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Posted on 2 Dec 2011 03:58:02 GMT
Sheila says:
The characters in The Tea Series are people you'd like to know and part of a family that welcomes you with open arms. More than 70,000 copies of the books in this series have been sold. You will find that each book in the series is a fast and fun read, a very light mystery. Each installment of the series is a hybrid of the traditional novel and the serial novel (each is a full-length novel and leads directly into the next installment.)

Hot Tea (First book in The Tea Series) If you were within arm's reach of thirty, had a few dollars in the bank, and were just a little bored, what would you do? Cara O'Flynn decided to quit her job, find herself an entrepreneurial endeavor, and with the help of her sister Teagan, become wildly successful. A little cliché perhaps, but sometimes it's best to take a breath and trust the plan. The problem - Cara didn't plan for three careers in as many days. Nor did she anticipate the new guys that dropped in her lap. Worse things could happen. So, of course, the did. When you're Irish, all things, good and bad, come in threes. It's inevitable. She should have remembered not to forget that part. Cara and Teagan bring laughter, intelligence, and family tradition to every experience they encounter.

Sweet Tea (Second book in The Tea Series) - Three careers in three days is not an indication of character; how you deal with a serial killer, loss of your mom's best friend, a new guy, and the possibility that things are not going to work out as you'd planned, that is an indication of your character.

Iced Tea (Third Book in the Tea Series) - There are still challenges for Cara and Teagan, they have yet to solve the mysteries they find themselves trying to deal with, but with the help of the people they most love, they will move toward the answers they crave.

Green Tea (Fourth Book in the Tea Series) - There's a wedding just days away. A time to celebrate and enjoy family and tradition, but Cara keeps her distance as situations outside of her control threaten her in ways she is just beginning to recognize. Cara and Teagan finally get to the bottom of one mystery, only to find another much closer to home.

Peppermint Tea (Fifth Book in the Tea Series) With complications swirling around Cara and Teagan, a cruise to Alaska might be just the opportunity they were looking for to calm things down and reconnect. They didn't count on things changing so much while they were gone. One bad guy out of jail, another unaccounted for, and just what did their mother do with their boyfriends? Cara has always counted on Teagan to walk with her through the good and bad parts of life, but even that seems to be changing...

The First Four - The Tea Series - All four books, in order, at a discounted price.



Posted on 2 Dec 2011 07:46:37 GMT
I'd like to offer my romantic mystery novel, THE SECRET for consideration, especially for all you new Kindle owners and those with Amazon vouchers to spend. Priced currently at £1.48 it's a snip for a book of approx 98000 words long.

It's a contemporary novel packed with dark secrets and emotional conflict, which might just make you feel like giving it a try...
A recent review reads:

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
I found the story moved along very fast, and took me with it! I quickly became involved with the characters who were all totally believable.
This is a very well thought out intriguing book.
Congratulations to the author on a stunning debut novel.
Looking forward to reading future books. "

Warning... this is in no way a light, fluffy romance, but a modern novel about modern people, and it deals with some quite hard hitting issues. Something to keep you glued to your Kindle until the bitter sweet denouement, when tissues should be at the ready. Do please take a look...

Posted on 2 Dec 2011 10:37:47 GMT
Travelman says:
Check out my action/adventure/Africa themed books all set in the 1960s. Available in Kindle and Paperback format.
The Up-Country Man Memoir. A personal account of the first one hundred days inside secessionist Biafra. 180k words. Great Reviews
The Last Bature(Batuuree) Fiction. The last white police officer in a failing ex-British colony tries to avert a catastrophe. 102k words.
Tribal Gathering Eight not so short stories about all the human frailties. 104k words.
The following Novellas are extracted from "Tribal Gathering" as tasters at 86p each in Kindle format only.
Boom Town A man steals a fortune under cover of tribal war. 21k words.
Hot Metal Strange happenings in the forest reach out to a man's family in England. 16k words
Juju-Men Delivering a parcel to the Freemasons' Lodge brings death and destruction to the region. 14k words.
I'm giving away one of my novellas to the end of December. Click on my profile (Travelman) for the web page and follow the instructions there.
Ken Ryeland

Posted on 2 Dec 2011 12:15:25 GMT
I have a new novella out called Survivor.

