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Rainy day reading list...

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Posted on 27 Apr 2012 16:05:38 BDT
The Seventh Chakra
by J.R. Bowles

Take a journey into the belly of the Big Rotten Apple as a street preacher, a military woman, a doctor, and others unleash the power of the Universe and "the Plan".

Watch them struggle as flesh steps into the realm of metaphysical energy struggling to relay the secrets locked within the seven chakras.

Learn the Unified Law that exists and the connection of all mankind. Journey into the depths of a cave beneath Governors Island and experience the truth.

Truth cannot be told. It can only be experienced.

392 pages

105,000 + words, Metaphysical fiction.
Facebook J.R. BOWLES


Catch a Succubus

Posted on 6 May 2012 10:24:59 BDT
Last edited by the author on 7 May 2012 11:13:16 BDT
I. Black says:
IT'S GOING TO RAIN TOMORROW, FOLKS. Enjoy your enforced captivity with a great read. To start the ball rolling here's my fantasy novel, LINKS TO MY iNDIA NOVELS and the offer of a free story.

Noontide Owls : a fantasy for young and old - only £1.53

A fantasy world of forests, ranging seas and desert sands, in which fourteen-year-old Mariner girl Maara `the girl with three blessings' sets out to save her homeland, Ambamar. The city riddled with strife and conflict after gaining its freedom from the Conquering army of Shoog the Awesome. She is aided by the giant Timekeeper, Elin, whose hair changes colour with the seasons, and Arolan the Scribe, wise and mystical, who unearths the magical Speaking Book.

Other fantastic people and creatures populate Maara's world, including her own race - the sea-fariing Mariners, a huge flightless bird, the smelly but endearing Hompadarys, the sinister tiny, Sandpeople, and the Anvil People, who founded Ambamar. And, of course, the evil world of Shoog and his successors.

Includes pen and ink illustrations

Also available in paperback.

A Dog's Life (Short Story) is offered FREE today only (6th May) only. It's about a young street dog in India. If you enjoy my short stories, please take a look at my novels, all available on Kindle and paperback.
The Moon's Complexion
Darshan: a Journey

STOP PRESS! TODAY ONLY _ FREE PROMOTION A Brief History of the Haggis (Short Story)

So you thought the haggis was Scottish, eh? Well, think again. This brief history charts the journey of Scotland's national treasure from its origins in...err...well that would be telling... Prepare yourself for an eye-watering romp through history and discover the TRUTH BEHIND THE HAGGIS!

5.0 out of 5 stars Rolicking Good Fun!, 13 April 2012
By Grandma - Published on
You've heard of Haggis - that horrible Scottish mess of oatmeal and innards boiled up in a sheep's stomach. (May my Scottish ancestors forgive me the "horrible" business.) There is very little that Grandma can say about this little short story without giving away the plot, which would be a crime. Robbie Burns would never forgive Grandma. Suffice it to say that it is a hoot, one I expect you'll get as big a kick out of as I did.
Definitely recommended for those who need a laugh!

Posted on 7 May 2012 15:22:16 BDT
Bill Todd says:
Danny sat back low on the sofa, remembering the bayonet going in, the resistance, the blade grating against ribs. He remembered the eyes of the tall talib in the black turban, knowledge exchanged in a look.
Remembered the smell of garlic on his breath. Remembered a flipflop falling from the man's foot as he pitched backwards.
Killing wasn't good or bad, it was the job, stopping them hurting a mate, getting in first. Not good or bad, but intense.


Bob Lovejoy took his nose trimmer from the bathroom cabinet and looked hard into the shaving mirror. The skin around his eyes was puffy. He pulled at the rumpled bags of flesh with a fingertip and watched them creep slowly back into their original shape.
He stretched his mouth into a humourless grin. The movement sent tiny ripples through his chin. Several of his teeth were crooked. They were a bugger to clean, even with that fiddly string stuff Wanda had bought him.
Bob let out a long sigh and stepped back from the mirror. He placed a finger on each nipple and stirred, watching with a feeling of sinking despair as his moobs jiggled like jelly.

The Wreck Of The Margherita (Danny Lancaster Investigates)

Posted on 7 May 2012 16:03:45 BDT
Just reminding you novel, THE SECRET is FREE to download today May 7th as a Bank Holiday treat...and it'll be my last Free promotion for a while.

