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Cloud Player scan and match issue - only some tracks matched (even within same album)

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Initial post: 5 Oct 2012 11:20:55 BDT
I'm just getting to grips with the Cloud Player and have noticed an issue with the success of the scan and match facility when importing mp3 files.

I have nearly 25,000 mp3 files (most ripped from CD, but some also recently ripped from vinyl and cassette), all of which were originally ripped at 128kbps. I thought the scan and match facilty of the Amazon Cloud Player would enable me to upgrade these files to better quality 256kbps files.

I tried importing a couple of albums (both of whcih are available to purchase in the Amazon mp3 Store, so I figured these should match OK). The first album failed to match any tracks, so just imported the album as my original 128kbps files. The second album matched 4 tracks, but failed to match the remaining 6 tracks, so in the Cloud Player I have the whole album, but with some matched tracks at 256kbps while the remainder are my original 128kbps that the Player imported.

This is quite frustrating, so I contacted Amazon and received an email quoting their 'eligible tracks' paragraphs from their Cloud support pages. These do state that sometimes not all tracks within an album will be matched, but doesn't really explain why this happens or how this can be improved.

Has anybody encountered this issue, and if so is there anything that can be done to improve the success rate of the scan and match facility?

I'd be happy to pay the £21.99 Cloud Player subscription if it means I can import all my files and have them upgraded to matched 256kbps versions, but if the scan and match is going to be so hit-and-miss I don't really the point. I know iTunes match is an alternative to this, but their 25,000 track limit means I'd rather use the Amazon Cloud Player if possible.

Also, is there any way of seeing within the Cloud Player window which tracks are matched tracks and which are original imported tracks? I couldn't find a way of doing this, so ended up downloading the tracks in question to my hard-drive and examining the file properties there. iTunes allows this to be easily viewed in the software.

Posted on 5 Oct 2012 13:18:56 BDT
Last edited by the author on 5 Oct 2012 13:23:58 BDT
I had some tracks fail to match because of typos in the track names. Make sure your tags are correct. Also remember that not all albums are available in MP3 format from Amazon, so they will not be able to match those.

BTW if you click on the little arrow next to the track name, if the 'fix matching' option is greyed out then that is a track that was not matched, i.e. it was uploaded to Amazon from your machine.

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Oct 2012 13:38:37 BDT
Last edited by the author on 5 Oct 2012 13:41:07 BDT
checking the id3 tags was the first thing i did, and my files were all correct, so that doesn't explain the missed matches. Also, i made sure the albums i imported were available from Amazon to buy as mp3 downloads, as i figured they had the best chance of being matched.

thanks for the tip about identifying the matched tracks though.

Posted on 10 Oct 2012 17:20:20 BDT
I've have the same problem - about 5,000 files not matched out of a 20,000 track music library. The annoying thing is that many of these are main stream recordings, for example half of the Pink Floyd back catalogue doesn't match, even half of "Dark Side of the Moon" doesn't match!

I have even tried re-ripping from original CD into a "clean" WMP library to try and force a match but this still doesn't improve it. Very frustrating.

I logged a support call with Amazon but got the typical "Monkey reading from a script" response.

Posted on 11 Oct 2012 20:53:00 BDT
basscadet says:
I'm glad I've seen these posts guys. I've been considering going for the Cloud Player option for my music, partly because my mp3 collections encoding is all over the place. I thought having the majority of it all unified and in a higher quality encode would be great however now I'm gonna hold off until theres more of a guarantee that the scan and match facility will actually work perfectly.

Posted on 12 Oct 2012 09:21:28 BDT
L Rutherford says:
I have a similar experience... the match capabililty does seem very hit and miss. It's the part album match which is most frustrating.

I did though still pay for the premium player.... I still see a lot of value in having access to all my music in the cloud.

I hope Amazon start to provide tools to help you analyze the library ib the cloud... knowing what was matched, been downloaded, etc would be useful.

Posted on 12 Oct 2012 12:16:42 BDT
My thoughts entirely; I still think it's worth buying premium (and have) but it's quite frustrating having half an album matched and having to upload the rest!

My purpose in raising a support call was to try and find out if there was anything I could do to either understand why it's so hit and miss or, even better, influence it by tagging or file naming in a particular way, but I had problems even getting them to understand the issue and stop them reading the FAQ back to me!

...btw have you noticed that you do get the option during the import to save the un-matched files to the clipboard? From there you can import to excel and sort it by artist, album etc.