Would be awesome if you checked it out.

It's under a quid so a steal.




Posted on 5 Dec 2011 10:44:17 GMT
You can wrap up a paperback.

Hiding the Elephant (Simon Grant Mysteries)

5.0 out of 5 stars A Very Complex Whodunnit!,
By Ron Chicaferro (Scottsdale, AZ USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: HIDING THE ELEPHANT (Simon Grant Mysteries)
I'm still recovering from reading Hiding The Elephant by Mira Kolar-Brown. It was such a wonderfully complex murder mystery that it left me exhausted - but wanting more!

Lock Up Your Daughters (Simon Grant Mysteries)
Murder and mayhem - Sex and infidelity
By Ron Chicaferro (Scottsdale, AZ USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS (Simon Grant Mysteries)
This is an amazing book of crime (a double murder) and of self discovery by the main protaganist, Chief Inspector Simon Grant. As Grant starts investigating the murder of a woman it becomes apparant that it is similar to the murder of a another woman 15 years ago - when Grant was in college. The book follows Grant on the investigation and, by flash-backs, looks into Grant's life along with the lives of a number of potential suspects. You need to pay attention to the dates at the begining of each chapter since the book flips back and forth from the past to the present. There are numerous potential suspects - some painfully close to Grant's own life. Mixed into all of this is Grant's examination of his own personal life - his love for his wife's sister and his affair with her and another woman. There is a lot going on in this book.

Posted on 5 Dec 2011 12:33:15 GMT
The Other Room is a collection of weird horror fiction, containing twelve stories of the uncanny and the surreal.

"The horror angle in the stories is almost always a metaphor for other things - loneliness, fear, isolation, regret. The word "haunting" really does double duty here... Beautifully written, evocative, masterful...what shines through these stories is the author's love of language" - review on Red Adept website.

A naive student finds that his crumbling bedsit can be as haunted as any Gothic mansion.

A man stumbles across another world which is the mirror image of his own.

A young woman who everyone thinks is beautiful wonders why, given what she sees in the mirror each morning.

Influenced by writers such as Ramsey Campbell, Shirley Jackson, and Robert Aickman these tales, like all good horror stories, are as much about the psychology of the protagonist as the fate that awaits them.

The Other Room contains both new and previously published stories that will challenge your conceptions of horror and literary fiction.

The Other Room
The Shelter

Posted on 5 Dec 2011 12:52:21 GMT
Last edited by the author on 5 Dec 2011 12:53:11 GMT
Minijax says:
For those of you buying Kindles for your family, add some bargains to it for your loved ones to read. Plenty of scope amongst us 'Indie authors' at a lot better price than some more famous names.

Do try my genealogical novel of 115,000 words, (367 pages in print form) Tainted Tree. It's about an American adoptee finding her English roots in Surrey and the West Country, and has eight 5-star reviews.

You can buy it in print format too.

Posted on 5 Dec 2011 12:59:14 GMT
For some festive entertainment, why not try 'Coventry Tales' - ghosts, humour, paranormal detective, poems, wartime memories... an affectionate tribute to one of England's fine cities.

Coventry Tales: Our city, past and present, brought to life by some of Coventry's best-known authors and most exciting up-and-coming writers

Posted on 5 Dec 2011 13:36:59 GMT
M. French says:
The Ascent of Isaac Steward
Nominated for the Galaxy Book Award 2011

"Moving and lyrical, original and hypnotic-Mike French's The Ascent of Isaac Steward is a remarkable debut novel"

The Ascent of Isaac Steward is my first novel published by Cauliay Publishing June 2011.

