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Posted on 20 Apr 2011 00:09:10 BDT
Greysuit says:
Baker Street always sends a shuder down my spine. it was in the charts at the same time as I was in Germany when Lord Louis Montbatten was murdered by the IRA on the same day as the Warrenpoint "ambush" that resulted in the death of 18 Paras. Notwithstanding my associations to the track - a truly great piece of music that The Foe will hate because of that incredible intro.

As for California - I saw JM do this live in Gloucester as part of the "Turning Point" tour and I have never been disappointed with the absence of a drummer - his percussion comes from everything except a drum kit. A very underestimated artist to start with - but this is a great track that exemplifies the Turning Point era. Good choice MK.

May I - in return - offer "She Rides" by Eric Clapton from his first solo album - Eric Clapton and Friends (on Spotify as Eric Clapton)

☺ ☺ ☺

Posted on 18 Apr 2011 13:06:33 BDT
Last edited by the author on 18 Apr 2011 13:12:35 BDT
Right then, lets knock off the latest 3:

Master James of St George by Big Big Train: This track sounds OK, but nothing is really grabbing me at the moment, but now the instrumental section has started, it's picking up - now the end section reminds me a bit of "Heart Of The Sunrise". I'll try the next "Victorian Brickwork", and I'm starting to think it's the singer's voice that I don't like - God, this is dreary, but once again picks up just over 2mins in when the vocals stop. Hhhmmmm, don't quite know what to make of this lot so I'll go middle of the road with 5/10.

Forevermore by Whitesnake: Classic Coverdale this album, and whilst it's not an album that I would buy, I'm pleased to have a copy. 7/10

Gerry Rafferty - Baker street: A classic Rafferty song, I've always loved that famous intro and even though I've heard it God-knows-how-many-times, I never tire of it. Oh by the way, nothing wrong with nostalgia now again MK - 8/10.

OK, someone famous doing something a little different, try a band without a drummer, I give you:

John Mayall with California (from The Turning Point) on Spotty

Posted on 17 Apr 2011 10:52:20 BDT
Just popped my head in to have a look, and there's only one I don't know - Big Big Train. I've had the Whitesnake album for a while Deano as a friend burnt me a copy of his "preview". As for the GR track MK, well, what can I say?

Be back soon.

Posted on 16 Apr 2011 22:51:29 BDT
Mark Kibble says:
After last nights sojourn I think a little one tracking is in order.

Garbage - A stroke of luck
I'm not really connecting with this at all, it's pleasant enough if a little one dimensional and that may be it's downfall for me, the odd track here and there wouldn't bother me, any more than that though would see me heading for the exit.

Lou Reed - Intro/Sweet Jane
I think you may have guessed my response on this one CD, the 'intro' was ok then he had to spoil it all with those horrible vocals, nope, I don't do mister Reed.

Big Big Train - Master James of st George
These have been on my radar for quite some time, they were recommended over on the prog forum, I've not as yet felt the need to procure anything but their style of art/symphonic rock fits nicely in my preferred listening, this track tends to get better as it progresses (no pun intended) ..... it's only a matter of time I feel before a disc or two lands on my doorstep.

Whitesnake - Forevermore
Started off like a typical AOR rock ballad before adding a bit of guts to the proceedings about half way through, can't knock it in any way but I couldn't see this getting regular airings with me.

I think I may have been a tad dismissive tonight, still have vivid memories of Nikki and the Been.

Nothing new from me this time, instead I'll raid spotters for another nostalgic trip, sorry Deano

Gerry Rafferty - Baker street.

p.s Anyone else seen the new guidelines for free spotters? Shouldn't affect us too much, if at all.

In reply to an earlier post on 14 Apr 2011 21:17:48 BDT
Last edited by the author on 15 Apr 2011 06:42:45 BDT
Deano says:
A few more from me tonight, gotta keep chipping away at the back-log.

