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Book suggestions please?

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Posted on 19 Apr 2012 23:30:37 BDT
Shane says:
Garscadden, I just answered someones post. I did not milk it like other people do and I kept it simple.

Also, I created that post before I even noticed that Amazon had a MOA page. Normally I would remove that post, but since you just lit the fire and fanned the flame, lets see what it burns down.

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Apr 2012 00:27:19 BDT
Anita says:
Could you please tell me whose post you were answering with your self-promotion post? And you are still NOT supposed to spam any given thread outside MOA, fire or no fire. And how did Garscadden lit the fire? By saying that 'the only good spammer is a deleted spammer'? How very true

Posted on 20 Apr 2012 00:46:47 BDT
Shane says:

It was this post, - "Book suggestions please?" that prompted me to post that story, I thought I was doing no harm and might have offered someone something to read.

As I said before, this post was posted before I knew the MOA was made. It's a good idea and I'll keep my post updated in there with any future projects.

And Garscadden called me a "twit", which, at nearly 1 am in the morning sounded fiery, I just could not resist replying. tomorrow I would not care, but this is all rather fun!

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Apr 2012 01:21:47 BDT
Anita says:
Four posts above yours there is (and was) Paul Tapner's post, a very polite and clear one. Highly recommended. Why have you chosen to read Garscadden's post, and not Paul Tapner's? You would have known all you need to know about MOA forum.

And then, spam is not fun in my book

Posted on 20 Apr 2012 01:52:25 BDT
Shane says:
I cant remember what I did all those days ago, but I think I only read the first two and posted my message. Just me being a twit as Garscadden kindly put it. Then again, I'm still not used to the amazons forum system, but that's probably no excuse.

I was not talking about spam being fun, just the conversation. How many 'spammers' do you know reply to posts complaining about them. I have not found one. If I was a true spammer, I would not even bother coming back to write. Then again, once I close my browser, I probably won't be able to find this topic again.

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Apr 2012 05:53:07 BDT
Garscadden says:
Most spammers here do, trying to justify why they have done so. I used twit, because the same word with an a tends to get my posts deleted.

You managed to find MOA 4 minutes after posting here - that looks like drive by spam to me...

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Apr 2012 06:28:30 BDT
Oracle says:
Well, great job not deleting your post, even though you know it's not allowed. That kind of thing is what got the well-behaved authors banned in the first place. Bit childish really - Garscadden upset you so you won't delete your post that broke the rules and is damaging the reputation of self-published authors.

Posted on 20 Apr 2012 07:37:38 BDT
Sou'Wester says:
If you were looking for someone to build a new conservatory and you started asking round friends and neighbours for genuine recommendations, I think you'd be pretty cheesed off if suddenly every two-bit building company for miles around intruded into the discussion trying to flog their wares, (especially so if they weren't up front and passed their call off as an unbiased recommendation). You'd be looking for how CUSTOMERS rated work that had been done for them, not a meaningless sales pitch.
It's just the same with these forums. When someone is asking for recommendations about what to read, they're seeking out unbiased views from readers, not advertisments from writers or publishers. These are supposed to be discussions, not some billboard where all and sundry can paste up free ads, and to abuse the system by spamming is just rude.

Posted on 20 Apr 2012 11:16:29 BDT
Last edited by the author on 20 Apr 2012 11:17:00 BDT
Shane says:
[Customers don't think this post adds to the discussion. Show post anyway. Show all unhelpful posts.]

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Apr 2012 11:50:26 BDT
Anita says:
So, you've found this thread again. Talk of luck.

Just curious: have you tried "my own" link? :)))
If not, beware: I've promoted so many books there under so many names...

In fact it's hopeless. If a spammer thinks s/he's right, nothing in the world will change that. Happy washing anyway. (Not a bit of information I find of any interest or worth to make public, but it's your choice.)

