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what is wrong

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Initial post: 7 May 2012 21:25:38 BDT
bookworm says:
I have had my kindle 3 for just over two years. It was great until a month or two ago. It froze completely, followed kindle restarts and then it went beserk. It keeps freezing part way through entering my password, when scrolling down my books, when reading, on a page, wont remember what page I got to and then it decided to wipe all the categories that i'd put my books into and gave me them in one random long list. None of the new books I purchased have downloaded (and i only have about 70 stored on my kindle) and now i cant get the green light to come on and when it does it doesn't stay on (when charging or trying to turn it on). It was a present from my husband - do these problems mean it is in its final death throes or can it be saved?

Posted on 7 May 2012 21:37:41 BDT
I have seen people say to try a re-set - something along the lines of hold the on/off switch pressed for about 30 seconds. But I'm as far from techie-enabled as it gets. Someone will surely come along soon who can give you ideas. Good luck.

In reply to an earlier post on 7 May 2012 21:40:48 BDT
bookworm says:
Ive tried the reset and it worked the first time coupled with a full recharge, but i could and have hold that button for minutes and nothing

Posted on 7 May 2012 21:42:30 BDT
sounds like an intermittent problem. Try ringing customer services?

In reply to an earlier post on 7 May 2012 21:46:07 BDT
Last edited by the author on 7 May 2012 21:48:17 BDT
Willber G says:
With only 70 books on it, if you can get to the menu I would try a factory reset. That's if you haven't tried a restart (hold power slider on for 30 seconds and leave to reboot).

You say you've had it more than two years - I thought the K3 came out in August 2010?

ETA: Ah, I see that you've tried a restart without success. Have you tried charging it using a different lead and/or plug?

Posted on 7 May 2012 21:47:57 BDT
Did this start after downloading a new book? Sometimes a corrupted files can send the kindle haywire. Also is it in a case? Some of the Amazon cases can cause these issues

Posted on 8 May 2012 00:50:37 BDT
I had exactly the same thing happen a bit ago, and when I rang customer services, they said it was a known problem caused by a small number of cases. They sorted it out right away.

Posted on 8 May 2012 12:43:50 BDT
Smc says:
Try recharging using the mains charger or a Blackberry charger if you haven't already;my almost 2yr old Kindle froze mid page the other night and the light never came back on when I tried to reset/reboot and plug in.However after a whole day of charge it came back on and I was able to restart.Even without the light on,it still works and can be charged;mine can be intermittant!
If you have any newspapers delete them(especially the Times-a known corrupter of Kindles ☺)
The case problem was only for the non-lighted version;Amazon refunded me last year when I had a freezing problem with it on.

Failing all this contact Customer services,they are really really helpful and will phone you straight back and talk you through what to do!

Posted on 12 May 2012 20:53:36 BDT
bookworm says:
I'd left my kindle alone for a while and it switched on with no problems. About four pages through a book and I'm back to where I was. I've heard people say on here that an almost two year life on a kindle is pretty good and I am a heavy user, my husband says it will be the ruination of hour marriage lol, but come on! I've had stuff out of primark last longer than this!!. Im going to try charging it up on my laptop fingers crossed xx

In reply to an earlier post on 12 May 2012 22:12:46 BDT
Willber G says:
Bookworm, did you see my question (and suggestion) a few posts up?

Posted on 12 May 2012 22:25:48 BDT
Bookworm I had a similar problem some time ago and done a scan through my virus software when I connected it to my PC. It said it had cleaned some issues and I have had no problems since. (fingers crossed)

Posted on 12 May 2012 22:49:40 BDT
Joanie-P says:
My kindle is only about 6 months old but all these gadgets have a relatively short life compared to 'proper' books, some of which I've had for 40 years or more. It crossed my mind when I was trying to decide whether to buy a kindle or not what happens to the books you've downloaded when the device gives up and you have to buy a new one? Can you retrieve the books you've bought from Amazon and transfer them to a new kindle? Or have you lost them forever unless you buy them again?

In reply to an earlier post on 12 May 2012 23:07:17 BDT
Denis Powell says:
Joanie, Amazon like some other retailers archive all your purchases so that you can download them again - free of charge - at any time.

Paper books will undoubtedly outlive any Kindle but ebooks have other attributes that make them attractive. I've had paper books for more than half a century, but as I'm unlikely to be around in 20 years, and possibly not tomorrow, I'm not too worried about the future. I'm enjoying my ebooks now and much prefer them to paper ones. ;-)

In reply to an earlier post on 12 May 2012 23:25:11 BDT
Joanie-P says:
Thanks Denis - that's good to know. I agree with you about ebooks - I am totally addicted to my Kindle and am in fact reading much much more than I was when I had to carry paper books around with me. I particularly like the free books where I can try out an author I don't know and if I like them then I can buy other books by them

Posted on 14 May 2012 09:33:31 BDT
bookworm says:
I can still read all my books as i downloaded the reading app on to my pc; even though my kindle is up the creek I'm still buying ebooks! (especially the freebies :)). When you've got three kids under 8 and very little room to store books ( and I was a prolific book buyer in my younger days) the kindle is great, its been my best present ever. I didnt know that you could run virus software on it though, how do i do that? And i've seen update posts on here so I'll try that too. fingers crossed. Oh and in reply to wilber g I had my kindle christmas 2011, probably my frustration that cuased me to add another 6months I guess ;).

