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Kindle eBooks between £1 and £2

Discussion moved to this forum by Amazon on 5 Jan 2012 22:38:57 GMT.

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Posted on 26 Feb 2012 23:44:31 GMT
A FACE TO DIE FOR my latest fully edited novel is on many levels pure nostalgia... set in a fashion business background in the swinging 1960s... and tells an intriguing love story, hampered by loose morals, drug taking and romantic conflict - at a time when anything risque goes, and frequently does. This novel reveals the typical scandal and glamour of this decadent and revolutionary period in modern history.
A gripping storyline, not to be missed.

Best wishes

Posted on 27 Feb 2012 13:42:26 GMT
Tomorrow Blossoms

When Kate's husband, Ward, locates the son she put up for adoption as an unwed teen, she's understandably wary. What if he looks like his father instead of Ward?

The boy, now a man, is also wary. Who are these people who suddenly want him to be a part of their lives? Where were they when he was growing up, when he needed to feel a part of something bigger? After meeting each other, everyone's fears dissipate.

Then Ward passes away unexpectedly. Although devastated, Kate is thankful he never knew the truth. Facing the rest of her life alone, she returns to work in the company he founded. She's still coming to grips with life as a single when she learns her son was adopted into the family of Jesse, the boy who turned her away as a pregnant teen.

"Having bought this book on the strength of reading Serendipity House I expected it to be a good read. I was not disappointed. It was that and more. Lovely read. I shall be happy to read all other books by this author."

Posted on 27 Feb 2012 13:55:03 GMT
The millionaire falls hard
On free promotion last weekend, this received an amazing response. Thank you for all the support. Now, it's just £1.96. Grab a comfy chair, a glass of your favourite tipple and this STEAMY ROMANCE. Bliss!

Teaser - Jake and Carrie both thought they were single for ever even though Carrie did dream of meeting someone who loved her she never seriously thought that would happen. Along comes Jake. He fights his feelings and Carrie doesn't trust hers. It takes a while but eventually they can no longer deny the passion. But can it last?

I'm Sarah and getting this novel published only took 3 years but I'm determined the next one will be out by the summer!

Posted on 27 Feb 2012 17:12:26 GMT
Seb Kirby says:

Just to let readers here know about this review of Take No More - the Murder Mystery Thriller:

'It was a few pages before I realized what I was reading: a sort of modern noir. I walked in the hero's shoes, was privy to his thoughts and intruded on his emotions as he was drawn into the mystery of his wife's death. Kirby's spare yet rich prose, his perfect word choices, made this a work that appeared to be effortlessly constructed. That seamlessness is the hallmark of a gifted writer. Definitely recommended.'

Best wishes


Posted on 27 Feb 2012 17:54:36 GMT
Roger Cave says:
Why not try one of the Alec Fincham novels, they`re pure action adventure thrillers.
Each one is available for only £1.03.

All nine books are military, espionage, action thrillers and feature Commander Alec Fincham, of her Majesty's Special Boat Service. Because of his military training, he is seconded to the Special Operations Department of M.I.6. Every difficult job that comes along, he and his team have to face head on.

The Barcza Gambit (The Alec Fincham Novels)
Someone wants to keep the American military in Iraq, and possibly escalate the war. Fincham, in his first outing, finds himself in Miami, trying to figure out what's really going on.

Sicilian Defence (Alec Fincham #2)
Fincham and his team are after a Middle Eastern terrorist, but the Italian Mafia stand in their way. Can he and his team outfox the Mafia, and still catch the man they're after.

White King (Alec Fincham #3)
British anti-drug patrols in the Caribbean are dealt a blow by a Venezuelan drug lord. Fincham and his team are sent in to deliver a message. However, the message turns out to be more dangerous to deliver than they could have possibly imagined.

Zugzwang (Alec Fincham #4)
A man wants revenge for his son's death. If successful, he'll kill hundreds of thousands. Fincham and his team find themselves in the Iraqi Western Desert, alone and outnumbered, and in a worse position than when they started. Can they survive?

Octopus Knight (Alec Fincham #5)
A death in London sets Fincham on to the trail of a Russian drugs smuggler. He will have to face death in the frozen Chernobyl ghost towns, if he is to succeed.

Medusa Defence (Alec Fincham #6)
The murder of a politician sends Fincham on a chase to find Medusa, a world famous model. He has to find out what she knows, and protect her from those who want the information she has.

