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Looking for a feisty royal heroine in the Middle Ages who wields neither sword nor sorcery? A furious lady armed with enough intellect and wit to rattle a conquering King - who dares defy a message cruelly carved into her forehead by one of his own soldiers?

Queen Mother: Collector of the Dead
The opening story introduces a traumatized Queen Mother, one of the last still-living royals in her vanquished kingdom, standing bound and gagged before the conquering king on his throne.

Blood-spattered and in shock, she bears a cruel wound for a royal woman, once wife and then mother to successive Kings. She practices no Magic, yet sprites of spirits shimmer amid her skirt, giving her the appearance of a Sorceress of Souls.

The Conquering King backs down from nothing or no one. But is this man-of-action ready for a verbal joust with an old woman who may be vanquished, but whose wit and spirit both challenge and engage him? Can he rise above the taunting message of her wound, and convince her to help her people now serve him?

Queen Mother: Kingly Spoils of War - Past and Future
Months later, the vanquished Queen Mother is summoned back to King Sevloss' castle. Strangely, he only trusts her with his very delicate "problem" - especially since it came from the dancing-harlot, once-queen to the QM's (now dead) kingly son ...

And when he delays her leave to make liberal use of more of her talents, it nearly results in getting her killed in his treacherous castle!

Both just 77p, downloadable from Amazon Kindle.

Posted on 1 Feb 2014 22:18:02 GMT
Last edited by the author on 1 Feb 2014 22:29:44 GMT
Queen Mother: A Royal Visitor to Everrast

The third "Queen Mother" e-story ("A Royal Visitor to Everrast") has just been released! When King Sevloss makes a surprise appearance in the Queen Mother's vanquished kingdom of Everrast, his reasons seem murky.

He sees the destroyed castle and the repaired remnant where the Queen Mother still lives, as well as kingly graves and a repaired dining hall. Their verbal jousting of accusations, threats, denials, painful questions and treacherous truths lasts past sundown. But after King Sevloss departs, a new cycle of bloodshed threatens to envelope both Everrast and the Queen Mother ...

Only 77p from Kindle!

Posted on 11 Feb 2014 22:18:30 GMT
Queen Mother: Unbalanced Treacheries: Unbalanced Treacheries

The fourth "Queen Mother" e-story ("Unbalanced Treacheries") has just been released! A small funeral procession bearing a coffin rides out of Everrast to King Sevloss' castle - and comes back with ominous news: King Sevloss has disappeared.

The Queen Mother knows she will have to get involved, if only to spare her recovering kingdom of Everrast another round of bloodshed at the hands of an even crueler king on Sevloss' throne. But first she needs answers. She sends young Stunspiker of Malone to speak to the standing stones, while she confronts someone in Everrast she knows is one of King Sevloss' spies.

Only 77p from Kindle!

Posted on 25 Feb 2014 14:12:03 GMT
Last edited by the author on 25 Feb 2014 14:13:29 GMT
Queen Mother: Challenges Born Of Blood

The fifth "Queen Mother" e-story has just been released! "Challenges Born of Blood" follows the Queen Mother and her fellow rescuers to the Conqueror's kingdom, to try and free an imprisoned King Sevloss. But their plans unravel from the beginning.

When Sir Barton insists on changing to a daytime rescue, surprises and murderous bloodshed send them fleeing the castle for their lives. With time running out, can a crown prince's drunken castle festivities provide cover for one last rescue attempt before it's too late?

Only 77p on Kindle.

Posted on 7 Mar 2014 19:08:25 GMT
Queen Mother: Love and Other Entanglements

The sixth "Queen Mother" e-story has just been released! The story moves back to Everrast. Keeping a restless once-king happy in a one-room cottage is hard enough. But figuring out how to round up a fighting force loyal to him to regain his kingdom and throne, proves very difficult amid all the old angers and shifting loyalties. Sir Barton decides they need to hire mercenaries; but how to entice the foreign knights passing thru on their Sword Quest?

Stunspiker journeys back to the hill of Standing Stones ... Wealthy foreign merchants arrive to buy some furniture from Everrast's craftsmen - and one is courting the Queen Mother! ... And then Levinia makes another ill-timed appearance ...

Only 77p on Kindle.

Posted on 14 Mar 2014 20:45:25 GMT
Queen Mother: Weapons of War and Hearts of Pirates

A meeting with the foreign knights on a Sword Quest takes place in the Hoof and Breath Tavern one afternoon. And they are shown a sword as magnificent as it is magical, for payment. But only if the foreign mercenaries will fight to put the Conqueror King Sevloss back on his rightful throne.

Meanwhile, the Queen Mother holds a small royal banquet to entertain the wealthy visiting merchants, which everyone wants to keep happy and returning to buy Everrast's prized wood-craft furniture. But the Queen Mother is unprepared to see the Italian Count, who is quietly courting her, suddenly become the center of accusations over his scandalous past.

The physician, Moesia, attends to the pregnant Levinia, as the Queen Mother avoids her once daughter-in-law and gets all her news thru her assistant, Stunspiker. Although when Sevloss begs her to raise his unborn child, should Levinia or he not survive, the Queen Mother faces a crises of conscience.

Only 77p on Kindle.