The book follows Isaac Steward as he struggles to deal with the resurfacing of a suppressed memory.
Isaac becomes increasingly dysfunctional and delusional as the story unfolds bringing into play childhood memories of a Punch and Judy show and the revelation from his half-brother, Ishmael, that he must be brought to a tree from his father's wood called The Dandelion Tree.
To help him, Isaac slips in and out of being Major Tom Donaldson, an SAS commander fashioned by his mind to help him regress back to a time of naiveté and happiness. But Donaldson brings only death and violence and Isaac struggles to keep a grip on reality as he descends into his mind.

"Reminiscent of the surrealist literary experiments of James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake but blessedly readable The Ascent of Isaac Steward is insanely ambitious, startlingly odd, boldly conceived and executed with tremendous confidence. One of the most extraordinary novels I've ever read."
R.N. MORRIS, A Razor Wrapped in Silk

Posted on 5 Dec 2011 15:02:12 GMT
MadCow says:
When the lights went green, Wolf eased the bike onto the ring road. He cut a sinuous path in and out through cars and trams, and Lauren acknowledged his skill. He obviously hadn't forgiven her for the episode with the French guy yet though.

And he'd been altogether too mysterious about Katti. Why didn't he tell her right out why she hadn't come herself? What was it? A head cold? A hangover? A spot of over-indulgence in the home grown skunk? That wouldn't stop Katti normally. She went everywhere in a light haze of dope.

Headlights flared in the left-hand mirror as a car behind closed in to overtake. Lauren twisted to look over her shoulder. Her heart flipped as the vehicle drew within an inch or two of the rear wheel.

`J*s*s!' She clutched at Wolf, feeling his body tense as the bumper kissed the BMW.

Wolf yelled as the bike wobbled. Lauren screwed her eyes shut and held her breath, waiting for the road to come up and smack them. It didn't happen. Wolf leaned to correct the angle and the bike came upright.

Guts churning, Lauren risked another glance behind.

`Look out, Wolf!' she shrieked as the car surged forward again. Blinded by the glare of the headlights, she turned away, burying her face in his jumper as they were rear-ended a second time.

The bike danced across the road, tyres squealing. J*susGod! A kaleidoscope of fractured images - lights, cars, trams - flashed past as the bike skidded over the slick tarmac. Any moment now they would smack into another vehicle. Any moment now the car would ram them again. They'd be hurled onto the road with the bike on top of them, limbs crushed in tangled metal.

Sh*t! Is this it? Is this the end? Lauren clung on, her gloved hands clamped around Wolf's waist. Eyes closed, teeth clenched, she kept her head down, waiting for the next onslaught.

It didn't come. The tyres caught hold, the bike steadied and Lauren sagged with relief. Had the car gone? She peered over her shoulder - and jumped with fright to see it still close behind, inches from their rear mudguard, like an animal breathing on their necks, ready to strike. What was going on? Some kind of cat and mouse game? If their tormentors wanted to tip them over, they could have done it easily by now.

DON'T LOOK DOWN by Barbara Scott Emmett
Thriller set in Germany

Posted on 5 Dec 2011 15:55:31 GMT
Roaming into the mysteries of his own past and across a phantasmal eighteenth century landscape, the Wanderer begins his journey of dark sublimity in a world inhabited by wisps of horror, despair and a terrible Truth regarding the fate of the Earth. Embracing the traits of classic Gothic horror, Words to the Wise: Book One (The Awakening) is a forbidding trek into the sinful nature of god, the human soul and the pain of immortality.

Words to the Wise: Book Two (Towards Darker Climes)
Continuing his journey into the unplumbed depths of his horrific past, The Wanderer has set his eye upon the sinister town of Sirrenvaag, in which resides not only the truth of his identity, but also the answers pertaining to the enigmas of the afterlife, God, Silenoz, Litithius and the secrets housed within the human soul.
'Towards Darker Climes' is the second book in the 'Words to the Wise' saga and charts The Wanderer's journey into a new century, a new wasteland of mystery, intrigue, the supernatural and the darkness of a portentous future.

A Dish Best Served Cold (A Supernatural Thriller)
"I've done something ... terrible."

In the pre-dawn hours Michael's phone call to his best friend instigates a chain of events that propels them into uncharted avenues of despair.
Detailing the consequences of delving too deeply into the unknown, 'A Dish Best Served Cold' is a supernatural novella that explores the darker side of human nature and the beyond.


