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Initial post: 27 Jun 2013 00:44:06 BDT
Morning all,
Usual warning plse check price before clicking.

Broken By The Dark An "Edge Of Your Seat" Murder Mystery

Ma'iitso Rises (A Rex Chase Adventure)

The Sapporo Outbreak

Murder at the Forum (The Harry Krisman Mysteries)

The Takeover

Kitty's Revenge

Beautiful Illusions

The Finder

In the Blood: A Genealogical Crime Mystery #1 (Jefferson Tayte)

Poison Me

Posted on 27 Jun 2013 00:49:26 BDT
The Frequency Of Murder

Chill Run

Dead Man's Hand


Bless Us Father

The Ostrich Race

Tea is for Terror (The Claire Gulliver Mysteries)

A Trio of Blues

Hidden Jeopardy (Rafi Khan Crime Thriller Series)


Posted on 27 Jun 2013 00:56:43 BDT
Hell's First Whisper A Percy Nickels Adventure (The Adventures of Percy Nickels)

The Rocking Horse

CASINO SHUFFLE (Starring Antonio Cruz)

Behind the Mask (House of Lords)

The Wraith (Death cloud)

The Ice Captain's Daughter

All the Lonely People (A Phillip Rigby-Mystery/Thriller)

Die Tryin'

Just one kiss

The Wager: A Humorous Novel about Dog Parks, Seniors, and Gambling for Lover Later in Life.

Posted on 27 Jun 2013 01:16:37 BDT
A Crime In Clancey

The Nights of Nicaragua

A Deadly Frost (Tom Gunnarson)

The Boots Come Off (Cigars and Legs)

Is Murder More Interesting?

Opposites: The Story of Colby and Adrian

Witch from the Fifth Avenue(Russian) (Once death comes)

The Survival Game

The Paris Affair

Funny Man

In reply to an earlier post on 27 Jun 2013 01:16:41 BDT
© says:
morning Freda. xx

hope you are keeping well, thanks for the books as usual sweetheart ❤

Posted on 27 Jun 2013 01:31:01 BDT
A Spirited Heart

The Game Ranger

Twist of Fate

The Taste

Rough Justice

In the Garden of Temptation (The Garden Series Book 1)

Seven Days From Sunday (An MP-5 CIA Thriller, Book 1)

Ruby Blue (The Ruby Blue Series)


On Her Own Two Wheels

Posted on 27 Jun 2013 01:41:32 BDT
Any Red-Blooded Girl (The Flora Fontain Files)

Dear Teddy (Dear Teddy: A Journal Of A Boy (Volume 1))

It Rains In February: A Wife's Memoir of Love and Loss

Forever His: A Time-Travel Romance (Stolen Brides Series)

Summer Siege (Medieval Romance)

'Ampshire Boy

Whispered Secrets of the South: Montevallo, Alabama

Blood, Smoke and Ashes

Twice Begun

Driven (A Jenny Watkins Mystery)

Posted on 27 Jun 2013 01:51:05 BDT
The Hope Valley Saga Double Digest - The Heart's Discovery and Worlds Apart

Troubled Alliance

Sea of Guilty (A Lust and Greed in Honolulu Thriller)

The Sounds of Silence (A Phillip Rigby Mystery/Thriller)

Everybody thinks this is nowhere

A Deadly Frost (Tom Gunnarson)

Captive at Christmas (Captive Hearts)

MUSTANG SALLY (A Phillp Rigby Mystery/Thriller)

Zero Frequency (The Agency Series)

Right Side Talking

Posted on 27 Jun 2013 03:01:47 BDT
Hiya Babs,
How are you my love ? Not seen you for a bit, hope you're ok. Just lost internet connection as about to post my last lot of books !! Hopefully it will stay for long enough now

Once Upon a December Nightmare

Killing Memories

Forbidden Forest (The Legends of Regia)

Dark Mountain

Long Live the King (The Charlemagne Saga)

