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Another One bites the Dust

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Initial post: 16 Jan 2013 17:41:10 GMT
nephran says:
Blockbuster video as gone into administration...My local store shut for good last August..More misery for staff..all 4000 of them.

Posted on 16 Jan 2013 19:00:30 GMT
Last edited by the author on 16 Jan 2013 19:01:02 GMT
thats bad too...The High Street has been suffering in the consumer downturn. Customers have been watching their pennies amid concerns about high inflation and job security.

Here are some of the retailers who have been hit hardest over the past year or so.

Company UK employees UK stores Troubles faced Steps taken

Blockbuster UK
Increasing competition from online firms streaming films over the internet as well as rentals through the post
Accountancy firm Deloitte appointed administrators on 16 January
It is trying to find buyers for Blockbuster to save as many jobs as possible

(230 HMV stores and 9 Fopp stores)
Sales of CDs and DVDs undermined by competition from supermarkets, online retailers and online downloads
Expansion into live music (now abandoned) and sales of electrical gadgets have failed to stem the overall sales decline
On 15 January, the firm announced its intention to file for administration.
Administrators from Deloitte expected to keep HMV's stores open while it assesses prospects for the business and seeks potential buyers

Hit by increasing competition from supermarkets and internet retailers
Improving quality of cameras on smart phones means people think less about buying a dedicated camera
Went into administration on 9 January, with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) appointed as the administrator
All stores ceased trading and most jobs lost on 11 January

Economic downturn led many to put off purchases of big-ticket items such as TVs and large appliances
Sales of such items have moved increasingly online
Appointed administrators on 2 November 2012, after suppliers refused to provide credit in the run-up to Christmas
Administrators, Deloitte unable to sell the chain off as a going concern, with the last stores closing on 18 December
Government will have to pay the £23.2m in redundancy payments to former Comet workers
HM Revenue & Customs stands to lose out on £26.2m of owed tax payments

JJB Sports
Sales had been in decline for five years as the over-indebted firm was unable to compete with the pricing of its far more successful rival Sports Direct
Announced plans on 24 September 2012 to enter a pre-pack administration following the failure of an attempted sale of the company over the summer
On 1 October 2012, Sports Direct said it was buying JJB's website and 20 of its stores, which were rebranded Sports Direct. The remaining JJB Stores were closed.

Clinton Cards
8,300, of which 4,800 are full-time posts
More than 750 shops, including 139 Birthdays stores
Sales hit as consumers rein in spending, while the retailer has also faced competition from supermarkets and the internet
Two loans to the firm from UK banks were sold to Clinton's largest creditor - American Greetings - and then immediately called in
Went into administration on 9 May 2012.
On 7 June it was announced that US firm American Greetings was buying nearly 400 stores, saving 4,500 jobs
In total, more than 350 shops, including all of its Birthday stores, have closed or are due to close

10 stores and 16 concessions
New owners, who bought the 160-year-old brand in 2009, were unable to stop the losses amid tough economic times in the UK
Crucially, it doesn't own the right to sell its luxury products in fast-growing Asian markets
Went into administration on 17 April 2012
Up to 30 out of 115 jobs were saved when administrators agreed to sell the Corby factory Swaine Adeney Brigg
The brand, including the UK stores, has been sold to Hong Kong's YGM Trading

Ellie Louise
Cash flow problems caused by both "challenging" trading conditions, and buying the Trade Secret brand in 2010
On 2 April it was announced that the clothing retailer Ellie Louise had gone into administration.
On 20 April Liric Limited announced purchase of 57 stores.

Game Group
5,800 in the UK and Republic of Ireland
Seen increasing number of customers switch to online rivals
Company also saddled with debts linked to its £74m purchase of rival GameStation in 2007
Confirmed on 13 March that its key suppliers were now refusing to do business
On 21 March 2012, Game Group announced that it intended to file for administration.
On 1 April administrators announced the sale of Game's 333 stores to investment firm, Baker Group

611 stores and 49 concessions
The discount fashion chain, bought in a management buyout from the founding Peacock family in the mid 1990s, was struggling to refinance its £240m debts
On 18 January 2012, Peacocks entered administration
Administrators KPMG cut 249 HQ jobs on 19 January, leaving 266 staff at the head office
On 23 January, the firm's Bonmarche chain was sold to Sun European Partners
Sun will continue to run 230 stores but will close about 160, making 1,400 staff redundant

