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Posted on 5 Jun 2011 02:21:05 BDT
JR says:
Please consider my latest novel, Depraved Difference (A Detective Shakespeare Mystery), now on Kindle and in paperback.
Top 100 in US & UK Kindle Store > Books > Fiction > Crime, Thrillers & Mystery > Police Procedurals
Top 100 in Books > Crime, Thrillers & Mystery > Police Procedurals
Would you help, would you run, or would you just watch?
When a young woman is brutally assaulted by two men on the subway, her cries for help fall on the deaf ears of onlookers too terrified to get involved, her misery ended with the crushing stomp of a steel-toed boot. A cell phone video of her vicious murder, callously released on the Internet, its popularity a testament to today's depraved society, serves as a trigger, pulled a year later, for a killer.
When emailed a video documenting the final moments of a woman's life, entertainment reporter Aynslee Kai, rather than ask why the killer chose her to tell the story, decides to capitalize on the opportunity to further her career. Assigned to the case is Hayden Eldridge, a detective left to learn the ropes by a disgraced partner, and as videos continue to follow victims, he discovers sometimes just watching is fatal.
Depraved Difference (A Detective Shakespeare Mystery), only 70p

Posted on 5 Jun 2011 07:07:05 BDT
Last edited by the author on 20 Oct 2011 16:49:25 BDT
Roaming into the mysteries of his own past and across a phantasmal eighteenth century landscape, the Wanderer begins his journey of dark sublimity in a world inhabited by wisps of horror, despair and a terrible Truth regarding the fate of the Earth. Embracing the traits of classic Gothic horror, Words to the Wise: Book One (The Awakening) is a forbidding trek into the sinful nature of god, the human soul and the pain of immortality.

Words to the Wise: Book Two (Towards Darker Climes)
Continuing his journey into the unplumbed depths of his horrific past, The Wanderer has set his eye upon the sinister town of Sirrenvaag, in which resides not only the truth of his identity, but also the answers pertaining to the enigmas of the afterlife, God, Silenoz, Litithius and the secrets housed within the human soul.
'Towards Darker Climes' is the second book in the 'Words to the Wise' saga and charts The Wanderer's journey into a new century, a new wasteland of mystery, intrigue, the supernatural and the darkness of a portentous future.

A Dish Best Served Cold (A Supernatural Thriller)
"I've done something ... terrible."

In the pre-dawn hours Michael's phone call to his best friend instigates a chain of events that propels them into uncharted avenues of despair.
Detailing the consequences of delving too deeply into the unknown, 'A Dish Best Served Cold' is a supernatural novella that explores the darker side of human nature and the beyond.


Posted on 5 Jun 2011 09:59:58 BDT
Seb Kirby says:

Just to say that the price of the Top Kindle thriller Take No More has now been reduced to 86p for a special promotion until the end of June.


'Take No More is an absolutely stunning thriller from a new author, I can't remember the last murder mystery I read that was so good.......'


A single act turns James Blake's life upside down. He comes home to find his wife, Julia, shot and bleeding. She dies in his arms.

The police are no help. He's sure they're trying to fit him up for the murder.

He checks Julia's messages and finds just one. It says 'help me'. It comes with a strange, old image of a woman being seduced. It's all he has to go on. That and the fact that someone is trying to kill him.

But he will find Julia's killers, no matter what it takes.


'Wow! This is action-packed from page one, and the reader is instantly thrust into murder, suspense, and intrigue. James is just a normal guy who thinks he has a normal life. Until the murder of his wife. He's forced on a journey from the UK to Italy to find her killers, and finds himself in the midst of a powerful Italian family, the hunt for precious works of art, and danger at every turn. The writing gives you the feel of actually being in Italy - you can taste and smell it. The plot is action-packed and a real page-turner. I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoys a great crime thriller! And fans of Harlan Coben and Simon Kernick will love it!'

'This is an outstanding debut novel by Seb Kirby. He captivates the reader from the first page, and remains gripping and compelling throughout.I could not put this book down. Listed under Murder,Mystery and Thriller but so much more than that. The geography of London and Florence was handled very well to add richness to the novel, alongside the Authors' obvious love and knowledge of the art world .In addition to this,the reader is taken into the Italian underworld weaving a web of corruption,deceit,secrets and murder around the whole plot. If you enjoy a really good Thriller,in the style of Sidney Sheldon with extras, and are prepared to be kept on the edge of your seat throughout, this book is a definite must! I am eagerly awaiting the next novel.'