Last Wild Place: An Adventure Novel Set In New Guinea

Dead White Male


Acts of Contrition

Waiting Fate

Thats all for now. Good night or morning

Posted on 27 Jun 2013 08:16:30 BDT
© says:
The Rebel Spy
Tamsyn Moody wants to go home to her mother and leave war-ravaged Virginia behind her. She doesn't think her husband will ever return, and staying alone in their cabin with their five-year-old daughter isn't safe any more. But when her mortally wounded husband appears and makes a dying request, she can't refuse him - no matter what the danger may be.
James Steele is tired. Tired of war. Tired of death. Tired of being alone. With the end of the war imminent, he looks forward to reconnecting with his family in Boston and moving forward with his life. But, when a rebel spy is found on the road to Appomattox with a letter that could change the course of the war, his plans for the future are forever changed.

Dark Secrets
How can you be attracted to a guy who just said he wants to kill you?
Ara-Rose asks herself the same question. She's been torn away from her old life, thrown into a new one in a new country, and in the midst of death, heartache and depression, she finds herself in love with a vampire-one who kills people with his teeth!
But the vampire is forbidden to fall for this human, and at the point Ara-Rose decides she can't live without him, he pulls away and leaves her falling back to the darkness he woke her from. She will be caught up in a century-old feud among brothers, and the fight for love becomes a fight for her life.
The only question now is whether her beloved vampire will find her in time, or leave her to face a destiny he triggered with their first kiss.

Coexist (Keegan's Chronicles #1)
Sixteen-year-old Keegan is struggling to keep her huge secret from her friends--she's an elf, descended from a long line of elves that live in secrecy alongside humans.
In elfin society, mates are predetermined but not allowed to meet until they are eighteen. Against tradition, Keegan's brother Thaddeus told her Rourk's name because his visions warned him she'd need Rourk's protection, especially since Keegan will play a key role in the coming war between the dark and light elves.

Before The Fall (The Aron Angels)
This is a short story prequel to A World Without Angels.
Before angel Jerome fell to Earth, he was just an ordinary angel in the village. And before Leila started her adventure, she was a prisoner in her own home as the world crumbled around her.
In the prequel to A World Without Angels, see how life was for the angel and his girl before the adventure began.

Posted on 27 Jun 2013 09:46:34 BDT
Last edited by the author on 27 Jun 2013 10:03:31 BDT
Night Owl says:
Good morning all, I think that some are collecting these
The Gypsy's Dream (The Greek Village Series Book 4)

Strangers on This Road (Sliding Sideways Mystery #1)
Danger in Academia (Sliding Sideways Mystery #2)
Enemy at the Wedding (Sliding Sideways Mystery #3)
The Heartbroken Brides (Sliding Sideways Mystery #4)
Death on the Menu (Sliding Sideways Mystery #5)
The Night Ferry (Sliding Sideways Mystery #6)
The Missing Tourist (Sliding Sideways Mystery #7)
Beneath These Streets (Sliding Sideways Mystery #8)

Posted on 27 Jun 2013 11:43:55 BDT
Good morning to everyone

For free book watchers-
The Watcher
In 1888, two brothers, Jack, a criminal recluse, and John, a society gentleman, live in opposite ends of Victorian London. When John falls in love, unspoken bonds are tested, unwittingly exposing secrets guarded since his childhood.
Horrified by links to London's underworld, and appalled by the extent of his brother's jealousy, John soon realises that these secrets not only affect his past, but also threaten to affect his future.
The Watcher is constructed around facts of the Jack the Ripper case, incorporating popular myths and theories. Through fiction, it examines the Whitechapel murders in a way that has never before been explored.
Why did the murderer have commit such terrible crimes? What might have made him into such a monster? Why did the murders start then just as swiftly end?

