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Meet the writer Alm Hlgh

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Initial post: 18 Dec 2011 17:40:03 GMT
L. Hawkins says:
Hello I'm Alm Hlgh a author of diverse and multi-cultural fiction eBooks. If you've found yourself bored with the conventional romance, urban, soft erotica and sci-fi adventures stories that are predicable and lacking in sensuality between men and women; then these eBooks have been specially written for you. Join a host of interesting and lovable characters in their quest for discovering and experiencing true love. You will believe in love again.

Taming The Golden Boys of Central High


The Perfect BMW (Black Man Working)

Summer of My First Time (Taming The Golden Boys)

The Princess & The Thug: Hood Love

The Prince & The Toad: Madison's First Love

Most Feared: How I Met My Wife

The Garbage Collector (Recalibrate My Love)

DIARY of a TEEN PRODIGY: The College Life (Taming The Golden Boys)

Saving Faith: Beginning of The Acquisition

Sometimes It's Only Sex (Recalibrate My Love)

My Mom Your Dad: Happily Ever After

Now you're getting the right idea; my range of writing abounds... Something for almost everyone. Thank you for stopping by and sincerely hope to meet each and everyone of you.

Happy Reading ^_^

Alm Hlgh

Posted on 20 Dec 2011 02:03:00 GMT
L. Hawkins says:
Hello everybody, thanks for stopping by. Are you taking a breather from the holiday time? Hmm, I'm swamped with editing now. I just wanted to stop by and share a short excerpt from my new novel:

My Mom Your Dad: Happily Ever After 2.99; hope you enjoy and hope to see you round the forum... ^_^

"Could you repeat that please?" I asked him after choking on my own spit from what he had just said. Judging by my Pops reaction I must have been looking at him like he was sprouting toes from his forehead. What the hell just happened?
"I say there's someone I want you and Adam to meet; so don't go and make any plans for Sunday."
Adam sat on the light beige carpeted floor in the living room running his dump truck over our poor cat Neely who laid down unbothered by one his many antics. Just like Neely who was unfazed by the rubber tires of Adam's toy truck running haplessly over his body; Adam also was unfazed by the implications of Pops' words of `meeting someone special.' I cocked a half-grin on my face as it occurred to me that it must be nice to be six years old and not totally understand the meaning of our father's words. I shook my head as I watch the cherub quietly sitting there grunting and making truck noises with his mouth and lips. Poor kid just doesn't know he should be very afraid.
"Pops, since when did you start dating seriously?" I asked after my father's back as he headed towards the kitchen to start preparing dinner. He shrugged his shoulders as he peered into the cupboards weighing his options for what to make.
"I don't know. It kind of sort of just happened." He said matter-of-factly as if we were talking baseball or hockey. I sighed slightly as I braced myself against the counter and then jumped up and propped my butt on it. I grabbed an Ugli fruit out of the brown woven fruit basket and began gnawing on it immediately; peel and all; mm sour just like this conversation. I frown at the taste as my eyes slightly watered.
"Give me a break. I know you. Something like this just doesn't happen to you. I mean you dated what's-her-face for like three years and suddenly ended things after deciding she wasn't right for you. C'mon Pops what gives; she's not pregnant is she?" I pried; however truth be told I really didn't want to know. Pop choked immediately going into a coughing spell and then a laughing spell.
"Well thanks for the vote of confidence." He joked. I swear right then I would have paid a million dollars to switch places with my little brother. Just this time, I wanted to be blissfully ignorant.
"No she's not pregnant... And the other one; her name was Barbara, and she just wasn't the one." He replied as he pulled out the container of brown rice and a couple of cans of cream soups.
"That's my point. You dated Barbara for three years before you figured out she wasn't the one; so how come this one is different? I mean has it even been two months; you're sure she's not pregnant?" I asked again as I followed him over to the sink; probably too close for comfort. My remark was met with a scowl.
"It's been six months... Thank you very much." He snapped back at me as he measured water into a medium sized saucepan.
"Pops something just isn't right. I mean you never introduce us to your dates; why now?" I was feeling very uneasy about this meeting. Something was telling me that there was more to this story than meets the eye.
"Look Rawlings," my father stopped pouring water in mid stride and took the time to make eye contact with me. There are two things about my Pops: one he only called me by my middle name when he's deadly serious about something and two my heartbeat stopped for a nanosecond. That's when my heart really started beating; fast. I rubbed my hands against the rough fabric of my black jeans, this was major.
"Maybe you don't know yet cuz you're still young and learning about stuff like this. But you should know that there comes a time in every man's life when he meets a girl/ a woman and you can't explain it; the two of you just click. There's just something about her and you just know she's the one." He then gave me a smile as a strange look came over his eyes engulfing his face. It was like he was remembering some fond memory or something. Then he abruptly turned his attention back to his cooking. I wanted to puke. Holy snap, that's when it hits me. No wonder my heartbeat stopped at his reaction; didn't I just say the same thing to Sam just days ago about Hylla.

Posted on 22 Dec 2011 18:35:17 GMT
L. Hawkins says:
Holy Shomolly... can't believe I burned the cookies and the duck is looking a little sickly... Hmm I wonder if they will notice??? lololo... Maybe I can cover it up with a little cranberry jelly? Sounds like a plan to me... Shush it's a secret....