Take No More, out now on Kindle at just 86p for a special limited period in June.

Best wishes


Posted on 5 Jun 2011 10:54:05 BDT
Carol Arnall says:
Great thread. Thank you.
The Other Place 86p A haunting story of a past life. Chrissie is a troubled soul: with family problems, unexplained phobias and a stalker to contend with, she seeks help with a hynotherapist. Whilst in therapy, Chrissie discovers she has led a past life.
Will living a previous life help Chrissie to discover the truth of what caused her fears and phobias, and will she find out who is stalking her?

Posted on 27 Jul 2011 17:04:15 BDT
Seb Kirby says:

Just to point to top Kindle thriller Take No More for that great holiday read.

Something to load up on your Kindle before going away to that idyllic spot you've been looking forward to.

It's a fast paced, thrilling read with more than one bittersweet twist in the telling.

Just right to dip into on your break.

Best wishes


Posted on 10 Aug 2011 14:36:23 BDT
R. E. Conary says:
'Life's a B****. So am I.' Rachel Cord, P.I. (£1.41)
Hard-boiled detective Rachel Cord searches for a runaway teen and for answers as to why gay performers are being beaten at Miss Kitty's Kathouse Kabaret. Answers she may live to regret.

Rachel Cord, PI 'Still a B****': A Confidential Investigations Mystery (£2.13)
Rachel returns with a vengeance chasing multiple threads through a labyrinth of missing persons, buried bodies, kinky sex, new love, and an ex-lover who may be a serial killer. Threads that threaten to bind Rachel within a tight cord preventing her from getting the answers she needs and saving the woman she loves.

Paradise Ladies & Others (£0.86)
Thirteen Quiet Tales of Witches, NightMares, DayStuds & Thieves
* Witches conjure some environmental activism in "Paradise Ladies Sing This Song".
* A daughter admires her "Mama's Collectibles".
* Will something bad happen or is it just "Bar Talk"?
* Pest control is a real problem when they're "Ever Fruitful".
* Thieves seek a god's power in the "Eyes of Gaal".

Posted on 22 Aug 2011 14:43:44 BDT
My new thriller, Maximum Discretion on Kindle at 92p

Six days that rocked the special relationship.

In 1997 a newly elected Prime Minister faced the toughest test of his first year in office, against the established American President. It all began when an elite group of British agents led by John Peterson, stumble across a relic of the Second World War. It was this discovery of a sunken "lost" U-Boat in the Atlantic Ocean, which opened the door to a hidden world of undiscovered relics, protected by a small group of men, who have watched over them since 1945.

It was the unearthing of Nazi relics that threatened to fracture the special relationship. The Americans had benefitted the most from the exiled Nazis after the war, and they were not going to pass on further undiscovered Nazi scientific knowledge. What followed was a brutal test of strength and willpower. A new Cold War beckons between the world's closest countries, United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Posted on 22 Aug 2011 16:31:22 BDT
Roger Weston says:
Just released:

The Assassin's Wife - Shakespeare said "All the world's a stage." For drama professor Meg Coles, the master's words have just become a terrible reality. From Idaho to Seattle to Alaska, Meg must play her latest role with unfailing skill-the role of fugitive. The only problem is that this is no stage play. One missed line will lead to sudden death. To survive she must get the proof she needs to expose a ghost corporation intent on illegally dumping nuclear waste into the ocean. Will she live long enough to stop a renegade US president bent on silencing her?

Only 86p on Kindle!

