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Do any of the Paperwhite versions have audible facility please -urgent quick reply needed as want to order tonight for delivery before xmas if audible on paperwhite version. thank you.

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Initial post: 10 Dec 2013 19:03:00 GMT
Dickinson says:
Want to buy a Kindle Paperwhite version this evening but need audible facility on, cannot find information in specifications need to order tonight to make sure get one before xmas hols. can anyone post a quick reply please. Sight impairment getting worse would appreciate input from Paperwhite owners thank you.

Posted on 10 Dec 2013 19:45:23 GMT
No. No Paperwhite has audio.
Same reply to the same question you asked on another thread.

Posted on 10 Dec 2013 19:53:40 GMT
Last edited by the author on 11 Dec 2013 06:13:05 GMT
K. A. Newton says:
I am afraid none of the current Paperwhites on sale have audio facility.

You could perhaps buy a lower priced Kindle Fire HDX - they all have audio facility or one of the Kindle Fire HD's.

Have you got a Kindle e-reader already, you see, Tesco are selling the Kindle Basic ereader for £49. I know it does not have audio but you could use that with the font enlarged.

If you plan to read and or listen indoors - You can download Kindle for PC (FREE) which would give you backlit screen for reading e-books, still no audio though.

If you joined Audible Books - owned by Amazon - you get to download an Audible Page Manager which you download audio books to on-line. You then can listen to the audio books being read by human voices while off-line on the Page Manager AND for FREE you can also download the audible audio books from the Page Manager to an mp3 player.

I wonder if there is an mp3 player made especially for a less-sighted person - perhaps the RNIB can help find one.

I pay Audible £110 app. in advance and get to buy 24 audible books (that is £4-50 app. each book). My choice of audio books. They give lots of offers through the year in special membership only sales.

The files of the audible audio books I buy are kept on their website so if I had to change laptops - I have to redownload the Audible Page Manager and my audio books again FREE on my laptop but on my Kindle Fires I merely connect my new device to WiFi and tap AUDIOBOOKS and my Kindle Fire has its cloud list of my audible books updated. One tap and an audible book downloads on to my Kindle Fire.

If you bought the 16MB version of the ALL NEW Kindle Fire HD 7" - which is the lowest priced Kindle Fire HD - you could read e-books though not in bright sunshine and you could listen to Audible Audio books. Not sure if it has Text to Speech - edit YES IT DOES where a robot voice reads e-books to you but remember that not all e-books are Text to Speech enabled.

This ALL NEW Kindle Fire HD 7" does not have a camera or an HDMI socket to connect it to a TV with the corresponding socket but if you don't want those it is great for its price. Remember this is the ALL NEW Kindle Fire HD 7".

This particular version of the Kindle Fire HD is cheaper than some of the Paperwhites.

You would be able to read e-books outside in dull light on the Kindle Fire but if bright sunlight (or a bright reading lamp) shines on the screen you then suffer from reflection. Like when you struggle to watch a tv with the sun shining on the TV screen through your windows.

I'll go and check out prices.

Posted on 10 Dec 2013 20:22:08 GMT
Last edited by the author on 10 Dec 2013 20:33:22 GMT
K. A. Newton says:

The All-New Kindle Fire HD 7" is sold in 8gb £119-00. and 16gb. £139-99.
A 3 year warranty - that means the guarantee year plus 2 more years is only £24-99. and you can make 3 claims in 2 years.
It has Text to Speech. Robotic voices reading e-books if the e-book you choose has that facility.

The 16gb. model is best really as you'll find you need the extra memory to save you forever deleting things to download others.

I have an early Kindle Fire 7" with 16gb. At the moment it has too many e-books on it but it also has 12 audible audio books on it and I could fit some more. Several of these 12 audible books are over 20 hours listening time long.

You'd need a faster USB charger plug to use on mains power though a standard USB charger will do the job but slower. Edit. a 9 watt charger is included in the box. To fully charge a Kindle Fire from a USB socket on a Laptop can take 10 or 11 hours.

