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Nelson and the Nile
The Battle of the Nile, fought on 1 August 1798, was a great victory, dealing a fatal blow to Napoleon Bonaparte's ambitions in the Middle East. In this book, historian Brian Lavery places the Battle of the Nile in its full strategic context, showing the interplay of military and political factors that sent Nelson's squadron into the Mediterranean in pursuit of the powerful French invasion fleet.

The Origin of the Wind
It is a sad and little known fact that during World War Two a portion of the Native American population of Alaska were rounded up and placed in what became known as Duration Camps. This book is about a young Native American girl who is given the diary her grandmother kept while living in one such camp.

The World's Greatest Civilizations: The History and Culture of the Olmec
The Olmec people are widely recognized as the first major civilization of Mexico. By and large, the Olmec culture is perhaps best identifiable by their so-called colossal heads, mammoth basalt head-statues wearing helmet-like headdresses found throughout Olmec habitation sites.

Posted on 30 Apr 2014 09:11:16 BDT
Rookie Ball: A Baseball Novella
A baseball novella about a scrappy team of Minor League players that find themselves thrust into the Major Leagues through unusual circumstances.

A Surfing Adventure in the Mentawai Islands
The tale is entertaining for surfer and non-surfer alike. The descriptions of hunting surf and riding waves, away from the cares of the world give a real sense of the rhythm of the days and cycles of the swells as they pass by, and also delves into the art and history of surfing itself.

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Emily Dickinson, Superhero - Vol. 1
In 1852, a secret society at Amherst College succeeded in bringing the dead back to life...and quickly lost control. Emily Dickinson, a young woman imbued with superpowers, teamed up with the town's new police officer to fight the supernatural hordes attacking the annual Cattle Show.

American Legends: The Life of Mary Pickford
At the end of the 20th century, the American Film Institute compiled a list of the 25 greatest actors and actresses in Hollywood over the past 100 years, but only a select few worked all the way back in the silent era of films, before "talkies" revolutionized the industry at the end of the 1920s. Among them was Mary Pickford, who was ranked 24th but was arguably the most influential actress when it came to creating the career template for all actresses who followed, from name changes to salary.

The Mother's Day Companion
This book takes a look at real women from Rose Kennedy to Angelina Jolie and Sharon Osbourne. The youngest, oldest and most prolific mothers are examined. There's a tongue in cheek look at mothers Marge Simpson and Wilma Flintstone . Television characters like Claire Huxtable and Peg Bundy represent opposite extremes of motherhood. Revisit Sophie's horrific choice and discover how movie mom's effectively deal with aliens.

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The Ancient Olympic Games: The History and Legacy of Ancient Greece's Most Famous Sports Event
The History and Legacy of Antiquity's Most Famous Sports Competitions examines the origins of the games, highlights the competitions, and looks at the history and legacy of the events that spawned today's modern Olympics.

The Great Wall of China: The History of China's Most Famous Landmark
The Great Wall of China is perhaps the wonder of the world that has most captured the human imagination, and as the quotes about it indicate, the wall has acquired special significance even outside of China. The places and ways in which it has taken hold vary greatly, but one thing is certain: the Great Wall of China is as amazing as it is mysterious, and it's as mundane as it is magical.

Backpacking With Chad In China & Hong Kong: A travel journal: An American's stories from traveling around the world (Volume 3)
In this, the latest installment from Chad Thomson's trip around the world, we find our hero hanging out with the Masters Of The Universe in Hong Kong, being caught in a compromising situation by a maid, having his plans for Shanghai Shanghai-ed by dead pigs, getting into scrapes in Internet cafes, standing as a tall and proud American in the face of third-world corruption and finally finding a friend in Beijing who invites him to join her on an exciting adventure.

The Tibetan Affair: Three stories from China
A couple from Beijing on a business trip to Tibet embark on an aduterous affair with unexpected consequences. A rickshaw driver gets offended by the t-shirt worn by an American tourist. A Tibetan monk starts a conversation in the metro with a foreigner. Three absurd stories that take place in China, about the clash between modern and traditional values.

