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Who's better, Marvel or DC ?

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Posted on 13 Apr 2012 12:50:33 BDT
M. Ameen says:
DC has better comic book characters, but tries to sell to much by having 3 or 4 seperate series' for once character (Batmn, Detective comics,batman the dark knight) gets over kill too many stories happening at once!

Marvel has better movies, as DCs characters don't appeal to the less nerdy cinematic people

Posted on 13 Apr 2012 17:30:01 BDT
I dont think that its a lack of being 'nerdy' that reduces the appeal of DC's characters to a movie going audience. I simply think that the more realistic personas, powers and faults of the majority of Marvels characters make them more appealing to film goers - most of whom probably dont read the comics. By the same rationale I think it is by the same virtue of being 'realistic' that has allowed Batman to be the most persistantly popular movie character of the DC universe whilst the likes of the Green Lantern and even Superman have struggled somewhat.

As for whose characters are 'the best' - thats a subjective judgement. Which publishers characters are more popular in terms of sales has changed in both directions over the years and its no shock that DC's recent New 52 promotion has pushed them to the top of the sales charts - although it should be noted that occurred after a couple of years of consistant market dominance by Marvel.

Both publishers have many great characters but all of those characters have over the years been involved in not so great periods of writing and you can bet that those characters currently enjoying quality writing will again at some point in the future have to endure periods of not so great storytelling.

Ultimately there is no sure way to resolve this debate and no right or wrong answers. Your opinion may be that Darkhawk is the greatest hero of all time or that the Mad Hatter is the greatest villain - I wouldnt agree with you but who am I to tell you what to think?

For most fans though I would say that whilst you may appreciate certain aspects, characters and stories of the other you are predominantly either DC or Marvel - you cant be equally invested or interested in both - and which side of the debate you fall upon was probably influenced very early in your comic reading lifetime.

In reply to an earlier post on 13 Apr 2012 18:52:01 BDT
Cerberus says:
"Marvel has better movies, as DCs characters don't appeal to the less nerdy cinematic "

So what marvel based films do you prefer over Christopher Nolans Batman films or Zack Snyders Watchmen ?

Posted on 13 Apr 2012 21:27:19 BDT
Of course, ultimately, isn't it great that we have in existence both these great comic giants who have been so imaginative over so many decades, teaching us to read, to create, to draw and to expand our imaginations. If I may name drop, I had the chance via BBC Radio, to ask Stan Lee some questions and I said to the great man:" You know your 60s satirical comic Not Brand Ecch which loved to put DC down? Did you really dislike DC that much?" to which Stan replied: "Haha. Bob Kane, Carmine Infantino and I were the best of friends regularly having breakfast together at the corner diner. Of course, I was smarter than them!"

As for me, in best Not Brand Ecch tradition, my favourite character was Bat-bat.

Posted on 14 Apr 2012 21:18:32 BDT
Adam Jemmett says:
Christopher Nolan's Batman was awesome, but then so is having an opinion and if someone prefers Marvel over DC or vice versa (either in comic or film) then that is cool because, as Mr Gold said, isn't it great that we have so much imagination and creative talent in the comic industry and so much variety that means we all have something to like :o)

And personally (by the way, I do like Watchmen), I feel that Watchmen is a bit over-rated as it is a reaction to what had gone on before it, so no Marvel or DC then no Watchmen.

\m/ >.< \m/

In reply to an earlier post on 14 Apr 2012 21:46:55 BDT
Cerberus says:
An option is great as long as it's valid ? no point saying this is better than that if all you've ever looked at or gone via is that right ?
Also the question wasn't aimed at you either and I was just curious as to what their taste was.

As for comics, well I started with Marvel and 2000AD as a kid then went to manga when Otomo and Shirows stuff was being released in the west first time round, then I drifted away from comics for quite some time only to be pulled back via some outstanding DC stuff and Marvel bits.

Posted on 15 Apr 2012 11:24:59 BDT
I agree that the Watchmen movie is overrated. In fact I think that Watchmen is overrated period and thats not an uneducated opinion, thats the opinion of someone who has been reading comics of all sorts from all publishers for 30 years. I think that theres an aweful lot of hype around the Watchmen and whilst I enjoyed it I dont jump on the bandwaggon that its the best comic ever. That of course is only my opinion.

As for what Marvel films I enjoyed more than Nolans Batman? Well, I enjoyed a few Marvel flicks more - which is not to say that they are objectively 'better' films, simply that I got more of a personal buzz from them - and isnt thats whats really important, how much *you* enjoyed it rather than how much the rest of the internet tells you you should enjoy it? As for what I personally think is a *better* movie than Batman? The first Ironman in my opinion.