Joe Bonamassa - Tennessee Paltes....
I got into JB from his You & Me album, and have bought everything he has released since. I can honestly say, I have never heard a duffer from the man, and what a work ethic, it wasnt more than a year ago that we had his last album and he's released the Black Country Communion album inbetween those two, and my favourite JB solo album, 'The ballad of John Henry' was a year before Black Rock, so he's averaging something every 8 months or so.
Quite a country tinge to this one, a real toe tapper. If I was picking I would probably have gone for the title track, but as I said earlier, I cant fault the guy, so any track works for me. Great pick MK.

The Fall - Eat yourself fitter....
I dont know if this is punk, post punk or any other kind of punk, I just know I dont like it!
Musically very dull and repetetive and a vocal that isnt much more than a spoken voice. I did try another track before making my mind up, 'Oleano', but I'm afraid that just left me mourning the passing of the time it took to listen to it.

Akron/Family - One spring morning....
This instantly makes me think of Mumford & Sons, and thats fine by me. A really nice little folky acoustic number, not as blustery and boistrous as the Mumfords stuff, but very easy on the ear all the same. I will be back.

Mercury Rev- Holes....
Not bad I suppose, but not that memorable somebody playing a saw with a violin bow at the 2 minute mark?
The longer this goes on the more it irritates, just a bit too arty I think.
No, my mind has been made up now, 3 minutes is more than enough of this thank you, sorry, just not my cuppa.

Pavement - Here....
Crikey, another flat-liner, God this is dire!! Dull, monotone, sulky mumblings over the top of the most mind numbingly boring guitar work EVER.
Bloody 'ell!! I wouldnt want to listen to this while driving...........yawn!!

Right, what am I going to offer up tonight?

I make no excuses for this, I am a massive DC fan and have been waiting for this album for what seems like forevermore!!!

Forevermore by Whitesnake (Spotify)

In reply to an earlier post on 13 Apr 2011 00:08:39 BDT
Mark Kibble says:
Aha .... Big Big Train, the Bournemouth? proggers.

In reply to an earlier post on 12 Apr 2011 22:54:30 BDT
Deano says:
Hi all, time for another bit of a catch up, and tonight's session has been a corker, here's what I thought:-

Sheavy - Last of the v8 interceptors...
This band is already on my 'To Buy' list. Great, Sabbathesqueness (I am submitting that word to the Oxford English Dictionary, I believe it should exist!!) sound to the track. The singer does try and get the Ozzy sound a bit too close for comfort, but I can forgive him for that, as the whole package just kicks ass!!!

Ian King - Death and the lady....
Ver trumpetty! at least its not saxetty!! or is it? cant tell if there's one hiding away in there somewhere, or maybe you lot have just worn me down, as I really rather enjoyed this (apart from the dadas!). had a bit of a tribal back beat. Overall, interesting enough for me to want to try another...'Evil eye' picked as a checker.
A bit plinkety plonkety (I'm on fire tonight!!), but still, quite nice.
Not something I'd necessarily buy, but I'd listen again.

Pendragon - Indigo part 1....
Meant to try this band before, well, here's my opportunity.
Well, this sounds like its going to be a great big slice of fabulously overblown prog rock...and all the better for it. Nice meaty sound to the guitars, the keyboards coming in to balance it out a little. Not the greatest singer in the world, but that doesnt seem to matter here, in fact, this track would work as an instrumental I think.
This is playing out, and I get the feeling I could quite easily get lost in this album, it just seems to have all of the necessary ingredients.
I will probably end up owning this.....Great pick.

Swans - Copperhead Road....
So, I followed the link and got what looked like someone's home video recording of their turn on the karaoke machine at their local. Not bad in all honesty, but its just a cover version sung in the pub from what I can see. As such, it doesnt do very much for me.

Rheinita - La Dusseldorf.....
Well, the title says 'Krautrock classic', I'll have to take the author's word for it, what a racket!!!
Very drummy, very synthy, very very cack!!! Sorry, not for me, no way no how.

Father Murphy - In their graves....
Another that has simply left me cold, sounds like the soundtrack to some sort of Cowboys and Indians movie, where there's a hero monk thrown in for good measure.
Oh well, each to their own I suppose.