Posted on 30 Apr 2014 09:22:20 BDT
Tikal: The History of the Ancient Maya's Famous Capital
The Maya maintained power in the Yucatan for over a thousand years, and at the height of its "Classical era" (3rd-9th centuries A.D.), the city of Tikal was one of the power centers of the empire. Archaeologists believe Tikal had been built as early as the 5th or 4th century BC, and eventually it became a political, economic and military capital that was an important part of a far-flung network across Mesoamerica, despite the fact it was seemingly conquered by Teotihuacan in the 4th century AD.

El Dorado: The Search for the Fabled City of Gold
Alongside the famous Lost City of Atlantis, perhaps no mythological city has captured the imaginations of people or been the source for exploration quite like El Dorado, the fabled city of gold that the Spanish believed was located somewhere in South America. The origins of the Spaniards' belief in the existence of the mythical city was based on their rumors surrounding the tribal chief of the Muisca in present-day Colombia; the Spanish heard that his initiation included covering himself with gold dust and diving into Lake Guatavita. Of course, if the chief could cover himself in gold, he must have access to a lot of it, and around this figure, the myth of El Dorado sprang up as the location of it.

Posted on 30 Apr 2014 09:24:48 BDT
Woodstock: The History and Legacy of America's Most Famous Music Festival
The now iconic festival all began with an advertisement in The New York Times taken out by four financial investors. Michael Lang was the manager of a rock band, and Artie Kornfeld served as an executive for Capitol Records, a major label of the time for both classical and non-classical music. Joined by capitalists John Roberts and Joel Rosenman, the ad read simply, "Young men with unlimited capital looking for interesting, legitimate investment opportunities and business propositions." The original idea called for the construction, maintenance and management of a recording studio in the Bethel, Wallkill and Woodstock areas, close to where Bob Dylan and a group called The Band lived. The picturesque setting was first envisioned as a retreat for rock artists, and no thought at all was given to such a prodigious event as the festival that followed. If a live performance was to be held, it would have been staged as a one-day promotion for the studio.

American Legends: The Life of Jim Morrison
In the mid-1960s, an era on the cusp of change from the musical and social norms of the previous decade, the emergence of Jim Morrison, the charismatic poet/musician of The Doors, helped to transform the subgenre of rock n' roll as a stylistic flavor to the full-fledged institution of Rock Music. Morrison accomplished this transformation by avoiding membership in any of the known categories of modern rock music during the age of protest, but at the same time, he became the general symbol of anti-authoritarianism for his generation and the next, especially as rock music began to base itself on the urge of youth to revolt. In conjunction with that, The Doors became one of the most famous bands on the planet in the late `60s.

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A Short Introduction to Metaphysics
Contents include: The Science of Being, Materialism, The Rise of Metaphysical Idealism, Noumenal Idealism in Germany, Phenomenal Idealism in Germany, English Idealism, Realism

How the World Works: Natural Selection and the Evolution of Life, Society, the Economic Crisis, Hip-Hop, and F.A. Hayek's Coming Intellectual Revolution
This book is about the single law of nature that creates everything around us, both the biological as well as the socioeconomic worlds, that law being Natural Selection.

Niche Affiliate Marketing Bundle : 4 Books to Make Money Online - For Beginners and Dummies
Your Core Business, Niche & Competitors
Affiliate Marketing 101
Driving Traffic with Organic SEO
Quick Income Formula Using Advanced Affiliate Marketing

This free book is worth getting for the cover alone.
ESCAPE From Human Resources! Unconventional Job Hunting to Get a Good Job Fast
Inside, you'll find:
Strategies to get the names of hiring managers at places you want to work
Telephone tips that can help you leap frog over other job hunters
Online search advice that can give you an "intelligence" edge
Advice on how to avoid Human Resources, one of the biggest obstacles in getting a job

Number - In 11 Minutes: Books 1-to-11 of the In A Minute Series, Plus 2 Bonus Chapters
A compendium of Books 1-11 of the In A Minute Series at a discounted price. Also includes 2 bonus chapters. Titles Include: Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Negative Numbers, Squaring & Area, Cubing & Volume, Indices, Standard Form & Logarithms. Bonus Chapters: Sequences (Book 12) and Mind-Bending Puzzles. The method is a new and far easier approach to maths for GCSE, A-Level or International qualifications. This set will give you self-assuredness, ultra-confidence and unheard of skills you won't learn in school!

