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Confectionery -no longer available.

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In reply to an earlier post on 24 Mar 2011 21:27:56 GMT
T. CROWE says:
Hi Jacqui, Tim Crowe here, as you've got acess to the internet, pop over to a site called they have an incredibile selection of sweets you can buy, at reasonable prices too. This will help anyone else chasing after their favourite sweet from days gone by.

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Mar 2011 21:48:42 GMT
jen haigh says:
You can still get the gold rush type bubblegum or could about 18 months ago in the UK, in a drawstring bag but called something else these days.

In reply to an earlier post on 2 Apr 2011 17:21:58 BDT
yes they still do caramac bars. Try supermarkets

In reply to an earlier post on 23 Feb 2012 17:31:39 GMT
Last edited by the author on 23 Feb 2012 17:43:54 GMT
The flavoured stretchy toffee bars weren't made by Callard & Bowser. They were from another Scottish company called McCowan. They also used to make 'Highland Cow' Toffee Bars. Loved them all! Especially the Banana.

Posted on 23 Feb 2012 18:21:08 GMT
Last edited by the author on 9 Mar 2012 16:00:09 GMT
Acid Drops, Fruit Drops, Cherry Drops, Lemon Drops, Soor Plooms (Sour Plums), Traffic Light Lollipops, Sweet Peanuts, Penny Drops (flat circular toffees the size of an old penny), Toffee Nuts, Glees, Milkmaid Bars, Refresher Penny Chews and Lollipops. Just to name a few of my old favourites. And how could I forget Fruit Salad and Black Jack chews and, of course, Maple Brazils! Yum Yum.

Posted on 23 Feb 2012 23:45:37 GMT
why do every time i buy cadsburys choclates or eny other choclates why do they taste of a hint of orange i hate and cannot stand orange choclates ive got terrys old gold choclate box they have changed all the choclates and thier more nuts ones now than every stop changing ourer beloved choclate bars stick to the old resipes pleased i do think they have put stuff in ower foods as we are getting more heart burn then we every did and they put stuff in ower choclates back in the 50s 60s 70s 80s we wasent fat or obesity and that bmi chart is very out of date know and know we go to the doctors and they only do one arm for blood test then on line i found out that they should do both arms for blood test can ower doctors do enything right these days and now every thing we eat or do someting they blame evry thing on cancer its always on the news and they said they found a cure for cancer but they havent yet its like 101 things to do befor you die well as long as ive got my flying saurcer and my old sweetes then i would be happy as i would do is ride evry theam parks rides vist every thing in the world blame the goverment they have put something in ower foods and choclates. as a kid growing up i ate all thoes yummie sweets choclates and had healthy foods and didnt put wieght on we should not eat choclates that have been changed cadburys changed there choclates no coffee creams they like gold dust to buy had to buy from amzon 20 boxes of choclates and do you rember how cadburys choclates uesed to mealt in your mouth very sitcky choclate that stuck to the roof of your mouth they dont i was very disapointed with thorntons toffees and choclates mixed tasted alfull and that greek and black orgainc choc taste like menour taset and smelt like it yukkie and whots happend to the dream bar and the mini dream bar chocs from celebratshion and the heros tubs have changed all there coclates not fair and rember curlywurlys was very big and ower sweets and choclates bars and sherbert lemons have all down sized and very small i bought a wisper bar it cost me 65p 78p 89p 53p 66p whot when you can buy four bars for 1.90 or five bars for 1.92 where do we get these prices from rember the price of a mars bar you couldent eat the full bar but know you can there onley one choclates thier are lintt choclates from belguim they mealt just like cadsburys did i buy them know onley get an odd choclate eggs or an odd wisper bar i rember the champagine malters i ate too mutch of them i got a bit tispy on them as mine was very strong tase of wine thoe from jo

Posted on 23 Feb 2012 23:57:59 GMT
Last edited by the author on 24 Feb 2012 00:00:09 GMT
Stvfy says:
Potato Puffs!!!! Yeah, yeah, yeah I know they're not strictly confectionery, but I've never had sweet tooth, more of a savoury tooth....

Posted on 27 Feb 2012 08:22:20 GMT
Chelsey whoppers, MB bars and the original Yorkie Bar that was rock hard not like the soft ones you get nowadays

In reply to an earlier post on 28 Feb 2012 16:29:12 GMT
Coughdrop says:
I have got a mug which depicts the Old English Spangles but i do not use it because when i look at it I get the craving for the much loved and missed golden oldie sweets. Regards. Coughdrop.

