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Initial post: 23 Jan 2014 21:27:39 GMT
Any music fans here that indulge in photography?
I'm looking for recommendations for a decent DSLR under 500 quid.

Need some pragmatic anecdotal advice from a hobbyist, not a hardcore photographer.

Posted on 23 Jan 2014 22:21:41 GMT
Last edited by the author on 23 Jan 2014 22:22:00 GMT
You need Smitty Butler !

In reply to an earlier post on 23 Jan 2014 22:45:27 GMT
Last edited by the author on 23 Jan 2014 22:56:40 GMT
The Camera forum sadly seems to have been inactive since August of last year but the Photography Forum is still being followed and posted on? Maybe you will get more of an expert opinion from an enthusiastic hobbyist on the best cameras to get from someone on there, Butler?...

I hope this helps you...x

In reply to an earlier post on 23 Jan 2014 22:59:44 GMT
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T. Franklin says:
There will be small variations between models but you should go to a dealer and handle the various options. A camera can be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but if you can't stand the way the controls work it won't be good for you.

Depending if you have a longer term view of owning more than just a standard zoom, the widest lens ranges are in Canon and Nikon mounts (including third party like Sigma)

In reply to an earlier post on 23 Jan 2014 23:30:50 GMT
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I am not a professional photographer and have made roughly £5 from my photography this year. Lazy, don't put it out there in a sellable fashion, yet.....I love it.

I got a Canon 1100D Canon EOS 1100D Digital SLR Camera (With 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 DC III Lens Kit) (discontinued by manufacturer) with the 18-55mm lens and then later a 55-250mm Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II Lens lens. At the mo you can get this lot for around £400, if you shop around, a real bargain. I love it, although if I was going for it more seriously I would get a camera with a self cleaning sensor, stick with the 3/4 format(the shop person will explain how this is not as good as full frame, and they are right to an extent, but does the job admirably well) and get one with a swivelling screen(which mine don't have).

Pixel count is nowhere near as important as good lens quality. When the Sun newspaper went digital(the first according to a friend in the media business) they were using a 3 megapixel camera to shoot the front cover, so don't get conned by numbers. Another pro photographer I know used a 10 mega pixel camera to shoot photos that ended up being used on billboards around the country. IS(image stabilisation) is an absolute must have.

If you have any money left over get hold of the Google backed Nik Software collection and Photoshop Elements 11. There is precious little that you can not do with these two packages. I do not miss my hooky copy of CS(I went legal, bought the software and ditched the hooky stuff.....honest!) at all. Nik even has Curves in it.

At the end of the day it is the person behind the camera that makes the difference.

Anyway, by means of putting my money(£5) where my mouth is here is my Flickr photostream

and in particular my music shots

If you look below my name and icon you will see what camera was used to take the shot, unless the shot was scanned from a print/neg/slide.

Good luck!

Posted on 24 Jan 2014 09:20:23 GMT
Thank you all for the comments.
Smitty, your recommendation is pretty close to what I am swithering with.
Nikon D3200 Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm VR Lens Kit - Black (24.2MP) 3 inch LCD with an extra Nikon 55-200MM F/4-5.6 AF-S VR DX Black Lens which I have seen bundled (not on zon) for £419

No swivelling screen though, but it seems like a very good deal.
I bought a Fujifilm FinePix SL1000 Digital Camera - Black (16.2 MP, 50x Optical Zoom) 3.0 inch LCD last year and it has never been out of my hand. A staggering 24mm-1200mm focal range with image stabilisation. But it's a bridge, not a true DSLR. I bought it as an experiment to see if I would catch the photographic bug and it worked. I can never change the lens, so this is why I want a DSLR. As you say, the lens quality is the key.

Very interested in the Nik software you mention. Never heard of it before. Is it a plug-in for photoshop or stand alone?. I have CS5, but it's on a windows laptop that has seen better days. i recently invested in a MacBook pro, and tend to do most post processing on that now, as I can be SD card to screen in less than a minute. I only have apple standard software at the moment and am always looking for good software for the Mac.
My main indecision is between Canon or Nikon, but at my level I can't see it making much difference.
I started using Flickr last year, i'll contact you via Flickr and you can have a swatch at my photos. Ta!