Posted on 30 Apr 2014 09:42:57 BDT
After a failed suicide attempt, Kristen is placed in the Bent Creek mental hospital, where she is diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. While in the hospital, she meets a group of peers suffering with their own mental illnesses, and a compassionate staff of doctors and counselors. From there, Kristen begins her journey to survival.

This one sounds like a soap opera
Perfected Sinfulness
Sometimes small towns harbor the most sinister secrets. A chance meeting at a café reunites Franki with her old high school classmate, Eli, who has returned to their hometown. Franki is urged by her friend, Ryah, to overcome her bashfulness and pursue him. But Ryah has plans of her own. The beautiful and seductive Ryah can have any man that she wants, but forbidden pleasure excites her, so she targets Eli. Ryah is also having an affair with Bo, the local detective. He visits her, despite being involved with the emotionally damaged Scarlett, whose secret past threatens to ignite a series of events that could destroy everyone. Narrated through six different perspectives, Perfected Sinfulness exposes the dangerous nature of interpersonal relationships when narcissism and manipulation become the primary modes of interaction. Suspicion and dishonesty contaminate relationships as everyone pursues their own interests. The ensuing aftermath guarantees no one will escape unharmed.

and i'd love to have my own herb garden like some of my friends, but my cat sits in the window and eats the plants.
Herbs for Health and Healing:26 Medicinal Herbs You Can Grow in your Backyard:: medicinal herbs, herbs for natural healing, herbal antibiotics, herbalism, ... (doctor gardening books collection Book 5)
In this guide let us provide you with a list of commonly used spices that you could initially plant to your garden.

Posted on 30 Apr 2014 09:49:40 BDT
Nannies, Inc.
Miss Elizabeth Watson always thought she could make a difference ... now she's about to find out just how right she is. With a touch of quirky and very light steampunk.

I love them all
Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, and Mickey Rooney: Hollywood's Child Stars of the 1930s
Alongside Shirley Temple and Judy Garland, with whom he acted in a series of films, Mickey Rooney was one of America's most beloved child stars during the 1930s. Rooney had already made his mark in A Family Affair (1937), but he was the face of the incredibly successful Andy Hardy series, which produced several box office hits and featured Rooney in 13 movies, several alongside Judy Garland, who shot to fame as a teen in The Wizard of Oz.

Legends of Hollywood: The Life of Olivia de Havilland
Olivia de Havilland is one of the last few living actresses who worked during the Golden Era of Hollywood, but also one of the most decorated, winning dozens of awards over the course of a 50 year career.

Posted on 30 Apr 2014 10:10:52 BDT
A Family Arrangement Part One: Emily

Posted on 30 Apr 2014 10:15:10 BDT
Godfrey: Book One
The year is 1920 and Godfrey Leduc has a difficult decision to make. Stay on the family farm in rural Quebec or make the move out West and start his own farm? Family, love, and a bit of humour set against the backdrop of post-WWI Canada make this biography an entertaining read for all ages.

Two families, searching for wealth, adventure, and a new way of life are thrown together in the California goldfields of the 1850s. This is a story of their journeys to this wild frontier and their struggles for survival against bandits, animal attacks, harsh winters, natural disasters and their own personal demons. Whoever possesses the gold nugget talisman has their life influenced by the power of this mysterious stone.

Celtic Blood
Set in 13th century Scotland. The son of the murdered Earl of Ross, is a fugitive when his family, rival claimants for Scotland's crown, are declared traitors. Influenced by MacBeth and the writting of Nigel Tranter it is a tale of high drama and suspense.