Posted on 1 Oct 2011 23:30:00 BDT
M. White says:
Nice idea. Here goes - all under or around £1 / $1

The Night the Aliens went on Strike
When noise abatement officers Colin and Tony investigate a complaint one wintry night, they little suspect the culprits are not of this Earth...
Now, drawn into an intergalactic employment dispute, they must fight to save the world - and sort out a barking dog or two

As Tony did up his laces Consuela Martinez, the most beautiful woman in the world, entered through the wall. This was unexpected, but Racul's control over their minds had been re-established and Tony felt only mild surprise.
`I have assumed this form,' explained Racul, `which we found in an image on your communications device. We believe this will help me to pass unnoticed among your people and enable me to observe undetected.'
`Could work,' murmured Colin doubtfully, `but you might need some different clothes.'
`These garments are not suitable?' Racul glanced down at the metallic G-string bikini. `You need not concern yourself about the cold. We are accustomed to low temperatures. This is why we chose to visit your planet when your star is at its greatest distance.'
`It's not the temperature. People don't walk about in winter wearing kit like that. You'll attract attention.'
`In that case,' Racul considered, `we shall synthesise garments similar to yours.' She turned to one of the aliens who were observing her new appearance with disdain and gave some instructions. One of them went out and returned about a minute later with a bundle.

Ashraf Farouk; Tourist Police
Whether smashing a drug ring or investigating a sinister vegetable, nothing fazes Cairo's crookedest cop - particularly if there's a backhander to be made...

Shoehand Spook
The true memoir of a British Secret Service agent, captured by the gestapo during WW2. Prospective spies should read before signing up

Bristle (Short Story)
When's the last time you really looked at your toothbrush? You should probably go and check it...

Posted on 2 Oct 2011 15:26:55 BDT
Marysue says:
Shattered Images by Victoria Lane About a dysfunctional Italian family.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Oct 2011 00:11:03 BDT
RIVER DAWN tells the story of 15 year old Alice Page on a journey with her researcher father and family down a flooded river. An environmental deluge has left behind a dying world, and Mr. Page is searching for signs of life. One morning, after a tidal surge, they rescue a teenage boy who's been left for dead on a sinking barge. Alice finds herself drawn to the mysterious boy, but she's also aware that by bringing him aboard their boat, they've attracted a group of shadowy hunters who are trying to finish what they started. RIVER DAWN has many of the classic elements of dystopian fiction, but it's also an adventure, a futuristic SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON.

River Dawn

Posted on 4 Oct 2011 00:36:43 BDT
Cliff Ball says:
Everyone only thinks they know this story, The Usurper (thriller, political, suspense)

Sure, its the story of a President who becomes a dictator, but, it's also a story about what one would do if given the choice between joining the dictator or opposing him. Have you ever wondered what you would do? Well, one of my characters struggles to find the answer, and he isn't sure what to do until one fateful day that changes his life forever.

Out of Time: A Time Travel novel is only $.99
A scientist figures out that time is fluid; past, present, and future all exist at the same time.

Shattered Earth: an alternate history science fiction novel
Advanced humans leave Earth when its threatened by a massive meteor. The remaining humans on Earth fall back into primitiveness. The advanced humans, and a group of aliens involve Earth in an interstellar war. Thousands of years later, the humans of Earth decide to do something about this. Interstellar politics will never be the same again once Earth is done with their revenge.

Posted on 4 Oct 2011 06:06:46 BDT
Roger Weston says:
1. The Golden Catch
#5 in UK Kindle Store > Books > Fiction > Men's Adventure

Customer review:
"This is one of the best books I have read all year, and I couldn't put it down...if you like Clive Cussler, Matthew Reilly or Daniel Silva you will like this book, it had me gripped from page one and the ending is truly exciting."

2. The Assassin's Wife
#10 in Books > Crime, Thrillers & Mystery > Political

Customer review:
"This book grabbed me with the first sentence. It was adventure filled and thrilling."

Only 86p on Kindle!

Posted on 10 Oct 2011 21:17:26 BDT
The Chronicles Of Jenson Quest - The Rise Of Va'kaar

Good day to all you sci-fi fans out there.

My first work is the start of a new series, The Chronicles Of Jenson Quest... Jenson Quest lives with his Aunt and helps her out by working in her nursing home, where his grandfather is one of the residents. For years Jenson has heard his granddad's seemingly ridiculous tales of how he and Jenson's father fought along side a friendly alien race and other humans in the defence of the many human 'Realms'. Now, however, it seems that his granddad's ridiculous tales are, in fact, true.