You'll be able to get free or inexpensive apps off Apps for Android on this website to get TV and Radio. You should have a TV License if you have not already got one. If you have music bought from Amazon stored in their cloud you can listen to it via WiFi or download an album on to your Kindle Fire and listen off line. There are apps to watch some old movies whilst connected to WiFi. If you don't want all this you can set parental controls to keep the device in aeroplane mode so you don't accidentally buy anything and just connect to WiFi to download e-books or audible books.

Even if you say I don't want TV etc., this All-New Kindle Fire HD 7" is only £30. more than the cheapest Paperwhite.

Note. It is the backlit screen on the Kindle Fire that uses up the battery power. The screen on the Kindle Fire you'll find goes black when Audiobooks and/or music is playing saving on your battery. It is also possible to use the Kindle Fire while it is attached to the charger in a mains socket.

I wonder if you know anyone with one. It's best to get hands on experience - I am giving my old Kindle Fire 7" to my daughter for Christmas and I know I can expect phone calls saying "How do I do this or that" etc., and her vision is normal.

Posted on 10 Dec 2013 20:48:12 GMT
Lucy Lou says:
Jesus Newton. Yet another wearisomely verbose reply, or rather two of them. The OP only asked if the Paperwhite had audio.

In reply to an earlier post on 10 Dec 2013 21:09:47 GMT
Last edited by the author on 10 Dec 2013 21:13:03 GMT
K. A. Newton says:
The OP is gradually losing his/her sight ability though we are not told how fast this is happening.

He/She wants a Kindle with audio facility and has been looking at the Paperwhites. The cheapest Kindle device with Text to Speech and audio facility is the ALL-NEW Kindle Fire HD 7" and it is just a bit more than the lowest Paperwhite.

Amazon have unfortunately chosen to completely cloud the issue of buying lower price Kindle Fire Devices instead of giving the ALL NEW Kindle Fire HD 7" a totally different name from the Previous Generation model.

Just saying "NO, none of the Paperwhite has audio facility" is not helping the OP who obviously is going to need audio facility in the future. He/she also wants to buy one before the Christmas rush.

I'm afraid I cannot just say NO when it is possible the OP might like the cheapest Kindle Fire available which costs just a bit more than the lowest priced Paperwhite - and he/she will probably need the 16gb not the 8gb. For the extra outlay of cash he/she would get more than an e-reader. He/she needs to work out if the extra cash is worth it for audio facility and text to speech plus other features that he/she might use.

In reply to an earlier post on 11 Dec 2013 00:21:43 GMT
Dickinson says:
(I female, OP, that started IT on 1st Sinclair computer and kept pace with computer technology but modern IT changes too rapidly for me to keep up now, takes me hours to research, email or post a reply. Thank you for your very informative and thoughtful reply, the additional information you have given me is very helpful and appreciated. I lost considerable sight due to carbon monoxide poisoning 3 years ago, got a keyboard kindle with audible at that time, now limited sight got worse distorts written word when I move my eyes, I am an Audible member and my keyboard kindle served me well but finding my way round it now confusing listen to my books on desktop so giving it to one of my granddaughters. But want a portable device too so thought would update to Paperwhite version as seem easier to see, and less complicated than keyboard one, as you say may be better for me to get the ALL NEW Kindle HD 7" as not considered that avenue, will be looking at that online in few minutes. I like idea of being able to download to an MP3 player, can have helper from Sight Impairment team to do that. Thank you for all the responses for which most grateful,

Posted on 11 Dec 2013 04:47:25 GMT
Last edited by the author on 11 Dec 2013 05:44:09 GMT
K. A. Newton says:
If you get an mp3 player you would not need the Kindle Fire for audible books from Amazon.