Regardless as to which film ultimately sits at the top of the pile however I dont think theres any doubt that Marvel have hit the mark more frequently than DC, firstly because of the number of films they have released, secondly because most of them have been pretty good and finally because almost all of those films have been financially successful. DC's movie successes thus far start and stop with Batman whereas other big franchises such as Superman and Green Lantern have been failiures.

In reply to an earlier post on 15 Apr 2012 20:02:13 BDT
Adam Jemmett says:
I didn't say anything about option's being valid or not valid, i said opinions are great things, and you'll find I said I think it's great that there is so much variety for everyone's tastes.

In reply to an earlier post on 15 Apr 2012 20:57:48 BDT
Last edited by the author on 16 Apr 2012 19:50:49 BDT
Cerberus says:
Adam Jemmett

Ahhh cool, and yeah there's plenty about at the moment maybe too much if you've been away from comics for a period of time like myself.

Posted on 16 Apr 2012 19:44:09 BDT
Adam Jemmett says:
yeah definitely, sometimes I wish they could streamline a bit though (both Marvel and DC), both have a tendency to have lots of titles running for one group (Batman, Superman, Avengers for example), would make it a lot easier to get back into the stories rather than having to go to another title just to understand what is going on in something else.

Posted on 16 Apr 2012 19:54:32 BDT
Last edited by the author on 16 Apr 2012 19:55:40 BDT
Cerberus says:
The volume of new Batman titles from the New 52 stuff is nuts I feel, and have so far only got Batman in monthlies and Batwoman Elegy graphic novel and will probably continue to follow them two unless they take a drastic nose dive in quality.

Posted on 16 Apr 2012 20:48:04 BDT
Back when the Avengers only ran one title I personally liked it more. I especially liked the Buseik/Perez run but the fact of the matter is that it didnt sell very well and hadnt sold well for years. Love him or loathe him Bendis has over the course of a decade turned the various Avengers titles into books that consistantly top the sales charts each and every month.

The same could be said for the rest of Marvels big franchises - Captain America, Daredevil, Thor, Fantastic 4, Ironman etc. The bottom line is that 'superstar' writers like Bendis, Brubaker, Waid, JMS, Miller, Faction etc have made these titles big sellers once more despite the quality sometimes being hit or miss in my opinion.

I dont read DC comics at all - havent read a DC title since Hitman - so I cant say whether their current batch of New 52 titles are better or worse than Marvel, although I would maintain the opinion that a publisher wide reboot relaunching many titles with new #1's whilst still maintaining the continuity of certain select titles is a cynical money making gimmick no better than Marvels constant stream of crossovers.

I am sure however that New 52 has its fair share of duff books just like Marvel and titles whose sales will ultimately see them cancelled or relaunched in the hope of making them a success.

In reply to an earlier post on 16 Apr 2012 21:27:02 BDT
Cerberus says:
The New 52 can be seen as a money making gimmick but if it put's cash in their pockets to keep the company going and it has ( just take a look at top 10 comic sales in the USA ) and gives the chance for new followers to see where some storylines began then great stuff. I think DC are pulling the plug on a few titles already and maybe replacing them with others ?

Did you ever follow any of the Image Comics titles that started when you had the big exodus of staff from Marvel Chief ? I loved Spawn, Stormwatch, Wetworks, Deathblow, WildCats, Cyberforce and I'm sure I was getting more from them but I'd have to pull the old boxes out and have a look.. don't wan't to be doing that my girlfriend will go nut's lol.

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Apr 2012 05:31:58 BDT
I didnt really read any of the early Image stuff. Always seemed that the emphasis was on big boobs/big guns/big muscles. I read some now - Invincible/Walking Dead etc.

As for New 52, I agree that whilst the quality of whatever the newxt big thing might be this year it does keep the companies going, so even if you dont like New 52 or Marvels next crossover their success allows you to keep reading what you do enjoy.

Posted on 17 Apr 2012 09:45:57 BDT
Adam Jemmett says:
I suppose at the end of the day if great writers like JMS, Millar and Brubaker are still writing great stories then I can gloss over the crap and settle on good quality stories. Yeah, I know what you mean about Bendis, I recently went through my Avengers collection and I have over 20 Avengers books written by him (WOW!) and it's fair to say he has turned it around. New Avengers recently hasn't seemed that great, more a super hero sitcom than anything else, but the main run on avengers has been great as well as Avengers Academy (thanks to Gage for that).

Posted on 17 Apr 2012 18:49:55 BDT
The problem with most of Bendis Avengers stuff isnt that any of it is especially bad just that almost none of it lingers long in the memory. The guy has written more Avengers stories than anyone, Ive read them all but I can only recall a very few of them.

Posted on 21 Apr 2012 22:26:19 BDT
URmom says:

Posted on 24 Apr 2012 18:43:52 BDT
B Doye says:
Marvel all the way! I find marvel characters more interesting on an inter-personal level, and for me the real appeal of comic books is the humanity of these 'meta-human' characters.

