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In reply to an earlier post on 9 Jul 2012 16:43:30 BDT
D.D. Chant says:
Hi Sammylee!

I have two books, both are romantic adventures and I was hoping you could take a look???

Broken City

The Promise (The Lady Quill Chronicles)

Thanks for listening!


Posted on 9 Jul 2012 23:32:00 BDT
The Dancing Boy

When ex-soldier Tom Gillet returned to Afghanistan to search for the boy who saved his life, little did he realise what he was about to walk into. Beyond the corridors of official power, he entered into a maze of corruption, betrayal so vast that it threatened not just his life, but everything he ever cared about.

Posted on 11 Jul 2012 02:23:20 BDT
Frank Mundo says:
My books are what self-publishing is supposed to be about -- something truly different than what you get from traditional publishing. Gary, the Four-Eyed Fairy and Other Stories and The Brubury Tales Try a sample.

Posted on 11 Jul 2012 09:46:35 BDT
The Dancing Boy


In reply to an earlier post on 11 Jul 2012 17:10:48 BDT
Barbs says:
Romance fiction is the genre of my new novel 'Eat the View' a tale of one woman, three men. A comedy of errors. Getting excellent reveiws.


Barbara Jane Mackie

Posted on 11 Jul 2012 20:52:53 BDT
Gaspar The Thief

Gaspar The Thief is a new humorous fantasy adventure by British author, David A. Lindsay.

There's no reviews on Amazon yet, but it's received three 4 Star reviews at Goodreads, plus it's neither a short story nor a novella - it's a full-length novel of 126,000 words. Here's the blurb:

Follow the adventures of Gaspar, a freelance thief who stubbornly refuses to swear fealty to the Thieves' Guild.

Cursed with a special affinity for calamity and mishap, and a talent for snatching defeat from the brink of victory, our hero blunders from one misfortune to the next, yet somehow always manages to survive to tell the tale.

Accompanied by his long-suffering companions - Hubris, a spellbroker who refuses to pay his dues to Wizards' Hall, and Marna, a feisty thiefess with a quick tongue and a quicker temper - our unlikely hero encounters looming retribution and imminent catastrophe at every step.

From a sinister funeral ship to a scheming seductress; from a puzzling murder to a gang of merciless ship-wreckers; and from a goblin army laying siege to an ancient border fortress to a mischievous wood-wight with a penchant for table legs and floorboards, there's no end to the troubles he can find!

Told with an appealing mixture of seriousness and humour, this is an exciting romp based in a fantasy world where anything can, and usually does, happen!

Posted on 12 Jul 2012 00:21:58 BDT
The Dancing Boy

FREE TODAY 12th JULY. ONE DAY ONLY. Comments welcome good or bad.

Posted on 12 Jul 2012 00:22:52 BDT
Queen of Spades During the summer of 2018 the new, free spirited Princess of Wales comes under threat from a homegrown terrorist group who have taken offence to the simple fact that she is a black woman. Princess India refuses to temper her partying or charity work, causing all manner of problems for her royal protection officers. Matters come to a head during India's celebrity-strewn charity ski event in central London, with a traitor emerging to aid a spectacular attack on live TV.

Posted on 12 Jul 2012 05:48:38 BDT
Roger Weston says:
The Assassin's Wife
#16 in UK Books > Crime, Thrillers & Mystery > Political

✭✭✭✭ 4.0 out of 5 stars Wonderfully spellbinding!, December 7, 2011
By D. Williamson "Hooked on Kindle!" (Moncton, NB Canada) - See all my reviews
(REAL NAME) Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: The Assassin's Wife (Kindle Edition)

The Assassin's Wife was a "sit at the edge of your seat" thriller; and I could not believe it was only 99 cents. When I start an exciting book I end up finishing it in the one sitting and this was what I did with this novel, and it was so worth it. Meg Coles was a teacher married to a wonderful husband for 10 years and never really knew who he was until his murder. What she goes through to stay alive is thrilling and unreal. Loved it!! Will be looking for a lot more of Roger Weston's books.

Posted on 12 Jul 2012 08:47:07 BDT
Last edited by the author on 19 Jul 2012 08:22:00 BDT
Whatever you preferred format, paperback or kindle
and if you are fond of complex psychological drama and vagaries of human frailty
HIDING THE ELEPHANT (Simon Grant Mysteries)
and its sequel
LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS (Simon Grant Mysteries)
are for you.

Or, you can have them both in a single volume in Kindle format
Double Trouble (Two Simon Grant Mysteries)

Posted on 12 Jul 2012 09:50:27 BDT
Last edited by the author on 12 Jul 2012 21:24:58 BDT
Edwin Stark says:

Cuentos ... it has vampires and creepy stuff in it


Eco Station One is an easy, funny read.

Both books have earned a fair share of 4 and 5-star reviews...