Thanks for stopping by, just don't tell anyone ok? Btw speaking of secrets, look for some of my books to begin a "free" promo starting 12/23/11. Download a free copy of one of my eBooks beginning on the eve of Christmas Eve...

Take care and have a happy and safe holiday season.

Posted on 27 Dec 2011 11:43:09 GMT
L. Hawkins says:
The Perfect BMW (Black Man Working) .99 cents

The sun had risen by the time Sheila slowly awoke from her slumber. She rolled over to her left and peeked at the clock on the nightstand, seven ten a.m. Sheila closed her eyes and allowed herself to sleep a little longer.

As she dreamed the words, "I'm a gorgeous bride. Halle Berry eat your heart out..." could be heard softly escaping through her lips. Finally opening her eyes she was surprised to find two small childlike eyes peering down at her. Abruptly she sat up and found that she was alone in bed.

"Ah, what are you doing here?" she went as she dug sleep out of her eyes and squinted at the bright sunlight ushering in through the window blinding her temporarily. The child stood peering and not answering. She looked around for her robe on the bed.

"Where's Neal... I mean your father..." Jason still stood unmoved and his lips remained glued.

"Great a no talker... You're potty trained, right?" She reached over and slipped on her robe getting out of bed. That's when she saw the hastily scribbled note left on the nightstand.

She read, "Early morning show... I'll make it up to you... Love you..." She gave the kid a look and then said to him, "Your father is a real piece of work..."

Posted on 28 Dec 2011 00:48:18 GMT
L. Hawkins says:
Hey everybody, hope your Christmas was auspicious and hoping your New Year is even better... If you have a little time off perhaps I can entice you to consider:

Most Feared: How I Met My Wife 2.99

Historical 1869: Five year army veteran 1st Sergeant Trent Long and Pinkerton Agent, thought being set-up, charged, tried and convicted for murder and attempted stagecoach robbery of 2 million dollars in US gold was the worst thing that could happen to him. Little did he know that it was only the beginning. Trent had been attempting to prove his innocence behind bars, but what he didn't know was that the Warden of the prison set him up to take the fall and now he wants him dead before an investigation leads to him and his brother-in-law as the masterminds behind the failed stagecoach robbery that left US Marshals dead. A botch attempt on Trent's life turns him into an escape convict and the Warden wants him found; preferably dead. One day out hunting in the woods, China lucked upon finding a very naked and virile Trent Long. What was a lonely farm girl and huntress to do when a perfectly suited able-bodied man appeared before her? Hmm...
The Warden was upset as he walked to his office in the middle of the night. He had planned on arriving at his usual time tomorrow morning to be told that Trent Long was dead at the hands of a brutal sexual attack gone wrong. What had gone wrong? Trent Long had been a Pinkerton Agent assigned to get two million dollars worth US gold bullion from the state of Washington D.C. to the Federal Reserve in Virginia that was approximately 100-hundred miles away. Warden Clyde Pykes' brother-in-law who worked for the Federal Reserve Bank had been in charge of hiring and overseeing the shipment of the gold. Joking casually he mentioned it to Clyde how a man could retire and move out west if he could execute the prefect cargo robbery and hijack that gold; disappearing into the hills between Washington D.C. and Virginia.

Clyde said why couldn't they do it? After all he had access to some of the best criminal minds in the state penitentiary. The two of them had planned for over six months, picking out the perfect crooks from his prison; staging a breakout that just so happened to coincide with the arrival of the shipment through the Washington D.C.-Virginia Turnpike when Trent Long decided to play hero killing three of the four armed criminals and capturing one, Billy James. Thank God that one bumbling crook had the good sense to lie and incriminate Trent Long. Thank God even more so that Trent Long had recently visited the state penitentiary attempting to crack another case. That made forging a few documents easier as to whom he was visiting. It made it easier to build a case against him, try him in a court of law and convict him of attempted grand robbery with a maximum jail term of twenty years. Getting him sent to his prison had been as easy as adding frosting to a cake.

Warden Pykes knew that Trent wouldn't leave well enough along. He still had a few buddies at the agency and a few law officials who believed he had been set up and they were working behind the scenes to prove his innocence. Pykes had to put a stop to it. If he didn't, it was no telling how far the investigation could go possibly implicating him and his brother-in-law and destroying the legacy that they had built.

"What happened?" He questioned his two lapdogs before entering the office where Trent waited. The well-built but stocky aging guards could not look their boss in the eye.

"He's dead." The blood drained out of the Warden's face. Now there was a murder and would be an investigation that he couldn't afford right now. It was an election year. The state had already been talking about shutting down the facility due to high incidences of prison deaths and riots. He couldn't afford to have federal agents entering and going through his paper work. They may discover the double bookings, inconsistency of his bookkeeping and secret bank accounts in his wife's name.

"What do you want us to do, sir?" One of the guards asked nervously. The short balding middle aged Warden paced the floor as he rubbed his chin thinking over his options. Abruptly a sinister smile came over his face.

"Gentleman, I think we have a prison break on our hands."

Posted on 29 Dec 2011 12:49:54 GMT
L. Hawkins says:
Saving Faith: Beginning of The Acquisition

"Continue Father Hito, but do hurry, I grow tired with every passing nanosecond." Wearily the devil replies.

"The fruits of the spirit. In order for humans to overcome the works of the flesh they would have had to begin living under the law of the Fruits of the Spirit. It is the only thing that can overcome the flesh."