Accepting the choice to step forward in place of his missing father and aging grandfather, and join the ranks of the Great Drak, Jenson joins the Keepers and the batch of new recruits and sets off across the galaxy to stop the Zyll Swarm and their latest Vuron weapon, which is threatening to destroy the Keepers and leave the human realms exposed to a danger that could begin the annihilation of the entire human race.

But while the Keepers, assisted by the Great Drak and the humans of the Fourth Realm hunt down the Zyll Swarm and its new weapon, one Zyll has designs on gathering the whole of the might of the Zyll together and crushing the Keepers and the human realms once and for all using a new method of tracking that will enable the Zyll to find and destroy their target planets far faster than before.

To accomplish his mission, stay alive, and perhaps discover what truly happened to his father, Jenson will have to find friends and allies that he never expected to find, and lead the warriors of the Great Drak into a battle that could end in the destruction of them all.

With action and adventure from start to finish, Jenson Quest opens a new dawn in Sci-fi, with new characters to follow in this and future adventures.

Here is a brief excerpt...

Jenson watched his countdown clock move to zero. He fired up the thrusters gently and lifted off the ground, keeping his plane level and still about twenty feet off the ground. Around him, nine other planes did the same. The green light on the display indicated that Cantor had charged up the weapons systems and was ready. Nobody spoke. No communications were made.

Sudi Ranrig led her flight out of the hangar bay and the eleven planes headed directly out towards the position of the Beeakh. If Jenson's theory was right, her wing would meet the oncoming drones well above the atmosphere. In the hangar below, Jasarra's wing were making their final lift-off preparations. Never one to be happy joining a fight last, Jasarra had protested that he should lead the first wing, but Jenson had been insistent that Jasarra was very important to the plan, and that his arrival time was critical. Slowly, the ten planes lifted off and headed out of the hangar, flying out over the forest area and towards the mountains beyond.

The last of the drones headed out of the rear holding bay of the Beeakh. The short, triangular-hulled craft manoeuvred easily under the ship and headed towards the planet below. In three waves of twenty drones, they rounded the moon. Jenson tapped his comms button each time one of the waves flew over. Quietly counting the drones, he nodded to himself as he reached sixty with the passing of the third group overhead. He gave the comms button three fast taps and engaged the primary thrusters to lift away from the surface of the moon in pursuit.

Sudi Ranrig listened intently, three loud individual ticks indicated the number of waves coming in, and the triple tick told her that Jenson's wing was in pursuit. She tapped her comms button rapidly four times and her wing increased power to climb out of the atmosphere.

Jasarra waited for the four ticks. They were flying over the sea now, climbing steadily but still not near the atmosphere. The ticks filled his ears and he smiled wildly. He tapped his comms button twice in reply, then paused and tapped it twice again to confirm they were responding, and he and his wing pulled their noses vertically upwards and headed for space.

Mussa watched as the thirty Keepers controlled the drones; each controlling two independent members of the sixty-strong force heading towards the planet below, whilst Hegaran, Li-oon and Dianta reported incoming traffic and threats to each of the waves. Li-oon suddenly began barking instructions to the ten Keepers gathered nearest to him. The third wave was under attack from the rear.

Cantor laughed almost incessantly as he fired into the formation of drones. The ion-pulse rounds immediately disabling each drone they hit. From their first fly-by, Jenson's wing had already taken out seven of the rear wave. Up ahead he could see the first wave pulling further away as the second wave began to split into two sections. Half of the little drones had turned back to take on Jenson's wing.

Sudi Ranrig accelerated her single plane into the oncoming drones with her weapons officer firing at every opportunity. Almost as predicted, the drones split and turned just as the two groups of five planes powered into the fray and fired across their escape routes. The drones regrouped quickly as the advancing half of the second wave began to catch up with the battle ahead.

Jasarra led his planes through the outer atmosphere at maximum speed. The blackness of space hardened in front of them and Jasarra grinned uncontrollably. Directly ahead of him the drone attack was in disarray. Nine of Jenson's ten planes still pressed in from the rear, gradually closing the space between the third and first wave of drones, whilst Sudi Ranrig and her remaining seven planes were blocking off the advance and stopping the drones getting through to the planet. Jasarra's wing spread into a wide circular formation and opened fire on the drones filling the space in the centre of the two Drak wings... from directly below.