This contemporary, romantic novel is a fast paced, wickedly woven web of dark secrets, emotional conflict and romantic intrigue, that will keep you guessing until the bitter sweet denouement.
Recent reviews said:
"Funny, sad, romantic, sexy, intriguing and a great read."
"Pacy modern storyline, believable characters and enough twists to keep you glued to your Kindle."
"I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I found the story moved along very fast, and took me with it!"
"I quickly became involved with the characters who were all totally believable."
"This is a very well thought out, intriguing book."
"Congratulations to the author on a stunning debut novel."

Posted on 7 May 2012 18:38:36 BDT
Last edited by the author on 7 May 2012 18:43:31 BDT
MaxwellBlack says:
The Screen Conspiracy FREE Today

View trailer on my Amazon author page: or alternatively on youtube @:

Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Excellent
It was a very fast moving and excellent story. I thought that the author covered some unpleasant aspects in the story without going into too much detail, which made it a more pleasant read for me personally.

Book Description:

Washington where nothing is what it seems. Not knowing that can cost you your life.

Jack Halpin, once an up and coming senior executive, is on a downward career and personal projectory. His beliefs and all the vestiges of his career and privileged family life are challenged as he is submerged in a dangerous world for which he is ill prepared. A member of the Fairfax Gun Club, Jack is a traditionalist who believes in the right to bear arms, law and order. He has a strained relationship with his wife Poppy, the daughter of respected Senator Jock Kessles, a man who is deeply disappointed in his unsuccessful son-in-law.

Unknown to Jack, the mysterious death of a senator is the signature tune to a traumatic change in his world and everything he has taken for granted. Surviving the onslaught of rapid, life or death challenges and the sinister forces facing him, will require all his resolve. This journey will bring him face to face with murder, political intrigue, depravity and betrayal.

The Screen Conspiracy is an intelligent thriller which uses fiction and an array of unique characters, to tease out a political conspiracy where evil, reality and patriotism overlap seamlessly. Strong characters, unexpected consequences, racy humor and a readable, escalating tempo combine to make this a novel that immerses the reader in the storyline and search for justice.


In the beginning God created heaven and earth, then he created Lake Tahoe. That sales pitch ran through Senator Tom Riley's mind as he sat in his car, parked in the drive of his elegant manor home overlooking the lake. It was the house of his dreams, he had the family of his dreams, he had the life of his dreams. His love for politics and Washington would always be second to his life here in Zephyr Cove. Washington life punctuated his weekends at home rather than the other way round.

The light was dimming over the lake. He watched as his wife, of thirty years, Olivia, moved throughout the house, silhouetted against the warm glow of lamps and the log fire. Choices, he had choices. His palm wiped the sweat from his brow. One choice lay on the passenger seat, his revolver. Beside it lay his cell phone. My god, how could he leave her such a legacy of scandal and loss. But dignity, his dignity, would be intact.

He argued back and forth with himself. There was no third choice. He had to choose. Another figure appeared through the glow of light on the balcony. His beautiful daughter, Emma. She saw him in the car and waved down. He smiled back. He reached to the passenger seat and picked it up. He knew what he had to do.

Posted on 7 May 2012 19:19:43 BDT
It isn't serious. It's fluff. You can put it down and make a cup of tea at any point.

But you might just spill your drink laughing when you pick it up again.*

The Mystic Accountants (The Banned Underground)

*I'm broke, so don't even think of suing me if you do.

Posted on 8 May 2012 05:40:10 BDT
Trisolde says:
Well, for a rainy day read, with a little thunder rumbling in the distance now and again, I offer The Evangeline Heresy: a novel of Dark Fantasy and Supernatural Suspense, where the spaces between illusion and reality often do mingle.

What if there were a creature who is:
Not a vampire...but will taste your blood.
Not a werewolf...but could tear you to shreds.
Not a demon...but will grant for a price.
Not an angel...fallen from grace.
Some say witch...but some say a lot of things.

Dr. Ethan Broughton has agreed to investigate a potent medicinal plant, and a rumor of curative miracles on Porringer Hill in East Tennessee. What he finds, is an isolated community of disturbing superstition centered on one woman, Ana Lagori, a local apothecary with a mysterious ability to heal all wounds. What at first seems little more than a clever deception, soon propels Ethan into an abyss of shadowy forest haunts, unsettling interactions and the perilous web of a legacy that traces its origin back to antiquity.
Your reply to Trisolde's post:
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Posted on 8 May 2012 09:52:10 BDT
All In
It was more than just a game of poker, to Carla it was a matter of life or death. Then she learned how to turn the tables, and thats when events became really serious.