Pumpkin Patch
Consumer downturn has seen the children's clothes firm struggle in the past six months
Firm appointed administrators Deloitte on 19 January 2012 for its UK business
It closed five branches, making 60 staff redundant
The remaining stores will continue to trade as a buyer is sought

Past Times
The gift retailer entered administration on 16 January
Administrators KPMG claimed the firm was a "casualty of difficult trading conditions for the retail sector"
Before administrators were appointed, the company closed 46 stores resulting in 507 job losses and closed 72 "pop up" stores
KPMG made 67 redundancies on appointment and is looking for buyers for all or parts of the firm

Blacks Leisure
The outdoor goods company, which operates the Blacks Outdoor and Millets chains, reported a £16m loss in October and expects below-par Christmas trading
Shares have fallen 90% since January as supermarkets offer strong competition
On 9 January, JD Sports confirmed it bought Blacks for £20m
The sportswear retailer confirmed that any "underperforming stores" would close, but did not say how many
The group has about 100 Blacks outlets, about 200 Millets branches and owns the Peter Storm and Eurohike brands

Hawkin's Bazaar
As with other retailers, experienced challenging trading conditions
Entered administration on 30 December 2011.
On 20 January, the firm was sold in a management buy-out
Administrators Zolfo Cooper closed 57 of the stores, making about 300 staff redundant
The remaining eight stores will stay open and trade under the Hawkin's Bazaar name

D2 Jeans
James Stephen, from BDO LLP, said "extremely difficult trading conditions" had hit the sector
Entered administration on 29 December 2011.
Administrators closed 19 UK stores and laid off 200 shop workers at the Ayrshire-based firm. D2's other 28 stores are being run as a going concern while a buyer is sought

191 stores and 371 concessions
Has "faced a downturn in trading as a result of the difficult economic conditions"
Entered administration on 8 December 2011
On 30 December, it announced 1,610 redundancies after failing to find a buyer for the concessions part of its business
Administrators still trying to find a buyer for Barratts' 173 High Street stores, which remain open

La Senza
146 stores and 18 concessions
Blamed High Street "trading conditions" and the economic environment
On 9 January, the firm went into administration
60 of its stores were bought by Arabian retail group Alshaya, saving some 1,100 jobs
However, the remaining 84 stores and 18 concessions will close, resulting in 1,300 job losses

Jane Norman
89 stores and 82 concessions
Has experienced "severe cashflow difficulties" and depressed sales, resulting in debts of £140m
Entered administration on 27 June 2011
Edinburgh Woollen Mill bought 33 of its stores. However, 95 stores and concessions have closed permanently, resulting in 382 staff losing their jobs

Low consumer confidence has made it difficult for retailers of big ticket items such as furniture, and the home furnishings store made continuing losses
It also faced increased competition from cheaper rivals such as Ikea
Went into administration on 24 June 2011
Home Retail Group (HRG) bought the Habitat brand and three central London stores
HRG has retained 150 staff, although the remaining 750 staff were made redundant

About 2,700 in the UK
559 in the UK and the Irish Republic
Continued weakness in the housing market has led to reduced consumer spending on items such as carpet and flooring. Sales fell 5.2% in the second quarter.
Has closed 38 stores since March 2010. Announced £4m cost-cutting plans in October but gave no further details

Focus DIY
Just under 4,000
Another retail victim of the weak housing market.
Entered administration on 5 May
Since then, 55 stores have been sold in three separate deals, securing up to 900 jobs. A further 3,000 staff were made redundant

1,300 staff in showrooms plus 1,500 fitters and designers
160 showrooms
The owner of brands such as Moben, Kitchens Direct, Sharps Bedrooms and Dolphin, has also suffered from the weak housing market
Sharps Bedrooms business has been sold
Operations of Moben, Dolphin and Kitchens Direct have been closed down, with 557 staff made redundant
Administrators are still trying to sell the brands

TJ Hughes
Falling sales at the department store chain led to the loss of supplier and credit insurer confidence
Entered administration on 30 June 2011. Lewis's Home Retail has bought six stores but another 42 have closed with about 2,200 staff made redundant
Its flagship Liverpool store reopened in September

Posted on 16 Jan 2013 19:50:14 GMT
easytiger says:
If you were able to park for 5 mins outside without getting a ticket slapped on you by a fkn nigerian things might be different.

Posted on 16 Jan 2013 19:54:27 GMT
CHEEZE says:
Jeez! I'm going to read the Daily Mail to cheer myself up.