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Apr 2012 15:39:08 BDT
Ken O'Neill says:
So I'm now a well-known best-selling American author and British mid-lister, both posting under the same pseudoneum and using the same Amazon account? I'm fairly sure that there are laws against personation and libel.

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Apr 2012 15:46:09 BDT
Anita says:
Oh, Ken, I'm so flattered to find out I'm on a friendly leg with somebody that famous :)

(I've deleted my own suggestions because of some stupid no-voter with hopes that the OP got them by e-mail. If I hadn't, you'd know by now how many identities I have, and how famous I am...)

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Apr 2012 15:59:46 BDT
Oracle says:
You are Robert Asprin?! I thought he was dead?!?! ;)

Posted on 20 Apr 2012 17:25:12 BDT
J. Cherry says:
Getting off topic here. Why do all threads end in personal battles?

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Apr 2012 17:31:39 BDT
Oracle says:
Possibly because certain people decided to break the forum rules by promoting their own books...? It was perfectly on-topic before that happened.

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Apr 2012 17:33:23 BDT
Last edited by the author on 20 Apr 2012 17:34:22 BDT
Anita says:
Because before that the thread is usually flooded by spam.

How about not a single one post of self-promotion here first? Just some good suggestions along the OP's lines? End of battle

Edit: Oracle, you kind of jumped me :)

Posted on 20 Apr 2012 21:35:29 BDT
Shane says:
yeah, found this forum again, god bless the Netscape history, (When it works.)

Well, a wise man knows when to quit, so I am doing so now... Final words:

Apologies to anyone offended by my first post.
Huge thanks and half a year of good luck to anyone who found that post useful, downloaded and enjoyed that story.


In reply to an earlier post on 21 Apr 2012 11:39:17 BDT
[Deleted by Amazon on 23 Apr 2012 00:43:29 BDT]

Posted on 22 Apr 2012 18:34:36 BDT
John says:
Oh Jesus, he is still at it.

Regarding the thread, I have mentioned my favorite sci-fi in other threads, so sorry if this is repeated.

Battlefield Earth - fantastic.
The Nights Dawn Trilogy - Peter F Hamilton - possibly the greatest space opera of all time, all of his books are worth reading (except for the nano flower perhaps)
Hyperion by dan simmons - the first two books only, possibly the greatest plot I ever come across. Very, very clever.
Finally, this is a dark and guilty pleasure. Kate Daniels series by ilona andrews. Its sci-fi and fantasy with technology and magic coming in waves. While being a clever idea, the books are backed up with solid writing, solid editing and a brilliant main character. The books are hilarious, and if you can read these books without cracking up a dozens times per book at least, then there's something wrong with your sense of humour. Anxiously awaiting books four and five. Excellent!

Posted on 23 Apr 2012 06:04:35 BDT
Garscadden says:
Bamber's promo's have gone :) Good old Amazon.

In reply to an earlier post on 23 Apr 2012 08:55:19 BDT
Ken O'Neill says:
He is yes. Ok, I needed Wiki Fu to confirm that before replying, but that's another reason why Shane is an idiot!

Anita, I'm not an author, but I've met several socially, including Iain (M) Banks, (P)Terry Pratchett (possible in-joke) and Charles Stross whom I share a non-drinking hobby with.

Posted on 23 Apr 2012 11:39:27 BDT
John says:
I cannot figure out why that last post was deleted... it wasn't spam and it wasn't obnoxious.

In reply to an earlier post on 23 Apr 2012 16:19:13 BDT
Oracle says:
Didn't see it but sometimes the Amazon computer misinterprets things.

In reply to an earlier post on 23 Apr 2012 16:49:56 BDT
[Deleted by the author on 24 Apr 2012 11:55:22 BDT]

Posted on 24 Apr 2012 08:50:17 BDT
Ken O'Neill says:
Anita, John and Oracle - In summary I was confirming that Robert Asprin is dead, and listing some authors I've met socially (not if they're GoH at SF cons, but if they're just normal members that counts). If anyone can say why that's offensive please do: Amazon, this means you!!
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