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Pre made burgers etc

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Posted on 15 Feb 2013 17:48:55 GMT
You actually *have* a Kenwood though. I've dreamed of owning one for 30 years. Still a dream unfortunately.

In reply to an earlier post on 18 Feb 2013 13:41:58 GMT
Bearman says:
Just dont ask how I aquired it. Put it this way - it adopted me over 20 years ago, when it was already 5 years old and had been used only 3 times (5 years earlier) to mix soil samples for testing. Only the K beater had been used. It came with the mincer, liquidizer, whisk and dough hook none of which had ever been used. I "borrowed" it, and was ready to return it should anyone ask about its whereabouts. When I left that company a further 6 years later, none of the team who previously used it, or paid for it, where around anymore, and no one had asked after it, so it came with me when I left. I did inform one colleague that I would bring it back if there was a problem, but that never happened.

In reply to an earlier post on 18 Feb 2013 13:45:15 GMT
Stu says:
lucky you then bearman

Posted on 19 Feb 2013 06:53:33 GMT
kittycat2000 says:
I've noticed recently that the tesco reduced fridge is full of ready meals so quite a lot of people must be wary of them. Personally I think they all taste vile.
What really annoys me is when you read articles about how people can't afford to buy fresh food. I can't afford to buy take aways or ready meals even if I wanted to. Having no time is no excuse either. As others have said how long does it take to make a stir fry or cook some pasta? I think it is partly laziness and partly lack of knowledge. Our society now has 2 or 3 generations who have never learned to cook. Historically cooking was a skill passed done from mother/father to child but if the parents don't know how to cook that's when there is a problem. Thankfully the local schools here in N Ireland still teach home economics with more up to date recipes such as fajitas and stir fries than when I was at school. Even then no one in my class had even heard of kedgeree but we were taught how to make it. I must say, I've never cooked it since. Most of my nieces and nephews have been cooking well before going to high school. My cousins' 7 year old son, with a little help with the oven, made chocolate brownies for a school party and his brother who has just turned 11 can make pastry and cook a stew. My 12 year old was a bit disappointed to learn that most of her first year cookery lessons were things she already knew how to make.
Baking is my big passion. I'm one of those people who heads for the kitchen if I am stressed or in bad form. The only problem is that I tend to get carried away and bake enough for a cafe when there are only 3 people in my house. Not that my friends and relatives complain when they receive laden cake tins. It's not exactly diet friendly though but who cares about that.

Posted on 19 Feb 2013 08:33:25 GMT
Last edited by the author on 19 Feb 2013 08:34:04 GMT
Kittycat - you have made - to my way of thinking such a good point - and I heartily agree - with your mention of laziness - there is no mention as far as I know - in the curriculum of any school in my area, of Home Economics - I am in the N/W England - and I get embarrassed sometimes - in my local Asda I get asked - "what are you going to do with that - what does it taste like - do you have to peel it" I think my neighbour is about 30-ish - she just happens to look 18 - and this poor kid just has not a blooming clue !!!!!!
I might mention that in my first year at Grammar School I sewed by hand an apron - and was thrilled skinny because it was to be worn in my second year's cooking class - sadly Kitty Dear them days is all GONE - I was eleven in 1946 - my first year at the Big School

Posted on 19 Feb 2013 08:46:00 GMT
It seems almost a point of pride (not almost, it is!) to my young professional women to say "Oh I don't cook...I don't know how!" as if cooking were somehow beneath them! Funny, it's not beneath their mums! They are in their late 30s and still go home to mum on the weekends to get her to fill up the Tupperware with food for their week. Do they pay for the ingredients, I wonder, or just let Mummy do it all? One of them is a schoolteacher (preschool) and her live-in boyfriend does any cooking. Fortunately he enjoys it.
I too get asked about fruit and veg, even by my veg shop! Or someone will ask her how to prepare this or that and she'll say, "Ask her, she knows!"