In reply to an earlier post on 5 Dec 2011 21:56:59 GMT
I am new to Kindle, both as a reader and an author.
I'm an adventurer and I write books about my expeditions ( After 4 traditionally published books I have just chosen to go back to self-publishing and have released my recent book on Kindle. (Here's why:
I'm joining this forum to try to get my head round how the world of Kindle works, both as a reader and an author...
There Are Other Rivers

Posted on 5 Dec 2011 22:11:19 GMT
The Chronicles Of Jenson Quest (Book 1) - The Rise Of Va'kaar £0.99
See the book trailer

The Chronicles Of Jenson Quest (Book 2) - The Realms Of Jurrii £2.15
See the book trailer

Join the author on Twitter - `@JQChronicles'
And find me on facebook - `J Bryden Lloyd (Author)'
The Chronicles Of Jenson Quest (Book 1) - The Rise Of Va'kaar £0.99

With 4 & 5 Star reviews on Amazon (US & UK) and a 9/10 local press rating, The Rise Of Va'kaar is the first instalment of a new space opera/science fiction adventure series for Young Adults and General sci-fi readers.

5 Stars
"This was a great, fun read! The villain, Va'kaar, is truly evil and will do anything...including destroy his own people, to fulfil his nefarious schemes... plenty of bloody battles, and space craft war manoeuvers...

...If you want to read a book with excellent visuals, twists and turns, and well drawn battle sequences try Jensen Quest! You won't be sorry!

5 Stars
"Not being a science fiction fan, I was cautious about buying this book. The sample, however, grabbed my attention. Something about the way in which J. Bryden Lloyd wrote, intrigued me.
I just finished the book and have to say, I loved it. It was a fresh twist on beings from other worlds, space travel, friendship, and good old plain evil...

...I can't wait for the sequel, and highly recommend this book."

5 Stars
"This book reminds me of why I became a science fiction reader in the first place. I was in 6th grade when I read my first Sci-fi book, and I've been hooked ever since. First it was the adventure, secondly it was wondering how we would interact with alien species, and thirdly it was intelligent dialogue. This book covered all these points very well. I truly got lost in the story while reading this book, and look forward to reading the next in the series."

4 Stars
"This is an engaging little space opera (a contradiction?) that has shades of Ender's Game and Star Wars sprinkled throughout. It's much more light-hearted than the aforementioned Orson Scott Card novel, but it still carries some notable narrative "weight" that makes it hard to put down."

4 Stars
"I like how Lloyd dealt with Jenson's growing up: even though Jenson turns out to be a wunderkind Wing Commander, he still must learn to lead his family, learn to trust aliens, and learn to say goodbye all over again.

It seems this is a series, and I look forward to more Jenson Quest adventures."

9 out of 10 - Phil Jones (Local Press Review)
"I selected this work as I had seen a few short works by this author and I was not disappointed...

... a well written work with powerful humour and a nice descriptive style throughout...

If this is a sample of what this series has to offer I highly recommend it to all science fiction readers. Superbly written with an excellent plot and strong characters. I will be looking out for the next instalment."
The Chronicles Of Jenson Quest (Book 2) - The Realms Of Jurrii £2.15

Newly released on Amazon Kindle, The Realms Of Jurrii continues the adventures of Jenson Quest and the warriors of The Great Drak.

The Warriors of The Great Drak. A legion of human special forces, made up of one volunteer from each of the human realms.

Having accepted the mantle and responsibilities of Wing Commander, young Jenson Quest once again leaves his normal life on Earth, as he is called back by the Keepers to face a new threat from the evil Zyll, Va'kaar, who has stolen a fleet of old warships and is now in search of crews.

With a new interceptor and no time to get proper defences in place, the Keepers and the Drak warriors steer Va'kaar and his fleet to a world where former Zyll prisoners of war have now settled peacefully, offering a target he cannot ignore.