Deep Blue (Alec Fincham #7)
Somali pirates kidnap a South African diamond miner. Fincham is engaged to get him out, no matter the cost. To fail will deepen the world's financial crisis, and strengthen foreign terrorist cells.

Grand Prix Variation (Alec Fincham #8)
Fincham is tasked with providing protection to a Formula 1 Racing Team. The team's owner is also a supplier of military technology to the Armed Forces. One man wants that relationship terminated, permanently.

Queen's Knight (Alec Fincham #9)
The love of Anastasia Hunt's life goes missing, but nothing is at it first appears. Alec Fincham is brought in to resolve the case, but can he get to the bottom of what's going on without paying the ultimate price?

In addition, there's a couple of Alec Fincham stories available for 77p.
Fried Fox & English Rat (Alec Fincham Short Stories)
Fried Fox
M.I.6. Send Devon Fox on what seems to be a fairly routine investigation. However, things are not quite what they seem, and soon he is fighting to survive.

English Rat
The press have dubbed her HMS Invisible, and she is the most advance stealth warship in the World. Unfortunately, other people want the technology and are willing to steal what they can. Alec Fincham, and his Special Boat Service team, are called in to protect her, but will it be enough?

Total word count 28500 approx

Posted on 27 Feb 2012 18:15:38 GMT
Last edited by the author on 27 Feb 2012 18:17:42 GMT
Tonkalou says:
Would you go to a remote Norfolk village in the middle of winter? You might do if you found out that the villagers knew the secret of a long and healthy life.

The Tonic

An experienced fisherman disappears two hours into a fishing trip. Is it murder, suicide, a tragic accident or something else?

The House on Tremawney Hill

Posted on 28 Feb 2012 02:02:41 GMT
Roger Weston says:
The Recruiter
Available 2/27/12

The Golden Catch
*****Fantastic Story; stands comparison to Hammond Innes, Jan. 18, 2012

The Assassin's Wife
*****Wonderfully spellbinding!, Dec. 7, 2011

Only 77p each on Kindle!

Posted on 28 Feb 2012 10:06:57 GMT
D. Williams says:
Hey everyone.
If you really like fast paced science fiction adventure, then Dragon Flight: Renegade (Tales from the Terra Firma Fleet) is still available for £1.96 from the kindle store.
It is the first part of the Dragon Flight trilogy.
They are all part of the "tales from the terra firma fleet" and takes humanity further and further into the unexplored regions of the galaxy, and deeper into darkness.

Posted on 28 Feb 2012 22:21:32 GMT
The millionaire falls hard

This hit #3 today in Adult fiction. So excited! Carrie and Jake's story deserves to be read. Grab your favourite tipple, snuggle into a comfy chair, download their story and settle in for a steamy read. Bliss!

Posted on 29 Feb 2012 17:48:29 GMT
Minijax says:
A Bottle of Plonk is free for this Leap Year extra day. The review below says it all:

"I enjoyed reading this unusual story. It was a great idea to follow a bottle of wine around, giving us insights into the lives of the people who briefly owned it! I found myself intrigued to wonder who would get it next and how they would be connected to the previous owners. I liked the way that it all worked out in the end."

Posted on 29 Feb 2012 18:04:08 GMT
THE SECRET is on FREE promotion for ONE day today, Leap Year Day! So grab it while you can!

This contemporary, romantic mystery novel is a wickedly woven web of dark secrets, emotional conflict and romantic intrigue. It has very much a character-driven storyline and is in essence a love triangle, but with quite a hard-hitting difference. It a roller-coaster of a story to keep you glued to your Kindle until the bitter-sweet denouement. Enjoy! Hankies at the ready!

Posted on 29 Feb 2012 20:19:35 GMT
The Bub says:
Suckers n Scallies

Loss and loneliness in childhood lead introvert middle-class Kit Ramsay into forbidden friendship and taboo territory with Liverpool tough boy, Terry Dacosta. Violence and deprivation in Terry's childhood, drive him to aspire to a life like Kit's. Their early experiences in 60s and 70s Liverpool are to have far-reaching effects on their adult lives and relationships

Previously published in paperback as Sucka!. This is a gritty, retro novel, with scouse dialect, retro sweets and grub aplenty.

Ta f'readin'

Posted on 1 Mar 2012 14:27:06 GMT
Women's fiction with a time-travel twist. Rubies and Other Gems - the Novel

Lily's life isn't going well. Her husband is clueless; her children are rudderless. It's little wonder she seeks comfort in her dreams, unaware that grandmother's rubies have transported her back through time to a safer, saner existence.

