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In reply to an earlier post on 23 Dec 2011 11:43:59 GMT
Last edited by the author on 23 Dec 2011 11:46:35 GMT
Damaskcat says:
mani s - before you start commenting about me venturing out into the real world in such a scathing way as though the real world is out there somewhere you need to be aware that I am a full time carer for my seriously ill and disabled partner - that's why my 'real' world consists of 4 walls and a computer most of the time - except when we have to got our for hospital appointments etc.

I'm far from being the only one who gets good service - it's just that those who don't shout loudest.

If you ever have problems in your life you might need the help of your neighbours as well as family and friends - it's a good idea to get to know them.

Meanwhile I suggest you change your unpleasant attitude since it's the season of goodwill - Merry Christmas.

Posted on 23 Dec 2011 12:09:37 GMT
The Leveller says:
For all your Yodel delivery service problems. . .

Solomons Seal Magickal Oil Wards Off Evil


The Truth: Yes I do! Comes in handy and keeps my son busy from time to time making firelogs for the burner (outdoor one) and off the brainless xbox. Although I do like a bit of Fifa and COD myself!

In reply to an earlier post on 23 Dec 2011 12:26:01 GMT
Molly Brown says:
Truth, you type like you're hung over! You never understand me, no one does, oh lord!! See Meet the Author Forum, just appeared around midnight (good title for a song), 95 discussions set up by Amazon, think it took them 3 hours to do or something? Anyhoo, if I don't speak/post again, everyone, mostly everyone, have a very merry christmas and a happy new year! Oops, must go, Amazon delivery just arrived in time for Christmas - goody!

In reply to an earlier post on 23 Dec 2011 13:49:47 GMT
Hi dumbassk look i am sorry for your personal issues etc, i somehow dont see the connection between really bad service and your personal problems.

All I am saying is that i know you need to chill down\relax and stop bleating about how great Yodel is cause they may be ok in your area but all over everywhere else where they need to deliver to block of flats or when people are not in , they are completely atrocious.

I am not here to comment on your personal situation except highlight to everyone that I am as dis-satisfied with their service as they are.

As for knowing neighbours, i somehow get the impression you havent lived in cities that much. As for the unpleasant attitude, I fail to see any in my aims at you, and yes - a Merry Christams to you also.

Posted on 23 Dec 2011 14:18:43 GMT
Last edited by the author on 23 Dec 2011 15:21:31 GMT
Colin says:
mani s : you say......... "but all over everywhere else where they need to deliver to block of flats or when people are not in , they are completely atrocious."

I will try not to feel offended that you have forgotten me, but I have had written before that I have had acceptable survice from Yodel, even when I am not in (which is more often the case). They are certainly not "completely atrocious" in my personal experience (which is of course limited to the area in which I live).
Why you seem to personally attack Damaskcat for their experiences I don't know. You seem to suggest that Damaskcat is somehow at fault for posting their experience, then when you write "I am not here to comment on your personal situation except highlight to everyone that I am as dis-satisfied with their service as they are.".................... I think we ALL get the message that you are dissatisfied with Yodel.

Incidentally, in Amazon's guidelines for these forums, there is a section titled "what shouldn't I post"................ one bullet point says "Repeated posts that make the same point excessively "

In reply to an earlier post on 23 Dec 2011 14:19:51 GMT
Damaskcat says:
I can think of a great many uses for that :-)

In reply to an earlier post on 23 Dec 2011 14:21:36 GMT
Last edited by the author on 23 Dec 2011 14:25:07 GMT
Damaskcat says:
There is no connection - duh! I was taking issue with your idea that the 'real' world out there. For some of us the 'real' world is NOT out there. No need to be sorry I don't ask for sympathy - just suggesting that you eed to remember that not everyone has a perfect life like you appear to think you do - oh apart from YODEL deliveries of course :-^

I am actually very chilled at present even though Christmas is not my favourite time of year. I get the impression you're pretty wound up though.

Posted on 23 Dec 2011 17:27:53 GMT
Quiverbow says:
mani s

"..i am going on about the fact that you keep on defending yodel cause you are the only one who gets good service."

You really do need to read what other people put in their posts and ensure you've read your own response before pressing the 'post' tab. I have mentioned on a couple of occasions that I also receive good service from Yodel, something that you have commented on.