Dianta howled in frustration as the sensor screen suddenly filled with Drak planes. Keepers who now had no drones left to control simply sat bewildered as their little ships floated around in the vacuum of space, useless. Across the comms system, Jenson Quest's voice broke the radio-silence they had maintained.

"This is Wing Commander Jenson Quest of the Great Drak, to the commander of the attacking force. You will withdraw immediately, or we will have no alternative but to destroy your remaining ships! Respond please."
"Wing Commander Quest. This is Hegaran of the marauder fleet. We shall not withdraw!" Hegaran chuckled as he closed the channel. "Regroup the remaining drones! Concentrate on breaking through to the planet. Bomb the facility."

Jenson swore as he and his six remaining planes fought their way through a small group of drones, linked up with Jasarra's still complete wing and turned to make a fresh pass through the kill zone in front of Sudi Ranrig's ever-thinning wall of five planes. Almost thirty drones remained active and were now grouping for a run at the first wing's remaining planes.

"Sudi Ranrig... Pull your planes out of the way, join up with our wing."
"On our way, Wing Commander."
"Jasarra? Any thoughts? Can we outrun the drones?"
"No. Once they get too far ahead, they will reach and destroy the base long before we get there!"
"We just have to disable them, right?"
"Correct, Wing Commander. Our brief was to stop the bombers... any way we can!"
"Right! All planes, follow me!"

The Chronicles Of Jenson Quest - The Rise Of Va'kaar
The second part of the adventure, The Realms Of Jurrii will be on Kindle soon.

Posted on 20 Oct 2011 08:40:47 BDT
Lee Emerick says:
Mind of a Killer
To catch a notorious serial killer known as The Hacker, Detective Ian Rivers puts to work his famed psychic abilities to track him down.
From a young age, Rivers has been able to see through the eyes of murderers as he observes them committing their crimes from within his own dreams.
In his most challenging case yet, Rivers finds that the serial killer he is tracking down can talk back to him in his dreams. As much as the dreams can aide Rivers and the case, The Hacker also prospers from the strange gift and is able to use it to remain one step ahead of his pursuer.
As The Hacker targets Rivers family and friends, Rivers finds himself in a race against time to out smart serial killer and attempt to figure out how he can be seen by him in his dreams.

20 Years After The Zombie Apocalypse
Harriette Madyson is the last woman alive. Twenty years ago her world came to an end when a zombie plague engulfed the population of Earth. At the tender age of seven she found herself in a nightmarish situation where the dead literally returned to life. Left with little to use and nowhere to hide Harri now finds herself stalked across the frozen desolate landscape of North America pursued by the former love of her life. All that she has to keep her going is the hope that she can make it home to die in peace.

Survival After The Zombie Apocalypse
Konnor Roland picks up from where Harriett Madyson left off in the next installment of the Zombie Apocalypse series.
In the last bastion of the old world, Konnor finds humanity's future threatened again, as the machinery of the past they have grown reliant on breaks down.
With little choice, Konnor must enter an old military underground bunker full of danger and death to repair a water purifier before mass panic ensues above ground, bringing an end to the last survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse.

Both of the above books are available together as The Zombie Apocalypse

Extinction Theory
Sydney Trent, a mass extinction theorist unfortunately finds one of his darkest theories becoming reality as humanity faces it own possible extinction. In a race against time Sydney must face and fight his own demons as the dead literally take to their feet. A spin on the popular zombie genre this book goes against the grain by exploring what else could create and drive a zombie as well as a nightmare zombie outbreak!

Super Nova
Set over 100 years in the future, Commander Jack Emerick finds him self in a difficult situation. His team have been tasked with securing a disabled military facility in a far flung uninhabited area of space. However when they get there they find something far more sinister than a mutinous crew or terrorist activity that threatens the future survival of all mankind.

Mechanical Jihad (Super Nova)
Sequel to Super Nova
Jack and Cantrell return to find themselves in troubling times. Yet again the Mechanicals are plotting against humanity only this time their plans come to fruition. This latest tale in the Super Nova series finds humanity on the brink of extinction as they fight for their very right to survive. Live and let live is something that the Mechanicals do not understand.