The Last Stoic
Marcus, a young man from a northern provincial border town, journeys deep into the heart of the empire and witnesses first-hand the excesses that can lead to ruin, both personal and political. His story offers an ancient commentary on the preoccupations of our own turbulent times. Shortly after his arrival, the empire is thrown into a panic by an unprecedented barbarian attack on the capital. Suspicion and paranoia abound. A young Roman/American runaway named Patrick, disillusioned with his own life and the state of his country, becomes convinced that Marcus is a dangerous traitor. Culminating in a public accusation made by Patrick, Marcus is wrongfully imprisoned, exiled and tortured as an enemy of the state. In prison, he confronts the many contradictions he has found in his adopted home, and in himself.

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Shelagh that looks good, I'll have to look at it later, ta! +1 up vote from me x

Timeline of Antiquity
Covering the Age of Antiquity from the advent of the first Olympiad in 776 BC to the approach of Alaric to the gates of Rome and the impending end of the Pax Romana in 409 AD.

Legendary Monarchs - The Good, The Bad, The Tyrant (Everything you forgot at School Book 1)
Remember all of that history you learnt at school and then promptly forgot? Well, no you don't remember it! That's why you are here. Legendary Monarchs tells the story of three of the most compelling figures in English History, Richard the Lionheart, Richard III and Henry VIII. The good, the bad, the tyrant.

Posted on 30 Apr 2014 10:34:30 BDT
I never used to wear makeup, i didn't even know how to put it on, but recently i saw The War Bride, and Rimmel had a sale so every day I put on a nice dress, and a bit of lipstick, mascara and touch up my nail varnish. I passed a lady going to hospital in a wheelchair and she said Oh, my! you look lovely and smart! and it's really made all the difference in the world.
How To Be a Professional Makeup Artist - A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners
You'll find answers to questions aspiring makeup artists have such as: Is a license necessary to be a makeup artist? How can I build a professional portfolio? What types of education & training options do I have? What types of industries need makeup artists? What's in a professional makeup kit & how to build one in cost efficient ways.

650 Powerful Affirmations for a Better Life
Would you call your day-to-day existence joyful? Make it happen now!

Jumping the Cliff & Hoping to Fly
My own story of my walk from Portsmouth to Teesside after suffering a breakdown and battling alcohol. This walk was about conquering my own demons and hoping to find new way's to live not just a good life, but a great one. Alongside my companion Meg my 9 year old Patterdale Terrier who had months before been horrifically attacked by another dog, it was our own journey of recovery.

i'm not sure what's all in here, but it looks like some nice photos.

Posted on 30 Apr 2014 10:44:52 BDT
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No Bull Review - For Use with the AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics Exams (2014 Edition)
This is the most concise and to the point review book for the AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics exams. Your review book shouldn't need a review book, and that's why we're here. The 2014 edition contains definitions and explanations of the most important terms, concepts, and graphical models in the Economics curriculum. With over 230 multiple choice questions and short-response questions, and incredible review sheets, the No Bull Review is a must-have whether you are purchasing it for Economics class in September, or hours before the exam.

The Fashion Internship Guide: Score your dream placement and step onto the career ladder in style
Straight advice from a UK fashion graduate, former intern and experienced industry professional, with 75 pages of top insider tips and real-life examples.

My dad's pretty clever, he's been all around the world and he says Asia is the place to be right now (he lives in Hong Kong). And it's his birthday today, so Happy Birthday, Dad! x
Thailand Awaits: The Essential Guide for Moving to Thailand
Moving across town can be stressful enough, but what about moving half way around the world? With this guide for moving to Thailand, anyone can make a relatively stress-free move to Thailand, also known affectionately as The Land of Smiles.

This book will probably be best enjoyed 20 years from now :)
A Brief History of the Future
From Delphi's virgin visionaries, to science fiction writers, pop futurists, trend gurus and evolutionary experts - this book takes a look at the most interesting and influential figures and what their predictions have done for us.