In reply to an earlier post on 14 May 2012 09:49:27 BDT
Willber G says:
Thanks for the reply, bookworm, but surely you mean 2010? ;-)
Also, have you tried using a different lead and/or a "reset to factory defaults"?

Posted on 15 May 2012 14:02:35 BDT
bookworm says:
yep i mean 2011. Have now tried recharging on my pc, my sister in laws lead and running a virus scan; everything checked out okay on that. My kindle always charges up okay or appears to, it just won't unfreeze. Today it got stuck half way through entering my password. How do I reset to factory defaults? I don't hold out much hope however.

Posted on 15 May 2012 14:09:34 BDT
Hippocratia says:
I've copied this from the Kindle Keyboard manual - hope it helps for a factory reset:

"If restarting your Kindle does not resolve the issue, then try doing a factory reset of your Kindle. Prior to doing so, back up any personal documents, periodical issues older than the past seven issues that you'd like to keep, MP3, and Audible files. To do a factory reset:
1. Press the Home button.
2. Press the Menu button.
3. Select "Settings."
4. Press the Menu button.
5. Select "Reset to Factory Defaults."
6. After your Kindle restarts, go to Archived Items in Home and re-download the items you'd like to read. Transfer back the personal documents and other files you had previously backed up."

Best of luck with that, bookworm.

In reply to an earlier post on 15 May 2012 14:15:21 BDT
Ooh Denis I envisaged you as in your twenties. You're still my e hero. Kathy

Posted on 15 May 2012 14:47:58 BDT
bookworm says:
Thanx Hippocratia, I will try it as soon as it unfreezes again :). Managed to read about six pages this time before it froze again. And it did download the last few books i purchased before doing so. Ran a check of the kindle to while it was attached to my pc and i also defragged it. I'm going to give it till half term and if its still not working, im going to have to purchase a sneaky replacement.

In reply to an earlier post on 15 May 2012 16:29:55 BDT
DaveyH says:
"im going to have to purchase a sneaky replacement"

But if you do mean 2011... "I had my kindle christmas 2011" "yep i mean 2011" ...then it's only about 6 months old and Amazon should be replacing it? *confused* (it doesn't take much)

Posted on 16 May 2012 09:48:56 BDT
Last edited by the author on 16 May 2012 09:51:49 BDT
bookworm - I too had/have freezing problems and found a fix which I posted on this thread
In fact I'll copy it for you below also but you might want to also look at thread to get full flavour:

Miss Giles - I've posted this fix before and nobody has responded, possibly thinking I was taking the proverbial, but I am serious about it and have used it many times as my kindle (now it is out of warranty) constantly freezes, approx once every couple of weeks. I have also gone down the route of getting replacement from Amazon, which whilst I was waiting to receive it I played about with my original kindle and found below fix. I sent replacement back to Amazon and got a refund.

The Fix:
Hold down Alt key and then press all keys from left to right, starting at Q going along top row and then onto 2nd row and then 3rd row ending on return key. I usually just drag my finger along the keys but it does work if you press key by key. The only keys I don't press are Menu, 5-way, Aa, Home & Back.
It might take a few seconds to reset (and possibly you might have to repeat sequence).
Once it has resetted, screen (usually) changes to the tree with little boy underneath screensaver and rebuilds/reloads your library, so initally you will see your collections with 0 books. After about 10 seconds all your books should reappear and your are 'Good to go' !

I tried this becuase during Amazon CS trying to help me clear the frozen screen they told me to hold Alt + home, when that didn't work they then said try Alt + G or Alt + H !? none of that worked but playing about (in desperation) tried the above fix and it worked and has done every time since. Also works on my wifes kindle although she has been quite lucky in that her kindle has only frozen a couple of times.

Best of luck


suffice to say someone else tried it after all else failed and it worked for them:

"Mr Gary Robertson
My kindle would not switch off. I followed all the most popular advice to no avail. THIS comment was the only thing that worked. I started at Q and it reset itself by time I got to C. Thank you "

Edit: forgot to mention one other thing I did since I posted above was to reduce my collections and also remove some books i.e. the ones I had read which I was keeping in a 'Read' Collection (don't ask why I was keeping them !?!) - anyway since I reduced everything my instances of freezing has reduced and I've only had a couple of freezes in the last 6 weeks which is a big improvement.

Posted on 20 May 2012 22:54:45 BDT
bookworm says:
i must stop making posts when either a my kids are bouncing round me, b i've had a drink or c its too late at night. I mean i had my kindle christmas 2010. Id left it for a while and turned it on , turned the wifi off and it worked, great! It let me reorganise my books back into the collections that it had deleted when it froze big time and even let me read about 8 pages of a book until it froze on me again and there it remains. I cant even get the green light to come on. And as the battery was full when i looked before it froze it cant be that it is out of juice. I only have 84 out of a possible 4000 books on my kindle so i dont think reducing my collection will solve anything. Will try the fix mentioned in the previous post as soon as it unfreezes again (and hopefully before i throw it out of the window in frustration - mm wonder it that will work, ive tried everything else lol)

Posted on 21 May 2012 10:06:07 BDT
I must stop reading these threads cos my kindle purchased June 2011 decided to freeze in symphathy on Saturday just as I had a "reading" slot. Phoned Amazon who suggested leaving it on charge for an hour which in my case worked or they would send a replacement.
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