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Posted on 13 Dec 2011 09:52:48 GMT
Last edited by the author on 13 Dec 2011 13:37:11 GMT
a parcel (not from amazon but another company) was supposed to be delivered on saturday and did not arrive although the driver apparently couldnt get to me i rang up loads of different numbers including an 0844 number and was given a mobile number for 1 of the drivers who doesnt even deliver to my area i was given my local depot number from the liverpool head office but it just kept ringing when i rang the liverpool number back they said they would send an email and i should check the tracker again at 10:30 but what good is that if they dont even answer a phone checked at 11:30 still no update so rang liverpool AGAIN they suggested it was on the van and if it wasnt received today GIVE THEM A CALL TOMORROW.....YET MORE COST TO MY PHONE BILL

Posted on 17 Dec 2011 21:39:57 GMT
Last edited by the author on 17 Dec 2011 22:01:50 GMT
Once again, I have had massive problems with Yodel's deliveries. Their website says they tried delivering my parcel, but they left no card. Since i had horrible experiences with them in the past, I decided to avoid redeliveries and called them to arrange to pick it up from their depot (which SUCKS and kind of spoils the convenience of buying something online). However, they told me all depot collections have been suspended at the moment, since so many people are trying to pick up directly from the depot that they can't cope. (I wonder why so many people give up waiting for their delivery?).

So I gave in and rescheduled the delivery for today, stayed home awake from 7am to 7pm waiting for them and, shocker!, they never showed up. I now must cancel my order, as I'm leaving the country tomorrow. It's getting to the point that I avoid ordering from Amazon because I know they often use Yodel as a carrier, and the stress caused and time wasted trying to actually get the parcel is just not worth it.

I hope Amazon stops working with them. They have no respect for the value of people's time.

In reply to an earlier post on 18 Dec 2011 09:05:09 GMT
Damaskcat says:
No problems in this area. I had an Amazon deivery the other day via YODEL which had only taken 12 hours to get to me. Clearly it's better to live in a rural area as I have no problems with them in rural Lincolnshire and neither does a friend of mine in Norfolk - who thinks they're the best delivery service both for collections and deliveries.

In reply to an earlier post on 18 Dec 2011 14:46:38 GMT
Do u have nothing better to do then keep reposting how over the moon u are with yodel take ur bleeding trollin arse elsewhere

Posted on 18 Dec 2011 15:00:56 GMT
Colin says:
Well, I have had no problem with Yodel's delivery drivers themselves(they are actually self-employed drivers with their own vehicles. This is the Yodel model I think). I definitely HAVE had difficulties with their website for tracking and system for rearrranging missed deliveries. I found their complaints system to be completely ineffective, not even a response.
Incidentally here in Aberdeenshire my deliveries from Amazon arrive mainly with Royal Mail, ParcelForce or City Link. I have only had Yodel/HDNL deliveries from other online sellers, and received them all eventually.

In reply to an earlier post on 18 Dec 2011 15:30:34 GMT
Last edited by the author on 18 Dec 2011 15:33:29 GMT
Damaskcat says:
Do you have anything better to do than keep complaining about these delivery companies?

Presumably you think anyone who doesn't agree with you is a troll?

Posted on 18 Dec 2011 21:48:12 GMT
urban raider says:
I live in a rural area and it makes no difference to the delivery from HDML/Yodal or whatever they are changing their name to now.

I have 14 items outstanding from amazon - all were ordered 2 weeks ago and all are coming via HDNL/Yodal. I've been asked to wait until Tuesday am to allow them time to deliver! The parcels have been stuck at the depot since the day after I ordered them. When I phoned up HDNL/Yodal stated that they still have time to deliver within their agreement with Amazon, but I could pay an extra £10 per parcel for them to be "bumped to the front of the queue". I paid the extra for next day delivery and I got screwed, I'm sure as hell not going to pay £140 more to get the items.

Tuesday am I report them as missing/undelivered and will be asking for redelivery by Royal Mail.

It would appear to be down to the depot, as well as the driver, as to the service that you receive.

Posted on 18 Dec 2011 23:48:31 GMT
Last edited by the author on 18 Dec 2011 23:49:22 GMT
The Truth says:
Unbelievable. Depots unable to handle the volume of people wanting to pick up due to failed deliveries and backhanders to bump people to the front of the queue. The stories I hear about this company neve cease to amaze me.