In reply to an earlier post on 16 Jan 2013 20:32:33 GMT
Incredibly depressing, but most informative, read, KO. Thanks for this precis of the state of affairs in the trade world.

Posted on 16 Jan 2013 21:12:11 GMT
10 Songs For The New Depression

Posted on 16 Jan 2013 21:13:47 GMT
Ain't Got No Job

Posted on 16 Jan 2013 21:16:50 GMT
Shop Neva Closed Accapella (feat. Bloody Mac, Famous Banks, Montanna Cash & Sick & Amazyn_ [Explicit]

Posted on 16 Jan 2013 22:02:24 GMT
Shop Shop, Bye Bye

Posted on 16 Jan 2013 22:12:27 GMT
Sparky says:
Shop Around
Nice advice Smokey - but there just ain't no shops no more!!

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Jan 2013 07:30:10 GMT
S.R.J says:
And by way of extension to the theme , Show Of Hands- " Country life"

"If you want cheap food well here's the deal
Family farms are brought to heel
Hammer blows of size and scale
Foot and mouth the final nail
The coffin of our English dream
Lies out on the village green
While agri-barons CAP in hand
Strip this green and pleasant land
Of meadow, woodland, hedgerow, pond
What remains gets built upon

No trains, jobs
No shops, no pubs................."

Posted on 17 Jan 2013 11:13:01 GMT
Sparky says:
Hope springs eternal - McDonalds next maybe.

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Jan 2013 14:09:41 GMT
Collette says:
They'll probably be ok...unless they start putting horse meat in their Big Macs. :0)

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Jan 2013 14:49:45 GMT
Gordon D says:
They have survived accusations that they put kangaroo in their burgers and that they have deforested large areas of Costa Rica to raise cattle. I don't think a bit of horsemeat would harm McDonalds' business.

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Jan 2013 14:54:10 GMT
Collette says:
It was a joke, Gordon!

Posted on 17 Jan 2013 16:29:04 GMT
just checked the tesco burgers in my fridge......AND They're OFF !

Posted on 17 Jan 2013 16:45:22 GMT
easytiger says:
I'll have a fiver on the one with the yellow cap and white jacket, yeh, steak cheval that's the one.

Posted on 17 Jan 2013 19:05:44 GMT
Red Mosquito says:
Tesco will be saddled with this for years.

Posted on 17 Jan 2013 19:16:29 GMT
I say thee neigh

Posted on 17 Jan 2013 19:17:01 GMT
Lez Lee says:
The mane problem is that people will be spurred on to eschew burgers. A National disgrace.

Posted on 17 Jan 2013 19:23:05 GMT
Last edited by the author on 17 Jan 2013 19:23:46 GMT
Has anyone tested Tesco's veggie burgers for uniquorn yet? (sorry)

Scientist: "Sir, we've discovered horse meat in your burgers." Tesco boss: "Why the long face?"

29% of the meat content in Tesco's hamburgers turns out to be horse?! No wonder they gave me the trots!

A Tesco burger walks into a bar. "Pint please". "I can't hear you" says the barman. "Sorry" replies the burger. "I'm a little bit horse".

Those Aldi horse burgers were nice, but I prefer My Lidl Pony

Shocking news. Tesco own brand value hamburgers have been found to have traces of real MEAT in them.

Horse burgers: I canter believe it. Whinny they going to withdraw the product? I bridle at the very thought.

Horse meet in Tesco burgers!! Its been in there a furlong time! #boom Naaaaay my gag..But HAY ill take it!!

Best burgers recipe. Mince meat, garlic powder, paprika, fresh herbs, an egg and fine diced stallions. I mean.... Scallions..

HSE confirm that all who ate #horseburgers are in a stable condition

"Two Tesco burgers please.. hold the dressage"

I got sacked from the meat factory because I got an e-mail about a delivery of horse meat and I marked it as spam.

Posted on 17 Jan 2013 19:52:48 GMT
Last edited by the author on 17 Jan 2013 20:26:50 GMT
Red Mosquito says:
Are their cheeseburgers made with filly delphia?

Posted on 17 Jan 2013 20:01:07 GMT
Lez Lee says:
And served with colt-slaw?

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Jan 2013 20:14:53 GMT
Last edited by the author on 17 Jan 2013 20:16:48 GMT
edited to reflect that fact that someone else has already cracked a similar joke..........

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Jan 2013 20:35:16 GMT
Red Mosquito says:
with a generous helping of ass paragus?
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