The Pocket Watch (The Trinity Saga, Book 1)
Book One in the Trinity saga.
Imogen Stromholdt lives a very uninteresting and sluggish life; her days are about as fast as a snail riding a turnip. She so longs to have fun adventures of her own filled with daring plots and danger, but those dreams are as far away as a dream could be.
But her life quickly becomes filled with real danger when she meets a very suave and charming young man named Lucius Knight. Well, that, and the tiny vicious little monsters called Sea-Merrows that tried to drown her, a slightly egocentric Irish youth who can manipulate fire, and blood-thirsty vampires tracking her across the country. Not to mention the indestructible beings called Hollows that want to kidnap her by the orders of their undead master, Byron Barrowite. Other than that, she has nothing to worry about.
Imogen's life just became a lot more interesting, and if she can just survive the giant dragon made of pure fire, she may learn just how much she enjoys getting into trouble. Her greatest weapon is her freedom of choice in this charming and darkly romantic tale of magic, murder, and destiny.

In reply to an earlier post on 27 Jun 2013 12:23:12 BDT
Elaine4Wales says:
Hope everyone is having a good day and thanks for the books! x

You beat me to it Night Owl - lol, I was just coming to post this :)

The Gypsy's Dream (The Greek Village Series Book 4)

Posted on 27 Jun 2013 13:10:51 BDT
Typo Stan says:
For your wannabe cow-poke ...

Cowboy Romance (of horsesweat and hornflies) by Bob Kinford (a real cowboy!)

Posted on 27 Jun 2013 13:22:55 BDT
Night Owl says:
The One You Love (Emma Holden suspense mystery #1) 1,603 reviews?

In reply to an earlier post on 27 Jun 2013 13:25:26 BDT
Typo Stan says:
It has been free for several months, Night Owl, so lots of folks have had a chance to rate or review it ...

It is a very good book, though!

Posted on 27 Jun 2013 13:32:51 BDT
Thanks for 'The Gypsy's Dream' NightOwl! Been waiting for that one!

Posted on 27 Jun 2013 17:58:40 BDT
Joo says:
The Time Hunters (Book 1 of the acclaimed series for children of all ages) by Carl Ashmore

Becky is a typical thirteen year old girl. She likes Facebook, gossiping and plenty of sleep. So when she and her brother, Joe, are invited to stay with their 'loony' Uncle Percy at his stately home, she thinks it'll be the worst summer ever. What she doesn't realise is that Bowen Hall is also home to a baby Triceratops, two Sabre-tooth tigers and the mythic hero, Will Scarlet...

'The Time Hunters' is a thrilling adventure that takes Becky, Joe, Uncle Percy and Will on a quest through time to find the legendary Golden Fleece.

The Cupboard Under The Stairs by Roger Knowles

Harry Tompkin is a loner, though not by choice. He's also a genius woodcarver. When his latest creation is finished, things begin to go wrong, and DI Jack Hogg and DS Peter Edwards are called in to sort out the mess. The chase is on and time is running out....

Posted on 27 Jun 2013 18:04:58 BDT
Joo says:
I'm reading this one now, just building up to the exciting finale, it's really good.
The List - A Thriller: A Technothriller by J.A. Konrath

Book Description

THE LIST is a bit of a departure for Konrath. It's a technothriller about a group of ten people who each have tattoos of numbers on the bottoms their feet, and don't know why.
One of them, a Chicago Homicide cop named Tom Mankowski, has had one of these strange tattoos since birth. When he investigates a violent murder and discovers the victim also has a tattooed number, it sets the ball rolling for an adventure of historic proportions.
To say more would give away too much.

Posted on 27 Jun 2013 20:36:30 BDT
Last edited by the author on 27 Jun 2013 20:50:22 BDT
Little Egret says:
Not checked.