Posted on 20 Dec 2011 20:20:39 GMT
Yodel....lose parcels late parcels have to argue for an hour to find out where they are....if there was an award for the planets worst delivery service, they would be second....after the old fella down the road who asked his wife to be taken to the shop and they ended up in torquey.....wast of space time and energy, Matalan use them also, so Matalan can also kiss my fat white hairy ass!!! Thats me being polite!

In reply to an earlier post on 21 Dec 2011 07:01:04 GMT
Damaskcat says:
No need for that sort of language really is there? Minor irritant - no more than that.

Posted on 21 Dec 2011 07:43:43 GMT
Last edited by the author on 21 Dec 2011 08:17:27 GMT
Damaskcat says:
Right - all those out there criticising YODEL/HDNL: I ordered a printer from Amazon on Saturday 17 December 2011 - Dell 2145CN Multifunction Colour Laser Printer - it is very heavy - 43KG - so it did not come by normal transit van. YODEL rang me on Monday evening to say they would be in the area on Wednesday morning (today)- between 7.00am and 8.30am - would that be a convenient time to deliver the printer? I agreed it would be convenient. At 7.25am I had a phone call saying they would be here in 10 minutes and they have just delivered my printer. Now that is what I call good service. Well done YODEL and Amazon for delivering something BEFORE Christmas that I was not exepecting until after Christmas.

In reply to an earlier post on 21 Dec 2011 07:50:02 GMT
Go away, you are a yodel employee in disguise seriously dont you have anything better to do, you got a printer, go play with it.

In reply to an earlier post on 21 Dec 2011 08:16:38 GMT
Last edited by the author on 21 Dec 2011 08:18:23 GMT
Damaskcat says:
No - a retired civil servant who thinks that praise should be given where it is due. Haven't you anything better to do than respond to my posts?? It's clear that not everyone has bad experiences with delivery companies. I'm quick enough to complain where there is a need but where I have had good service I like to say so - maybe you prefer to complain.

In reply to an earlier post on 21 Dec 2011 08:22:20 GMT
a retired civil servant?? really all you do is repeat the same thing over and over again, how great yodel, how come you are the only one saying that in this forum. Everying including me have had horrible experiences, and the only person who has a positive experience is you. Is it not enough for you to post once and leave it at that. I dont prefer to complain, all i wanted was the order i ordered from yodel, and did not receive it, faced horrible custommer support at Yodel.

Me I am certain you are a troll, can you please go away.

In reply to an earlier post on 21 Dec 2011 09:01:26 GMT
Last edited by the author on 21 Dec 2011 09:03:18 GMT
The Truth says:
I find it unbelievable that Yodel would call you... This seems very odd. In fact, To me it provea, again, that you are the exception to the rule. Do you think Yodel call everyone of their deliveries to arrange it personally with them before they set off each day?

You must hold some sort of sway, or the Yodel in your area is a team of 1 who has about 1 delivery a week to make' so you know him personally, either way it does not represent this company or their service accurately. The thousands upon thousands of repeatedly, shamefully treated customers does.

Im happy you get a good service, but I have to echoe Mani's point - I get it, you, for some reason get a good service from Yodel. Can you stop repeating it, because you're flogging a dead horse.

This company are dire. To suggest otherwise, means you're not seeing the big picture and just makes you look silly.

In reply to an earlier post on 21 Dec 2011 09:21:04 GMT
Last edited by the author on 21 Dec 2011 09:25:35 GMT
Damaskcat says:
By that definition you're a troll too because all you do is keep saying how dreadful they are :-)

Quiverbow and Colin and others have posted in this thread that they have had no problems either - had you forgotten?

In reply to an earlier post on 21 Dec 2011 09:22:48 GMT
Damaskcat says:
The Truth - I was at pains to explain in my post that this was a very heavy item and therefore it did not come via the usual horrible coloured Yodel van - it came in a much larger vehicle. No I don't usually get phone calls - this was an exception because it is a heavy item and therefore needed different delivery arrangements.

Posted on 21 Dec 2011 09:45:27 GMT
The Leveller says:
I think you're flogging a whole ranch of dead horses the truth!

In my experience. . .I've never had any problems with Yodel. Brilliant service indeed. Royal Mail are garbage in my experience, rubbish.

I notice that there's many many comments on the net regarding dire, nasty, awful, the worst ever woe is my delivery. . .companies. They all get battered, slagged off and all demonised by disgruntled customers and probably a lot of over excitment, pack mentality is going on. City link, Yodel, Parcelforce, Interlink, Interparcel, Collecymyparcel, fed-ex, UPS and Hermes! Alledgedly they're "all" crap!