You download the audible books from the Audible website on to your laptop while on-line of course. Books are divided up into small parts for downloading and they download in a couple of minutes each but each part take about 7 hrs to listen to. So a book 30 hrs long might have 4 or 5 parts. You would have to taking about 6 hrs each.

You have to have a mp3 player which is compatible with Audible - Some Sony models are not.
I use Sandisk mp3 players. 1 for music and 1 for audible books.

You download your audible books from your Audible Page Manager while off line on to a mp3 player. You have to first put the mp3 player through an Add a Device little programme that connects it through the Audible Page Manager to the Audible website for a few minutes which puts special files on the mp3 player. You only do this Add A Device thing once on each mp3 player etc.,

You don't have to use headphones with the mp3 player you can plug a speaker in the headphone socket and listen out loud.

If you only wanted the Kindle for listening to audible tapes and can use an mp3 player it'll save you money not buying a Kindle Fire.

The standard sized mp3 players are a little bit fiddly and small to read - I just wondered if the RNIB have their own mp3 players that might be compatible with Audible.


If you use a Kindle Fire to listen to audible books - - - - - Audible is owned by Amazon - - - - -

The Kindle Fire connects DIRECT with Audible via WiFi and the audible books you have in your library on the Audible website are automatically downloaded as a title only cloud list of the audio books at first. A bit easier to see than on a standard mp3 player.

When you want to download an audible book to your Kindle Fire - - -

You connect to WiFi. You tap AUDIOBOOKS on the home page and look at your list of titles on the cloud list and tap one. The audible book is then downloads DIRECT to your Kindle Fire all in one part not in little parts like they do down to the laptop. When the audio book has downloaded - You disconnect WiFi. You don't need to go to the Audible Page Manager on your laptop but I like to have all my books downloaded on there so I can see them when I am off line - I forget sometimes what audio books I have.

Your selected newly downloaded audio book is now shown twice - once as a title on the cloud list and once in the device list.

You tap on the book in the device list (you'll find there is about 5 audio books shown on the screen with lines written underneath each) this lists rolls up and down so you can easily see the one you want (one of five on the screen) and touch one while looking through a magnifying glass if you need to. The whole screen then changes and shows the just cover picture of the book with a largish Play, Pause button with a Volume control slider. Also a smaller twirly icon to return to Start etc., so the whole screen is devoted to your audio book. This screen stays on view for a while. Remember the screen goes black after a while and the voice continues speaking to save power. Just press the on button to return the screen to be lit up again.

To finish listening you just touch the Pause button and then press the little house which sends you back to the HOME PAGE - the home page is where the carousel is. I prefer to keep my carousel empty apart from what I am doing. The book you have been listening to has put an picture on the carousel and you can leave it there when you put the Kindle to sleep or turn off, so you can go back to the book at the place you want if you choose to by tapping the picture. The Kindle like the e-reader will remember where you are up to.

Unlike e-books where two devices can synchronise - if your Kindle Fire is charging - you choose to listen to one of your audio books on the Audible Page Manager (off-line) on your laptop - The page manager will not know what page you were on when you finished a listening session on the Kindle Fire. It is handy to have the Audible Page Manager to listen to books on if the Kindle Fire is on charge.

By the way your audible books are kept in a library on the Audible website and can be safely deleted off a device if you need to delete some audible books off the Kindle Fire to make room for others and later redownloaded to listen to again. Like with e-books downloading a second or further time is FREE. I have had three laptops over the last three years - breakdown and a virus - so I had to redownload the books from the website twice and of course on to my Kindle Fire.

By the way you can use the Kindle Fire while it is charging. Just buy a longer cable.

