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Cardinal O'Brien -the latest in a long list of shamed catholics.

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Posted on 3 Mar 2013 22:12:21 GMT
Last edited by the author on 3 Mar 2013 22:33:06 GMT
J. Forbes says:
The Catholic church in Britain has a number of married priests, and they are not required to forsake conjugal relations.

They are all, I believe, renegade Anglicans, who were permitted to bring their wives and children with them when they jumped ship and became RFC priests.

ETA: RC priests, of course. Thank you, Roma.

Posted on 3 Mar 2013 22:27:31 GMT
Roma says:
Priests in Rangers Football Club - never!

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Mar 2013 10:16:55 GMT
I dont think there was any claim that he did something abusive, He propositioned adult males, whcih is not illegal by any stretch of the imagination.

This is why he is resigning and hiding rather than being arrested. Ta a psuh you could call it sexual harrassment.

The most importnat aspect of this.

surely si that O 'Brien was known for speaking of homosexuality as disgustingf and degenerate and encouragibng Homosexuals to chnage their ways and cure themsleves through christ etc.

what this shows us is that even a cardinal cannot deny their own sexual urges, proof once more that peope are Homosexual through no fault of their own and shoul not be excluded as a result.

This is surely the most importnat lesson learned from this affair. and shows us that depsite being a homosexual O'Brien was still willing to put them down for years, I wonder how much he rally was a christian and how much he just liked the power and place of his stature.


Next Pope should be a Homsexual Women, who's Asian in origin.

Posted on 4 Mar 2013 12:56:49 GMT
athanasius says:
JForbes...these ar converts from the anglican tradtion and it shows

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Mar 2013 12:58:50 GMT
Spin says:
Roma: Do Rangers exist? =)

Posted on 4 Mar 2013 13:35:47 GMT
Last edited by the author on 4 Mar 2013 14:45:39 GMT
While we seem unwilling to admit it, humans are animals and like all animals sex is an extremely powerful primordial instinct and desire,
Yoe can make the all the most binding of vows, oaths and pledges in the wiorld with every intention of seeing them through. You would need to be perpetually at the top of your game on the willpower front every waking second to never slip in control od such basic animal urges. Given the many distractions and woes that life throws at us such permanent control is likely an impossibility even for the most steely willed amongst us and when you throw a bit of inhibition lowering alcohol into the mix, well most of us have probably been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

The real shame in what he has done is the vehement preaching against homosexuality rather than having the courage to temper his views and that of his Church. I don't necessarily subscribe to the view that this is hypocracy though. While he himself may be homosexual by nature he probably does through his faith genuinely believe it is wrong and sinful to act upon this nature. Being human he will occasional fail to keep things in check. I don't think any member of the clergy would claim that rising to prominent position slays the sinner within. It behooves Chritians to show understanding and forgiveness even though they don't condone the actions. And really it speaks ill of atheists to cackle gleefully and score points over the odd inappropriate behaviour and fall from grace of what according to many who know him a basically decent person who has tried to do much good and serve his congregation to the best of his ability.

Unless there is more to the story all he seem to have done is made sexual advances to some people well positioned to and more then capable of rebuffing them. I mean really, are we all gouing to rush to the newspapers if someone we don't fancy trys it on a bit.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Mar 2013 13:46:34 GMT
Bellatori says:
I listened to Today this morning and they had someone from Outrage or one of those gay support groups. He was very cultured and spoke calmly and pleasantly about the matter. He did however use adjectives like vitriolic to describe how the Cardinal addressed homosexuals. Interesting interview.

Posted on 4 Mar 2013 14:01:09 GMT
Spin says:
The truth is that an erect penis has no conscience.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Mar 2013 14:36:33 GMT
Roma says:
Hi Spin. A club by any other name. I m not a supporter but believe they have been treated really badly and that their demotion has adversely affected Scottish football. There s not much excitement in the Scottish premier league at the moment. As you yourself have pointed out on many occasion, the ones responsible are seldom punished.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Mar 2013 14:40:00 GMT
Spin says:
Roma: Well, Rangers are not the epitome of sportmanship at the moment. =) But then Scotland was lucky enough never had anything to argue about amongst itself, which is why it adopts foreign biases and prejudices. =)