Posted on 6 Apr 2014 14:57:00 BDT
Last edited by the author on 6 Apr 2014 15:06:56 BDT
Queen Mother: Spirits, Sorcery and Surprises: Marilyn K. Martin

The eighth e-story in my "Queen Mother" series has just been published! "Spirits, Sorcery and Surprises" opens after the birth of Levinia's baby, and the Queen Mother's child-spirits in her skirt take an unusual interest in the weak newborn.

Meanwhile, once-King Sevloss (disguised as Sir Alder) chooses his battlefield - a un-level moor recommended by his half-brother, Barton. His army of foreign knights all speak different languages, and possess some of the oddest weapons he's ever seen. But do they also possess the fighting skills and ferocity Sevloss/Alder needs to battle his eldest son to get his throne and kingdom back?

While back in Everrast, Barton opens the door to his closed tavern to be confronted by the boy-king, Lossmeter - Sevloss' eldest crown prince, who stole his throne. Childish and arrogant, Lossmeter and his brother, Ninsev, demand and challenge the seasoned knight, as Barton toys with them - then closes his door in their face.

Only 77p on Kindle.

Posted on 21 Apr 2014 23:11:16 BDT
Last edited by the author on 24 Apr 2014 21:22:52 BDT
Great News!

If you are following this Medieval Heroine/Epic Fantasy series of e-stories, I have just published the first 7 e-stories as chapters in novel form.

Queen Mother: Castles, Conquest and Captured Hearts: Volume I: 1

Available now in both paperback and Kindle format!

I have removed the original 7 "Queen Mother" e-stories from Kindle, although the following e-stories will be available until I have enough to publish a second volume. Currently, e-story #8 is available for only 77p:

Queen Mother: Spirits, Sorcery and Surprises: Marilyn K. Martin

Posted on 4 May 2014 22:56:00 BDT
My ninth "Queen Mother" e-story is now available!

Queen Mother: Blades of War, Patron Saints and Child Soldiers

War is in the air, as a disguised King Sevloss examines weapons and watches his foreign knights practice fighting, then teaches them how to use the difficult terrain of the moor to their advantage.

In Everrast castle, the Queen Mother holds Baby Sevrossi, as he slowly gets stronger. And consults Tavern Keep Barton for his weaponry expertise, when a new blacksmith wants to set up in Everrast and produce ... swords and daggers.

Meanwhile, Magda (half-sister to both Sevloss and Barton) sneaks into boy-king Lossmeter's castle to recruit a spy. And ends up following King Lossmeter's army headed to battle Sevloss on that moor battlefield. The carts of mere boys with sharpened sticks bothers her badly. Can she find a way to get them away from this pending war?

Posted on 22 May 2014 15:46:01 BDT
Last edited by the author on 22 May 2014 15:52:22 BDT
My tenth "Queen Mother" e-story is now available! (only 77p on Kindle)

Queen Mother: War Begins, Love Beckons, Bodkins and Bread

This latest chapter carries this Medieval Heroine Fantasy into the realm of Epic Sagas. The disguised King Sevloss leads his foreign Sword Quest Knights into their first battle on the challenging terrain of the moor, in the war to regain his rightful throne. But there are suddenly strong emotions and shifting affections also playing out in Everrast.

As the Queen Mother searches for godparents for the surviving and thriving Baby Sevrossi, Magda (half-sister to Sevloss and Barton) meets the physician Moesia - and suddenly he isn't in such a hurry to leave and heal his wounded heart.

Queen Mother: Castles, Conquest and Captured Hearts: Volume I: 1
Volume One of the "Queen Mother" saga - stories 1 thru 7.

The latest chapters 8 thru 10 are still available as e-stories (77p apiece) until I have enough to collect into another paperback and Kindle volume.

Queen Mother: Spirits, Sorcery and Surprises: Marilyn K. Martin

Queen Mother: Blades of War, Patron Saints and Child Soldiers

Queen Mother: War Begins, Love Beckons, Bodkins and Bread

Posted on 13 Jul 2014 14:29:26 BDT
Last edited by the author on 13 Jul 2014 14:34:26 BDT
The eleventh chapter in my "Queen Mother" saga is now available as an e-story for only 77p:

Queen Mother: Daggers of the Dead, Mysteries Unmasked

In the distant moor battlefield, the disguised King Sevloss changes his strategy for their second battle, when Lossmeter's enemy forces seem to be awaiting reinforcements. With no deaths yet among his foreign mercenaries, but injuries that will only mount from successive battles, Sevloss knows his tactics must be precise - since there will be no reinforcements for his side.

In Everrast, the Queen Mother is horrified by a dead body hanging from a tree near their kingdom's border. A dagger pinning a note in Latin to the stranger's body seems to implicate an Everrast villager in the distant war between Tristen and Uriah. After having Stunspiker cut the body down, she takes the dagger and Latin note to again solicit advice and help from her frenemy - Sir Barton, owner of the Hoof and Breath Tavern.

In another pre-dawn attack, this time outside the moor, Sevloss/Alder's plans quickly go awry. Can his skill and limited forces survive a pending disaster from his miscalculations?

Queen Mother: Castles, Conquest and Captured Hearts: Volume I: 1
Volume One of the "Queen Mother" saga contains stories/chapters 1 thru 7. E-stories 8 thru 11 are now available as separate e-stories for only 77p, until I have enough to publish the next novel.
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