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The real reason/cause of the riots.

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Initial post: 14 Aug 2011 12:44:53 BDT
Lots and lots of yakkoes on the TV and radio...many words in the press...yet no one has identified the REAL causation...low pre-frontal cortex activity...

Various researchers have shown the poor family structure impairs the development of the PFC...then we end up with humans who have little or no forethought...low levels of planning and focus...controlled by their old brains...

What we saw was the result of temporal lobes and limbic brains all hot and bothered....reptile brains in fight mode=chaos!

Posted on 14 Aug 2011 15:13:01 BDT
Last edited by the author on 13 May 2012 08:00:20 BDT
For many, including Peter Hitchins: The Broken Compass: How British Politics lost its way and Nial Ferguson: Civilization: Is the West History [DVD] the social upheavals of the 1960's are the cause of Britain's recent instability/decline, and they are certainly not wrong in that. If however, England's problems are seen in their longer term historical context; it becomes evident that a far deeper malaise is affecting not just us, but the entire Western World Order. This deep rooted sickness is remarkably similar to that which ultimately led to the collapse of the ancient Roman World; from which our own Western civilization is sprung.

The first serious weakening of Roman world power occured under Diocletian, when in 285AD the Empire was divided between East and West. It should be remembered that our own Western World Order suffered an identical division in 1917, when at the height of WWI; Tsarist Russia collapsed and was replaced by the USSR. This event fueled ideological rivalries which exploded into a second European civil war just a generation later. When the guns fell silent in 1945, the original heartland of western civilization was a broken shell, garrisoned by Soviet armies in the East and American 'liberators' in the West; who rapidly dismantled the empires on which Europe's economic/military power rested, to prevent any resurgence of 'european militarism'. As with Latinum/Byzantium; the victors in Washington and Moscow were both children of Rome/the Western World, but each was already noticably weaker than their Imperial parent.

As the fractured powers of Latinum and Byzantium each sought domination of the entire Roman Empire; so Moscow and Washington sought the same prize in a 50 year 'Cold War'. As the Western Empire bought 'influence' amongst the Visigoths with gold, and Byzantium paid Attila's Huns tribute; so the once invincible but now ever more poorly equipped Legions/Western Armies struggled to win even minor frontier conflicts with Germania/Parthia etc..... In a striking modern parallel, Washington largely rebuilt Japanese industry in order to fight the wars in Korea/Vietnam; while Moscow's 'development loans' and industrial transfers helped built the Chinese industrial base, which prevented an American victory.

Then as now, each used covert methods to undermine/destablise the other's social stability; bad politicians/senators were bribed, the good murdered, malcontents supported, revolts/revolution were sponsored/supplied. Then as now, an immense and apparently powerful world civilization seemed only to have lost it's way; but beneath the strong self-confident veneer; all this self-destruction bore malignant fruit. Then as now, a tiny group of financial racketeers profited unbelievably by obscene methods, roman slavery; modernday importation/exploitation of low paid immigrants. Blatant corruption in the Senate/Parliament went not only unpunished, but was protected by an equally corrupt Praetorian Guard/Police Force. Then as now the slave/immigrant based economy stalled, producing a situation of both unviably low wages and mass unemployment; which in turn led to a collapse in the indigenous birthrate, ethnic conflict and the social chaos of mass family breakdown, along with the associated crime, ignorance and despair.

Then as now, while Rome floundered, by comparison the rival powers grew ever stronger in real terms:-
Europe's population 1910:- 360millions, industrial growth 2-3%. Europe 2010 :- 400millions, industrial growth 2% (Nil since 2008!).
Chinese population 1910:- 400millions, industrial growth nil. China 2010:- 1,400millions, industrial growth 10%+ per year!
Indian population 1910:- 380million, industrial growth 1%. India 2010 pop 1,200millions, industrial growth reaching 8-10% per year.

In ancient Rome(East and West), the inevitable discontent that came with the economic and social chaos was 'controlled' by a huge army of state spies, paid a paltry wage to protect property, watch/inform on their neighbours and spead stories of how successful recent Government actions had been; highly reminicent of our security, surveillance camera, phone tapping and mass media industries?