"So what exactly are these fruits and how do we get rid of them?" asks Wrath.

"What the hell does it have to do with the birthdays that you were babbling about? Please get on with this long, long and painful story." Whines Jaaku.

"Don't you get it? In order for us to help facilitate the seeds we planted into the hearts and minds of mankind we had to take on earthly bodies go down there and instigate strife, wrath, hatred, envy, adultery, etc...." Father Hito explains.

"Oh, so that would mean in order for Go--- HIM..." He points upwardly as he continues, " counter our attack HE would have had to send down HIS angels in earthly bodies also to cultivate his seeds of hope, love charity and Ugggh...." Before he can finish his sentence he begins to breakout into a rash. "I hate saying those god-awful words... Look at my skin...." Jaaku rubs more salve onto his new rashes.

"Exactly, he sent angels down to counter our attack."

"Why that sneaky little son-of-a-gun... Oh, you're good... You're good, but we're better..." Declares Jaaku as he points up.

"So how do we stop these d**mn angels? How do we find them?"

"Well it's easy, and yet not so easy... See Go... I mean HIM has a few tricks up HIS sleeves. The angels came down and they used their real names..."

"Their names?" asks Sedition.

"Again in the Bi... I mean the Book, the fruits of the spirits go by the names of: love, joy, peace, longsuffering gentleness goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance..."

"That's simple enough... We just go to white pages dot com and whack them." Says Wrath matter-of-factly.

"Yeah it is simple enough... Only we have to find the right ones. That's why the date is important."

"Ah-ha... No, I don't get it..." Strife adds.

"See Go... I mean HIM, was clever. During those years, people were naming their children all kinds of wacky and crazy names. God, sorry, I mean HIM used that time to sandwich his angels between the people with odd names so that they wouldn't stand out."

"Clever... Very, very clever. So that is how HE got ahead of us. We were thinking the odd names were just a phase... Nothing unusual... All the while he was strategically placing his angels among the people. They just fit right in with the rest of those oddball names."

"But as HE would tell you, there are no coincidences, for every time there is a season... It's all there in that book..."

"Well I'll be d**mn... I ought to pick up a book and read sometimes... What a soul can learn from reading... Continue..." A stumped Jaaku concedes.

"Yes, the date... Since HIM knows and sees everything including the heart of man, he knew what we were going to do." Father Hito prideful speeds through his story.

"Therefore he marked HIS coming between our two disasters. But how do you know he didn't reverse the dates? Couldn't it be just as easily May 9Th?" Adds Idolatry with a clear understanding of Father Hito's findings.

"It could but knowing HIM the way that I used to, HE is an orderly Go... HE's orderly. He is not a sneaky or evasive HIM. Everything HE does is plain and open. You just have to look for the signs. They are always right in front of you..."

"Now we're getting somewhere... So what do you get when you punch up the date September 5Th and cross-reference those names?" A relieved Jaaku asks.

Instead of this list of over 2 million names, we get a much smaller list of...."

"Nineteen? That's it? We just have to find nineteen people and whack `em?" Wrath asks.
"Why only nineteen? Why such a small number?" Strife wonders.

"HE is a simple HIM. First and foremost, it takes a tremendous amount of energy for HIM to send down just one of HIS angels. Remember angels are not ordinary people; they just look like they are... They are invoked with special powers from HIM. Everyday approximately a million, maybe two million people are born and die. The energy flow remains constant. It is never off balance. Angels, are not born nor do they die every day... With their special powers they're functioning at a higher energy level. To send down too many of them at one time would cause simultaneous major, major catastrophe within the earth's atmosphere..."

"Tsunami, major earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, hurricanes... All the signs were right there..." Wrath points out.

"Hugo, Katrina oh my Go... I mean HIM..." Slips out of Sedition mouth.

"All that time we thought it was us, some shifting in atmospheric pressures and global warming... It was HE all along..." A humbled Strife points out.

"Divergence leads to convergence." Observes Father Hito.

"To bring together one must first divide." Idolatry states soberly.

"So now that we know who we are looking for, when can we get started?" An eager and undeterred Envy asks.

"Again, it is simple but not easy at the same time. There are nine fruits of the spirit... But remember, he was working in a span of nineteen years..." Father Hito continues to explain. "He repeated them... Therefore we get two of each and only one of one of them... We can find the two Longsuffering, the two Temperance, the two Goodness the two Loves..." Father Hito explains.

"We got it... There's two of each of them except one... Which one is that?" Impatiently Jaaku asks.
"That's the most important one." He hesitates as he clears his throat. "In the book it says work without faith is dead..." Continues Father Hito.

Confused, Strife asks, "If there is only one Faith that was born, why is that so hard? One September 5th between 1982 and 2001 a baby girl by the name of Faith is born..."

"Yeah, what's so hard about that?" Sedition asks vying to distract attention from her brother.

"You don't get it... works without faith is dead..." Father Hito explains.

"Ah-ah... No, I don't get it..." Again Sedition.

"We can find all eighteen of the fruits of the spirit... But unless we get to Faith, they will just be reborn again." Father Hito clarifies.

"As long as there is Faith, there is hope... Hmm." Jaaku says with a renewed dawning.

"Exactly, it takes somebody to always believe in the Father. No matter what she experiences she must never give up her faith..."

"How do you know Faith is not a male child?" Muses Idolatry.

Boastfully Father Hito responds, "All of the babies that were born with the name of Faith are girls; I checked."