While Va'kaar continues to battle against the revolutionists within his own ranks, an old alliance is renewed as the threat looms in orbit around the binary planet that makes up the Realms of Jurrii, but which side will the Zyll of Jurrii really join?

Join Jenson and his friends as they embark on a new battle to try and stop the evil Va'kaar.
The Chronicles Of Jenson Quest (Book 1) - The Rise Of Va'kaar £0.99
See the book trailer

The Chronicles Of Jenson Quest (Book 2) - The Realms Of Jurrii £2.15
See the book trailer

Join the author on Twitter - `@JQChronicles'
And find me on facebook - `J Bryden Lloyd (Author)'

Posted on 6 Dec 2011 04:04:31 GMT
Roger Weston says:
1. The Golden Catch
#15 in UK Kindle Store > Books > Fiction > Men's Adventure

Customer review:
"This is one of the best books I have read all year, and I couldn't put it down...if you like Clive Cussler, Matthew Reilly or Daniel Silva you will like this book, it had me gripped from page one and the ending is truly exciting."

2. The Assassin's Wife
#16 in UK Books > Crime, Thrillers & Mystery > Political

Customer review:
"This book grabbed me with the first sentence. It was adventure filled and thrilling."

Only 86p each on Kindle!

In reply to an earlier post on 6 Dec 2011 15:30:59 GMT
Minijax says:
Best of luck, Alistair.

Posted on 6 Dec 2011 23:32:10 GMT
MadCow says:
A Salvation Army brass band knocked out 'Oh Come All Ye
Faithful' as I fought my way past the Christmas shoppers at the
east end of Princes Street. I went down the Waverley steps and
into the station.
A young guy with a forlorn look and a wispy growth on his chin
waved a magazine in front of my face. `Big Issue? Help the
homeless - special Christmas edition.' A large mongrel sat
faithfully beside him wearing a red Santa hat.

I fumbled in my pocket and handed him a tenner. `Keep the
magazine mate,' I said, `nothing personal.'

I shoved my way past a young couple who only had eyes
for each other, and into the inner arched quadrangle of the
Railway Bar. The Chinaman was already there. He nursed a
glass of scotch at a table in the corner, along with a couple of
sad bastards who looked as though they had no intention of
catching a train. Though by the look of them, they'd had their
tickets well punched.

The Chinaman's real name was Reuben McKenzie. He'd
been a newspaper hack in Glasgow with the Daily Record and
moved to Edinburgh after he'd got into an affray with a
hoodlum over an expose about cocaine and an underage sex
racket. The encounter resulted in Reuben being stabbed and
losing a lung. Hence `Wun Lung, the Chinaman'. He'd been
working for the Bumble as well - having supplied me with the
recent mug shot of Tony.

He still had the same hawkish features and a swarthy
complexion complemented by a dark beard. I remember him
claiming once that his looks came from shipwrecked Spanish
sailors from the Armada who had sh*gged the local fluff up in
the Western Isles. Well, it must have made a change from the

The Bumble's End by Jimmy Bain
Crime with a large dollop of black humour.

Posted on 7 Dec 2011 09:43:09 GMT
Thanks for the opportunity.


Yer Blues

A music-themed novel set in contemporary Wales -available to download for £1.45.

Posted on 8 Dec 2011 09:08:01 GMT
Lee Emerick says:
20 Years After The Zombie Apocalypse
Harriette Madyson is the last woman alive. Twenty years ago her world came to an end when a zombie plague engulfed the population of Earth. At the tender age of seven she found herself in a nightmarish situation where the dead literally returned to life. Left with little to use and nowhere to hide Harri now finds herself stalked across the frozen desolate landscape of North America pursued by the former love of her life. All that she has to keep her going is the hope that she can make it home to die in peace.

Survival After The Zombie Apocalypse
Konnor Roland picks up from where Harriett Madyson left off in the next installment of the Zombie Apocalypse series.
In the last bastion of the old world, Konnor finds humanity's future threatened again, as the machinery of the past they have grown reliant on breaks down.
With little choice, Konnor must enter an old military underground bunker full of danger and death to repair a water purifier before mass panic ensues above ground, bringing an end to the last survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse.