Three Lee Emerick books in one volume
Contains Extinction Theory, Super Nova and Mechanical Jihad

Posted on 29 Oct 2011 00:15:47 BDT
Tony says:
Nash of the Thieves' Guild available for kindle.

Nash of the Thieves' Guild £0.86

Short story 5,000 words

The City of Port Gardale is under the rule of the God King. The Thieves' Guild is a secret organization that operates in the shadows and back alleyways of the Port City. Life can be hard for a thief, especially hard for a boy thief...

Meet Nash of the Thieves' Guild; he knows the meaning of hard because he is desperate.

Desperate for a virgin and desperate to stay alive!

Will the young thief spill his oats or will his deadly rival Jadrien spill his beans?

Fun and frolics, thrills 'n spills. It's time for high adventure where life is sweet and danger is only one footstep away.


Strength of a Giant £0.86

Heaven is at war, only the Seven Archangels stand between victory and defeat, for one of the Seven, Uriel, danger is closer than he knows!

Strength of a Giant is a short science fiction story about the enigmatic Son of God Emanuel and the Archangel Raphael. Will they be able to fight the evil plot of Jovian, who is an amalgamation of fallen angels, or has time run out? The final battle takes place within the Milky Way and our solar system will never be the same again...

Mani and Raph, too good to miss!

Posted on 8 Nov 2011 16:44:51 GMT
Kindle and paperbacks at sensible prices for full-size novels

Hiding the Elephant (Simon Grant Mysteries)
and the sequel
Lock Up Your Daughters (Simon Grant Mysteries)

or both mysteries together in a single volume

Two Simon Grant Mysteries

Posted on 8 Nov 2011 17:10:34 GMT
Minijax says:
Thanks Albert.

I am pleased to say that my genealogical novel of 367 print pages, Tainted Tree will be featured at Daily Cheap Reads, tomorrow, Wed, 9th November, at 12.00 midday. (Eight 5star reviews.)

In reply to an earlier post on 8 Nov 2011 17:40:38 GMT
Well done, Jackie

That will really give you the push, just you wait and see.

All the best.

Posted on 9 Nov 2011 21:49:13 GMT
Minijax says:
Tainted Tree didn't appear after all, Mira, but hopefully should do tomorrow. So I hope you're right about the push.


In reply to an earlier post on 10 Nov 2011 07:11:18 GMT
You never know, Jackie
It may have been for the best.
You may get a lot larger and better class of readership today than it would have been yesterday.
Fingers crossed.

Posted on 10 Nov 2011 11:17:47 GMT
Travelman says:
Check out my action/adventure/Africa themed books all set in the 1960s. Available in Kindle and Paperback format.
The Up-Country Man Memoir. A personal account of the first one hundred days inside secessionist Biafra. 180k words. Great Reviews
The Last Bature(Batuuree) Fiction. The last white police officer in a failing ex-British colony tries to avert a catastrophe. 102k words.
Tribal Gathering Eight not so short stories about all the human frailties. 104k words.
The following Novellas are extracted from "Tribal Gathering" as tasters at 86p each in Kindle format only.
Boom Town A man steals a fortune under cover of tribal war. 21k words.
Hot Metal Strange happenings in the forest reach out to a man's family in England. 16k words
Juju-Men Delivering a parcel to the Freemasons' Lodge brings death and destruction to the region. 14k words.
I'm giving away one of my novellas to the end of December. Click on my profile (Travelman) for the web page and follow the instructions there.
Ken Ryeland

In reply to an earlier post on 10 Nov 2011 11:42:05 GMT
Minijax says:
Now the question is - are Thursday people better than Wednesday people. You never know.

Thanks for good wishes, Mira.

In reply to an earlier post on 11 Nov 2011 10:08:50 GMT

in my book, 'are' is always better than 'were'. :-)

So, anything to report yet?
Hope so.

Posted on 11 Nov 2011 21:49:01 GMT
Minijax says:
Hi Mira,
I've been out all day, so have only just checked. Nothing to get excited about - just 2 sales since my plug in daily cheap reads. Never mind, every little helps as someone or other says.

I went today to London to spend the day with a friend, and came through the ticket barrier at just on 11.00 o'clock. Although a few people were moving around, quite a substantial number just stood in silence in the station. It was quite moving to see and to be part of.
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