"Actually, we don't need to whack them all." Jaaku muses out loud.

This time it is Father Hito who is confused.

"What would happen if we just got rid of Faith?" Jaaku poses to the group.

Father Hito, stops for a moment and ponders the question. Like a light bulb going off in his head, he stands in excitement and snaps his finger. Arrogantly he smiles.

"Without Faith, the others would just die out naturally..."

Saving Faith: Beginning of The Acquisition

Posted on 31 Dec 2011 08:05:48 GMT
L. Hawkins says:
Growing up is hard; NOT Impossible....
Summer of My First Time (Taming The Golden Boys) Volume 2


It seemed like it was a dream; holding Nevada once again. I knew our parents were watching, but for the life of me I couldn't bring myself to let her go. I kept saying to myself just one more second; just a little longer-but the seconds turned into minutes and I don't know how long we stood their basking in each other's arms; each other's love.

I was in a haze; not quite inside myself, I picked her up and carried her back towards the house. She pointed upstairs and led me to her room. I closed the door with my foot and then we crashed onto her bed. Our tears mingled as we couldn't get enough of each other's kisses; couldn't touch each other enough to fill the void of time that we had spent missing each other.

Her innocent hands touched me naively, but it shook my core arousing my nature. As my mouth devoured every inch of hers, I felt her taking me within the enclosing of her legs; wrapping them around my waist as I lay atop of her trying to get sated.
Words were not needed; we spoke to one another using touch, taste, smell, sound and that inner sixth sense ability.

I heard her spirit whispering into my ear, "What took you so long?"

And my heart whispered back, "I came as fast as I could."

And then the tears began, and we cried a river of happiness; so glad to be back together.

Our bliss was soon interrupted by a knock on the door. I must say not a minute to soon; because I was becoming crazed and consumed with a passion that needed to be release.
I rose up off of her as she adjusted her clothing and hair.

"Yea?" she responded and her voice was filled with a heated lust that made my core weak for her all over again.

Daisy stuck her head in the door and then said,
"Is it okay if I come in?"

"Sure mom," Nevada replied. It was one of those rare times that I actually heard her refer to her mother as `mom'.

I stood up, vacating my spot off the bed and going over to stand near the dresser. I cleared my throat and hoped that my arousal wasn't apparent through my Levis. Just to be safe I sat on the bench crossing my legs.

Daisy entered the room, closing the door behind her. She stood with her back towards the door, leaning on it for support. She looked at her daughter and then at me. I felt a shiver of fear course through my being. I was afraid of her next words.

"I just want to officially say to you," She began turning to look me in the eyes.

"I just want to say I'm sorry, I had no idea about what had happened that night."

I didn't know how to respond to her apology so I heard myself saying,
"It's understandable."

She looked away pausing as if she was trying to figure out how to phrase her next words. Then she said,
"But..." and my heart stopped as I grinded my teeth bracing myself for what she was about to say.

"But I'm still not too happy with my daughter dating you. After all she's still only 15..."

"Sixteen in a month," Nevada interrupted reminding her mother. I smiled as I looked over at her. I saw her nervously chewing her lower lip. God she was so sweet like that. It was one of the few times I've ever seen her insecure about something.

"The point is there's an age gap between you two."

"It's only two years." Nevada nervously interrupted again. I've got to admit I didn't like the sound of where this was going either, but I decided it was best to be quiet and let her finish. I didn't want to sound defensive and put Daisy on the offense. Otherwise I felt we would be right back from where we had just gotten passed.

"What I'm trying to say is," Daisy continued. "I'm trying to say is, Zai just remember even though my Nana is a senior like you and sometimes comes on as mature young lady..."

I blushed at her words. I knew exactly where she was going with this, and I couldn't stop the smile that was in my heart from reaching my face.

"I know Ms. Tate. Nevada often reminds me sometimes that she's not as old as I am. And believe me, I won't do anything or try to pressure her to do anything that she doesn't want to or isn't ready to do."

Ms. Tate then smiled at me and then that's when I knew she had just done a Gramps on me. She pulled from behind her back a slither of paper that had been neatly typed and passed it to me.
"So you won't mind signing this contract that you won't try to have sex..."
Summer of My First Time (Taming The Golden Boys) Volume 2