In reply to an earlier post on 19 Feb 2013 09:08:17 GMT
Yeah Right !! now in Cat mode myself - little growl and a loud "Crtchah" the idea of boasting of an inability to prepare a meal - puts my back up - I wonder really what we are coming to - I have this idea - that some of the preservative ingredients in the processing of the "Food" that is sold may still be much at fault for the ADHD that kids are suffering from - some of the "bad behaviour" that occurs in a shop - when a child is told "No" - I cannot help wondering - because they are on medication - some anyway - I even heard one little boy 6 years old described as a "little monster" - time and time again Ori - I have to stop thinking - and go get a book - something daft - Terry Pratchett usually - because he takes one's mind off stuff - especially that I just mentioned - the little child was frustrated and his mother was not listening - not to a word - I had pity for him - poor babe but I could have smacked HER !!

In reply to an earlier post on 19 Feb 2013 09:40:25 GMT
[Deleted by the author on 19 Feb 2013 09:41:31 GMT]

Posted on 19 Feb 2013 10:18:05 GMT
My Mum never really taught me how to cook, I was allowed to help though,make mint sauce, mash potatoes, baste the meat, mix Yorkshire pudding, roll pastry. Dad taught me how to make chips safely, so I suppose I was learning while watching and helping. My first cookery lesson was at school making soused herring...I ask you ! Mum wasn,t best pleased having to spend precious housekeeping money on food that no-one would eat. But I did learn to make cakes, pastry, stew, soup and jam. It was a good start. It wasn,t until I got married that I really started to get really interested in cooking properly, But looking back now i know that I had had a fairly good grounding in how to prepare simple family meals. As you say, many young women today simply do not have that. My daughter works many long hours but still finds time to make meals from scratch at the end of the day, I am very proud that I helped her on the way.

Posted on 19 Feb 2013 10:30:39 GMT
pixie says:
Did anyone see "Real Housewives" The one where Lisa was tring to teach Adrianne to cook a chicken? Lisa is British and was dumbfounded to see her "Friend" washing the chicken....with soap! In the sink.....!!! The look on Lisa's face was priceless. All these women are in their 40's and it seems they don't have a clue!

Posted on 19 Feb 2013 11:39:11 GMT
Last edited by the author on 19 Feb 2013 11:39:40 GMT
You guys are causing me to remember some of the names of my teachers at school - and then Eeek !! I am also remembering how long ago it was since I last saw them - aww - go way !! No I did not see that scene Pixie - but I am on a memory Trip now
**cue music** Elaine Paige singing Memories
"Per-lease Miss Winwood - if I put some candied peel, and nuts and raisins in between the left over flaky paste - look - not to waste them - could I cut them up and make biscuits"
Now - Joy Vivianne Winwood did not like wastage and I was allowed to "do my thing" before the phrase "do your thing" entered our language I think.
Well that was 65 years ago and they were darned tasty - I shared them with herself and my best buddies - and I recall she gave me some demerara sugar to sprinkle on top.

Posted on 19 Feb 2013 11:44:03 GMT
I see that Nestle has "discovered" horsemeat in some of their prepared foods. I love the hypocrisy of they don't know what's going on!! Well if they don't know who does!
Mind you, where I grew up in the 60's it was already "decent people don't buy Nestle" but that was for activist reasons...LOL

My mum once destroyed my husband's composure by washing a chicken in the sink...with Fairy soap! She worked in the hospital kitchens in my village and she was so sure our local butcher wasn't clean enough for her!! Strewth. He had to leave the flat and have his laugh out on the street.

In reply to an earlier post on 19 Feb 2013 11:51:14 GMT
Sure he had to laugh outside - what a lovely tactful guy, sorry but I am laughing now at the idea - because what they illustrate on TV in a film - is more funny later when it happens in life
How do they put it ?? "truth being stranger than fiction" well I would say YES and a darned sight funnier too - As for Nestle - what the dickens do they make that has horsemeat risk - I thought they only made chocolate - still - for chocolate I will have a small piece of Thornton's to a large piece of any other

Posted on 19 Feb 2013 14:24:49 GMT
Stu says:
hi ladies,well my gas is safe as the man has just gone,and that has kept me from my machine.still laughing at chickens being washed in soap,ahah!!!and kittycat you are so right when you say so many mothers are so lazy when they cook these days,my ex partner was for sure,she could not understand the trouble i went to to cook a meal,all i said to her was did you enjoy it and she would say lovely and i would say question answered

In reply to an earlier post on 19 Feb 2013 15:25:58 GMT
Nestle has its fingers in many processed foods companies all over the world. For example they bought out the Spanish candymaker Suchard. A lot of "national" brands actually belong to Nestle's "holding company".