When she learns that her dream lover is not a dream after all, but a real man who lived and died years before she was born, family problems mount. Because she can't repair the damage she's done from the past, she vows to stay in the here and now. She almost succeeds when she accidentally sends herself back in time without her return ticket, the rubies.

"I would recommend this novel as one of those books that moves the reader through the days, months, and years of living, that open the reader's awareness to circumstances that, in this case, may be just a bit unique." Judith of The Book Binge.

Posted on 1 Mar 2012 15:00:03 GMT
From Boca Raton, to New York City, to Roanoke, Virginia, this book is a metaphysical journey; an awakening awareness as the struggles of the universe are revealed through a diverse group of people who have been connected by fate.

Energy and power abound in a battle to understand what the universe is trying to tell them and what the fate of mankind will be.

With every vibration of energy upon one of the seven chakra the group slowly awakens to the building blocks of existence, laying out choices of paths they may or may not take.

A young woman, Jackie, a Coast Guard Petty Officer draws the attention of street preachers in New York, who believe she is involved with the coming of a new black Messiah.

Bernie who had only met Jackie is intrigued but unsure why.

Jamal the prophet of the coming black messiah.

John a software creator becomes the center of attention of all involved when power, energy, sex, and death, weave their existence as they become joined in a vision of the Universal Plan and the fate of everyone.

Sex, violence, and revelations into the mind of creation are keyed into the reader as their own Chakra's awaken. Everyone who reads this book will experience an awakening triggered by their life and their energy. . Each reader will obtain their own level of awareness as their chakra are energized into an awakening.

105,000 + words, Metaphysical fiction.
Facebook J.R. BOWLES

The Seventh Chakra

Posted on 2 Mar 2012 11:34:21 GMT
[Deleted by the author on 16 Mar 2012 19:29:59 GMT]

Posted on 2 Mar 2012 20:16:24 GMT
The millionaire falls hard

Grab your favourite tipple, snuggle into a comfy chair, download this romance and settle in for a steamy read. Bliss!

Carrie, a successful children's author is receiving threatening letters. As they escalate she meets Jake, a respected entrepreneur and VERY single millionaire. Their attraction is as scary to Carrie as it is distracting from the threats. Once Jake knows what's happening he gives all the support a man in love can give. But Carrie retreats behind a solid wall and stays there until a chance encounter brings that emotional wall crashing down. For how long.......a while, or forever?

Posted on 2 Mar 2012 20:33:03 GMT
phoenix says:
Psychotic Memoirs. (Coming out the journey within) by David Forest 135 pages at less than £2.00 or $3.00

It was to be an adventure - breaking with the old and finding out who I - David - really was. What begins as an optimistic coming of age story with promises of new friendships and romance, gradually evolves into the principle character and author (David) loosing touch with the outside world. This is initially through perceived stigma and paranoia surrounding sexuality and culminates in alienation and full-scale psychosis. David completes many milestones in his memoirs. He always wanted to live abroad, learn a new language and become immersed in a new culture and this is made possible with his studies as a law and language student. He explores his newfound home in Spain and in the process makes new friends and aquaintances. With one of these (Alex) he shares a particularly strong, intimate attachment but at this point the experiences have already begun to turn somewhat darker. This leads David to examine the concepts of self and reality, the bonds between people and the very ideas of life and being from a state of altered awareness. Entertaining with elements of humour and pathos the memoirs are at times poetic and poignant and lead to a philosophical and metaphysical journey within the human psyche and beyond. Although David is not alone during his psychological problems, by the end his internal exile is almost complete and the deconstruction of what it means to be a human being (living, loving, hoping, dying) poses many existential questions which we all may face at different stages in our lives.

Posted on 3 Mar 2012 12:45:21 GMT
Barca_10 says:
Available at less than a £1

The Oktober Projekt ( first in the CO8 series) - 98p on Kindle for readers who enjoy fast paced spy thrillers

For Nick Torr, a senior officer in the Secret Intelligence Service's (SIS) Covert Directorate CO8, Operation Salvage was intended to be nothing more than a mundane collection from an SIS agent in Moscow. Betrayed, captured, beaten and tortured, Torr's nightmare has only just begun as Moscow attempts to protect its Oktober Projekt, raising the stakes of espionage to terrifying new heights.