Reading e-books and listening to audible books don't take as much power as games and TV and films do. You can turn the brightness down for a start especially when reading in daylight and you'll find the battery will last longer. I am told that reading in bed the light from the screen of the Kindle Fire keeps partners awake. If I read for too long on my Kindle Fire in a darkened room I do get sore eyes. You can choose black writing on white, black writing on sepia and white writing on black. You can change line spacing - 3 sizes. And there are 11 different font sizes. I have just set mine on the largest font and it gives five lines on the screen reading - - -

immediately removed
to the local hospital.
The doctor on duty at
the hospital, a Doctor
Rapin, came to the

So you can see how large the letters are. The word LOCAL is 2.5 cm. long and the capital letters are 8 mm. high.

There are 5 different fonts and you can have the margins narrow to make the screen even wider and taller. I had them set on narrow and used the size of font with the words shown above

Personally, unless the RNIB can provide a COMPATIBLE (with Audible) mp3 player suitable for a person with your disability or a blind person I think you'd be better with the Kindle Fire.

The great thing is you'd be able to read your e-books on the Kindle Fire too AND USE TEXT TO SPEECH.

The body of the Kindle Fire is heavier than the Kindle Keyboard but is the same height but just a little wider across the narrow part. The screen though is the whole face of the device with a border of about one and a half inches all around as of course the keyboard is inside.

This means that if you have the Kindle Fire Horizontal you have the whole length of the device for sentences which means you can have the fonts larger than you would on the screen of the Kindle Keyboard. You have almost another 2" of screen length (horizontal).

e-books download the same as they do on an e-reader. You will have two lists for e-books same as for the audio books. All your e-books are listed in the cloud list. This means that a book downloaded in full to the Kindle Fire is shown twice - once in the device list and once in the cloud list.

You just connect to WiFi and tap on a book in the cloud list and it will download to the Kindle Fire. It downloads free of course like all e-book that I have already paid for once. I have to say I prefer choosing my new books on the Amazon website rather than on the Kindle itself. I find it easier than going in the store via the Kindle Fire.

I take it you do enlarge the Amazon website pages when you are looking on there. If you don't know how add a message on here.

If you want TV and radio on the Kindle Fire you'd have to download some free or inexpensive apps. TV Radio and most things you have to be connected to WiFi while you watch and listen. If you have bought music from Amazon it may be listed in your Music cloud and you can listen to it via WiFi or you can download your music FREE from your Cloud player on to your Kindle Fire and listen to it off-line.

Music works exactly the same as the e-books.

By the way I forgot to say that on the Cloud lists and Device lists on the Kindle Fire you can choose what they call GRID VIEW that is each album, Audio book picture, ebook cover - is shown stood up in its coloured glory - which may help your eyes if you can remember what the picture on it was instead of LIST VIEW shown as four or five items on the horizontal page to read and pick from. Some of the pictures of books or music have their titles written very small or in odd writing. I generally leave the books in list view and the music in grid view so I can see all the albums. Especially on the cloud list.

I honest think that while you do have some vision the Kindle Fire would be the best bet.

My contract with Audible Limited used to be £7-99 a month for which I got one credit a month and you have a direct debit each month - the first two month were at £3-99. each month as a starter. I got fed up of waiting for two weeks to go past so I could get the last of a trilogy for instance.

I swapped to the 24 books a year. You pay £109. up front and get 24 credits all at once. so each audible book was only costing me £4-50. app. instead of £7-99. Trouble having all those credits is tempting and I spent all the credits in 9 months and had a desert of 3 months in front of me. Anyway I then found I could renew my yearly contract before the 12 months had gone. So I just renewed early and paid another £109. and got 24 more credits straightaway and 12 months would replace the 3 months I had left.

Audible have membership sales and ordinary sales. At Christmas last year they gave away free one item every day for the 12 days of Christmas. There was short stories which I am not fond off but I did choose one of those and three books. Just recently they had a Buy one book get one free so all I had to do was choose two titles and they cost me one credit.

I have really enjoyed some historical novels which should have been over £20. to buy and they cost me only £4-50.

They say if you don't like a book you can get in touch with them and be credited - of course they know if you don't delete the book.

Hope this makes things a lot clearer.