Posted on 23 Dec 2011 21:24:00 GMT
Chris Hall says: least my item finally turned up and my wife only had to stay in the house an additional 2 full days (+ about £3 - £4 on phonecalls to Yodel's 10p/min call centre). This horror story on a fellow anti-Yodel thread really puts my pitiful woes into perspective:

I honestly respect everyone's opinion on here, including those that have defended Yodel. However, having experienced both sides of the coin from the company, I will still make a considerable effort to boycott them as much as possible. When things are going well, Yodel are on a par with most other delivery companies (my opinion anyway). But when they mess up, they really mess up and make life VERY difficult for you to ever receive your parcel.

Posted on 24 Dec 2011 09:06:57 GMT
Last edited by the author on 24 Dec 2011 09:07:59 GMT
Colin says:
One thing I wouild suggest to people, if your delivery company messes up and you are having any problem to contact them or to get something located and delivered, then go back to who you bought from eg Amazon. Your contract is with them, and it is THEY who have a duty of service to you , not actually the courier. THEY should be doing what is needed to get the item to you.
If a particular courier is weak in a particular place then it is the Internet Retailer who should feel the inconvenience and your anger

Posted on 24 Dec 2011 15:26:08 GMT
Last edited by the author on 24 Dec 2011 15:30:38 GMT
urban raider says:

I'd had enough - phone AmCS Tuesday am, and asked for redelivery.

I was told that it was NOT yodels fault - I had not been in to receive delivery on Monday.


I was not there. I had taken my sister to the hospital for her treatment and after nearly 4 weeks to suggest that I shouldn't have gone out was outrageous.

I asked for the AmCS supervisor ... got blown off ... requested in stronger terms ... again the blow off came ...then I requested, again, to speak to the supervisor ... was told "go screw yourself, liar" and hung up on! So much for Barbara.

I hit the call back button again and got a different AmCS. I informed this one, "Katie", that just as amazon "may recorded" the call for training purposes, I was now recording the call for legal and publicity purposes - and was told that it wasn't allowed. "Hmmm, maybe you should let me check that with your supervisor". BINGO.

"Hi, before your say anything I'd like to let you know that I am recording this call for legal and publicity purposes, is that OK? Good, now what's your name?"

"Er, I'm not sure about that. You can't just tell someone that you are recording them. It's illegal".

"So, when your staff are answering the calls and they say `this call may be recorded' they are acting illegally?"

"Well no, obviously not, but ..."

"But I'm in independent person and all that is required is for me to inform you that I am recording this call for my own purposes, and that makes it legally ok. I have informed you of the recording, just as you inform your customers that you are recording them. Okay, now if you'll allow me to, I will explain why I have been forced to take this step."

"Erm, ok."

So I explained that on the morning of 28 November I ordered over £1,000 worth of Christmas presents and paid for next day delivery. These parcels, all 14 of them, have been at the Yodal/HDNL depot since the evening of the 28th. I told him how I had contacted Yodal/HDNL to arrange delivery and how they had tried to exhort another £10 per parcel out of me to get the "bumped to the front of the queue" for delivery, and how the previous AmCS had hung up on me, when I had requested to speak to the supervisor after being called a "liar".

"I'll pass you back to our customer service representative."

"No, you will not."

"Excuse me."

"You heard, I will not be palmed off on a CS representative because you can't be bothered dealing with a problem that a customer has".

"If you could tell me what's happened."

G*d-damn-it I've already explained. No, calm, calm, he can't help being an idiot; he's probably sulking because he could cop-off at the Christmas party.

So I explained again, and was asked to wait while he checked the system. "You weren't in when they tried to delivery yesterday".

I wasn't. I admitted so and explained why. I did, however, point out that my mother was at my place, and so was my 16 year old brother. No-one tried to deliver, HDNL/Yodal were lying.

After pointing out the date of the order and the fact I had paid for "guaranteed next day delivery" for each parcel, I requested, in strong terms, that the items I had ordered were re-sent, and by another carrier. Only to be informed that I had no say in the choice of delivery.

The moment had arrived. I informed that I would be sending a copy of the recording to Watchdog for their next programme on how rubbish HDNL/Yodal are and that the publicity would splatter all over them not just HDNL/Yodal.

After about 8 minutes on hold (getting more annoyed by the second) I was informed that the items would be reordered, but that one was out of stock - hmm, baby bro's pressie is out of stock, damn, "when do you expect it to be in stock?", they should be in stock next week and it will be sent by courier.


At 10 am on Wednesday 2 parcels arrived City Link and then lunch time (around noon) the other 11 parcels delivered by City Link (same guy); then at just after 1 pm today (the same driver again) arrived with the 14th parcel. It was damaged and he asked if I'd check it before accepting delivery - if the contents were damaged I could reject it and we would sign as to it being in unacceptable condition. The item's box was damaged, so I opened it and took a look at the inside - seemed ok, driver noted that the box was damaged and the internal box was also damaged but the item inside appeared ok and was accepted in that condition, but would be returned if it was found not to be working.