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A Matter Of Time: The science of rhythm and the groove
When we listen to a clock, we hear "tick-tock," even though clocks just go "tick-tick-tick." The reason is that we hear the clock's ticking as musical rhythm, and our brain synchronizes to the beat of the song. This synchronization is what rhythm is. This concept of rhythm has implications for understanding, writing, performing and teaching music more effectively. It also speaks directly to who we are and how we affect and are affected by the things around us. The author, John Lamb, is a professional musician and music educator who holds a B.S. in Biology, Psychology and Music with a Masters in Education.

Wagner's Women
Symbolic analysis of three female characters from some most famous Wagnerian operas, Isolde, Brünnhilde and Kundry.

American Legends: The Life of Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash, "The Man in Black", is among the most recognized and iconic vocal artists in the history of blues, country and gospel singing. During the second half of the 20th century, he produced a prolific and rarely-equaled career in the country genre as a singer, songwriter and guitarist, despite numerous struggles with alcohol and drug addiction. His trademark bass-baritone voice is instantly identifiable to listeners today, and his "parlando" style (combining an unaffected singing tone with a speech-like rhythm and pacing) has been taken up by the generation following his death in the early 21st century.

Posted on 30 Apr 2014 11:14:20 BDT
A few more short biographies from Charles Rivers. They're all only about 50 pages long, but usually have a few nice photos. You could read them on the metro on the way to work.

American Legends: The Life of Stanley Kubrick
There may be no director in American film history who was better able to combine commercial appeal with art house style like Stanley Kubrick. As his career progressed, his films grew increasingly challenging, with slow, methodical plots that made for running times that spanned upwards of three hours, but no matter how much Kubrick may have broken away from the standard 90-minute Hollywood fare and threatened to alienate his audience, there is no denying the special place his films hold in pop culture. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1969), A Clockwork Orange (1972), and The Shining (1982) remain among the more widely-loved films of the latter half of the 20th century among both critics and casual moviegoers alike.

William Wallace: The Life and Legacy of the Scottish Freedom Fighter
William Wallace is one of the most famous freedom fighters in history, and over 700 years after his death he is still remembered as Scotland's beloved hero. But while the movie Braveheart helped make him a household name, and he is commemorated across Scotland as a natural leader and a loyal son of his homeland, he is also "the most mysterious of the leaders of the Scottish resistance to Edward I." This is because, paradoxically, the very famous soldier is also one of the least well known.

American Legends: The Life of Gregory Peck
At the end of the 20th century, the American Film Institute ranked Gregory Peck 12th in its list of best actors, and it's not hard to see why. In addition to being one of the most popular actors in Hollywood for three decades, Peck won an Academy Award for Best Actor playing Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, and he was also nominated several other times. Even when he wasn't being nominated for his performances, he appeared in some of the most acclaimed movies of the century, including How the West Was Won and Roman Holiday.

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis: America's Favorite 1950s Comedy Team
Perhaps the most ironic aspect of their success is that Dean Martin was not a comedian in any real sense of the word, and even during their act, he essentially served as the straight man to Jerry Lewis. The routine ensured that critics took more notice of Jerry Lewis, who intentionally came across as an awkward figure with a brand of bodily humor that was borrowed from a lineage of Yiddish humor predicated on physical slapstick. And just as Martin benefited from Lewis' comedic skills, Lewis also further developed a singing career thanks to the more famous Martin's crooning. Though it's often forgotten now, the duo eventually broke up in the mid-1950s because Lewis was starting to outshine Martin in their joint film career.

I'm watching a dvd of some old 'Leave it to Beaver' TV episodes and just as I was pasting this book into the box, Ward says, Don't let Kirk Douglas take advantage of you! favourite film of his is Ace in the Hole (1951)
American Legends: The Life of Kirk Douglas
n 1996, Kirk Douglas was given an Honorary Academy Award "for 50 years as a creative and moral force in the motion picture community", and a few years later, the American Film Institute ranked him the 17th greatest actor of the 20th century. About 15 years after the AFI compiled that list, Kirk Douglas is the only screen legend on the list who is still alive, the patriarch of an acting family that includes popular actor Michael Douglas as well.