"If you like spy thrillers with an ever twisting and at times complex story line then this ones for you, the plots and twists and descriptive feel make you believe you are really there in the midst of the plot. Could easily make a fantastic film. Best spy thriller I have read in a long time" (Amazon review)

The Fanatic - the second in the series is also available for 97p

The Oktober Projekt

The Fanatic

Many Thanks

R J Dillon

Posted on 3 Mar 2012 14:28:41 GMT
A very brief blurb about Tomorrow Blossoms

Woman is apprehensive when husband finds son she gave up as an unwed teen, aware he's not the father. Not until husband dies does she meet son's adopted family and discovers it's the family of the boy who turned her away as a pregnant teen.

"Having bought this book on the strength of reading Serendipity House, I expected it to be a good read. I was not disappointed. It was that and more. Great characters whom I cared about and a switchback of a ride for them all. Lovely read. I shall be happy to read all other books by this author."

Posted on 3 Mar 2012 14:51:51 GMT
MadCow says:
The Bumble's End - Crime / Dark Humour

The Land Beyond Goodbye General / Women's Fiction

DON'T LOOK DOWN - Thriller

The Stiletto Heel and Other Stories - Erotica

WASPS & SCORPIONS: Luv Pomes and Other Lies - Quirky Poetry

All from Pentalpha Publishing Edinburgh
See more books on the page - website coming soon.
Small (minute!) publisher of ebooks.

Posted on 3 Mar 2012 17:13:03 GMT
[Deleted by the author on 3 Mar 2012 17:45:53 GMT]

Posted on 3 Mar 2012 17:21:37 GMT
Selling for 1.02, The Weeping Empress is an epic fantasy with YA crossover appeal.

Chiyo Alglaeca was happy in her life. That is, until it was all taken away. Forced into notoriety, stalked by a mysterious cult, hunted by the emperor, and facing betrayal at every turn she clings to the only safety she can find: two enigmatic men and the sharp bringer of death, Salvation. The Weeping Empress explores the devastating effects of loss, the hunt for redemption, and the price of destiny. It questions the true meaning of evil and asks what monster is not also an innocent?

Posted on 3 Mar 2012 22:07:47 GMT
Minijax says:
Tainted Tree - a genealogical novel of 367 pages in print; under £2 for the Kindle. 14 reviews, 11 of them five star.

A surprise bequest from an unknown benefactor leads American adoptee, Addie Russell, to Surrey on a journey to discover more about her mysterious English family. She does not know that her search will uncover secrets that will both shock and thrill her. Nor can she imagine the emotions and events which await her.

Second Prize at the Winchester Writers Conference

'An engaging narrative voice ... I was immediately drawn into the story.'
Donna Condon, editor, Piatkus Books

'The atmosphere is skilfully built, humming with suspense ... evocative images and well-chosen vocabulary ... a page-turner'
Adrienne Dines, author

'Likeable people ...excellent family dialogue, which races along most satisfyingly'
Historical Novel Association Review

Posted on 3 Mar 2012 22:32:25 GMT
Parody Lightfoot and the Bane of Time

Parody Lightfoot (not her real name), 13, her big sister, Anna Banana (mostly her real name), 16, and middle bro, Brian (his real name), 15, battle to work out what they're doing then save planet Earth from the dark forces of Father Time! A humorous adventure ensues with dragons, magical weapons (big swords, small axes, funny little compass-thing), time travel, shape-shiftering, a god or too and some DNA stuff. There is also some head-scratching and some emoticons!

Actually £2.01 but according to a bad SOP at work, you can round this down to £2! (probably not on kindle though)

Posted on 4 Mar 2012 14:37:12 GMT
Mel Comley says:
Cruel Justice (DI Lorne Simpkins (Book one))

A serial killer taunts the police...And he has his sights on DI
Lorne Simpkins

The headless body of a wealthy widow is discovered decomposing in
Chelling Forest.

Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins and her partner, DS Pete Childs
are assigned to the case.

A few days later another victim, this time a young girl, is
discovered. Who could the killer be and what's the connection
between the two victims?

Then after a third murder, the killer contacts Lorne with a grisly
surprise. It looks like Lorne has a serial killer on her hands - and
one that has become fixated on her.

As she tries to solve the crimes, Lorne is also coping with a
failing marriage and a new, unsympathetic boss with whom she has a
secret past. Then, as she begins to despair at the lack of clues,
help arrives from an unlikely source.

Approx 88,000 words

This is the first in the Justice series, Impeding Justice and Final Justice are also available on Amazon.
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