Stuarts bundle.....
You and me sir, are very much singing from the same hymn sheet. Metallica and Disturbed, no brainers for me, seen both bands inside the last 2 years, and both were superb. I own the entire catalogue of both, so have not reviewed them any more than to say, feckin' great mate.
I did give the Lacuna Coil track a spin, I own a couple of their albums, but havent listened to them for ages. I really enjoyed this Depeche Mode cover, quite different from the original and enough to make me want to give what have a turn in the car.
Marilyn Manson is ok in very small doses, not so sure he has any relevance now though, I think he has lost the plot a bit, and his brand of shock rock is a bit past its sell by date.
It may well be worth your while having a look at the first dozen or so pages of this thread, there's a few bits there for you I'm sure, and once again, welcome aboard HMS One Track.

Garbage - A stroke of luck....
Something here keeps me listening, usually this sort of thing is an instant turn off, but, even though the track is quite flat and doesnt seem to want to go anywhere, it has a ghostly, other worldly quality to it which makes it quite interesting. I'll have another...'Fix me now' as a checker.
Well, this has a little more bounce in its step. Its ok, but not as interesting as the recommended track.
One to return to I think.

Hermano - The Bottle.....
Cor!! Flippin' 'eck. 30 seconds in and I know I am sold on this.
Mark, as Cornish says, this is a bit crunchy for you isnt it? Reminds me of a cross between Soundgarden and Sabbath with a bit of Monster Magnet thrown in for good measure.
Superb, this my ol' mate, is very much in the basket.
Track of the night for me.

Right, thats enough catch-up for tonight, here's another from me, and yet again I resisit the urge to drop a bit of metal on ya!! Heres one I have just encountered (dont think we've had 'em before), I bought 2 of their albums from the band themselves, they sell out of Amazon's marketplace, and cheaper than on their own website!!
Anyway, see what you make of :-

Master James of St George by Big Big Train (Spotify)

Catch you later.

In reply to an earlier post on 12 Apr 2011 22:16:57 BDT
Damned with faint prise Cornish , that Rory track has to be worth 15/10 at the very least. And more f@~kin' Lou Reed, now that is just cruel

Posted on 12 Apr 2011 20:00:01 BDT
Hello again one-trackers, long time no see. Well, I've caught up listening to the latest batch over the last couple of days. A pretty good lot, but there are some weaker ones in the mix!

Stackridge - Everyman: Better be careful what I say here as this is MK's main band! However, there is nothing to fear as I have not heard any Stackridge that I have not found palatable. This track sounds very "English" which is no bad thing, especially with the flute popping in and out. A very pleasant acoustic track, but no earth-shaker. 7/10

I dont know by Kassidy: Good to have you back Deano - like this style right from the start, a relaxed drawl a bit like Sean Mullins. Just over 1 min in and I really like this; so much so I've let it run on to the next track - yep, good call Deano. 7/10

Joe Bonamassa - Tennessee plates: This is a bit different from what I was expecting - sounds like proper Americana, more like something Steve Earle would do, and I mean that as a compliment. Fun track pretty much up my street really - 6/10

Sean Rowe - Jonathan: This starts very atmospheric, and what a distinctive voice. This really starts to build up, can this be right, another good track - 4 in a row and going strong. Good call Lez (I did let this run on to surprise - another good `un) 7/10
(Later in day - just noticed Lez that you compare his voice to Scott Mathews - don't really see that but I do have both SM's albums, "Elsewhere" is particularly good IMO)

Rory Gallagher and Just the Smile: I haven't heard the Beat Club Sessions before but as it's Roy, I can't imagine this will be bad, and it's good to hear him playing acoustic - good call Peter, I reckon that's 5 in a row now. 6/10

Fade To Black by Metallica: These guys have made many great albums and have some storming riffs and tunes. Although I have never purchased any Metallica albums myself, my son has quite a collection, and they are undoubtedly a cut above most metal bands. Great track, so you're off to a winner Stuart! 7/10