It would be interesting to see if were having problems with the same tracks/albums!

Posted on 14 Oct 2012 10:06:48 BDT
Mike N says:
I've noticed this with my matching as well, but since I rip my CDs at 320kbps, I don't have a major problem if they don't get "upgraded" to 256. It just means it takes longer to import things than it otherwise would do.

Posted on 16 Oct 2012 13:44:23 BDT
I've found that your ID tags need to be spot-on. I've had quite a few issues with albums being seperated into "Disk 1" and Disk 2" Compilations were turning out to be a real pain and not grouped together, so I've avoided these for now. I also agree, that the matching has been somewhat hit and miss and I've had to upload many more albums/tracks than I was expecting. Again, it seems to be that if the track is not labeled exactly the same (even down to capital letters: Run Of The Mill vs Run of the Mill) it does not recognise the track. The most frustrating thing I've found is that on some of my albums, some tracks or maybe just 1 track just will not be uploaded. I end up with an incomplete album and even when you manually re-scan it does not recognise the remaining/missing tracks. Very strange and frustrating

Posted on 17 Oct 2012 11:25:54 BDT
Ok an update to my previous post. My "missing tracks" are not being found because they are in my Cloud deleted items. I have aborted several uploads and any incomplete album imports were deleted. If you want to do a "fresh" upload/match of any albums, make sure you delete any previous tracks from the deleted items..

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Oct 2012 21:50:37 BDT
L Rutherford says:
P. Drinkwater... thanks for the advice.... I will do some more checking with tags.... I hope amazon start to provide tools to analyse the cloud library.... my biggest problem is say with my Now XX compiliations... the songs often match, but to a completely different album... so you end up with incorrect album art...

Posted on 12 Dec 2012 12:45:04 GMT
I have been struggling with this problem for a while. How Amazon can match some tracks from an album (all ripped at the same time and with identical settings) and not others is beyond me, and their ability to explain. This happens even on recent albums such as the Alt-J item which won the Mercury prize.
An even bigger issue than the time taken to upload unmatched files is that such tracks appear out of order and there appears to be no way of changing that in Cloud Player. To take the Alt-J example, track 13 did not match and when imported from my computer appeared as track 13 but as the first track of the album. So, the edit track function does not help. This may not be a killer issue for pop records but it is for classical and I have over 1000 cds of that type to process at some point.
On the iPad I also get weird disk 1 and disk 2 issues.
I also have a problem with the Importer freezing during the upload process which makes things even more time consuming as overnight processing is somewhat ineffective.
using Mac OSX and both Safari and Firefox browsers.
Amazon are being helpful but have not yet solved the problems.

Posted on 13 Dec 2012 01:40:48 GMT
Last edited by the author on 13 Dec 2012 01:50:11 GMT
Linda Thomas says:
I very rarely get an unmatched. Here's what I do, firstly download Mp3tag v2.53 it's free, load the folder with the album in. Next search Amazon's MP3 for your album, download the artwork to the local album folder on your system. Then open up the folder using the Mp3tag software and make sure that all the info matches the amazon page EXACTLY, album title, track names artists ect, and they must use the same letters as on the page so for instance Blues Brothers is different from Blues brothers, also highlight the entire album's tracks in the tag editor and right click where the album art goes and select the album art for the album that you downloaded from the amazon page and save. Also you need to make sure that all your tracks times match, a second or two either side is fine, but if the track states 2.45 on amazon and the track you have is 3.02 it wont match. I have discovered all the above through experimenting with an album that first off only match half now it matches fully. Hope this helps.

Oh ps, for those having problems when uploading an album that has two cd's and it doesn't separate them as in name one cd 1 second cd2 the best way to get around it is upload the first cd, then go to recently added click the album name select all track using the little tick box at the top, and re-enter the date, as it wont be there, and the cd number and save, then upload album two and you will now find that the second album will be below the first album, you will now have to select each of the tracks separately for this one and then edit details and and save again, It only takes seconds. Sadly it just means you can't bulk upload double cd albums. As for some reason the cloud doesn't retain the cd number or year from the tags when uploaded!

Posted on 13 Dec 2012 08:39:11 GMT
Thanks, Linda - I use MP3tag already so will give that a try and report back. Sounds like I'll have to do a hell of lot of work to match my missing 5,000 tracks, though! :(

In reply to an earlier post on 15 Dec 2012 02:06:45 GMT
Linda Thomas says:
Sadly yes, but I upload a couple albums a night whilst I'm watching the tv and not doing a lot. I know it's slower than doing a mass upload but if it means I get more matches I don't mind. :)

Posted on 11 Jan 2013 08:37:54 GMT
I just noticed this which should make life a little easier if you buy your CDs from Amazon.