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Mar 2013 14:42:48 GMT
Last edited by the author on 4 Mar 2013 14:44:33 GMT
Roma says:
Foreign biaises and prejudices? What are you on about, Spin. I do not recognise this description at all. We are all Jocjk Tamson's bairns. Evidence please! i was going to edit spelling of jock but let it in so show how cosmopolitan we really are.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Mar 2013 14:43:08 GMT
[Deleted by the author on 4 Mar 2013 14:43:26 GMT]

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Mar 2013 14:46:33 GMT
Roma says:
Hi Spin so all that depravation during lent just didn t work on you. No sweets as a child was preparation for no sex as an adult.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Mar 2013 14:47:29 GMT
Spin says:
Roma: The history of Scotland, up to this point where "independence" is a possibility, is no more than a sideline in the history of England. Scotland has, in fact, more of a kinship with France than with England.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Mar 2013 14:48:48 GMT
Spin says:
Roma: sweets and sex? It depends on whether you like Liquorice...=)

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Mar 2013 14:50:36 GMT
Roma says:
Mais oui merci a l entente cordial, n est ce pas?

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Mar 2013 14:52:36 GMT
Last edited by the author on 4 Mar 2013 14:54:12 GMT
atheists i.e. myself (all I can speak for) have not tried to paint this as something its not, he is free to try and have sex with as many men as he likes in my book, I have zero issue with that, but at first it appeared it might be worse than this.

That said, I can see your point about it not neccessarily being a situation where we can call him a Hypcorate due to the fact he may feel he was sinful and shameful for doing these things..

Where I do have an issue is the fact that these actions remain at odds with the faith he championed for so long and I actually in a way feel sorry for him if he is a homosexual that he has repressed his freedom and happyness for all these years to sacrifice himself towards an ideal with which he was born and raised and is frankly pointless and archaic.

I dont blame the Cardinal for being Human, I blame the Catholic church for being intolerant and out of date and morally more dubious than they apear to be.

Hence that is where my ammunition is being directed, not as you say jumping on O'Brien himself, though I assunme he'd quite like that.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Mar 2013 14:56:19 GMT
Spin says:
Roma: Que sais-je (scai-je)?

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Mar 2013 15:03:41 GMT
C. A. Small says:
O'Brien is at liberty to have (at anytime) been honest and left the church, got a real job and a life. He is a hipocrite and deserves all that is coming his way.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Mar 2013 15:06:56 GMT
Spin says:
CA: And what of your politicians, celebrities and sporting heroes? Do you condemn them as well? Let me guess, you have some excuse for their corruption...

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Mar 2013 15:11:51 GMT
Last edited by the author on 4 Mar 2013 15:12:13 GMT
Dan Fante says:
Politicians are in a similar boat in that they choose their life and also are fond of telling others how to live theirs on the whole. The same doesn't follow with the other two and, to be honest with you, despite the media etc. placing pop stars and footballers and the like on a pedestal as 'role models', I think you have to be a bit of a moron to be expect them to be so.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Mar 2013 15:11:59 GMT
C. A. Small says:
He has publically been a hard line bead juggler, making others feel guilt about their natural inclinations. He has supported an institution publically whilst in private doing the opposite.

What has this to do with sporting heroes and celebs?

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Mar 2013 15:13:35 GMT
I wasn't meaning to imply that all Christians have been intolerant and unforgiving and all Atheists guilty of uncharitable points scoring.

Priest no matter their sexuality have to repress the freedom and happpynese excerising it would bring. I would say that while i agree from my standpoint that it is pointless and archaic it is not for me to say they should share my views.

As to whether the cardinal would enjoy being jumped on by you, hard to say without a photo and evebn then i don't think I'm qualified to judge.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Mar 2013 15:23:11 GMT
Last edited by the author on 4 Mar 2013 15:26:02 GMT
I dont think its fair to say that Clive. His actions and words were polar oppsites to his beliefs, but as a Catholic he was brain washed from a sexually immature child to believe in the words of his families and Priests etc. when One is indoctrinated, we have to feel some sympathy for the indoctrinee, even though that person went on to promulgate the indoctrination process.

anyway he has left now, but the anti homosexaul message of the RCC ahs taken an almighty hit once again and I deem this a good thing.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Mar 2013 15:25:14 GMT
Last edited by the author on 4 Mar 2013 15:26:26 GMT
True, but surely he'd be a bit desperate by now, I mean trying it on with other priests was hardly a calculated move, if he had went ot a gay bar dressed up like a total Camp dude he'd have got laid. and no one would have recognised him.
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