The Animal by Disturbed: New band for me - oh my, is it going to be a growler on vocals from those guttural noises - ah, no, he does sing. Sounds a bit like a pub metal band to me; nothing original, simple and tuneless, and it doesn't get any better - everything that the last track had, this one lacks. 2/10

Enjoy The Silence by Lacuna Coil: Pretty dismal start which is lifted slightly by the (girl) singer's voice. I'm listening on Spotify and the production sounds damn awful, but that could be them. Tried the next track, Virtual Environment, but I'm afraid this is another band which has little to no attraction for me; not so bad that I have to turn them off, but there will not be any Lacuna Coil in my library. 3/10

Rock Is Dead by Marilyn Manson: This guy has always struck me as a more of clown than a threatening figure. This track runs along at a fair old pace, but I haven't heard anything original or that makes this track stand out, and all that anger has been done before - remember "Kick Out The Jams Motherf*ckers" - MC5 and many that followed. 4/10

Hermano - The bottle: Good grief, this is a bit heavy for MK methinks. Again it's OK but I've heard it all before and with lines like "you're all mine, end of time", it's a bit like schoolboy lyrics. Coverdale/Whitesnake do this style of rock so much better IMO. 5/10

A Stroke Of Luck by Garbage: I know this one as my daughter bought this album when it first came out, and that was a few years ago now. Moody vocals but they were one of those bands which very much appealed to the youth of the day. My daughter played this album a great deal, but it never got into my bloodstream. 4/10

Right, due to another thread (and Lez), I'm nominating someone that I've put up before, a very influential guy; please listen to:

Intro/Sweet Jane by Lou Reed (The Rock & Roll Animal version) on Spotty - I thank you!

Posted on 11 Apr 2011 11:26:48 BDT
Hi Guys - wow, new blood; welcome Stuart. You will find a wide range of music put forward here, maybe some you'll like, maybe some you'll hate, but that's the fun and the game. I think someone (Lez?) has already said that you shouldn't be upset if any selections get a bad reaction from some of us. One thing you can be sure of is that you have a metal buddy in Deano.

Looks like that I've got a few to hear so I'll see you later - cheers.

Posted on 9 Apr 2011 23:53:19 BDT
stuart lief says:
I'm a Metal fan & there's still a fair amount to nominate such as an instrumental from an album that sparked a backlash from Metallica fans in 2008 but since i've got it on vinyl instead of CD i may've got the better version of it. It seems strange that apparently the video game of Guitar Hero III's version is better than the CD but that maybe the result of the success of the ipod.

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Apr 2011 23:53:11 BDT
Deano says:
Woohoo!! Welcome aboard Stu, Metallica?.....Disturbed?......Lacuna Coil?..... I like your style!!

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Apr 2011 23:29:05 BDT
Mark Kibble says:
Don't worry about false starts Stu, your not the first and probably not the last.

Do you not have spotify? it went through a period where it was available only for a monthly fee but I believe the free version is available again, google it and join up, most of our nominations can be found there though like your last post if we have to use youtube or myspace we include the link to save peeps time.

I haven't heard the youtube edit of the bottle as the whole album is on spotters, glad you liked it, by the way, don't take comments here too seriously, most of us have been conversing here for a long time and indeed have met up at the ppu's for a beer or three hence we tend to overdo the comaraderie a bit at times, nothing personal is intended and in a rather strange way if your nomination gets a good slagging or two it's more likely to be a form of acceptance of you than anything else ..... happy one tracking.

ps should have mentioned, it's a monumental task to check out the backlog (over 700) but as I noticed the metal (grrrr) in your suggestions, early doors there was a fair bit offered, until I talked Deano out of it, maybe worth the odd trawl through when you've got a minute, regardless of whether you review them or not.