Posted on 17 Jul 2012 12:13:27 BDT
I'm proud to recommend my book and here is part of my latest review (filling my heart with pride and appreciation).
THE FAT BAG stuck between a rock cake & a hard plaice
"... I just felt so good reading about the frustration in a human to human way and in plain English. Ms Barley's riveting honesty was not only inspiring; it was hilarious. Things I never dared think about my up and down weight were written in a way that made it all seem okay to say. I live this book as many of us over 50 women will admit. I doubt I'll ever take weight so seriously again. And yet, the painful comedy offers some good sense. First of all, it clearly defines addiction. The only difference between food addiction and any other addiction is, the monkey on our back is fatter".

And in my own words: This is real life humour, and many individuals will relate to the continuous journey depicting the drama in a tale that spans 25 years of yo-yo dieting - punishing and suffering for a cause and a battle that is never won.

I describe it as Bridget Jones' Diary-esque (big baggy knickers sadly appropriate) given my dry wit bordering on the ridiculous, with a spattering of sarcasm, moans, groans and self-pity thrown in, but in observational dramas that add the sometimes unexpected funny aspect to ordinary life.

"I've lost weight hundreds of times; I just can't keep it off " is a familiar cry, and I have been struggling since my teens. Now, in middle age and STILL battling the bulge, I've put these dieting diary entries together and the fat bag title is a play on words that resonates throughout the whole book, which includes chapters entitled "This Little Piggie Went to Town", "Mind Over Platter", "Not All Menus Are Created Equal" and "My Cup Runneth Over"!

Please don't be alarmed if you don't find any dieting tips or reasonable advice within the pages, but if it's an easy read and slice-of-life humour you're after, curl up in a chair with a cuppa and a plate (or packet) of biscuits and get stuck in!

Posted on 17 Jul 2012 14:41:27 BDT
IC Camilleri says:
The Blake Curse
For anyone who is interested The Blake Curse is FREE to download for a couple of days only. Grab your chances. It's a psychological thriller with a hint of romance set in Cambridge. Here's the blurb.

Ben Blake, an eighteen year old British Intelligence agent brimming with gifts; intellectual genius, striking appearance, impeccable acting skills and a heightened sixth sense... gifts that all guarantee the success of his first undercover assignment. He effortlessly infiltrates university life in Cambridge and befriends Cathy, the daughter of billionaire Edward Carter, one of the most influential and politically secure titans of the time.

Samantha Black, known as the elusive and exquisitely petite Sam. She rises from the ashes and battles her dark legacy. Her cryptic past and deep secrets become firmly intertwined with Ben's investigations, shredding his carefully thought out plan to bits.

Jake Snell, the young rugged Earl of Yorkley, the enigma, the rogue full of vices....but possessing abundant resourcefulness, creativity and determination. He is Ben's only lifeline in this treacherous game.

The Blake Curse is all about heartrending choices, fast paced suspense and that faith in the thread of human goodness.

Posted on 17 Jul 2012 17:14:31 BDT
I. Black says:
Darshan: a Journey 18-year old Anglo-Indian Sara comes to Oxford to study history and to find her estranged Welsh father, hoping to escape the prospect of an arranged marriage back home in India. But things are not as simple as she had imagined. Her journey is aided and abetted by Ieuan, an enigmatic Welsh Maths student and Louis, a gay New York musician. She becomes embroiled in a sinister religious cult, travels to Germany and America and back to India, where events take another most unexpected turn.

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Jul 2012 17:22:41 BDT
SLMartin says:
Going Down by Steve Martin
This novel follows a young man's journey into the dark world of a tough young offender institution as he is sentenced to two years' imprisonment. It is a savage world in which he will either sink or swim.

For those who sink, the consequences are dire but - for those who learn to swim - the damage is far greater!

This novel will take you into a world that is seldom seen. Written by an author who spent several years in a young offenders' prison, the novel has the power of an accurately portrayed and vividly displayed world of violence, nihilism, dark humour and despair.

Posted on 17 Jul 2012 17:25:37 BDT
IC Camilleri says:
The Blake Curse
FREEEEEE for a limited time. The Blake Curse, psychological thriller with a hint of romance set in Cambridge

Posted on 18 Jul 2012 23:53:28 BDT
Kerr Avon says:
Burn in Starlight has just hit the "shelves", at the bargain price of only 1.32.

What's it all about? Well, it's a sci-fi, vampire, erotic, horror story set about a giant colony star-ship en-route to populate a new world and, well...'ll have to read it to find out what happens.


If you don't fancy that one, you could give my I Be Done Seen a try which is a measly 77p

It is a short whimsical tale about the abuse of science, the last of a kind, the first of a kind, and a man's dilemma.

When the famous big game hunter O'Ryan gets a call saying his services are required in mainland UK he is intrigued.
When he learns what his quarry is to be he is astounded - this is no fox hunt!!