I do have a reputation for writing long epilogues. I figure that I won't just be helping the person I am writing to but lots of others too so in this case so be it.

Posted on 11 Dec 2013 04:52:26 GMT
K. A. Newton says:
Golly it was a long message wasn't it. Perhaps you can highlight and COPY and PASTE it on to a word processor page and enlarge the font.

Remember, a standard mp3 player might have writing too small and be too fiddly to hold in your hand with a magnifying glass in the other then have to put it down in order to press a button. I really think you'd be better not bothering with an mp3 player and getting a Kindle Fire.

Let us all know what you decide.

Clagg will probably have a nervous breakdown seeing the message above but if it helps you - - -

Posted on 11 Dec 2013 06:44:43 GMT
Lucy Lou says:
Amazon want their servers back! :)

In reply to an earlier post on 11 Dec 2013 08:15:09 GMT
CBRetriever says:
the Kindlke Fire HDs also have accessibility features where you can turn on a voice guide and explore the screen

In reply to an earlier post on 11 Dec 2013 10:21:49 GMT
@KAN: I often get exasperated by the long replies. However they are always well intentioned and usually full of honest and helpful information. So go wild, keep trying to help people and stick to your guns. The boys and girls with nothing better to do than criticise would moan if you were discovered giving away £20 notes. :)

Festive humbug :)

Posted on 11 Dec 2013 10:49:28 GMT
Lucy Lou says:
Combat, whatever you say love. Whatever.

Where's my money?

In reply to an earlier post on 11 Dec 2013 13:44:30 GMT
Dickinson says:
K.A.N, Bless you, I too have a reputation for long explanations, whether writing or talking, comes from having detailed knowledge and/or experience of the subject or problem and I have found your advice helpful, your reasoning wise and I agree the MP3 idea not the answer, did looked online at them last night, you're right they would be too small and fiddly my special magnifiers are huge, fantastic but heavy, also the time facts you give helped me to see it impractical. the Kindle Fire best idea as you say and CBR, Combat W, agree, Clagg in his own way too. I did(and do) scan and transfer replies onto into Word Processor to read again, it a lifeline. What has helped me even more is the delightful sense of humour You All Have and the rapport between You, Clagg, CBR, and Com.Wombat, given me only laugh had in a long time, also appreciate the helpful attitude you all have. Many thanks, will let you all know what I decide.

In reply to an earlier post on 11 Dec 2013 13:49:03 GMT
Dickinson says:
Thank you CBR for v. useful info re voice guide facility on K.Fire HDs that feature wld be v. helpful to me.

In reply to an earlier post on 11 Dec 2013 14:38:30 GMT
Dickinson says:
Thanks for the much needed laugh, had to be evacuated from my bungalow last Thursday, plus put as much stuff up high out of harms way, due to the expected Tidal Surges as live 2nd avenue back from sea front. Sea had already covered all beach before my Daughter.i.l. was able to get here after 100 mile journey, delayed due to all roads being closed in Yorkshire til wind abated. It usually long walk to sea, did flood in places, seals got stranded on wrong side of beach fences, pic. in local paper today 100 orphaned baby seals rescued too, thankfully our homes not flooded, huge surges and violent gusts were worrying and frightening, especially traumatic due to my disability limitations. village was safely evacuated, I got back Saturday night it like being jet lagged, so nothing to smile or laugh about until your postings, has done me good. I off Kindle hunting now. Keep up the good work all of you... more people like me need to tap into your knowledge and need cheering.

Posted on 11 Dec 2013 15:30:42 GMT
Last edited by the author on 11 Dec 2013 15:43:27 GMT
K. A. Newton says:
You are very welcome.

A friend of mine lived in a little housing estate just near Pensarn Station in Clywd, Wales. They objected when a new bypass was built past their estate - there is a bridge from their estate over the dug out area the bypass runs in - you drive over the bridge on to a rarely used road and it goes along to the Pensarn Station car park and then on to the proper road. There are no flood barriers.