We all know how Rome's once great Empire finally ended; the Rhine froze and waves of starving heavily armed Germanic barbarians surged into Roman Gaul; neither the ineffective, poorly equipped legions or the disarmed 'citizenry' could resist the tide; the wealthy fled with what loot they could carry and the Empire was gone.

To conclude.
WWI was a catastrophe for Western civilization, massacring millions and by discrediting the previously sucessfull Christian Aristocracies; paving the way for a supposed democracy amidst which three rival ideologies, each a subtle blend of good/bad aspects of the old Imperial Order, fought each other, at first in the streets, then in the Citadels of Power and finally on the battlefields of WWII; each determined that their vision of the future would become our today.

These rival ideologies were:-
1. Capitalist/Democracy. A pluralistic, materialistic non-totalitarian ideology, in which Europe's industrial production would be used to raise living standards, not in Europe; but throughout the woefully poverty stricken/exploited empires. These would eventually be given self-rule, but continue in reality to be controlled by financial leverage and puppet governments.
2. Nazism/Fascism. A totalitarian, elitist/Darwinist ideology, advocating militarism, European unity, rapid expansion of Europe's population and industrial/military strength, the preservation of private property/empires.
3. Marxist/Communism. A fiercely totalitarian, egalitarian ideology advocating the massacre of the previous aristocratic leadership, transfer of all property to the state, and the systematic stimulation of revolution worldwide; which would inevitably lead to the rebellion and loss of the Empires on which Europe's industrial/military power rested.

As 'last man standing' following Nazism's miltary defeat and the Soviet Union's collapse into bankrupcy, American Capitalism was the supposed victor, BUT in a radically changed world. The media might speak of "The End of History" etc... but the reality was very different. The inherited socialist tendencies within both Nazi/Communist ideologies had predisposed their leadership cadres to share at least some of societies wealth; the Nazis by race, the Communists by class. Unfortunately this 'sharing' tendency is largely absent from Capitalist doctrine, which is much more individual/profit orientated. Thus if the West needed cheap labour Third World immigrants by the millions were rapidly shipped into the West's city slums and set to work; increasing 'profits' at a stroke but with no real thought of the longer term effects on Western Society. With the old homogeneous populations now replaced by so-called 'melting pots' which in truth are deeply fractured by divisions of class, race, religion and even language; the crows are coming home to roost in the increasingly serious race riots now sweeping the Western World. With the major exception of the Ugandan Asians (whose very business success caused their expulsion from Uganda by Idi Amin in the 1970's) most immigrant 'communities' hold the same menial position within our society that slaves held within Ancient Rome. Remember Kirk Douglas in the epic Spartacus [DVD] [1960]? Well that's what's been happening in Tottenham, Manchester, Bradford etc... Our slaves have been grieviously treated for decades and are now revolting; but our masters don't want to admit the situation even exists, let alone deal with it.

Posted on 14 Aug 2011 15:22:52 BDT
Simon; Who gave you house permission to use the computer? Report to the form master at once and be prepared to be whacked into sexual submission.

Posted on 14 Aug 2011 16:33:54 BDT
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In reply to an earlier post on 14 Aug 2011 16:34:46 BDT
Dear CW...could you be a bit more specific...?

Posted on 14 Aug 2011 20:10:20 BDT
Charlieost says:
Thankyou for that potted history CW. Certainly food for thought.

In reply to an earlier post on 14 Aug 2011 20:33:17 BDT
Last edited by the author on 14 Aug 2011 20:56:30 BDT
S.R.J says:
Whilst I consider it unlikely to be the only cause Simon, there is considerable research indicating those with the diagnosis of personality disorder have not had suffiecient physical nurturing from parents, the mother in particular.
You are likely to be ridiculed as there are few who have read the research, including many that shoud have!
But you are probably right that it is a contributory factor, and one that does not feature in any socio specific group either.

In reply to an earlier post on 14 Aug 2011 20:49:26 BDT
L. L. Willis says:
Well, That's the problem...... What's the solution ? Tumbrils and Guillotine ?