Mind of a Killer
To catch a notorious serial killer known as The Hacker, Detective Ian Rivers puts to work his famed psychic abilities to track him down.
From a young age, Rivers has been able to see through the eyes of murderers as he observes them committing their crimes from within his own dreams.
In his most challenging case yet, Rivers finds that the serial killer he is tracking down can talk back to him in his dreams. As much as the dreams can aide Rivers and the case, The Hacker also prospers from the strange gift and is able to use it to remain one step ahead of his pursuer.
As The Hacker targets Rivers family and friends, Rivers finds himself in a race against time to out smart serial killer and attempt to figure out how he can be seen by him in his dreams.

Posted on 8 Dec 2011 12:12:54 GMT
Ten Good Reasons To Lie About Your Age (Romantic Comedy)

Sudoku or sex? Elasticated waists or Magic Knickers? Gardening or partying? Widow Sally Lightfoot, 50, can't, for the life of her, work out whether to age gracefully or disgracefully. She's not a backup singer any more. Or even a caterer to the endless turnover of rock bands passing through Strawberry Hill Studios' kitchen. Her one professional skill, harmonising, doesn't help at all. Who is she now that she's no longer a wife and her kids have grown up? Is she more like her kind but oppressive neighbor, Val, who has appointed herself as Principal Grieving Companion? Or could she possibly get up to speed again with her old backup singer mate, Ramone, still living it up on the town? Ramone insists Sally must get back out there and lose her 'wididity', her born-again virginity, before it's too late. But Dom has only been dead a year and is totally irreplaceable. Until... Will Sally win romance or merely add humiliation and rejection to her long list of woes?

"One minute this book has the reader laughing out loud, the next we are sobbing. Romantic, hilarious, engaging and highly perceptive." JACQUI LOFTHOUSE, The Writing Coach.

"Last night I finished it before my cats got fed." ELIZABETH BACON-SMITH

"This is the best book ever! That's the only way to describe it!" RITA REVIEWS

"An awesome read." GIGGLESILLY REVIEWS

"A wonderful look at finding yourself again after the death of a loved one. Insightful and delightful, full of thoughtful dialogue and exceptional clarity." HUFFINGTON POST BOOKS

Posted on 8 Dec 2011 12:37:49 GMT
Minijax says:
I have received a great review (my ninth 5 star review) for my genealogical novel, Tainted Tree. Too long to include the whole review, but here is the beginning:

'I am prejudiced against the genres called "family saga" and "romance", yet I enjoyed "Tainted Tree". I was feeling irritated by the utter dominance of big name authors in mainstream marketing but could not work out how to find trustworthy recommendations for books by lesser known writers. Then I read a bunch of reviews by Jacquelynn Luben and found that I liked her writing and agreed with her comments. Instead of buying her recommendations, I bought her book. I'm glad that I did.

From the first few chapters I felt that I was in the hands of an able and intelligent writer. The rhythmical sentence structure is wholly appropriate to the main theme of the book, the steady unfolding of Addie's family history. A less accomplished author might well have produced a mechanical, tedious story, but Jacquelynn Luben knows how to introduce intrigue, tension and false leads into the plot and so kept my interest.

In reply to an earlier post on 8 Dec 2011 13:53:36 GMT
Wow! Great review Jackie, and well deserved!
It's always so rewarding when someone actually pinpoints the reasons why they have enjoyed your book so much. Btw, I concur with all this reviewer has said about "TAINTED TREE"!
Well done! Good luck with Christmas sales for it!

As I write, rain and hail are lashing at our barn windows, and a gale is blowing at about 70 mph all around us! Feels like the roof may take off any minute!!! Scary!


In reply to an earlier post on 8 Dec 2011 14:31:11 GMT
Last edited by the author on 8 Dec 2011 14:31:20 GMT
Minijax says:
Thanks very much, Jan. I hope for all the best for 'The Secret' too.

How far north are you? I know that 100 mph was forecast for Scotland, and we, down in the south, are having an unpleasantly grey day, a bit of rain and certainly with some winds, but not dramatic stuff. I hope it calms down for you.