Southern Historical Bread Recipes - 300 Years of Delicious Baked Dough by Gatlin T. Quinn and Glynmora

35 Delectable Jam Recipes: All Sugar Free and Breadmaker Friendly by Em Davis

In reply to an earlier post on 27 Jun 2013 21:20:13 BDT
J Jones says:
Thanks Night Owl for The Gypsy's Dream (The Greek Village Series Book 4). I didn't know there was a new one in this series. I enjoyed the first three on my last holiday and currently storing up some goodies for my next one in a few weeks!

In reply to an earlier post on 27 Jun 2013 22:23:45 BDT
Thanks Little Egret.....just clicked on the Sugar Free Jams ;o>

Posted on 27 Jun 2013 22:27:47 BDT
I love the roller derby names, one of my favourite team names is Davy Jones Blocker
Hell on Wheels: The Incredible Story of Rookie Roller Derby Queen Cindy McCoy
This captivating biography reveals the details of sports legend, Cindy McCoy's inspirational life story. Cindy escaped a difficult youth, in which she faced abuse and abandonment, by becoming a professional skater as a teen and traveling on an international roller derby team. Fans in Australia became like a surrogate family to young Cindy and she was soon voted Roller Game Rookie of the Year and Roller Game Queen of the Year, an honor that was never repeated. This moving narrative, about a young woman, who gave everything she had to the sport she loved, will appeal to fans of roller derby as well as readers of all ages just learning about this fascinating sport.

And it seems about as many athletes are left handed as characters on The Simpsons
Left-Handed Athletes : Southpaws Dominate the Sports World (Being Left-Handed)
Left-Handed Athletes dominate the sports world. Being left-handed can be an advantage in many sports activities. Only 10% of the population are lefties. Throwing, hitting, striking, and kicking are different when it comes to a dominate left-handed person.

A renowned journalist's intriguing autobiography
Leaving Story Avenue, My journey from the projects to the front page
Emmy-Award winning CBS News producer Paul LaRosa's evocative memoir of his days growing up in a Bronx housing project and working as a reporter at The New York Daily News in the late 1970s.
Paul was a clueless kid growing up in a Bronx housing project when he discovered there might be more to life. As the projects went from idyllic to dangerous, Paul made his way to The New York Daily News where he became a copyboy and later a reporter.
The News was still the largest circulating newspaper in the country but it was in the last, outrageous and often hilarious, gasp of The Front Page era. Reporters wallowed in a swirl of alcohol, hookers and bad behavior but none of it stopped them from delivering an electric and engaging paper every day. Paul, an innocent trapped in a Tabloid World, quickly adapted.
As a reporter, Paul had a front row seat to one of the most harrowing five-year periods in New York City history: the city s brush with bankruptcy, the terror reign of Son of Sam, the blackout riots, and the murder of John Lennon. Read what it was like to be in the center of it all.

and an historical novel about another journalist
For the Love of Ireland
Margaret Sullivan dines with politicians, rebels, and spies. She is an admired journalist with the Chicago Tribune publishing under a male nom de plume.
Her unscrupulous husband is a prominent attorney and power broker with aspirations of his own. They are well-connected members of Chicago's 1880's Irish elite.
On her trip to Ireland to do research for a book she is writing, Margaret meets a charming one-armed Irish rebel named Michael and finds herself attracted to him and his ideas for liberating Ireland.
While traveling through the stone-walled back roads of the island, Margaret sees for herself how the poor are treated. She breaks her vow never to get involved, and soon questions if she can ever go back to her old superficial life in Chicago again. Overcome with her new found emotions and strong desire to help, Margaret finds herself easily convinced by Mrs. Delia Parnell that women can be just as crucial in the fight for Ireland's independence as men.
Back home in Chicago Margaret publishes articles hoping to gain support in America for Michael's cause. That is until he is arrested. Desperate, she turns to her jealous, devious husband for help...but he has a hidden agenda of his own.
Torn between her career as a journalist and compassion for those overseas, she finds herself trapped by her own aspirations. Soon things spin out of control both at home and abroad, and Margaret has to decide how much she is willing sacrifice for Micheal and her love for Ireland.
For The Love of Ireland is a historical novel of love and loyalty, deception and honesty. It is about women fighting against traditional roles and gender discrimination during the 1880s. For The Love of Ireland is a work of fiction woven around actual events of the Irish Land League, a Chicago couple and the covert activities of the Clan na Gael.

