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HMV Blu-ray Rip-offs

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In reply to an earlier post on 31 Dec 2009 18:51:26 GMT
Derek says:
amazon .uk do not deliver free to Ireland

In reply to an earlier post on 31 Dec 2009 18:54:17 GMT
R. Potter says:
Derek, I thinnk you'll find that they do. Naturally there is a minimum order and certain products, i.e televisions won't qualify but there is free shipping available for Irish citizens. I recently ordered a sony ps3 blu ray remote and a blu ray whilst at home and they were both shipped free of charge.
If you have any more queries I suggest you look at the 'shipping' section under FAQs.

Posted on 4 Jan 2010 12:35:25 GMT
IJM says:
I recently bought a couple of blu-rays from HMV retail. But the only reason I did was to use an HMV gift voucher/card thing which one can only use instore. I was fortunately able to take advantage of the 2 for £25 offer that was running at the time. So I was able to buy the title I wanted ("Inglorious B*****ds" ) and get another title ("Angels and Demons") in order to fully use up my £20 gift voucher.

But normally I would not even consider buying from HMV due to their rip off prices. I agree that even their "special offer" prices are usually carefully priced to rip you off too by offering very little saving if any at all. HMV sucks big time for Blu-Ray. Online shopping for BDs from Amazon and Play is much better and offer much more competitive pricing.

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Jan 2010 09:16:46 GMT
There is absolutely no excuse for HMV charging 33 or 35 pounds in-store, for certain generic blu rays. I live in Nottingham - 3 diff. HMVs, and no other major chain. And those 3 diff. stores don't even have the same prices. Walk from one to the other and you might save a fiver. HMV retail stores are a complete joke...all they do is promote online shopping.

In reply to an earlier post on 11 Feb 2010 11:24:48 GMT
Last edited by the author on 11 Feb 2010 11:45:07 GMT
i am fed up with hmv i had £35 in vouchers at xmas looked on there online shop and band of bros was£16 went to shop in brtstol told it was £27 with none instock and could not use vouchers online .so ended up paying 20 for hurt looker and 18 for district 9 gr8 films but shocking prices i now but online or from blockbuster in fishponds bristol buying ex rentals brought 6 the other week for £35 including the boat that rocked and watchmen gr8 value i think

In reply to an earlier post on 11 Feb 2010 11:24:52 GMT
[Deleted by the author on 11 Feb 2010 11:44:07 GMT]

In reply to an earlier post on 11 Feb 2010 11:24:56 GMT
[Deleted by the author on 11 Feb 2010 11:43:04 GMT]

Posted on 11 Feb 2010 21:17:55 GMT
I was in HMV last weekend and got Hurt Locker and Thirst in a 2 for £25 offer. Happy enough with that.

In reply to an earlier post on 11 Feb 2010 22:02:27 GMT
Kaleesh says:
To be fair, they do have some bargains but £30 for Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Crystal Skull ain't one of 'em!

Posted on 11 Feb 2010 22:13:40 GMT
Jack Raine says: is actually same price or cheaper than amzon on many things and you get points if hae hmvpure card so i have actually bought more from than amazon lately.

Posted on 12 Feb 2010 10:59:59 GMT
[Deleted by the author on 29 Jul 2010 09:51:30 BDT]

Posted on 12 Feb 2010 16:04:26 GMT
I agree looked at the Rocky collection in HMV the other day and it was £70 whereas it is £35 on Amazon.

Posted on 13 Feb 2010 13:24:21 GMT
G. Greig says:
hmv in there 2 for £25 recently they are including a fairly new release,just a marketing ploy good if you want the new release but people will of course spend money on another they may not want .

Posted on 13 Feb 2010 14:52:44 GMT
MC says:
Most of the time amazon are the cheapest, but now and then HMV do offers.
I always use:

Posted on 15 Feb 2010 09:27:59 GMT
Alfie says:
I was in there the other day - Ironman is still hilariously £30 and they have repriced Hardware at £20 after having it for £7 for ages. You understand why it's not the mainstream format when their marketing idiots still believe people will pay these prices en masse.

Posted on 15 Feb 2010 19:09:50 GMT
Went into HMV on the way home from work this evening and saw that Quantum of Solace on blu-ray is £35! who do they think they are kidding! I personally don't know anyone who would pay that much for one film.

Posted on 15 Feb 2010 22:56:15 GMT
N. ferry says:
Why do you think Zavvi, Woolies, Music Zone closed down, I hate to break it to you all but the dealer prices on most Blu rays are incredibly expensive. Even after discounts (trust me I know) The simple fact is that Tesco, Asda, Amazon and even HMV are prepared to make no margin at all on new release product. HMV make there margin on there back cat product, they have to, remember they have rent and rates to pay on major sites in shopping centres and high streets, unlike many on line retailers. HMV's website distribution plant is based in Jersey as I believe is Amazons basically a way of evading tax (17.5%)
Low rates + low rent + no vat = lower on line prices. Brilliant for us the consumer. Unfortunately, for uk based stores in shopping centres and on the high street the playing field is simply not level. Hence the closures of Zavvi, Music Zone, Fopp, Borders, Woolies etc.
The simple fact is that if you own a physical store or chain of stores you have to make a profit or you close down. You cant buy a Blu-ray disc from a supplier £10 and sell it for £13.
Dont want to be a killjoy guys but sometimes we need to see the bigger picture. If HMV had no rates, rent and vat to pay im sure there instore prices would be cheaper.
What really makes me laugh though is that as a society now we are quite happy to pay £3 for a coffee from starbucks which cost 10p to make but in many cases are unwilling to pay £10 for a movie that cost £10,000,000

Posted on 17 Feb 2010 15:47:29 GMT
G. Greig says:
To N Ferry i think it far to say most people are not stupid and realise perfectly well hmv have rates etc to pay, the point i would make is the fact that some of the blueray prices are way over the top somes of the prices are £10-£20 more than amazon the profit margin is crazy and anyone with any sense would buy online.