Posted on 10 May 2012 09:08:41 BDT
Tonkalou says:
Whenever we meet someone who's really old, the first question on our lips is `so what's your secret?'

Well, what if there was a secret? Not something new but something so old that all the locals believe in it and trust it completely. Would you want to know what it was? Would you want to try it for yourself? Would you give it to your children?

There is just such a secret in Burntwood Green; Rose Coleman's been making it for years - a natural remedy that postpones the effects of old age and that's not all it does. But a secret like this can't remain undiscovered forever.

The Tonic

Selected as one of the Goodreads group reads for May and receiving several five star reviews. Find out why and learn the secret yourself.

Posted on 10 May 2012 13:15:58 BDT
Also a good read for sunny days/windy days/snowy days...
Parody Lightfoot and the Bane of Time
Parody Lightfoot (not her real name), 13, her big sister, Anna Banana (mostly her real name), 16, and middle brother, Brian (his real name), 15, struggle to work out what they're doing then subsequently save planet Earth from the dark forces of Father Time!
Together with some shape-shiftering medieval mercenary and with the aid of a god or two, the siblings battle through unknown paths and against demonic enemies to discover the Bane of Time.
A humorous yet dangerous adventure ensues with magical weapons (big sword, small axe, medium-sized mace, funny little compass-thing), time travelling, a really mean bad guy, the odd dragon and some DNA stuff.
There is also some head-scratching and the occasional emoticon!
Cheers R

Posted on 10 May 2012 14:06:47 BDT
IC Camilleri says:
The Blake Curse, the thriller with a differenceThe Blake Curse

Posted on 10 May 2012 16:36:22 BDT
Bill Todd says:
It's what you did. What you volunteered for. What you were good at. All the training prepared you for the job they paid you for and that job was war.
It was a world apart. Different country, different culture, different everything. No petty rules, just rules of engagement. No tick-box targets, real flesh-and-bone ones. The only performance-related bonus was staying alive, save someone else the trouble of packing your bags for the journey home.

Old Stan always sat in the same armchair, the one with elbow indentations in the arms that had worn through the fabric.
His forearms were dotted with tattoos. The loose leathery skin made them look as if they were melting.
He spoke in short gasps and his belly quivered when he laughed. The table by his chair was always laid out the same, big old valve radio, that week's Radio Times, Capstan Full Strength and a bottle of Mackeson that Nan always insisted sat on a coaster so it didn't mark the wood.
His breath smelled of tobacco and old age and he kept his dentures in the tray from a large household match box behind the radio.

The Wreck Of The Margherita (Danny Lancaster Investigates)
"Witty, gory, sexy, educational in parts, it's a fantastic read" - Peter Thornton, The Sun

Posted on 10 May 2012 18:09:55 BDT
MLJ says:
Still looking for a rainy day read? Single Minded is FREE for three days from Friday (11th May) until Sunday night. I'd love your feedback so please take a chance on a new author who looks at life and relationships rather more deeply than usual (according to the first review on Amazon.)

Meadow View is just another house to sell for young estate agent, Hal Symonds, a young man determined to make his way in life at any cost. But he quickly realises there's more to this seemingly empty house than meets the eye. Why does he keep dreaming about Meadow View in the past, seeing it through the eyes of a man who lived sixty years earlier? And why does the sight of his new girlfriend's grandmother, Sylvia, whom he has never met before, excite such resentment in Hal; why do his hands keep itching to close around her throat?

Hal fears that he is losing his mind. And the manipulative games of Erica, his obsessive ex-girlfriend, merely add to his confusion as his carefully constructed world starts to unravel. Hal looks for scapegoats in everyone around him, until forced to realise that he is set on a course of self destruction from which he can see no way out ...

Posted on 10 May 2012 20:37:32 BDT
N S Cooke says:
Bandwidth: The Story of Devlin Mallard - Revenge of a Torbay Ghost

Ever wanted to trace your family tree; gather in dusty, old photographs and gaze at the black and white souls that stare out? WELL DON'T!

