360 to add the refinements.

There is only one reason they delayed, despite what they "officially say", and that is to *sell more XB1s*.

Hype and marketing train is just setting off.
Get ready for those XB1 Titanfall adverts all over Youtube and TV.

Posted on 7 Feb 2014 14:01:08 GMT
Generally sounds like Titanfall is being held up in a negative light around these parts, which surprises me as I really don't have that much info to go on about what this game will be like exactly, so I must be missing something that have let others form opinions already?

Instead ill look forward to getting my first look at it in the open beta, I'm not particularly hyped about this game but anything that has won over 80 gaming awards certainly merits me giving it a fair chance.

As for this chat about 360 will look the same as X1, well who am I to know, but just from recent experience anyone who has played bf4 on both Xbox platforms will tell you the difference is night and day, it simply is. So I find great difficulty in believing that respawn doing the X1 version cannot find a way to make the most of the X1 for its first flagship game, over the quoted 'b-team' that are handling the 360 version.

In reply to an earlier post on 7 Feb 2014 14:10:05 GMT
noblood says:
Titanfall is definitely going to look better on XB1, it's just how much more.

With the resolution being the same, and the textures/lighting not looking that great in the alpha, and Microsoft delaying the 360 version, it's easy to draw conclusions that something's afoot.

It's not in MS's best interests to make the 360 version as great as possible as any improvement they make brings it closer to the XB1 version, and could sway it for anyone on the next gen fence.

Fwiw, I think the game will be good to play.

Posted on 7 Feb 2014 15:05:08 GMT
noblood says:
Interestingly, I notice the upcoming beta is XB1 and PC only.

Looks like they don't want people seeing the 360 version before the XB1 game lands.

In reply to an earlier post on 7 Feb 2014 15:08:36 GMT
I appreciate what you're saying but the game runs off the Valve Source engine. The 360 can push that engine almost to it limits. Theres only so much the extra power of the X1 will give, its a 10 year old DX9 engine. The differences between the 360 and X1 versions of BF4 are a different matter, BF4 runs on the Frostbite 3 engine, thats designed with DX11 in mind, the engine is capable of far more than what the X1 will ever be able to push, DICE themselves stated that BF3 was only using about 20% of Frostbites capabilities, and that was the PC version! I'm sure the X1 version of the game will look better, but the extra quality will be in details like smoke effects and subtle lighting. Dont expect it to be like BF4 or Tomb Raider.

Posted on 7 Feb 2014 15:12:55 GMT
Guys this game is from the makers of COD 4, it's got big ass mechs and multi level MP fund and shenanigans, it is going to mint on 360 or X1 .. ENJOY !

In reply to an earlier post on 7 Feb 2014 16:37:47 GMT
Last edited by the author on 7 Feb 2014 16:37:55 GMT
Ness says:
Well I'm sure it will look better on XBO, better textures, lighting and a more stable 60fps.

I agree with the people saying the delay is probably to push more XBO consoles. Titanfall should have been an XBO exclusive from the start imo to push the new console sales, they could have probably made it 12 v 12 aswell if it was current gen only (still strange referring to PS4/XBO as 'current gen' :P).

In reply to an earlier post on 7 Feb 2014 16:56:05 GMT
I dunno about better textures. The Source engine cant handle extremely high res textures, besides, theres no need for textures to be too high, the games 720p ffs!

In reply to an earlier post on 7 Feb 2014 16:59:07 GMT
Ness says:
I don't know why it's not at least 900p on XBO considering the age of the engine. I suppose BF4 and CoD (both 60fps games) are both 720p on XBO though.

I really hate MS for gimping the power of this console to include Kinect...

Posted on 7 Feb 2014 19:14:58 GMT
You know it could always be the case that the 360 version is awful, and they dont want the negative publicity from it to put people off the Xbone version. It shouldnt happen I know, but people are stupid, a bad 360 review could cost sales of the Xbone?