Posted on 31 Dec 2011 20:09:05 GMT
Last edited by the author on 31 Dec 2011 20:15:30 GMT
L. Hawkins says:
Most Feared: How I Met My Wife 2.99

~~~~~ Excerpt:
China sat out in the barn out back. The sight of what her brother was doing with some strange woman unnerved her. Not because he was her brother; but rather because she understood the loneliness that he was feeling because she too had been feeling lonely and wanting male companionship that wasn't him.

If she had known he was going to go and pick up him a woman, he could have at least offered to pick up her a man. Actually what they were doing looked down right delicious to her and had it not been her brother, she would have stayed for the show.

Lying in the hay in her plaid shirt and Levi jeans her chestnut brown tresses lay spread about the hay like a glorious golden crown as she got lost in the vivid images of what she had just witnessed; except it wasn't her brother and a strange woman. It was her and a faceless man whom she had no idea how, when or where she would possibly meet.

* * * * *

Trent trekked through the dark in the murky trenches of the forest over-vegetated brush. It was good that he had served in the army before becoming a Pinkerton agent. His training as a combat solider and agent was paying off. Thank God it was a clear night and he could make out the Little Dipper in the sky. He immediately located the North Star and began to make his trek in that direction since the prison was located to the south of him. Weaving and bobbing through the wet marsh and brush to hide his scent he soon picked up a heavy stick just in case some unwanted snake or gator crawled out of hiding. He wasn't sure why the Warden had it in for him, but he certainly intended to find out. "Ow, d*mn&t." He cursed as he tripped over a log getting his foot caught under it. He pulled with more strength than was required and fell back twisting his ankle.

"Great just what I needed," He cursed.

CLICK-CLICK. Even though he wasn't moving he stopped. His hands instantly went up in the air. Had he been caught already by the Warden and his men he wondered? Turning around slowly he heard,
"Mister ain't nobody told you to move just yet." A soft feminine voice said to his back. He stopped but he was a little embarrassed due to having been caught by a person of the farer sex and also for being in the buff.

"Get them hands up high." He obeyed and then he heard her cocking the rifle and his heart start.
"Now hold on..." he started to say but was immediately told,
"Hush up! Ain't nobody gave you permission to talk."

A thousand thoughts swarmed in his head but none of them made sense or gave him the answers to the questions he had. Abruptly he felt the cold steel of the rifle's nose pressed against his head. His eyes involuntarily closed. He didn't know who she was or what she wanted. Without any answers he didn't know how to approach this target. Without warning he felt the clasp of a metal handcuff go around his wrist and then she pulled his other hand down.

"Reach back with your other arm." She ordered still with the gun pressed against his head. He wondered how she was able to cuff him and still hold a gun. Maybe there was more than one he thought. So right now he would just go along with it. At least it wasn't the Warden's men.

He found himself handcuff and then quickly somehow she had shackled him in some kind of shackling trap meant for large game. Before he knew it she had him trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Finally the lady walked around him feeling secured that he was no longer a threat. "What are you doing here in these parts butt naked?" She asked.
"Are you some kind of sicko, weirdo pervert? Preying on innocent women and children?" China asked.

For the love of God, Trent thought. I've been captured and taken hostage by a child; a girl child no less. His pride was wounded and he was embarrassed beyond words. If word ever got out that five year army First Sergeant veteran and three year Pinkerton agent Trent Long got captured by a snot nosed little girl he would have to turn in his badge along with his now flaccid hanging balls.

Posted on 3 Jan 2012 17:27:57 GMT
L. Hawkins says:
"Neal?" he went. "Hey Tony, what's up?"
You've got visitors..."
"Visitors? Send them in..." Neal was curious. Neal carefully watched the door.
And then his heart went, TH-U-MP, TH-U-MP, TH-U-MP, drowning out all of the sounds in the studio. Jay noticed a nervous twitch beginning in Neal's right hand. Neal clasped his hands together to cover it.
In walked his ex college flame Denise and in tow behind her was their 14-year old daughter Alexandria with two suitcases. Neal's face slowly dropped. Cautiously he stood and approached them.
"Denise, what's up? Alex... shouldn't you two be at an airport somewhere?" he asked after acknowledging them. Jay quietly sat in the background wishing he had a bag of Chicago Mix popcorn. Hell it's about to get interesting he thought as he watched.
"I told you I had that pilot TV program coming up in Boston starting this week for the summer..." Denise began.
"Yeah... And we decided that it would be best if Alexandria stayed with your Momma in Al-a-ba-ma..." Neal countered getting nervous.
"About that..." She hesitated for a moment.
"Mom is sick... She's having a hysterectomy... She's going to be bedridden for at least two months..."
Neal's mind began reaching for straws. Jay could almost visualize the wheels speedily turning looking for answers.
"Good... Alexandria can be there to look after her... Help her get back on her feet... Answer the phone, fix lunch and dinner... you know... Have a safe flight... Love you... Miss you."
Denise gave a heavy sigh and shook her head before she continued. "That's too much responsibility for a fourteen-year old. Will you just stop and think about it..."
Neal took a few deep breaths attempting to remain calm. He was confident if he remained calm a new more agreeable plan would emerge.
"You're right... I'm sorry..." He gently stroked his chin and then scratched his head. Abruptly an idea struck him.
"What about your sister Venita? You want to visit with Aunt Venita, right?" he asked hopeful.
Involuntarily Denise's eyes rolled to the back of her head. She felt like hitting her head up against the wall as she squeezed her temples. This man was unbelievable she thought.
"Who do you think is taking care of momma?"