Locals park their cars in a single line along the edge of the beach. Most backed their cars on to the beach so only rear tyres were on sand. I did this too when we went there.

The sea came in one day in a surge and the sea water went straight down into the dug out area where the road was and so their houses were safe but the sea did damage to properties on the other side of the bypass.

There is a beach on the other side of the bridge which was lovely and un-busy. Great for little ones. My friend said there was a dangerous part there where the sea sort of curves around you and the sand in the curve is getting soaked underneath so before you realise it the sand under your feet starts to move. She told us to watch the line of cars parked along the edge of the beach and that when there was gaps appearing in the single line of parked cars we'd know it was locals who knew the tide was due in - the tide rarely reached the line of cars but it was as well to move them away.

One afternoon we were there and we kept an eye out for the cars being moved and put most of our things in the car when we finished eating and such so when we decided to leave we would only had our little daughter and her bucket and spade to carry.

There were two women with three children and two babies in trolleys and all their picnic gear and towels who arrived well after us - but though we warned them when we were leaving of the danger they would not move off the beach. I would not leave in the car straightaway. We watched as the women suddenly realised that the damp sand was tugging at the trolleys as they tried to get the three children and two trolleys with babies in them towards us away from the water curving around them. We left our daughter in the car and ran forward. My husband picked up one trolley with a baby in it and I picked up the other. Luckily the trolleys were those lightweight striped ones we used in those days. The women grabbed the three children and their handbags as we fought to run with our feet and ankles sinking in wet sand. Their beach bags, nappy changing bag, towels and picnic things just floated away. If they had hung their beach bags on the trolley I would probably not have been able to lift one.

Later the beach got a bad reputation and a gay man was murdered at night on the same beach. It was a shame as it was a great beach to take young children to when the tide was way out as there was not a lot of money making concerns there basically because of it was only between tides that the beach was actually safe to be used.

You could be there between two tides with your own food and only spend on hot drinks and ice cream. I must go back one day. It is very easy to get there - you just go through the station car park.

Watch on YouTube - a film by a film fan who filmed the seafront as his wife drove from near the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool, along the front (Golden Mile) past the tower and all the way along to Cleveleys. As they drove up a little side road to get on the front they met the sea coming towards them along the side road. They still went on and turned right. The Police and people were wading in ankle deep water on the sea front. By the time they got out of Blackpool and on the sea front road in Cleveleys the spray from waves pounding the beach on the left of their car were as high as the houses that face the sea on the right hand side of the road.

I used to joke with my best friend who lived in Chorley that if we kept warming the atmosphere and melting the ice at the pole she'd end up doing bed and breakfast with the sea at the end of the road.

In reply to an earlier post on 11 Dec 2013 19:06:42 GMT
CBRetriever says:
I only know about it because one of the more common problems over at is from people who've accidently turned it on and can't figure out how to turn off "the voice" or a single finger swipe isn't working and they're in a state of panic