Posted on 11 Jan 2013 09:11:04 GMT
Autorip is only available in the US in respect of CDs bought through at the moment. IF it comes to UK it will be interesting to see how it relates to this matching issue. That Autorip operates at album, not track, level ought to address the problems. Hopefully, service wil come to UK soon.

In reply to an earlier post on 11 Jan 2013 09:16:05 GMT
Damn! I missed the "only available in the US" caveat, for which I have no excuse as it clearly states it in the BBC article. Doh! ...wishful thinking on my part, I guess.

Posted on 11 Jan 2013 16:41:26 GMT
CeeJay says:
Just wasted £22, 3700 tracks not matched (from about 8000), album art matching is rubbish, seemingly random art inserted when my library has all album art, and no way to change it via the CloudPlayer? Compilation albums are a no-no - only 1 or 2 tracks sometimes. Here are some examples of the albums this service CAN'T match, A Dave Brubeck Christmas, Kate Bush Aerial Disc 2, anything by Alan Lomax, Colin Newman A-Z, Green Day American Idiot - this is just a sample from "A" - what about some B's - Chris Isaak Baja Sessions, Band on the Run by Wings, Amy Winehouse Back to Black, Black Holes and Revelations by Muse ... I could go on, you get the picture

In reply to an earlier post on 15 Jan 2013 23:33:38 GMT
JRW says:
I have all these problems too. The match problem is a headache and I have nothing to add there. However, I also have had the out-of-order problem and so far have been able to fix it every time by editing track info and making sure all the disc numbers are proper. I noticed this by uploading several multidisc albums and having the tracks appear sequenced as 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, etc. The disc number box was not filled, and once I did this, they straightened out. I've also had this issue on a few single disc albums, but fixed it by making sure the disc no. box was filled with '1'.

In reply to an earlier post on 21 Jan 2013 10:03:45 GMT
actually in the first version of this report the BBC did not say it applied in the US only!

Posted on 20 Mar 2013 19:16:25 GMT
J-J says:
Hi All,
unfortunately I just found this discussion after having wasted 25 € today - just to find out that the matching is not really something that works and which amazon should not have offered at all, or at least should not have offered the premium version but keep it all ferere in its proprietary status to use all of us as beta testers... :(
You can really tag back and forth, up and down, right to left - even if you see the album in front of you in the store and you have exactly the matching CD and perfectly tagged - if it is considered a non match for Amazon it will never match! There is absolutely no logic that 3 out of 10 from exactly the same album match while the others don't, it is all purely random. Well, I consider it to be just like a lottery - 25 € drained or maybe a little return.

Posted on 21 Apr 2013 10:47:26 BDT
Strange that it matches on TAGS. I know that iTunes matches on the digital sound wave and ignores the tags.

Posted on 23 Apr 2013 22:51:05 BDT
Rodj71 says:
I have an extremely varied and large music collection which I am currently part way into putting onto the Amazon Cloud Player (22,000 tracks done and I'm about a third of the way through, been at it since January). I have come across all the problems mentioned above, and find it a frustrating thing to try and use. However, I am trying to persevere as I want to eventually slim down my collection, and keeping it all online seemed a better (and cheaper) idea than forking out for a couple of big external hard drives or something. One thing that continues to happen, which confounds me, is that Amazon will recognise an obscure CD I'd never have expected it to (eg, a split-album from the early '90s by a couple of very unknown Russian heavy metal bands) but yet not recognise something as hugely successful as Queen's Greatest Hits. It all seems so very random. The artwork issue is also really starting to annoy me, some of my favourite album artwork is replaced by a cover of a compilation album, etc. Then there are a couple of dozen or so tracks from various albums which it just will not recognise in any way, manner or form. Grrr! I hope that they can eventually work these things out as I've put a lot of time into this, with many, many more hours to go yet...

Posted on 24 Apr 2013 09:05:31 BDT
David Howes says:
I had all these frustrations and just gave up in the end. Currently using the Google version of this - it just hosts your music in the cloud - no matching - no upgrade in quality - but it preserves the id tags for the most part and it feels like I have greater control.

The amazon offering was too frustrating....
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