Do we really think that an entirely different studio is going to make a port of a game thats up to par with the version made by the original devs, and the guys who made COD4 at that? I dont think they can for one minute - lets be honest - how often are cross platform ports as good as on the lead console - and thats even when the consoles in question are the same generation. Not to mention that a direct port is likely not such an easy task - if the console architectures were even remotely similar im sure we would have backwards compatibilty.

Im sure they are holding back because the 360 version isnt so great!

Posted on 8 Feb 2014 10:52:26 GMT
Even if ms are holding back the 360 version to push sales on x1, i really don't see what the uproar would be about, it's just standard marketing policies in effect, to promote the better and newer (and more expensive) product, that ms can make more profit from.
I mean this is standard in the consumer industry , but of course the evil ms aren't allowed to adopt strategies that are common the world over.

I like these forums, they keep me amused at work, and i enjoy the individuals that frequent them with their wit and insight, but just recently from my impressions reading threads it almost seems like all the Xbox players have been scared off from contributing as it's just constant bashing of ms and the x1 and just generally not a friendly place to be happy with an x1 as you can't just come along and be excited about upcoming releases or features without a ps owner trying to tell you that no matter what, you have an inferior console , hence you can't be having fun on it, as an owner i have no complaints and am very happy with my console, but an example is this thread, why do so many ps4 players have such strong opinions on a game that isn't even a game on their console?

I mean Infamous is coming out for for ps4 , and i think it'll be a great game for ps owners, but it's not on xbox so i've done no research on it at all only saw adverts, at the end of the day though any ps purchases that buy it i hope have a great time on it and enjoy the product thats been made for your console of choice.

To the individuals that have tried to be positive, i thank you , it's not unnoticed.

In reply to an earlier post on 8 Feb 2014 11:19:15 GMT
I think your dead on, I came here to read about titanfall

The usual Xbox bashers have again started the

But it'll be the same as the 360
The resolution will be bad
Textures won't be good
Ms have an evil ploy to sell Xbones

Etc etc

And by people who don't have an Xbox and don't intend buying titanfall.

Do I agree that apart from the Xbox thread. Any thread about Xbox now gets the same 4 people discussing the same things.

I kind of get the impression as this is an exclusive PS players want to make as much fun if it because they can't play it?

I've been getting bored of this for a while. And said so on other threads.

Just live and let live fellow forumites.

In reply to an earlier post on 8 Feb 2014 11:23:04 GMT
[Deleted by the author on 8 Feb 2014 19:08:40 GMT]

Posted on 8 Feb 2014 11:32:27 GMT
Last edited by the author on 8 Feb 2014 11:40:55 GMT
I'm glad you agreed Cam and i'm not seeing something that isn't there, shame though.
First and foremost i'm a gamer, i come to these forums to hopefully get insights on games and to discuss those games on either a casual or competitive basis.
It just seems like too many people are concerned with pixels and lines, yes it's nice to have prettier things but at the end of the day i'm only interested in the FUN aspect of gaming.

I fear somewhere along the line , some fellow gamers have forgot that,

or were never into that from the start..

In reply to an earlier post on 8 Feb 2014 11:47:41 GMT
Maybe so, but as an early XB1 adopter I'm disappointed with the games on offer, granted early console games are usually a bit misdirected (there are plenty of examples of good launch games) but I was expecting better quality from MS. Forza 5 is probably my biggest disappointment.

Titanfall should have been built from the ground up specifically engineered for the XB1 and fine tuned to it's Hardware, APIs and Controller interface. These may just be the cynical rantings of a fanboy, but the fact that the game is running on previous gen hardware goes to show that the game isn't really a next gen game... a la BF4....

Is it wrong for XB1 gamers to expect next gen games for their next gen consoles???

Posted on 8 Feb 2014 12:05:43 GMT
No, your perfectly entitled to your opinion as are all , x1 owners or not.

My point was why are non x1 owners so bothered about products they have no intention of using. It's good to contribute, but all it seems to be on these forums just now is constant bashing of x1 on something.