Computer programmer, Michael, soon learns that the past is sometimes best left undisturbed: for lurking in the history of his bloodline, is a twisted killer, Devlin Mallard. A man dispatched from this earth at the end of a hangman's noose.

Fighting for his life, and that of his family, he joins forces with murder investigator, Detective Sergeant Woods, and rides a roller-coaster of global killings to the final confrontation. He must face his demon and return Devlin Mallard to the darkness.

Old photographs - leave them!

Posted on 11 May 2012 08:55:59 BDT
Bill Todd says:
Captain Papadopoulos listened to an update from Solent Coastguard. He had been a seaman for nearly forty years, master of the Margherita for the last twelve. The ship was his home, the crew his family. If it came to it, evacuating felt like failure but he had a duty to his men. It would be a major challenge in these sea conditions. They would stay aboard until abandoning was unavoidable, then take to the ships' lifeboats if rescue craft and helicopters were unable to get close.
As he looked out of the bridge window again, along the huge deck with its towering cargo, a giant cliff face of grey water surged out of the swirling murk and slammed into the ship.

"Bob! Morning ... yes, yes, I know what time it is. No, I'm not an insomniac, well, not usually. No, listen, just listen, Bob. Have you heard the news? ... Well stick Sky on. Yes, that's right. The ship, yes, household stuff, tools, there's a bit of everything. It's one big free closing down sale.
The Wreck Of The Margherita (Danny Lancaster Investigates)
"Witty, gory, sexy, educational in parts, it's a fantastic read" - Peter Thornton, The Sun

Posted on 12 May 2012 09:15:04 BDT
Do you like the feel of a new paper book in your hands?

Here, these are nice, long and satisfying

Hiding the Elephant (Simon Grant Mysteries)
and its sequel
Lock Up Your Daughters (Simon Grant Mysteries)

Or, you can download them both on your Kindle or computer in a single volume
Double Trouble (Two Simon Grant Mysteries)

Posted on 12 May 2012 13:37:19 BDT
Bill Todd says:
He stood by the door, big fisted hands planted on his hips, a slab of a man in greyish silhouette against the light outside. As his big head turned from side to side, surveying the room, his spiky gelled hair turned against the backlight like a twisting bed of nails.

The Wreck Of The Margherita (Danny Lancaster Investigates)
"Witty, gory, sexy, educational in parts, it's a fantastic read" - Peter Thornton, The Sun

Posted on 13 May 2012 12:06:05 BDT
Want a good book to relax and curl up with on a rainy day? Then look no further than at my two 4 and 5* rated contemporary romantic novels:

THE SECRET... a wickedly woven web of dark secrets, emotional conflict and romantic intrigue.

James Stirling, ambitious travel journalist, returns to London from the Far East. His future looks promising with a TV contract lined up. But endeavours to re-kindle his love affair with ex girlfriend, Ellie, are failing. When he becomes implicated in a murder, things go even more awry.

Fran Walker is riding high. Successful interior designer and presenter of her own reality TV show, she has always harboured a secret passion for James. As Ellie's best friend, this causes complications. During the murder investigation, James stays with Fran and romance develops, but their newfound happiness is soon threatened. Beautician, and dieting fanatic, Ellie Mathews, is an enigma. What is drawing her away from her beloved London to Dorset? Can true love triumph, and will dark secrets and an elusive killer ultimately be exposed?

Pure nostalgia:
London in the swinging sixties - about a young graduating art student, Annabel Spencer, and her eventual rise to fame as a fashion designer. How a strikingly beautiful girl whom she meets for a brief period at college becomes pivotal to her success and how these two women's careers and love lives become uncannily entwined.
It tells an intriguing love story hampered by loose morals, drug taking and emotional conflict - at a time when anything risqué goes - and frequently does. This novel reveals the scandal and glamour of a fascinatingly decadent and revolutionary period in history.

You won't be disappointed.
Best wishes

Posted on 13 May 2012 15:06:14 BDT
B. Rawlinson says:
Killing Share (Michael Fielding Book 1)
Cash Point (Michael Fielding Book 2)
Terrific value for money fast paced and gripping Private Eye series set in London with free humour included in each book.