In reply to an earlier post on 15 Aug 2011 00:16:47 BDT
Your approach uses what is now called neuroscience. Whilst not suggesting that this is the only possible approach, I do think it is a valid one and notone that most people want to contemplate.
You will be aware that bonding, or lack of it, in the first 3 years of life are very important causal factors. So I think your comment about family life, or lack of it, is correct and important.
Without bonding it is difficult to develop interpersonal morals. Some of the moral views voiced in the streets to media were remarkably shallow and selfish.
I conclude that the importance of health visitors working with parents in the first 3 years of a child's life has been grossly undervalued.

Posted on 15 Aug 2011 02:36:24 BDT
Spin says:
The real cause of the riots? You.

Posted on 15 Aug 2011 05:49:45 BDT
Hi Simon is that proposal pf marriage from the reptilian you, the "developed" frontal lobe or do you normally just speak through a flap in your trousers?

In reply to an earlier post on 15 Aug 2011 05:55:33 BDT
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Posted on 15 Aug 2011 09:43:25 BDT
I just heard something go....plop!!!

In reply to an earlier post on 15 Aug 2011 10:25:11 BDT
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Posted on 15 Aug 2011 11:14:48 BDT
Oh look another one!!! I think it's a reptile. Next Stop Daivd Icke...all aboard

In reply to an earlier post on 15 Aug 2011 14:11:38 BDT
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In reply to an earlier post on 15 Aug 2011 16:53:44 BDT
Last edited by the author on 15 Aug 2011 16:56:58 BDT
S Wood says:
@simon boyd

Some examples of poor family structures please? In what cultural / socio-economic context do they come about? Why are the owners of these alleged sub-normal brains not rioting every other week? What are the policy ramifications of your brainwaves on brains?

Can you expand the scope of your brain analysis to (for example) police officers who shoot restrained blokes then shoot a radio and pretend the dead bloke shot the radio when it was attached to a police officer and they shot him in self defence? Or what about the council who is evicting a family based on a sons conviction for rioting? Or a political class whose neo-liberal policies result in economic meltdown, mass bailouts for bankers then use this as leverage further degrade social programmes? Or the bankers who having driven the economy into the ground, recieved a ton of public money, pay themselves big bonuses and then expect to be left to carry on as if nothing has happened? What Mr Boyd is going on in the brains of such people?

In reply to an earlier post on 15 Aug 2011 17:05:05 BDT
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Posted on 15 Aug 2011 17:22:24 BDT
Looks like the reptillian brain has spoken!

Posted on 15 Aug 2011 17:23:05 BDT
S Wood says:
@simon boyd

I did rather expect an asinine response boyd. Why is it that rioters are up for brain dissections and other disfunctional and arguably more damaging deviants are to escape boyds scalpel?

In reply to an earlier post on 15 Aug 2011 17:33:53 BDT
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Posted on 15 Aug 2011 17:59:03 BDT
S Wood says:
@simon boyd

Nasty? I wouldn't suggest that- my diagnosis for you would be mostly harmless, a little retarded with monomaniacal tendencies, unable to engage in rational debate. Boyd also has a confidence in his somewhat limited knowledge that leads him to believe that he is above questioning. His analysis of social phenomena is limited to brain chemistry, this in itself is further limited by only applying it to one group within society. When asked to speculate on the application of his believes to other groups (eg police, bankers, politicians) boyd becomes evasive, and exercises his ability to deliver playground style retorts in the manner of a marginally disfunctional ten year old. In the absence of further information about the subject this maybe a fair assumption to make with regard to his age and occupation.

In reply to an earlier post on 15 Aug 2011 18:07:36 BDT
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Posted on 15 Aug 2011 18:19:29 BDT
S Wood says:
@simon boyd

Well if it (brain function) applies to all then why not try applying it all? If your going to be a monomaniac at least don't be a hypocritical one.

And while i realise that in your current state of delusional conceit my next request may seem like an impudent imposition but is it possible for you to answer at least a few of the questions in my initial post to you?

In reply to an earlier post on 15 Aug 2011 18:37:40 BDT
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