Posted on 9 Apr 2011 23:06:03 BDT
stuart lief says:
I've heard The Bottle by Hermano from the Only A Suggestion album on You Tube, i hope this is right the intro was good with only the drum with the guitars coming in 17 seconds into the track. The Vocals were great with a few seconds of solo & then silence at 3:39. This is something i'd listen to more than once. Good job finding this track. i hope the rest of the album is as good as this track.
I've found Pig Iron Ruler Of Tomorrow (full Version) on You Tube as a promo video of the Paths Of Glory...Lead To The Grave album. well, i guess it's a sort of Bob Dylan meets Black Sabbath with the harmonica in play here. good guitar & drum work here as well as the vocals. Certainly it's more of a curiosity than anything i'd listen to again.
I've found Yawning Man's Stoney Lonesome from the Rock Formations album on You Tube. seems to be more like the blues much like John Lee Hooker who was on (presumably) on BBC 2 in the mid 1960s but more of an instrumental which is unusual today since i didn't think instrumentals survived beyond the early 60s with The Shadows being the most prominent instrumental band of the period.
Here's my own recommendation, less hardcore than the last offering, or should i say my false start. A Stroke Of Luck by Garbage from their self titled album which was originally released by Mushroom records as a single flimsy record then rereleased by Simply Vinyl a few years later as a double 180 gram vinyl LP. i hope the link works.

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Apr 2011 12:55:16 BDT
Mark Kibble says:
Yes Lez, you know I never swear, I have however returned the compliment with my offering, I'm sure one of Stu's nomination had a bit of ripe language as well.

Posted on 9 Apr 2011 00:53:21 BDT
Lez Lee says:
Sorry Mark, I only heard the radio edit - didn't mean to sully your innocent ears. :-)

In reply to an earlier post on 8 Apr 2011 23:12:57 BDT
Mark Kibble says:
As I've got spotters open I may as well keep up to date, welcome aboard Stuart, maybe you would like to review a few nominations yourself.

Sean Rowe - Jonathan
Yup Lez, I can well believe this to be a whispering Bob special and tut tut lady, he fluffs, once the quiet acoustic intro has run it's course and the full instrumental backing kicks in this really takes off, and in my opinion his vocals sound much better with full backing, a good start to this session.

Rory Gallagher - Just the smile
The mere mention of Rory means that you know quality is assured and from the intricate but delicate opening guitarwork through the ensuing vocal and instrumental passages the man proves what an extraordinary talent he really was .... Superb.

Metallica - Fade to black
Found a live version on youtube, nothing on spotters so here goes, liking the opening though am anticipating it to soon develop into the dreaded metal, edging that way about two minutes in, back to vocals now before heading off into a spot of fretwanking, doesn't quite develop into full blown metal which I'm thankful for but not something that I would play too often.

Disturbed - The animal
Found this on spotters, we've had these before and my response is just the same .... I don't do friggin' metal, sorry.

Lacuna Coil - Enjoy the silence
Ah, this is starting off more to my liking, some symphonic keys underpinning some rather gritty guitarwork, the lady singer sounds ok with the melodic vocals, yup I enjoyed that one.

Marilyn Manson - Rock is dead
I'll make no secret of the fact that I've never found anything of interest in the chaps repertoire, this hasn't changed my mind, it bounces but I just wish it wasn't in my direction.

Ok, I know my nomination for tonight is a tad heavy for me but as I've had to endure some metal tonight and some naughty words in the lyrics I thought I'd reciprocate with some hard/heavy rock which does admittedly edge towards metal a bit, anyway check out spotters for

Hermano - The bottle

ps, if you don't like it blame DMC, he suggested it to me the other day.

Posted on 8 Apr 2011 22:14:33 BDT
Lez Lee says:
Hang on a mo Stuart, the idea is you review at least a couple of the recommendations before you make any of your own. You can then make your own suggestion, preferably just 1 Track and try to give a place where it can be heard - Spotify, YouTube, Facebook etc, with a link if needed.
Don't be upset if people are rude about your choices, it happens to everybody, and don't be afraid to say exactly what you think!
Welcome to 1Track!