Posted on 24 Jan 2014 10:16:01 GMT
Sparky says:
Sorry, no advice to offer, but this thread did remind me of the good old days when we had to take our films to the chemist for developing, then trek back ten days later to find they hadn't been done yet, then go back a week later to find that half of them were over/under exposed and/or you'd been sent the holiday snaps of Mr. Boring and family at Skegness. What fun!!

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Jan 2014 10:18:04 GMT
Morning, Butler!

If you are not a brand fan then I would go for the Nikon, as they appear to be made from stronger stuff and the lens seem to have slightly better edge resolution. I went down the Canon route as I had lenses left over from the film era that still fit the EOS digital.

I had a Nikon bridge camera and the glass in the lens was incredible, top quality. I was told the reason Nikon discontinued it was the reduction in the profit margin because of the cost of the low dispersion lens.

That Fuji sounds amazing. 50X true optical is some range! At 1200mm image stabilisation is an absolute must have, even the wake of a passing midge would affect the shot.

Nik is plugin or stand alone. If you have CS5 it will integrate into the filters menu bar, right at the bottom. I was frustrated at seeing shots taken on iPhones looking exceptionally mutated, using Instagram filters etc...., and was never able to get the same results in CS. This lets me do all of that and more. The Silver Efex kit alone allows you to create the most amazing mono effects and gives you a range of borders/vignetting/edge burning/texturing finishes that is as good as anything you have ever seen anywhere. Top quality software.

Cheers! See you on Flickr ;-)

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Jan 2014 10:30:55 GMT
LOL......and folk still think that they were the best days of their lives.

I remember a trip over to Belmont Photo processors in Glengormley to see how they were able to do all of the processing under their own name, Freeprint, Easyprint and a host of other fronts and still keep up to targets. They had a map on the wall of the main office that showed their 24 hour coverage(most of NI), the 48 hour coverage(almost all of Ireland and over half of England, most of Wales and the nearside of Scotland) and the 62 hour coverage(all of both islands). Amazing.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, your mention of overexposure reminded me of the quality assessment desks. Because Belmont had 4 machines, each capable of shooting out 500 prints a minute(all exposure/colour balance computations done in microseconds and each frame assessed individually), which generated a roll of prints on a single roll of paper that was a significant fraction of a mile in length, they needed a final inspection by a trained eye. The human assessor had to stand in front of a giant easel over which 4 rolls of prints were scrolled down at about 1 foot per second onto which they had to stick the stickers advising the customer of the fault. There was a rack with 6 drums of stickers to deliver different messages that was held at hand level right beside the easel so that the person need never move away, or even take their eye of the prints to pick the right one. These folks usually did an 8 hour stint. Wow! Cruel job.

While I was standing behind the young lady who was on duty that night I reckon I saw at least a dozen cases of overexposure, of the posterior variety, in roughly one minute. Using a quick bit of maths, I worked out that the number of unclad rear ends that she must have seen that night alone was in the thousands........ Classy ;-)

Not a job for the fainthearted!

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Jan 2014 10:47:57 GMT
Sj Brooke says:
Brilliant photos Smitty!
& surprisingly the one that caught my attention most(tho to this VERY untrained eye) was "Smokestacks"
Excuse my ignorance, but does that mean 'Reconstructing Light' is your 'flickr' name?

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Jan 2014 10:53:27 GMT
Many thanks, SJ! Much appreciated :-)

Yep, I reconstruct light over there, so it seemed to be an appropriate name ;-)

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Jan 2014 10:56:42 GMT
always enjoy a rake thru' your photographs, smitty. you have a real touch for the medium.

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Jan 2014 10:59:48 GMT
Doris Stokes would disagree with you there, I reckon.

Thank you very much, Tech! :-)

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Jan 2014 11:04:31 GMT
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The good old days? heck I'm still living them, Sparky!...