William Quantrill and Quantrill's Raiders: The Confederacy's Most Notorious Bushwhackers
Quantrill's Raiders operated along the border between Missouri and Kansas, which had been the scene of partisan fighting over a decade earlier during the debate over whether Kansas and Nebraska would enter the Union as free states or slave states. In "Bloody Kansas", zealous pro-slavery and anti-slavery forces fought each other, most notably John Brown, and the region became a breeding ground for individuals like Quantrill who shifted right back into similar fighting once the Civil War started. Rather than target military infrastructure or enemy soldiers, the bushwhackers rode in smaller numbers and targeted civilians on the other side of the conflict, making legends out of men like Bloody Bill Anderson and John Mosby.

Henry Fonda and Jane Fonda: Like Father Like Daughter
Growing up in the shadow of one of America's most famous actors would be intimidating for anyone, but few have emerged out of that shadow like Jane Fonda, the oldest daughter of screen legend Henry Fonda. In fact, when Jane co-starred with her father in the last film he made, On Golden Pond, he won the Academy Award for Best Actor for it.

American Legends: The Life of Henry Ford
Few Americans have a reputation and legacy anything like Henry Ford's, the man whose name is still associated with one of the world's most famous car companies. Ford is unquestionably one of his country's most famous industrialists, and his use of an assembly line to mass produce automobiles was not only innovative but also made it possible for Americans to own cars en masse. To this day, Ford Motor Company's Model T is a household name more than a century after they were manufactured, not only because they were famous cars but because they represented affordable purchases that revolutionized the way people traveled across the country. Cars would never be a luxury item only for the wealthy again.

Posted on 30 Apr 2014 11:18:55 BDT
Miranda Road
Born in England to an American soldier, Georgina Hardiman can't wait to escape her step-family. She has big plans for her life ... but she never does make it to Katmandu. The only journey she makes is from street-fighting 1968 Paris to a small flat in London's Archway. As a single mother, Georgina tries to make the best life she can for her daughter and herself in Mrs Thatcher's Britain. But Eloisa has her own ideas about what she wants from life ... starting with a father.

A Season in Absurdica: A Rock and Roll Underground Story
Steve Kovic is in bad need of a distraction. His high school cross country coach has made him join what he calls the Cult of Blood and Guts to toughen up his tender mind so he can beat out a cross state running rival for a prestigious scholarship in one high-stakes race. His athletic gift and the expectations it creates has kept him from following a personal muse that has been urging him for years to strap on a guitar and make some beautiful noise with a band of beautiful losers.

Jumping the Line
In 1965, Congress ends the practice of bringing Mexican workers to the United States to harvest crops, but Miguel Hernandez still needs work. Despite border patrols, taunts, and "coyotes," Miguel jumps the line.

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Me and My Ghoulfriends (Larue Donavan Book 1)
There's always fun to be had on a ghoul's night out. By day, Larue Donavan is a down-to-earth bookstore owner. But by night, she's a world-renowned psychic investigator dedicated to helping lost spirits find peace. Dead people won't leave her alone and Abraham Lincoln thinks he's in charge of her lovelife. Larue can handle ghosts and undead presidents. It's the living who drive her crazy.

The Vampire Witch From Outer Space (Hackles Book 1)
Follow along, dear reader, as I open the swinging, creaky gate to gorror (that's gore/horror for the uninitiated.) Is that just mist in the air, or exploded ghosts? Watch your step; you're liable to accidentally get TERROR on your shoes. I am pleased to present the first in this soon-to-be Fear-ies of stories, which is sure to -- RAISE YOUR HACKLES. A shocking twist in every chapter! Chock full of references to things you probably have heard of! Brimming over with stereotyped minority characters who are just like you!

The Coat Button Killer
A man, with nothing left to leave his children but old memoirs, retells tales of his 1950's childhood along with frightful accounts of murder and masochistic crimes done by his childhood friend Robert. Recalling these events brings about the memory of his own dark crime, is this sudden reflection a proper confession?

Posted on 30 Apr 2014 12:06:07 BDT
Film Memes - Book 1: LOTR, Matrix, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Twilight
A collection of internet memes.