Speaking to the driver, he is making full van runs from the delivery warehouse all day, and will be at it until all the parcels are delivered, even if it takes until after midnight.

Now that's a delivery service.


Just checked the HDNL/Yodal tracking and they are out for delivery - phoned the depot and was told they are on an Ikea delivery lorry and would be delivered if the Ikea driver has the time - lmao

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Dec 2011 15:53:55 GMT
Last edited by the author on 24 Dec 2011 15:54:22 GMT
NeuroSplicer says:
Living in a space station in geosynchronous orbit, I have to accept delivery of my Amazon orders by American, Japanese, French, Chinese, Russian and even Kazakhstany payload vehicles.

Never did I have to deal with any problems coming close to what you guys are describing!

And, yes, that includes the compatriots of...Borat, launching 40-year old Tsyklons out of the Baikonur Cosmodrome!

Merry Christmas everyone!

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Dec 2011 15:55:01 GMT
Damaskcat says:
Merry Christmas to you NS!

Posted on 25 Dec 2011 00:40:31 GMT
The Truth says:
Merry Xmas everyone - after reading Urban's delivery dramas though, he's going to have to try extra hard to keep up the Christmas cheer.

I know it's not right to laugh at other peoples misfortune, but I found that post pretty funny... Especially the bit where HDNL admit they're having to get Ikea to do their deliveries for them.

You couldn't make it up. Ill be amazed if any of us have any presents under the tree at this rate.

In reply to an earlier post on 28 Dec 2011 08:42:05 GMT
This is how bad Yodel is

Yeah dumbask they are doing such a brilliant job.

In reply to an earlier post on 28 Dec 2011 11:26:59 GMT
Quiverbow says:
Why do you continue to be offensive to someone who hasn't had the same experience as you?

In reply to an earlier post on 28 Dec 2011 12:48:29 GMT
offensive? what are you talking about

Posted on 28 Dec 2011 13:44:47 GMT
Colin says:
mani - your posts on this topic have become offensive and abusive (as you no doubt intend with your constant attacks on one specific reviewer) but most of all, they are simply boring.

In reply to an earlier post on 28 Dec 2011 14:15:54 GMT
Last edited by the author on 28 Dec 2011 14:17:47 GMT
Damaskcat says:
They are for me - can only speak for my own experiences and those of friends and neighbours.

Perhaps you would like to try and get my name right as well it is DAMASKCAT

Thanks for the support, Colin and Quiverbow but I think we're dealing with someone who is incapable of seeing anyone's point of view but his own - shame really :-)

In reply to an earlier post on 28 Dec 2011 15:37:46 GMT
i dont know how i am being offensive and abusive, i was replying back to something dumbask was asking. As for the boring part, I am sure to you and the other two trolls, its quite boring, wont your trolling abilities be better put to use on some other website perhaps. Thousands of custommers are struggling with Yodel while you three yoyos seem to under the impression that they are the best courier in the world.

In reply to an earlier post on 28 Dec 2011 15:39:28 GMT
Oh ok thanks for pointing out your name, i am sure being so keen on grammar and spelling, you can start using full stop in your sentences.

Yes you three hombres are the only people in the whole of UK who is happy with Yodel. I bet you didnt even bother reading the article about hdnl in independent, sheesh you really are thick arent you?

In reply to an earlier post on 28 Dec 2011 16:07:24 GMT
Damaskcat says:
You are being offensive by calling me by some mutilation of my name. If you can't work that one out then I shouldn't think you have too many freinds in 'real' life.

In reply to an earlier post on 28 Dec 2011 16:09:11 GMT
Damaskcat says:
Try visiting other forums you wll see plenty of people are satisfied with the service. By the way I wasn't commenting on your sentences or your grammar but on your inabilty to copy my name correctly. I don't think you're too clever yourself judging by your language.

When do schools go back - anytime soon?

Posted on 28 Dec 2011 21:35:58 GMT
The Leveller says:
I've had no problems with Yodel over the years shopping with Amazon.

Mani you're calling Damaskcat, Colin and Quiverbow thick! Just take a good look at your own reviews Mani!

Who is the thick one?

A merry christmas to one and all! :)

In reply to an earlier post on 29 Dec 2011 08:11:53 GMT
Damaskcat says:
Happy New Year, The Leveller!
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