Posted on 8 Dec 2011 15:14:53 GMT
Mel Comley says:
I haven't promoted for a while so if You'll permit me.

I have three thrillers out at the moment, the fourth in the series being written now.

Cruel Justice (DI Lorne Simpkins (Book one))

A serial killer taunts the police...And he has his sights on DI
Lorne Simpkins

The headless body of a wealthy widow is discovered decomposing in
Chelling Forest.

Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins and her partner, DS Pete Childs
are assigned to the case.

A few days later another victim, this time a young girl, is
discovered. Who could the killer be and what's the connection
between the two victims?

Then after a third murder, the killer contacts Lorne with a grisly
surprise. It looks like Lorne has a serial killer on her hands - and
one that has become fixated on her.

As she tries to solve the crimes, Lorne is also coping with a
failing marriage and a new, unsympathetic boss with whom she has a
secret past. Then, as she begins to despair at the lack of clues,
help arrives from an unlikely source.

88,000 words.

Impeding Justice (Revised version) (DI Lorne Simpkins thriller (Book Two))

He's a remorseless killer...

DI Lorne Simpkins has him in her sights

She's been on his tail for eight long years, but the ruthless
criminal known as 'The Unicorn' has always been one step ahead.

Now, after he lures Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins into a trap
in which her partner is killed, she's more determined than ever to
hunt him down.

And when her nemesis kidnaps her teenage daughter, Lorne vows not to
rest until she brings him to justice.

******Warning ADULT content.*******

Final Justice (Lorne Simpkins thriller (Book Three))

He's back... The ruthless killer that former DI Simpkins has tried
to forget

After suffering a breakdown and quitting the force, former Detective
Inspector Lorne Simpkins is contacted by a friend at MI6 to help in
a covert operation. Reluctantly, Lorne agrees to help hunt down her
old enemy, a sadistic and merciless criminal whose ambition is to
become the world's richest man.

Lorne and the agent track him through France as they bid to thwart
his plans and bring Lorne's long-time nemesis to Final Justice

******Warning ADULT Content.******

Hope you enjoy them.

Mel ;-)

In reply to an earlier post on 8 Dec 2011 17:41:26 GMT
Last edited by the author on 8 Dec 2011 17:47:47 GMT
Jackie; et al
Wind calmed down a bit while I went to collect my granddaughter from school earlier, but have just had a rather hairy drive back from my daughter's down several country lanes in the dark with trees bowing over in the severe winds. Bitterly cold too. Horrible!
Supposed to be Christmas shopping tomorrow, but it'll have to be either White Rose (Leeds)or Meadowhall(Sheffield) shopping centres; indoors... where all the big shops are in one place. Mind you, I think most adults will be getting M&S or Amazon vouchers this year from us. Can't be bothered with traipsing round the shops for too long with my bad back.
You will gather this is not my most fav time of the year! Note to myself... I really must try to overcome my "bah humbug" inclinations... if only for the grandchildren! Quite looking forward to Alexia's Xmas School production this year though, and Abby's arriving back from uni tomorrow.. which is great! Do hope she and her house mate have a safe drive back from the South, with all this awful weather about! Will be worried sick about them, till I know they're home safely.
Supper to get now, and then back to editing. Busy, busy, busy!
Best wishes one and all... and don't forget to keep up the yessing, folks!!!
THE SECRET... a wickedly woven web of dark secrets, emotional conflict and romantic intrigue, currently on sale for £1.48. Do take a look.

Posted on 8 Dec 2011 17:46:27 GMT
Minijax says:
It's only the grandchildren that get anything from me, Jan, (although a few cheques may be dispensed.) And I dealt with a lot of that on my journeys into Guildford for our book sales last week. And having been sceptical about it, I finally agree with the benefits of the Park & Ride, which takes us right into the centre of Guildford. Still have a bit more to do on line.

Out tonight at my book circle - we're discussing One Day. It got quite windy, but not as bad as in the north, so I hope my journey won't be too bad.
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