In reply to an earlier post on 28 Feb 2012 20:15:36 GMT
Page Turner says:
Coughdrop...........see what you did there? You mentioned Old English Spangles, that's what you did, why why why did you have to mention Old English Spangles?????, my therapy was coming along so nicely too............... :0

Posted on 1 Mar 2012 22:09:17 GMT
Cadbury's Old Jamaica mmmm... delicious and two I'm not sure about the proper names but every winter you could get Chocolate Bears with a soft gooey filling rather like creme eggs are now and in the 60's it was Minty Bars which I think were a Scottish company?

Posted on 2 Mar 2012 13:05:17 GMT
Last edited by the author on 2 Mar 2012 13:05:42 GMT
"Old Jamaica

Launched in 1970, Old Jamaica was a special blend of milk and plain chocolate with rum flavoured raisins. This Cadbury Classic Selection bar is no longer made for the UK market, but you can still stock up on Old Jamaica if you look around on the Internet."

.. above is extract from Cadbury's own website ....if you look on some specialist sweet websites, you can still get's being produced a, but has to be imported.

In reply to an earlier post on 2 Mar 2012 13:34:10 GMT
Thats because we ate proper food not junk food and walked everywhere and didnt sit all weekend on out backsides playing computer games ,we were outside skipping or playing chase,hopscotch ot riding bikes [if you were fortunate enough to have one] or chasing the kids with bikes begging to have a go next.

Posted on 2 Mar 2012 13:57:09 GMT
Jayne says:
Funny Faces (ice cream) Tiffin, Hanky Panky (popcorn with a peanut in the middle) Banjo bars, Cabana (bounty with dried fruit in it), Waifa, and those chocoates that were just like cadbury cream eggs but were flat at the back and shaped like a monkey at the front.

Posted on 2 Mar 2012 22:26:06 GMT
Does anyone remember Birds Hot Crunch Pudding. There were two flavours chocolate and banana. It was soooooooooooo nice. I believe there is an online petion to get it back!

In reply to an earlier post on 3 Mar 2012 00:28:53 GMT
I remember Punch bars. They were my favourite. We used to get a shilling a week pocket money and I always bought a punch bar. If I licked it instead of chewing it, i could make it last all day. Ah, Happy days. Contentment didn't cost much then.

Posted on 4 Mar 2012 06:12:53 GMT
Bodie says:
Smarties, proper smarties made by Rowntree - not the ones now that use the Nestle chocolate recipe.

Ditto Aero bars, Kit Kats, etc. 'Black magic' chocolate selections (a favourite of my Mum's).

Posted on 8 Mar 2012 13:15:39 GMT
Seán says:
I absolutely loved Cadbury Fuse, they stopped them somewhere around 2002

Posted on 9 Mar 2012 09:34:38 GMT
Does anybody remember the Jelly's that came in strips (maybe 4 to a strip) they were in plastic moulds of certain popular cartoon characters. (Ghostbusters, He-man, Ninja turtles etc). Cannot find them anymore anywhere, shame as the jelly was delicious.

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Mar 2012 15:10:03 GMT
Fry's Five Centres - yes I remember!

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Mar 2012 15:11:27 GMT
No wait - that was different. Yes, the Cadbury Milk Tray ones. I seem to remember a runny lime flavoured one.

Posted on 9 Mar 2012 15:13:14 GMT
What about Bliss bars? The were soft nougat and had walnuts in and were shaped like half-walnuts - probable about 5 to a bar.

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Mar 2012 15:17:06 GMT
Ohy my god, I love this discussion! I remember Puch bars, a bit like the modern day Chomp but far superior.

Posted on 9 Mar 2012 15:30:27 GMT
TH says:
I thought I'd let you know that I'm producing a feature length documentary that includes many of the yummy brands mentioned in this discusion - milk tray bar, cabana, five centres and loads more. If you're interested you can find out more on the official website is

Posted on 9 Mar 2012 16:03:07 GMT
Remember Toffos and Mint Toffos? Opal Fruits and Opal Mints? Fruit Glees and Toffee Glees? All made to make my mouth water!
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