Posted on 8 Apr 2011 21:30:36 BDT
stuart lief says:
My recomendations are as follows Fade To Black by Metallica on the Ride The Lightning album now available on 45 & 331/3 RPM 180 gram vinyl record. The Animal by Disturbed on the Asylum album on both CD & 331/3 RPM record (the first vinyl release by the band). Enjoy The Silence by Lacuna Coil on the Karma Code Album. Rock Is Dead by Marilyn Manson on the Mechanical Animals album which was reissued by Simply Vinyl on 2x 331/3 RPM180 gram Vinyl

In reply to an earlier post on 8 Apr 2011 20:43:51 BDT
Here come the mummies -'Tip toe'
What have we here, a real gumbo of musical influences. Takes a lot of talent to blend this together so well i think
Well this has been so much fun I think I'll have another.
....and another...

....and anot, oh I think you get the picture, I like this.

But not enough to pay the prices being asked for their albums.

Cavedoll - Brutal Mathematics
Quite a change in style here but I'm liking this as well, hard hitting rock well played usually does the trick, good singer ant it gets the old tootsies tapping.
Couple of checkers show this is another one I'd be happt to have.

Yawning Man -Stoney Lonesome
This has me hooked from the off, overtones of the seventies so no surprise there I suppose. Love the drumming, I'd like tp play that through speakers as large as my house with volume at 22
Giving the next track a go and something which caught my ear previously is again apparent i,e they;ve just nicked The Shadows early stuff and modernised it
I'd still have it though!

Pig Iron Ruler of Tomorrow
Was expecting a Sabbath alike here. It's not really though their influence can be heard. Driving rock with a fairly evident blues influence in places as well.
Ya know when the time comes I'd go out to this, everyone down the front of the crem in the mosh pit flicking long locks about
Son of the female doggie is a more cleary Sabbath type and hellacious is showing the blues strand again.
Absolutely loved this,

Spiritualized - Electricity'
Always been a bit of a fence sitter with this band. They do much that i like but don't quite hit the spot and other stuff I can find dreadful (like The Individual which I;m listening to at mo)
The chosen track has a lot going on and is pretty good but agiain just doesn't quite do it for me

I know he's been up before and already has many fans but my offering has to be heard

Rory Gallagher and Just the Smile from the Beat Club Sessions just released last year (Spotters

Posted on 7 Apr 2011 01:10:05 BDT
Lez Lee says:
Here as promised, though it is in fact Thursday now.

Spiritualized _ Electricity . Got a bit wearing with not much happening. Not bad but wouldn't seek it out. 5/10
Dream Theater - Count of Tuscany. Loved everything but the vocals. 7/10
Haken - Celestial Elixir. Very strange, started off rather formless and meandering, then got interesting at 9 mins, then some bloke spoiled it all with an awful vocal. Overall 5/10
Vanilla Fudge - Keep me Hanging On. Very boring indeed 3/10
Adele - Rolling in the Deep. I must admit I love this and a couple of other tracks and have even considered buying the album. I think she's great. 8/10
Keb' Mo' - She just wants to dance. Well, a slight improvement on Peter's usual stuff but still not appealing to me. 5/10.

Will finish the rest tomorrow and leave you with something different for me, think I heard it on Whisperin' Blob : -
Sean Rowe - Jonathan (Spotty)

Posted on 6 Apr 2011 19:30:10 BDT
Lez Lee says:
Hi, folks, I promise faithfully I'll contribute later this evening.
Good to see you back, Deano.

Posted on 6 Apr 2011 18:59:46 BDT
Hey, welcome back Deano - have to get my listening hat on again soon, and China, put something up for us to dislike, no sorry I mean like mate!

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Apr 2011 23:12:04 BDT
Mark Kibble says:
I'll keep Deano company with a review, welcome home!

Kassidy - I don't know

Can't help but think Dylan with this one, nice and bouncy, with acoustic guitar to the fore which I'm sure we all know is unusual for Deano, vocals much better than Dylan and melodic .... yes I likes, you've bounced back in style.

I recently received my debut album from a chap who's been mentioned a couple of times on the thread supporting other artists, surprised he's not been nominated in his own right so back to blues rock for me with a track from his 2011 album Dust bowl on spotters

Joe Bonamassa - Tennessee plates

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Apr 2011 21:40:22 BDT
china cat says:
I know the feeling but I think your tarts are just a computer in deepest China where even this cat can't reach.
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