Posted on 19 Jul 2012 02:56:11 BDT
Instead of recommending my books, I recommend a short relaxing break.
Pop over.

Hard Target (romantic espionage thriller)

Posted on 19 Jul 2012 04:48:47 BDT
If you enjoy great science fiction then I think you should give my book a chance. It will not disappoint. Here is it's synopsis:

A World Of Chaos (Worlds Of Chaos) 1.96 Amazon Kindle

A mission team led by S.E.A agent Emma Hayes find themselves captured by a being calling himself Master Arilius. A ransom is given to the S.E.A that could lead to their safe return, but the S.E.A isn't willing to play along. Their hands bound the S.E.A is forced to put their faith in the hands of a small team and a well-kept secret in the form of a rookie assassin and pawn, Chase Wright. Worlds will collide and secrets will be revealed in this fast paced, high energy science fiction story.

Posted on 25 Jul 2012 20:30:43 BDT
Minijax says:
When Addie Russell inherits a house in Surrey, it gives her a once in a lifetime opportunity to find out about her English family. Addie, adopted at birth in Boston, knows very little about her mother, who died just after her birth, and nothing about her father. However, she knows that her grandparents wanted nothing to do with her. She is soon faced with shocking information about her family, and her emotions reach the depths and the heights at her discoveries.

Tainted Tree is a genealogical novel describing Addie's quest to find out about her family. Her search takes her to Surrey and the West Country and spans the 20th century. 367 pages in print; under 2 for the Kindle; 15 reviews, eleven of them 5 star. It's in the top 100 in these categories:

#79 in Kindle Store > Books > Fiction > Family Saga
#86 in Books > Fiction > Romance > Sagas
#90 in Books > Fiction > Family Sagas

Posted on 25 Jul 2012 20:34:30 BDT
Hi, If you are looking for an action thriller, "Climate Control" is going to be free from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th July.

Mark Langham, whilst working for the Weather Research Section at N.A.S.A., developed a satellite-based system capable of calming the extremes of weather by influencing the earth's magnetic field. He got the idea from the changes in the weather seen when electrically charged particles from solar storms hit the field. He could not however, have foreseen the circumstances which now throw the world's weather into the turmoil "Climate Control" was created to ease. Mark must now regain control of the system....before it is too late.

It is an easy read for the beach as I've just come back from hols and three people I spoke to downloaded it and read it. They all liked it very much.

I hope you enjoy it.

Posted on 25 Jul 2012 21:58:52 BDT
D. King says:
My first film has just come out on DVD: Wild Bill [DVD]

But I'm primarily a novelist. Here's a few of my titles available to download for 1.53:
Infidelity for Beginners
The Henchmen's Book Club
The No.1 Zombie Detective Agency
The Burglar Diaries
The Monster Man of Horror House
The Hitman Diaries
The Bank Robber Diaries
School For Scumbags
Milo's Marauders

Posted on 25 Jul 2012 22:01:50 BDT
Starting with a relationship spanning an entire lifetime in just several pages and ending with a boy's struggles both at home and school, via stories including a woman's disastrous brush with modern art, a teenager's deadly obsession with video games, a man's ghostly encounter and even a humorous poem, this book of short stories has something for everyone.

Posted on 26 Jul 2012 22:35:19 BDT
A World Of Chaos (Worlds Of Chaos) 1.96 Amazon Kindle

A mission team led by S.E.A agent Emma Hayes find themselves captured by a being calling himself Master Arilius. A ransom is given to the S.E.A that could lead to their safe return, but the S.E.A isn't willing to play along. Their hands bound the S.E.A is forced to put their faith in the hands of a small team and a well kept secret in the form of a rookie assassin and pawn, Chase Wright. Worlds will collide and secrets will be revealed in this fast paced, high energy science fiction story.

Posted on 26 Jul 2012 23:07:18 BDT
gradrix says:
Hi - try my friend's book THE ILLUMINATI KID CAN SAVE YOU - it has everything, literally, and it's a bullet of a read - life changing (and challenging) stuff . . .

The Illuminati Kid Can Save You

"The Illuminati Kid can save you.

This is the story of Warren James, the Illuminati Kid, the mighty schoolboy nemesis of the elites, and the story of the Truth. Take a paranoid sprint through the world of conspiracy and the truth of who and what we really are. Through the dark and twisted tale of Warren you'll hear about the tyranny, the conspiracy, its roots and the impact it's having on us right here and now; and about the way out, the exit, the end of suffering - ENLIGHTENMENT. It's all here (unless, of course, it's simply the fantasies, the rantings of a madman) and, according to our seemingly deranged narrator, it can save you.

"Strap in and listen damned hard or else you'll suffer and die at the hands of the psychotic, satanic and paedophilic elite . . . "

Enjoy your transformation and heightened paranoia . . . "
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