Smiling at a bright idea, Neal offered, "There you go... She can keep Auntie Venita company... Hurry don't miss your plane..." He attempted to push them out of the studio. Denise was like a boulder, she wouldn't budge.
"Will you stop Neal!" Slowly she allowed the air to withdraw from her lungs and then she said,
"For once take some responsibility..."
Neal removed the headset and countered, "I am taking responsibility... Who do you think sends you a signed check every week?"
Denise squeezed at her temples again. This man was truly trying her patience and giving her a headache. She couldn't believe she was having this kind of conversation with a supposedly grown-a&& man.
"Will you grow up. There's more to being a parent than signing a check once a week and calling to say `how's school, happy birthday and Merry Christmas'."
As if Neal had said nothing relevant Denise dismissed him and headed for the door as she said,
"It's only eight weeks... You can manage her for two months..." This time instead of trying to usher her out, he jumped in front of her preventing her departure.
"I just got married... Sheila's a special lady... I just can't spring this on her..."
Denise slowly began to have a flashback as the dawning of his situation began to occur to her. "Unbelievable... She doesn't know about Alex, does she?"

The Perfect BMW (Black Man Working) .99 cents

Posted on 3 Jan 2012 21:35:41 GMT
Last edited by the author on 3 Jan 2012 21:36:37 GMT
L. Hawkins says:
Rex Revenge: Hood Love 2

"What's going on?" I asked again. The kids were the saddest that I had ever seen since knowing them. Dad had that look on his face that I had only seen a couple times in my life and they were all during the times of Angela's disappearances. My heart began pounding against my chest and I could feel a slight tremor building in the pit of my stomach.

"Will somebody please tell me what's going on?" At my words Nina broke down and started sobbing heavily. Cortez and Sophia went to console her. The twins were huddled together in a corner, being distant from everyone. Mom's eyes were filled with tears and I could see that she was wrestling with keeping her composure. Dad stood restlessly looking out the window; a sight I had grown accustomed to all while he stood by the window waiting, hoping to glimpse a sighting of Angela again. My eyes darted about and Nick was missing.

"Where's Nick? I asked and I was livid immediately. What had he done to cause this kind of uproar with everyone? I had warned him to think before doing something stupid again. I had told him not to worry his sister like this; she had enough to deal with. I guess my warnings went unheeded. Oh God, I wondered if the boy was dead.

"Karen what is it?" I asked. Karen turned to me and her voice slightly shook.

"It's their sister Selena." She began and suddenly I started doing a head count in my head and eyeballing each of the kids individually. Yes, she was missing also.

"What happened? Did something happen to Selena?" I demanded; even though a part of me was scared to listen to the rest, I forced myself to hear her out.

"She's been kidnapped by 3X Mob." Karen finally finished. It was like she was reliving her own nightmare when she had been kidnapped. Just like that, I felt as though I had suddenly been slammed back into my past. I couldn't believe her words. My knuckles turned white as I clenched my fist at my sides. My teeth grind against each other as my jaw went stiff. This couldn't be happening again; not twice in my lifetime. Hadn't we suffered enough?

"Where is 3X Mob's headquarters?" I gently questioned her. Nina didn't or couldn't answer she just sat their sobbing on her sister's shoulders. I went over to the twins who were in their own world sitting quietly in a trance-like state. I kneeled down beside them.

"Tell me, where your sister and brother are? Tell me, I'll bring them back; I promise."

Posted on 6 Jan 2012 18:14:49 GMT
L. Hawkins says:
My Mom Your Dad: Happily Ever After 2.99

"Well, I guess this is it..." I heard her saying and I knew she was stalling for time for me to make the first move. I looked to my right and then my left all the while I cleared my throat.
"Ahem... Ahem..." I repeated like some sort of dork.
"Coming down with a cold," she asked. I couldn't help but blushing at her question.
"Na, just..." I started but didn't get a chance to finish my sentence. Abruptly I felt her soft hands slightly touching my fingers and then taking my hand into hers. Her hands had become slightly chilled in the night air. I bravely forced my eyes to look down meeting her gaze. We were holding hands and standing almost on top of one another, we were so close. I was sure she could feel my heartbeat going crazy against my chest at her nearness. I noticed her smile and I can't even describe how beautiful her rainbow streaks looked in the glow of the moon light. Her eyes seemed to have been sparkling, hypnotizing me. Before I knew it, I felt my own head bowing down and my eyes beginning to close. The closer my lips got to hers, the faster and harder my heartbeat pounded against my chest. I swallowed once and then again as my lips slightly parted on their own volition. The air from my lungs wanted to come out heavy and hard, but I forced myself to slow it down and breathe somewhat normally as our lips made tentative contact. I slightly opened my eyes to venture a quick look at her and saw that her eyes were already closed. I breathed a sigh-of-relief as I allowed my lips to fully embrace hers in my first kiss.
ShaZaaam! Pssssh.... Pow! The fireworks went off in my head at first touch of our lips. All I could think of was `I hope it's as good for her as it is to me'. Hmm, this was so worth the wait- my first kiss.

My Mom Your Dad: Happily Ever After 2.99

Posted on 6 Jan 2012 20:31:53 GMT
Alm High, greetings! Just popped in to say hi. Continue your prolific writing of non-cookie cutter books!

Posted on 6 Jan 2012 22:57:50 GMT
Last edited by the author on 6 Jan 2012 22:58:23 GMT
L. Hawkins says:
lolo... Dr. Barb well fancy meeting you here... Thanks for popping by; I always wondered if anyone ever open these "meet the author ___" threads up... Glad to see that it doesn't go waste...

And if anyone else is reading this... Please check out Dr. Barb's books... you are in for a riveting time...

Outcome, A Novel: There's more than a hurricane coming ...

Operation Neurosurgeon: You never know ... who's in the OR

Younger Next Decade

In reply to an earlier post on 8 Jan 2012 15:45:44 GMT