The Quest for Juice (Paranoia Book 1)
Oscar has always lived a life of quiet paranoia, but now everything is changing. Suddenly, the bus is frequently late, his housekeys won't fit in the lock, and someone has taken his juice, which was the one thing holding his life together. He strikes back against the people behind it all, but when he strikes too hard an innocent man ends up dead, and Oscar ends up in jail, diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and facing life in a mental institution. On his journey to mental health and the truth, he has to make hard decisions about medication, trusting his own mind, dating a nurse, and whether that hedgehog can actually talk.

Posted on 30 Apr 2014 12:52:02 BDT
History's Greatest Mysteries: The Shroud of Turin
Critics call it one of the greatest pieces of fraud in religious history. Believers call it one of the most important artifacts in Christianity. Everyone agrees that it's mysterious, interesting and controversial. The Shroud of Turin has been a controversial relic from the time it was first publicly displayed in northern France in the 14th century until the much-awaited Carbon 14 tests were performed on the cloth in 1988.

American Legends: The Life of Natalie Wood
Few actresses have ever gotten off to the kind of career start that Natalie Wood did during the 1950s. After appearing in film and on TV as a child, Wood broke out by appearing in the classic Rebel Without a Cause alongside James Dean in 1955, despite the fact she was still just 15 years old. She earned an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress in that role, one of three Academy Award nominations she would rack up before the age of 25. That included starring in Splendor in the Grass (1961), West Side Story (1961), and Gypsy (1962), and altogether, she was in over 50 films.

The Greatest Battles in History: The Battle of Stalingrad
Altogether, the Battle of Stalingrad was the deadliest battle in the history of warfare, and the Soviets' decisive victory there is considered one of the biggest turning points in the entire war, and certainly in the European theater.

Posted on 30 Apr 2014 15:38:56 BDT
Little Egret says:
Kate Middleton: Our Princess (updated to include the birth of Prince George of Cambridge) by Irene Bell

Posted on 30 Apr 2014 15:44:37 BDT
Little Egret says:
Full Fury by Roger Ormerod

ave Mallin is eagerly awaiting his first case as a Private Detective when two clients knock on his door.

Roger Ormerod (1920-2005) was a prolific writer of ingenious and densely plotted crime novels - some 35 in all

Dying to Meet You by Patricia Scott

A woman's body is found on the seashore near the Harling Pier.

Detective Superintendent Viviane Peterson, the new face in at the police station, is put on the case.

Patricia Scott is a writer of romantic suspense-thrillers and historical fiction. Her novels include `A Captive Heart'. She lives in Bristol.

Last Act of All by Aline Templeton whose books include `Shades of Death', `Night and Silence' and `Past Praying For'.

Ugly, remote and inbred, the village of Radnesfield in the Fens has lived with its secrets for centuries.
Inevitably, its inhabitants greet the intrusion of television soap star Neville Fielding and his wife Helena with deep suspicion.
But no one anticipates the storm that will cause havoc in this small, rural community.

Posted on 30 Apr 2014 16:01:20 BDT
Little Egret says:
Travel: How To Travel Anywhere for Free: Secrets To Becoming An Explorer Of The World Without Any Of Your Own Money (how to travel on $50 a day, travel, ... to travel the world on $50 a day Book 1) by Thomas Reed and how to travel the world on $50 a day

Posted on 30 Apr 2014 18:27:37 BDT
The Great Talent Show Lie

Posted on 30 Apr 2014 18:53:16 BDT
Debra R says:
VENGEANCE - If you like the page turning pace of James Patterson and the intricate plot of Stieg Larsson, you'll love Bryan Koepke's Vengeance! From the moment Crystal Thomas saunters into PI Reece Culver's office he senses there's more to her than meets the eye. Years after her mother went missing she seems desperate to learn the truth. At a dead end and dirt broke after quitting his job as an aerospace engineer Reece is tortured by unanswered questions revolving around the mystery of his father's cold-case murder. He takes the lucrative case from his seemingly desperate and seductive client and ends up deposited onto a collision course with the very man who killed his father. As Reece gets close to catching the killer he must make a decision that could jeopardize it all.
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