When I were t'lass....(born in '68!) my Dad worked out that it was far cheaper (and also 'more durable' in his opinion) to have every photo that he ever took developed into slides instead of into pictures? Roll on 45 years and we have sadly not got a single family photo anywhere! - but we do have an enormous dusty old leather suitcase in the attic stuffed to it's capacity with literally hundreds of long thin plastic Kodak boxes and each one is packed full of slides. Apart from the few that have been got out when visitors occasionally ask, I have never even seen most of these slides. And whenever I do get to see some of them, it is always by using our ancient and now distinctly rickety projector in front of a white sheet that has been hastily pinned up onto the wall in the Dining Room!

I got my Sony Vaio 17" laptop as my first venture into technology deliberately because of it's huge double hard drive and top of the range pixel resolution, just so that in the next year, I can start the laborious task of sorting out the thousands of family images from the tens of thousands of landscape ones - before they all start to lose their still vivid colours or even disintegrate. Then I am going to hopefully transfer them all onto CDs, print out the very best for photo albums and in that way I will finally be able, for the first time, to see my all of memories of childhood captured on film in a more reliable and accessible way!

Wish me luck! ;o>

Posted on 24 Jan 2014 11:19:28 GMT
Sparky says:
Smitty - you must have thought you'd wandered into NASA with all those moon-shots!
Suzy - good luck with your project; Like your Dad I too went through a period of using slides and now that our projector is broken we can't see them at all. Keep meaning to transfer them but they're right in the corner of the under stairs cupboard jammed in by boxes of old shoes and boxes of rags and........oooooh, no, can't bear the thought of crawling in there....

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Jan 2014 11:24:49 GMT
Strangely, I don't mind spiders so much when they are alive?...but huge dead ones give me the shudders!

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Jan 2014 11:27:31 GMT
easytiger says:
Many moons ago when into photography (Olympus OM something or other) I used to send my film off to a bloke called 'Max Spielman' who used to advertise in the back of Amateur Photographer. Remember him? It was a five day service and not expensive. If, when the photos came back, there was something that turned out which wasn't how you envisaged it you could send it back with an explanation as to what you trying to do and he would have a go at it and send it back to you all free of charge. Happy days.

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Jan 2014 13:12:54 GMT
Good luck indeed, Suzy! You can get decent results from an Epson scanner with a slide hood Epson Perfection V370 Photo 4800 dpi scanner with ReadyScan LED technology - slides, film and negatives(not the top of the range but decent value and it does the trick). If the slides were taken right you should have no problem scanning them in on auto settings(although it is better to set the exposure on each slide when you get the hang of it in case you miss something in the shadows - anorak preference showing through....).

Sure is slow, but you will get there!

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Jan 2014 13:13:49 GMT
All those photos..........lying there in the dark :-(

Yep, the moon......hard to shake off the past ;-)

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Jan 2014 13:15:20 GMT
Last edited by the author on 24 Jan 2014 13:15:58 GMT
Max used Belmont as far as I recall. They were the biggest in the UK and Ireland.

Handprinting is the way to go, which is what they did for you easytiger. Someone sat down and put the settings in themselves. SLow, but better.

I had an Olympus OM4 way back...... Best light metering of any camera I have ever used, ever.

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Jan 2014 13:34:13 GMT
Goodness Smitty, is there any topic you can't bore people senseless on>>>> ;¬)))

Posted on 24 Jan 2014 13:35:12 GMT
,,,,how about pole vaulting in Antarctica

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Jan 2014 13:41:07 GMT
easytiger says:
I think it was an OM1 or 10 with 'fuel guage' indicator +/-. I was in the desert at the time and the other buffs were using all kinds of filters. New to the game I thought it was so simple, 500 speed (it's bright out there) , stop down to just above the minus mark and fire. Great pictures with good depth which is hard in sand. Tried this with canons and pentax's but never got the same results

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Jan 2014 13:41:49 GMT
easytiger says:
I think I just beat him!

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Jan 2014 13:49:21 GMT
Ha ha ha.................loads, Peter. You never hear me mention knitting.
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