Thanks so much Alm High. I aim to please. I hope lots of people pop in - can you leave them your website or is that not acceptable?

In reply to an earlier post on 8 Jan 2012 22:49:35 GMT
L. Hawkins says:
Doctor Barbara, by all means leave your website, twitter handle or anything you would like...

I was looking for your personal thread here... but couldn't find it... Did you create one? Hmm do you have any online event coming up? Chat? Interview? Promos? please feel free to post here and next time bring a friend... The more the merrier...

Chester the Chesapeake

Posted on 9 Jan 2012 09:37:10 GMT
Mel Comley says:
Hi Alm, thanks so much for recommending my book on another thread the other day, much appreciated. xx

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Jan 2012 14:45:19 GMT
L. Hawkins says:
Well hello Mel, it isn't nice that another friend has stopped by... Had I known so many friends would stop by, I would have named this thread Author & Friends...

Hey everybody this is awesome mystery-thriller-romance writer Mel Comley... If you haven't already check out some of her novels and she has a thread also over here... Perhaps you can glimpse some of hers (or even Dr. Barb's) excerpts....

By all means, my colleagues and friends you could leave us a sample of some of your work....

this is the link to Mel's thread over here:

Cruel Justice (DI Lorne Simpkins (Book one))

Posted on 9 Jan 2012 16:42:02 GMT
Mel Comley says:
You're so sweet! ;-)

Posted on 19 Jan 2012 19:13:21 GMT
L. Hawkins says:
KDP Prime Members, borrow for free:
Summer of My First Time (Taming The Golden Boys) Volume 2

Taming The Golden Boys: The Complete Series Volume 1-3 paperback
Time flies when you're having fun and drags when you're in misery. Zai's plan of having Moui act as my boyfriend had its ups and downs. On the one hand I got to see him four to five days out of the week and every weekend. On the other hand things between Daisy and me were becoming strain. Daisy still wouldn't relent about the Zai issue and she became increasingly suspicious about it when I broached the subject.

"Well honey, if you've moved on and are really dating Moui; why should it matter about Zai? Are you sure you're not still dating Zai?" I guess Zai and I didn't see that line of reasoning coming. I had to turn away while I drank my OJ. I could not lie to my mom while looking her straight in the face.

"I'm not, but you know he's a friend of Moui and sometimes we want to all hang out together." God I was becoming worried at how naturally easy lying came for me. Daisy always taught me that `a person who would lie to you is also someone who would steal from you.' I didn't want to be that kind of person. So I decided right then and there at that moment I would talk about Zai less often, be patient and hopefully time would allow her to relent on her decision.

"Oh that reminds me," She said abruptly as she got up placing her dishes into the dishwasher.

"What?" I don't know why suddenly I grew nervous about what she would say next, so I set my glass down on the counter. I didn't want to drop it accidentally.

"Memorial day weekend, I'm giving a family and friends barbeque. So make sure you invite your friends to come over and hang out. Uncle George and his wife Connie are flying in from New Jersey for your cousin Penelope's graduation and to spend the holiday with us."

"Why so suddenly? I mean this big memorial day celebration." I asked. "We've never really done the whole family thing before." This was new. Usually Daisy and I kind of took it easy on the holidays and did our own thing with our own friends. We never made `family' plans together; Daisy always said most times family breakdown occurs when family members crowd each other too much. It's important to spend time away from each other. I grew up like that; living in my own space and kind of having the freedom to do my own thing and seek out my own amusement. Maybe that's why our relationship was like it was; we were more like close sisters or roommates.

"Look after that time," Daisy stumbled over her words and I could see the tears glistening in her eyes. She still had trouble talking about my kidnapping and brutal beating. She cleared her throat and began again.

"That time when you were in the hospital gave me a lot of time to do some reflection."


"And all the while you were in surgery and even afterwards, I really couldn't remember us spending any real good mother-and-daughter time together."

"That's crazy!" I protested. "What are you talking about Daisy? We spend lots of time together?"

Daisy came around the table and stood near the kitchen counter where I was. She leaned against it.

"Yea that's what I thought. So I started going back trying to remember our holidays that we had shared. I even went and pulled out the old photo albums looking for pictures of us together at family functions and get-togethers." Then she grabbed my hand and began pulling me into the family room where we kept the photo albums.

"What's this?" I asked as we sat down and she pointed to three photo albums filled with the pictures of our lives.

"Go ahead and look through them."

I hesitated before reaching for the first album. Daisy was serious if she had gone through the trouble of pulling out old albums and looking for memories of us together. At that moment I suddenly realized how afraid my mother had been for me at that time. The brave front that she had always put on for my benefit, suddenly evaporated and I saw Daisy for the first time for who she really was. She was a mom who had been shaken to the core with fear of losing her precious child. Even though we didn't say `I love you' as often as we probably should, in that moment as I watched my mother there was no doubt about how much she really loved me.

"Okay mom, I'll invite my friends over. It'll be fun."

I couldn't stop thinking about Rain and even though I really wanted to be with her, she and Nevada had something on this weekend so spending time with her this weekend was out of the question. I really had it bad for Rain, cuz despite her telling me she wouldn't be at the bookstore this Saturday, I found myself wandering there today and just hanging out talking with and helping her grandparents.

Her grandparents are a riot. Maybe I like them because both sets of my grandparents had passed on years ago before I had a chance to fully appreciated grandparents. I was in Gramps' workshop aka the garage. It was great being there. The place had a smell that said `no women allowed'. It smelled of oil, paint, sawdust, wood, and cars.