In reply to an earlier post on 19 Feb 2013 15:54:09 GMT
Last edited by the author on 25 Feb 2013 17:20:42 GMT
That settles it - no more Suchard for me I will have - Thornton - or Lindt - it is an unreasonable - thing for one firm to have such a monopoly - I truly believe it means a general lowering of standards while the Dominant firm(s) make money - and we pay - but not in a good way
As Cat - arches back ans "fst fst fstttsss" at them - back to my chair and the film Camelot - well Camelot was very good - but now I am wondering - since a lot of the varieties of Thornton's - stuff they used to have - no longer available.
So I came back to amend this post - wtf is going on - Ikea MEATBALLS - mind you get not a splinter

Posted on 25 Feb 2013 16:33:36 GMT
happy says:
Well, you learn something new everyday. Seems they found horsemeat in Ikea meatballs. Ikea!?!
So what else was in them, sawdust?

Posted on 25 Feb 2013 16:47:31 GMT
Probably. And a local Spanish brand, La Cocinera, as well. Fortunately for us, we never buy processed foods like that. If I want meatballs I go buy some mince, that's minced to order after I order.

Posted on 26 Feb 2013 17:26:06 GMT
Last edited by the author on 26 Feb 2013 17:27:31 GMT
happy says:
Read today that fish is the next thing that's not what it says it is. Youngs fish dippers, 100% north atlantic pollocks, is made with catfish. I like cat fish a lot ,but it's not pollock.

Our local supermarket can't give away mince etc at the m oment. The reduced section is groaning with it.

In reply to an earlier post on 26 Feb 2013 17:31:24 GMT
pixie says:
Same here happy, saw piles of ready meals in the reduced section, people are voting with their feet! The butchers are doing a good trade now, I'm pleased. It's about time!

In reply to an earlier post on 26 Feb 2013 17:44:31 GMT
Precious Pixie watch my spelling - Young's could be 100% N.Atlantic Pollocks more than like - but also they talk a lot of that too
Live and hugs Happy and Pixie for a right eye opener

Posted on 26 Feb 2013 18:38:10 GMT
Watch out for basa fish from youngs too, it just says white fish on the front package, we assume its cod or haddock or even pollack but if you google it, you will be horrified at where it comes from OMG, these manufacturers are getting away with far too much and I am so flipping naive sometimes. I don,t eat box meals regularly at all but I have been known to avail myself a convenience food on occasion. I,d be worried sick if that,s all I lived on, but then again do some people just not care that much and think it,s all hype and overreaction.xx

In reply to an earlier post on 26 Feb 2013 18:43:42 GMT
pixie says:
I've just bought a friend a slow cooker as I can't stand the thought of them eating ready meals...she eats alot cos she says it's cheap! I've tried to explain that doing it herself will be better. I can't talk cooking as she thinks it's fancy...where do they get these ideas from?!

In reply to an earlier post on 26 Feb 2013 18:50:08 GMT
Diamond and Pixie - as I have said - stuff they put in is a lot of Pollacks but as for the friend of Pixie - I shall pray for her - she is naughty - poor lady - it is not necessarily a Pagan (Me) custom to pray for folk to see the errors of their life - but any prayer will help in imagination I send her a hug and wish she uses the nice slow cooker - in the long run pre-packaged - boxes of food would be way too expensive - and in a bad way

In reply to an earlier post on 26 Feb 2013 21:55:11 GMT
The problem is that many younger people don,t know how to eat either these days, they have no point of reference like we did. Simple home cooked food handed down recipes from mum,s and grandmothers do not exist for some. I take cake in to work for the lads and sometimes make them puddings too, one lad, about 18yrs old admitted that he had never eaten a piece of homemade cake, he was actually nervous of trying it. I was deeply saddened by that. It means that even women of my generation never bothered either, because his gran was about my age. 62
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