Gotta say it again. . . In my experience and loads of people I know there's "never" been a problem with Yodel. They're great! :)

Posted on 21 Dec 2011 09:46:10 GMT
Chris Hall says:
From my experience of Yodel/HDNL, I would say that if you're normally in when they first try to deliver the item (say if you're retired and in the house a lot), then you're likely to not have any issues with the company's performance.

However, if you happen to be out when they first attempt to deliver the item (i.e. you're not retired and at work etc), then you're likely to experience an absolutely horrendous service from one of the worst delivery companies on the market.

Up until reasonably recently, my wife had always been in when Yodel first attempted to deliver an item. So, up to this point I was quite happy with their service. However, when we happened to be out one Saturday morning when Yodel came swinging by, alas, I soon learned why most people detest the company.

I have never been treated so badly by a delivery company in my life (and we get quite a lot delivered to our house by various companies). The service at trying to get the item re-delivered was beyond appalling.

Damaskcat - You've always struck me as quite a level-headed and sensible individual. So I understand and appreciate your opinion on the service you have been recieving. However, I'm thinking that perhaps one of the main reasons why you have not experienced the poor service that many people are complaining about, is possibly because you're in the house most if not all of the time when Yodel try to first deliver the item? I'm only guessing here, because of what you've posted and the experiences I've had and read about.

Personally, I would happily pay a little more to ensure that a parcel is not delivered via Yodel. My wife and kids waited in 2 full days unnecessarily for an item without an explanation or an apology from Yodel as to why they never turned up when they said they would. Yodel even had the nerve to state that we aren't their customer - Amazon is! So they owe us no duty of care. Nice!

Anyway, I've complained to Amazon about my experience with Yodel, and I will continue to do so whenever they cause any problems for me or my family. I just hope that Amazon decide to go elsewhere for the delivery of their items due to their customer feedback on Yodel.

In reply to an earlier post on 21 Dec 2011 10:21:29 GMT
Last edited by the author on 21 Dec 2011 10:31:39 GMT
The Truth says:
The Leveller:
Well, I've never seen any other threads on Amazon about any other delivery companies being terrible, yet I can recall at least three separate ones about about HDNL/Yodel.

I have also come across ex employees of HDNL on the web, saying that they had to quit because their conscience wouldn't let them work for such a shambolic company - plus, as far as I'm aware, not many other delivery companies have had to change there name because they have such a bad reputation.

"In my experience and loads of people I know there's "never" been a problem with Yodel. They're great! :)"

Seems a bit odd - do you and your friends sit around discussing the merits of delivery services? You also sound American (why use the word ranch and not stable?), so I wonder if you've even had a single delivery from them in your life, because, like I say - the stats speak for themselves. 10 items ordered over the black friday week - 3 arrived, 7 didn't... 7 delivered by Yodel, 3 by other companies.

OK, point taken - but again, if this was a special delivery, it's not really a fair representation of their day to day service.

Posted on 21 Dec 2011 10:27:06 GMT
Last edited by the author on 21 Dec 2011 10:33:51 GMT
Quiverbow says:
mani s

"...and the only person who has a positive experience is you."

You obviously haven't been taking note of what everyone has been saying. You have a problem with Yodel, as do many others. I do not have a problem with Yodel, as do many others.

The Truth

What is a fair representation of their service? Just because there are people here complaining about their service doesn't mean that is a fair reflection either. I'm sure Royal Mail get lots of complaints but does that suggest the majority of users feel the same?

There are those who won't be happy with Yodel and will always shout the loudest; those that are have no need to say anything, hence the weight on here leans heavily toward the negative camp. Of eighteen participants on this thread, maybe 15 are complaining. Not very many in the whole scheme of things.

Posted on 21 Dec 2011 10:32:52 GMT
The Truth says:
"do not have a problem with Yodel, as do many others."

I think, "as do one or two others" is more accurate, QB.

Posted on 21 Dec 2011 10:34:50 GMT
The Leveller says:
The truth:

Seems a bit odd - do you and your friends sit around discussing the merits of delivery services?

Yep! Just like on here. Sad isn't it? :(

Posted on 21 Dec 2011 10:39:55 GMT
Last edited by the author on 21 Dec 2011 10:46:18 GMT
The Truth says:

Posted on 21 Dec 2011 10:40:12 GMT
Quiverbow says:
"..the stats speak for themselves. 10 items ordered over the black friday week - 3 arrived, 7 didn't... 7 delivered by Yodel, 3 by other companies."

I ordered five items on Thursday. All were received via Yodel on Saturday. The stats speak for themselves, also.
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