In reply to an earlier post on 18 Feb 2010 23:59:20 GMT
N. ferry says:
I agree that many prices are ridiculously overpriced. I just think it needs to pointing out that as well as rent and rates, the RRP on a new release title like "Up" for example is £29.99. I would imagine they are putting this out for around £17.99 - £18.99 and are probably making less than a 10% margin on this and most of their other new release and chart CD, DVD, Games, consoles and Blu-Ray, and because its chart and new release they will be selling this in quantity driving down the stores overall margin. Most back catalogue purchases are not impulse buys and as they now have no competition, as many others on this forum have pointed out they can charge what they want for their product as there are still some people out there who dont shop online and will pay inflated costs for the goods (people buying gifts etc)
I am looking at this issue from a different point of view of many people in this forum. I have worked in CD & DVD retail for 20 years now and I have watched the industry fall apart, many of my friends lost their jobs when Zavvi, Music Zone, Fopp, Silverscreen etc closed down. These stores did not close down because they were greedy. They just couldn't compete with prices on the internet, and they couldnt afford to drop their margins any further. The high cost of low prices.
Its a sad situation but we all know the internet will continue to grow and companies like HMV will eventually shrink their Blu Ray and DVD sections, just like they have with their CD sections and will move into other areas like Live Music etc.

Posted on 19 Feb 2010 00:34:49 GMT
Agree with most of the above. Was browsing in HMV today. Noticed that Mad Men was £20 for the DVD version. You can buy both series 1 & 2 blu-ray versions on Amazon for £13.45 each. Buy most of my blu-ray from Amazon and Ebay. Must say you do get good offers on HMV on-line sometimes.

Posted on 20 Feb 2010 02:04:47 GMT
C. WIGGINS says:
I'm on the othere side of the pond and it's been a while since I've been in Tesco. How do Tesco store prices compare to Amazon and HMV? I believe that HMV and Best Buy (US) have similar overhead, etc. Best Buy tends to be on the high side - $19.99 to $34.95 per Blu-Ray. On the other hand, Walmart sells at $9.98 (for back catalog) to $29.98 (for new releases). Product selection at Walmart is pretty dismal, though. Best buy wins on selection.

Posted on 20 Feb 2010 18:42:09 GMT
Grantos1 says:
I agree with N Ferry in his facts, but HMV are out of touch with the industry. HMV charges £30 for a movie they paid under a tenner for: you realise why these places are going out of business. Yes, they are the only player in the game and get alot of business from new releases at decent prices. HMV have back catalogues of millions of movies and CDs and are still stuck in the 1990s spending thousands a year storing all these in large shops gathering dust, this is part of the reason Zavvi is no more. City centre locations, over-heads, stock levels...the man on the street doesn't know or doesn't care why HMV have to charge more than Amazon.

If you are still going into HMV looking for competitive prices with...well, almost anywhere, then stop wasting your time. Their website, Amazon, are cheaper.

Posted on 20 Feb 2010 19:26:10 GMT
I soo agree with the rip-off HMV statement! I'm a manager at Blockbuster and (not trying to blow our own horn here!) we are soo much cheaper on new blu-rays. when the new star trek was out a customer told me we were more than a fiver cheaper than HMV. with the blu rentals too blockies now have a third of the blu-ray market!

I'm not saying its cheaper than online, but one of the cheapest on the high street anyway.

Posted on 21 Feb 2010 23:00:29 GMT
Dont forget the economic facts of life. DVD prices are at rock bottom. Even new ones go to sale prices much faster these days. Why? Blu-Ray. It's impossible to charge high prices for DVDs when the blu-ray buyer wants a reasonably low price too. So the two sets of prices are currently in an unstable, symbiotic relationship. BR prices will not come down until DVDs come down further. But they cant come down further because profits are already suffering because of the BR competition. At some point, I expect the price point difference between the two formats to equalize, and they will only be a few dollars/pounds/euros apart; indeed we are already approaching that situation. But once that occurs, BRs will not come down much more, so my advice is to not expect it to happen. More and more catalogue release BRs are being offered at a little above cost, but that is to tempt people into investing in the PLAYERS, something which seems to be happening more slowly than expected. And no wonder; nobody wants to "buy the white album again," so people are waiting to invest in the players, with the result that disc prices remain relatively high. Too bad for us, but that's the way the market works.

Posted on 22 Feb 2010 06:17:40 GMT
S. Haskins says:
I never buy from HMV because of their prices, but I needed to get Funny People for a birthday present. It was £22 on the chart shelf, but when I looked thought alphabetical section I found one for £18.99!! Talk about ripping people off! I'm never shopping there again.
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