Rain's grandfather was a tinkler who occasionally had a fondness of tinkering with inventions and had all sorts of oddity gadgets and objects about his space.
"Here, have a root beer and some of Grammy's famous fresh home-baked bread." He set the tray of food and drinks on his workbench where we were sitting idly chatting and tinkering with stuff.

He had just finished building a stand-long wooden mailbox and had been putting the finishing touches on it.

"Mm, this is delicious. I could eat Grammy's bread all day every day," I commented while stuffing my face with her still warm bread that I had lavishly spread butter over it.

"Maybe you'll marry our little Rain. As a wedding present we'll give you a coupon good for a lifetime's supply of fresh baked breads and cakes."

"I have to wait that long for that coupon?" I joked back with Gramps.

He gave a hearty laugh and then said, "You could always buy one. We'll give you a discount."

"Hmm, discount? What are we talking about?" We continued to joke back and fro.

"Hmm," Gramps rubbed the small patch of graying stubble on his chin as he mulled over his next words. I tell you, I didn't know that for an old guy that he could be a sly and cunning old man or that he could actually put me on edge, but I soon found out when he said,

"Let me ask you a few questions."

I nodded my head still laughing to myself thinking we were just having some good natured laughs and conversations; not knowing that I was being led to the slaughterhouse about to be annihilated. Then he hit me with:

"You're not pressuring my grandbaby to do anything she doesn't want to or not ready for, are you?" I swear I was throwing back a few swigs of my root beer when suddenly my previous swallowed bread suddenly came back up my throat forcing the drink down my windpipe and I began to choke at his words. I mean I coughed and gagged trying to catch my breath; trying to believe that Gramps just didn't ask me the question that I thought I heard.

He stood up and gave me a few whacks on my back and somehow I wasn't sure if he was helping or giving me a hint that he would choke the living daylights out of me if I did anything to and with Rain. I finally recovered and sat back down on my stool. I was nervous, but I decided that if her grandfather came to me with the respect of a man, I should be man enough to return the favor; no matter how scared or nervous I was.

I cleared my throat and of course I couldn't quite look at him. I mean seriously, how many guys do you know have the `sex talk' with their girlfriend's father let alone their grandfather? Talk about your generational gap.

"Well sir... I mean of-of... You see... I mean what I'm trying to say is... It's like..." I stumbled all over myself. This old dude was really cool. I mean I felt like I had been led to the waters for a nice refreshing and relaxing swim only to be dunked in the waters head-first to drown. And I was seriously drowning here, but I decided to persevere through it.

"Go ahead son, we're both men here." He encouraged me and I became even more fearful. Did he really want my honesty or was he setting me up? What would happen if it turned out to be like Zai and Nevada's situation and I get banned from seeing her? God I was scared because I wasn't sure if I could handle the situation quite as well as Zai was; and Zai wasn't handling it all too well himself.

I closed my eyes momentarily and then took a deep breath, exhaling slowly. I decided honesty was still the best way to go. God help me.

"To be honest with you sir, we have..."

The stool that he was sitting on suddenly hit the floor as he was already standing and hovering so close up over me, I could smell the garlic bread on his breath that he must have had last night. I flushed and felt the sweat beads breaking out just over the top of my forehead and under my armpits. Suddenly I grew very warm.

Growing up is hard; NOT Impossible....

Taming The Golden Boys of Central High Volume 1
Summer of My First Time (Taming The Golden Boys) Volume 2

DIARY of a TEEN PRODIGY: The College Life (Taming The Golden Boys) Volume 3

Posted on 20 Jan 2012 12:02:55 GMT
Mel Comley says:
Hi Alm,

Hmmm... I see what you mean, my view is a little better than yours.

I notice you're in the select programme, have you had many borrows on your books?


Posted on 20 Jan 2012 13:50:02 GMT
I have some books added to my wish list from both of you here :) and will defo be adding them to #my be read# books, thank you

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Jan 2012 17:45:17 GMT
L. Hawkins says:
Hey Mel, thanks for stopping by again... yea I'm in the Select program and I'm not too happy with the results; also I've been tracking discussions from the readers perspective- so far what I've been hearing from the readers they don't seem to be too happy with the program as far as how much it charges and how many books they are able to borrow. I've had approximately 10 borrows combined with all of my 12 books...

Please whenever you visit, leave a link and a blurb about one of your books... I'm wishing I had named this thread "Alm Hlgh's & Friends". I want to start cross promoting in this thread so that when visitors like S. Ward stop by I can offer them more variety.

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Jan 2012 17:47:16 GMT
L. Hawkins says:
Hi-dee-Ho S. Ward, thank you for visiting and leaving your calling card. It is a pleasure to meet you and I hop you will be back and by all means bring some friends. As I just expressed to my good friend Mel, I'm going to start cross promoting varies authors that I know and their work to offer you all a wide array of choices.

Take care and be in good health.

Alm Hlgh ^_^

Posted on 20 Jan 2012 17:58:30 GMT
Oh I'll look forward to you cross promoting, when and how?

Posted on 20 Jan 2012 18:00:55 GMT
Mel Comley says:
Hi Alm, I'll do you if you do me so to speak! lol

Feel free to leave a link in my thread to, won't you.

I have a few books in the select program/me, had quite a few borrows especially on my charity book, so I'm really pleased about that. But nothing compared to some of the authors out there. I know one lady who has had 3700 borrows this month alone! Can you imagine that?

We'll have to see how it pans out.

My A Time To Heal is going to be free tomorrow. Let me know when yours go free and I'll tweet them for you. I'm @melcom1 on twitter btw! xx
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