Posted on 14 May 2012 18:25:51 BDT
Roger Weston says:
Ex-CIA assassin Frank Murdoch discovers priceless artifacts on his remote Alaskan island. Only problem is the ruthless Korean industrialist who has sent hit men to recover the gold. ~ The Golden Catch

Customer review excerpt:
"...the hunt through the dense fog...was a refreshing change from the usual 'dash through the city" or the deserts which most thriller writers employ. In fact, this novel is the stuff of which movies are made :)

Hope we see more from this author; he deserves all the accolades which will undoubtedly come his way!"

Posted on 14 May 2012 21:21:41 BDT
1923: A Memoir Lies and Testaments 77p

To say that Harry Smith was born under an unlucky star would be an understatement. Born in England in 1923, Smith chronicles the tragic story of his early life in this first volume of his memoirs. He presents his family's early history-their misfortunes and their experiences of enduring betrayal, inhumane poverty, infidelity, and abandonment.

1923: A Memoir presents the story of a life lyrically described, capturing a time both before and during World War II when personal survival was dependent upon luck and guile. During this time, failure insured either a trip to the workhouse or burial in a common grave. Brutally honest, Smith's story plummets to the depths of tragedy and flies up to the summit of mirth and wonder, portraying real people in an uncompromising, unflinching voice.

1923: A Memoir tells of a time and place when life, full of raw emotion, was never so real.

Posted on 14 May 2012 23:53:53 BDT
The Bub says:
Rain! Where does it always rain? Wimbledon! Only a few weeks off. Get yourself in the mood with Break Point.

It's the beginning of the 1999 Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Bobbie and girlfriend, June, have avidly followed the championships together for years. But this year Bobbie and June have split up after Bobbie slept with best friend Babs. June has gone to Denmark and Bobbie gets a job caring for a difficult old woman. Soon it's not just Wimbledon where the competitive rallies, the lobs and the drop-volleys are being played, as carers fall like seeds, and only those with the deadliest return of serve and long blond hair may survive to the final.

Winner of one of the Paparazzi Sports Fiction Awards 2010

Posted on 15 May 2012 03:01:17 BDT
Sheila says:
Summer Tea (the next book in the series) will be published soon. I've you've not started the series yet, now is a great time to start. =)

The characters in The Tea Series are people you'd like to know and part of a family that welcomes you with open arms. More than 85,000 copies of the books in this series have been sold. You will find that each book in the series is a fast and fun read. Each installment of the series is a hybrid of the traditional novel and the serial novel (each is a full-length novel and leads directly into the next installment.)

Hot Tea (First book in The Tea Series)
Sweet Tea (Second book in The Tea Series)
Iced Tea (Third Book in the Tea Series)
Green Tea (Fourth Book in the Tea Series)
Peppermint Tea (Fifth Book in the Tea Series)
Tea to Go (Sixth Book in the Tea Series)

I hope you will give them a try.


Posted on 17 May 2012 15:14:19 BDT
Bill Todd says:
"The kids haven't seen you in months, Danny."
"I've been busy."
"Busy? Doing what?"
"Getting this detective business off the ground."
Cheryl shook her head, breath leaking out of her in a long sigh. "When are you going to grow up, Danny?"
"Don't keep on, Cheryl. I'm doing the best I can."
"But that best doesn't include a proper job."
"It is a proper job. At least it will be when things pick up."
"No, Danny. A proper job is when you turn up when they tell you, do what they tell you, go home when they tell you and pick up a regular pay packet."

The Wreck Of The Margherita (Danny Lancaster Investigates)
"Witty, gory, sexy, educational in parts, it's a fantastic read" - Peter Thornton, The Sun

Posted on 18 May 2012 14:22:29 BDT
Bill Todd says:
Power is the proof you've cracked it. Power gives you respect. You can see it in other people, the way they won't hold your gaze, they way their shoulders dip, all in the body language, fear and surrender. They'd know what you've done, know you for who you are, what you're capable of. You're on a higher level, a different kind of animal. They'd see it all and they'd know it and they wouldn't challenge you because they'd know the consequences. The axe leads to the guns, the money and the women. It was the beginning. The path to power.


"What, mum?"
"I forgot to get some Hobnobs."
"They're not good for you," said Barbara Harvey. "You know they get stuck under your plate."
"You forget I went through a war. You didn't get any of this health and safety nonsense when there were bombs coming down every night."
Barbara sighed. "I know that mum but you're teeth were better back then."

The Wreck Of The Margherita (Danny Lancaster Investigates)
"Witty, gory, sexy, educational in parts, it's a fantastic read" - Peter Thornton, The Sun
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