Posted on 27 Jun 2013 22:35:30 BDT
Last edited by the author on 27 Jun 2013 22:44:20 BDT
another bit of interesting historical fiction
The Black Thread
Set in the Yorkshire canals in 1895.
Amy Dodd has never met her father but longs for the day when he will come home. But when that day finally arrives her real nightmares begin. After the death of her mother, she alone suffers her father's abuse. Unable to survive under such conditions, Amy runs away and after trudging for days along the tow path of the Leeds/Liverpool Canal, she is taken in by a passing barge. For a while, she finds safety with the bargee and his wife, and is befriended by a young engineer who worked at the mill. But Amos Dodd is a cunning man and his intentions are evil. He pursues his daughter relentlessly and will stop at nothing until he finds her.
But when Amy is suddenly confronted by the shocking facts of the mystery surrounding her past, she is compelled to return along the tow path to Leeds, even if it means stepping back into the lion's den.

The Secrets of Montrésor Part I (The French Orphan)
Available in three parts, The Secrets of Montrésor is the eagerly awaited sequel to The French Orphan, and continues the story of young Pierre de Beauvoir...
Coming into a fortune at any age brings huge responsibility, but when you're an inexperienced teenager, it seems that surprises are waiting for you around every corner.
Pierre, former orphan and now Marquis de Beauvoir, may have claimed his inheritance, but life is never that simple. For a start, he needs to learn pretty quickly exactly who to trust and who to keep at arm's length. For example, how do you work out (and survive....) the changing motives of the most powerful man in seventeenth-century France, Cardinal Richelieu? And then what do you do when the people you should be able to trust try to deliver you into the hands of your worst enemy? And then there's the small matter of a sacred quest to Italy...
Fortunately for Pierre he has his best friend Armand to support him as he gets to know his chateau at Montrésor, its people and... its secrets. (Armand, of course, has his own agendas to pursue, usually involving a pretty face and a willing smile.)
Far from being certain, Pierre's future has yet to be settled and Pierre will have to draw on his own innate talents as well as those of the people around him to ensure he survives, as his enemies are just waiting to seize their opportunity.

Robyn Hode (III)
An outlaw haunts Barnsdale...
Robert Hode is now a fully-fledged member of the outlaw band that plagues the roads and forests of South Yorkshire. His popularity with the younger members of the band is growing, and soon he must challenge their leader, Gilbert Whitehand, for power. First he has to engage in mortal combat with the insane Sir Gui de Gisbourne, who has been dispatched to hunt him down.
In London, the aged knight Fulk Fitzwarin is engaged in a furious row with the King, and is banished from court after refusing to serve on a doomed military expedition to France. Disgraced and heavily in debt, Fulk has to make friends where he can. He falls in with the outlaws of Barnsdale, who show him unexpected generosity, and an unlikely alliance is formed...

Posted on 27 Jun 2013 23:04:42 BDT
Last edited by the author on 27 Jun 2013 23:05:40 BDT
some cool pictures
GRAFFITI - Hidden Treasures

nice drawings
Valencia, Barcelona, London
A sketchbook depicting travelling between Valencia, Barcelona and London.
On location drawings, notes on interesting details, caricatures and typographic experiments in a sketchbook with many kilometers on its back.

and pretty photographs
Healing Brown in Hawaii (Hawaii Photo Book)
Photographer MOTOMU TAKAYAMA takes moments of excitement in Hawaii, under the theme "LINO MAKANI (Shining Breeze) ". This photo book is only choose the earth-color "Brown" that overflowing in nature. To the excitement scene in Hawaii, please feel powerful wave of healing.
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