As for your comment Mr Marshall , my opinion is just different from yours by the sound of it, bf4 has given me hundreds of hours of fun on x1, the 360 version i didn't enjoy at all, it's like 2 completely seperate games and so my view on it as a launch next gen title has been favourable.

In reply to an earlier post on 8 Feb 2014 16:31:14 GMT
Last edited by the author on 8 Feb 2014 19:23:32 GMT
Ness says:
"Why are you
All discussing thus do much when you don't have Xbox?"

So me and Will aren't allowed to have an opinion on XBO because we don't own one ?... Why are you allowed to be positive about it when you don't own one may I ask ?.

Me and Will like talking about the tech behind the consoles, we always have and have also ripped apart the WiiU aswell as the XBO and for what it's worth PS4 isn't as powerful as I wanted it to be (and I'm sure Will). I would have much rather have spent an extra £100 on it and had much more powerful hardware but Sony aren't interested in taking massive losses like last gen and I can't blame them after seeing the financial state they are in.

The 360 was by far my favourite console last gen and I will have an XBO before Xmas because I can't live without exclusive games and I think MS will have also been securing a few third party titles for the system. I have every right to be annoyed that they gimped the specs of my future console by including something that I have no interest in. Most people who will ultimately own both of them feel the same.

Posted on 8 Feb 2014 18:36:11 GMT
I know that last post wasn't directed at me Ness , and I also have no wish to cause any arguments between you and Cam just to be clear on my part.

I don't post on anywhere near as much as you but I do read pretty much all threads that interest me, as for your comment quoting my comment on 'pixels and lines' I don't rush to defend XBO on any other threads, infact I think this is my first time 'defending' it on these forums ever. Generally I do disregard the negative comments but the point of my post was to draw attention to the fact that these forums are becoming less friendly to users of XBO.

I have though commented on a previous post on these forums that I find your posts helpful and insightful, and I certainly have not forgot about previous positive XBO posts you have made.

In reply to an earlier post on 8 Feb 2014 19:02:37 GMT
Chillax Nessy

I did not mean to have a go

I am merely saying that every thread seems to end up in the same discussion. I don't rule the forums but I said it because I genuinely could understand that post.

It does seem to me like that anyway. But you are right that you commenting is no different

Sorry if I came across like a tosser

In reply to an earlier post on 8 Feb 2014 19:04:14 GMT
I agree with crucial pretty much not trying to personally attack you mate.

In reply to an earlier post on 8 Feb 2014 19:10:00 GMT
Last edited by the author on 8 Feb 2014 19:24:27 GMT
Ness says:
"Generally I do disregard the negative comments but the point of my post was to draw attention to the fact that these forums are becoming less friendly to users of XBO."

If it really doesn't bother people I don't get why they even comment tbh. If you or anyone else is truly happy with their XBO, Kinect and it's exclusive games then who cares what people are saying on the Amazon videogame forum of all places lol.

I just find it odd that me and Will were singled out when me esp has posted Alpha videos of Titanfall and have said I really like the look of it several times.

I will be buying my XBO as soon as it's down to £350 with Titanfall, Ryse, Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5 but it won't hurt my feelings when someone on here brings up the fact that PS4 is more powerful and almost all multiplatform games will look/run better on it.

MS have unfortunately dug their grave with the hardware and now they have to lie in it. It's going to be a very long six years for certain Xbox fans...

In reply to an earlier post on 8 Feb 2014 19:11:39 GMT
Ness says:
No probs... I look forward to killing you on Halo 5, Gears 4 and Titanfall later in the year :p.

Posted on 8 Feb 2014 19:12:54 GMT
Re read my own post and it was a bit harsh and uncalled for do I deleted it.

In reply to an earlier post on 8 Feb 2014 19:17:59 GMT
Last edited by the author on 8 Feb 2014 19:19:32 GMT
Most certainly mate

P.s as a neutral i thought it funny Liverpool won 5-1 this week considering you got slagged off for predicting 3-1 lol
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