In reply to an earlier post on 11 Dec 2013 21:10:00 GMT
Dickinson says:
I live Lincolnshire coastal area, just up (east) coast from us is a beach that does just same as you describe where they go cockle picking, you may have seen news items of the cockle pickers getting cut off by the tide looping back on them from behind and having to be rescued by Coastguard, it happens regularly and still they go getting themselves trapped, amazing how quick the tides come in, same last Thursday all of us in our village got 9.a.m. telephone calls warning us to prepare for evacuation etc. lots of my neighbours, including some friends nearer sea than me (whom I rang to check if they got their phone message as they not rang me) did not take action, were bit complacent, even when police started to evacuate a nearby coastal area my friends said 'we be ok we in high rise flat may get in garage but we should be ok, we going out to a meeting a 7 p.m.) my daughter in laws back in Yorkshire decided it be wiser and better for me to go stay there for the 36 hrs the coastguards had advised us to vacate for, so I rang my friends to tell them was going to one of my sons for 36 hours so they not be worried about me, also rang other friends in village and neighbors most were still complacent it being decades since any flood problems.. anyway when I returned Saturday discovered the friends who in high rise had to be evacuated by the police and they went to an hotel, same with my neighbours and most of them near me... only about 100 yards from sea bank, this village was reclaimed land out of sea !! where did they think the huge Tidal surges were going to go ?? thankfully the deep ditches and a sluice gate that they built years ago after last tragedy floods decades ago
actually worked and save our homes being flooded but any worse and it would have surged up the drains so fast anyone left in bungalows would have been in great danger of drowing or being washed into sea with next surge. the power of the raging sea is awesome to watch and terrifying when coming towards you, just like watching the surfers riding the breakers only we would not have been able to 'ride' the waves. Told all these 'new neighbours of mine' some been here only months.. most been here only 2 year and never seen the 'angry sea' before,,, Never, Never underestimate the sea and wind storms, Unpredicatable like an angry woman.... the wind does the damage, the huge surges come after the winds ease up, the surges start miles out at sea - like the sunami did after the earthquake - unseen power, unseen forces of the sea...breathtakingly awesome experienced close up, especially in the dark like it was Thursday, peak danger time 9/10 p.m and Friday 6.a.m. and also 7.p.m.. the saying 'Time and Tide wait for no man' is true. Man cannot hold back either. Glad my neighbours all lived for me to say 'told you so' in a kindly way. Bet they be among first to get out fast if there a next time. Lovely chatting to you, now have done some research (taken most of day) on the Kindle Fire HD's including write up' had almost decided on the Kindle Fire HD 8'9" with Dolby etc. @ £179, then discovered there is a problem that Amazon aware of with using Kindle Audio on this version. Advert problems on the HD7 put me off that one,, have not had my evening dinner yet due to researching so leaving it for now, may buy my granddaughter the Kindle HD 8.9" Dolby version to see how it performs, she no sight problems and stick to my Kindle hard keyboard one a bit longer.. I will also try loading the Audible app onto my laptop and a Tablet that I bought last year but gave up on it after few days of frustration with the screen scrolling, will try that again to when some of my family come in just over a week see how it goes, all the Paperwhite kindles are a no-no for me thanks to all the helpful and kind responses. God Bless.

In reply to an earlier post on 11 Dec 2013 21:17:31 GMT
Last edited by the author on 11 Dec 2013 21:22:38 GMT
Dickinson says:
CBR thank you again, see my latest posting to KAN (above) about my decision for now to get my granddaughter a Kindle HD to try see it she coming down with parents after 21st Dec. and me to stick to my 'old faithful' for now. Off to get some food now... goodnight God Bless.

Posted on 11 Dec 2013 21:46:34 GMT
K. A. Newton says:
Good idea getting one for your granddaughter. You can look at it and see if you could cope.

I treated myself to a 8.9" Kindle Fire HD just as the HDX models came out. I like doing jigsaw on the Kindles and the 8.9 means I have more space to spread the "pieces" out. e-books, music and audiobooks are easy on it and take less of the battery power than other things.

Posted on 12 Dec 2013 10:24:43 GMT
Thinker says:
Audible seem to have changed downloads method recently tried to download book to computer and it brought in an audible manager, no real file size, no idea how to get book file on pc?

Posted on 12 Dec 2013 12:46:47 GMT
Jo says:
The download process doesn't seem to have changed for me, I downloaded three on Tuesday.

Posted on 12 Dec 2013 13:41:10 GMT
Thinker says:
do you know i just went in and it downloaded prefectly so not sure what happened before! thanks anyway.
I do hope they have some freebies at audible this Christmas. Hoping there 12 days sale does not mean they are not.

In reply to an earlier post on 12 Dec 2013 14:48:52 GMT
Dickinson says:
thank you kindly for your helpful information, appreciated, now have a file manager.
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