Posted on 25 Apr 2012 01:27:53 BDT
D. TEWNION says:
When I was a kid I preferred Marvel as I knew more of the characters and Secret Wars was one of the first series I read. Then I outgrew superhero comics. Or so I thought till I stumpled across 52 by DC, one of the best graphic novel series I have read. After that I was hooked on the whole Infinite Crisis/52/Countdown/Final Crisis Arc. But reading DC had kinda become like watching Lost, great if you kept up, totally inaccessable for casual readers. Pro's n cons to that (Hardcore readers vs the casual market). Think that was why Marvel was on top pre New 52 (and the big buget films probably helped) and why DC burst their own bubble. Things could be different now most of the new 52 are far superior to most of Marvels offerings with only Deadpool even close. I like stories and characters not Wolverine fighting in every panel with lot of "Snick" effects.

Posted on 25 Apr 2012 20:11:50 BDT
I dont think its possible or fair to lambast the majority of comics from either publisher as being rubbish or say that there are only one or two decent ones. The reality of the matter is that if you think that all DC or all Marvel comics are rubbish then youre probably ust not reading the rights ones.

The quality of all series fluctuates over the years but I cant think of any era in the 30 years Ive been reading Marvel comics whe I thought there was next to nothing worth reading - and I was there in the early to mid 90's when the industry really was suffering for lack of quality.

If you fell in love with the characters of Marvel then clearly the problem is how those characters are being written rather than the characters themselves. I'm a big Punisher and Moonknight fan but i'm dissappointed with the recent incarnations of both characters. I'm also a big fan of Deadpool although this most recent incarnation isnt fit to shine the shoes of the Joe Kelly/Ed McGuinness stuff. Meanwhile Venom - a character I never cared for in the past - is one of my favourites at the moment and the likes of Ironman, Daredevil and the Fantastic 4 are all examples of titles that have enjoyed ups and downs in their long histories but in my opinion are riding the crest of a wave at the moment.

No character enoys an uninterrupted run of form or popularity and I cant say that there are any titles that have always been at the top of my 'to read' list over the 30 years Ive been reading them. Whats 'good' within a publisher tends to move around but its never the case that there is nothing good to read at all.

Posted on 26 Apr 2012 15:11:10 BDT
CK says:
What's better, Food or Air? Seriously these two companies have published so much material over the years that no 'like for like' comparison is possible. Back when I was a lad though (late sixties, early seventies) there was a clear answer to this question. God bless Steve Ditko. :-)

Posted on 19 May 2012 20:49:54 BDT
Darren says:
My collection was - until last year - about 95% DC, with my the trades of my old favourite Marvel stories (Secret Wars, Avengers Forever) making up the rest. I was a die-hard DC fan since picking up issue 4 of Crisis on Inifinite Earths all those years ago. As someone has said above though; DC was a little like watching 'Lost' at times, and while I had followed most major storylines in the past 25 years and gotten as much out of stories such as 52 or Identity Crisis as I could, I have no doubt it would have left the average reader feeling confused. I had always been a fan of DCs D-Listers (Booster Gold, Zatanna, Doom Patrol), which were never around for long periods due to lack of sales.

However, as much as I have all my life loved DC, the new 52 completely trashed any positive feeling I had towards them. It's one thing to reboot a series to gain new readers, or even shake things up a little (as CoIE) did all those years ago, but it felt like DC 'threw the baby out with the bathwater'. At the end of the day I know they're a company and like all companies wish to make a profit, so I can't begrudge them that, but this feels like *too much* of a cash grab. Now it turns out that Batman and GL haven't even been rebooted just so their backstories aren't rendered useless, but if that's the case, why erase everything else? It's like the rest of the universe now plays catch-up, and what happens to the stories that feature other characters that now 'officially' weren't even around at that point in Batman's past?

Maybe I'm investing too much in canon here as far as comic books are concerned (never their strong suit I'll admit), but after years of growing to love characters and following their stories, I feel a little disheartened to know that some of my favourite stories are now brushed under the carpet to be treated like they never even existed. It's easy to say that they will still be good stories 30 years from now, but when the company that produced said stories are treating them as an embarrassment how are you supposed to feel? The betrayal long time Spidey readers felt at OMD? It's the same thing... At the end of the day it's a business, but when people have been loyal for so long and this is how they're repaid? The warmth you once felt for that shared universe is gone. Sure, eradicating what went before gets rid of some truly *awful* stories, but it also degrades things like the aforementioned 52, The original JLI storylines... hell, even Killing Joke doesn't come out of it unscathed when being crippled doesn't count anymore... And unfortunately what seems to have been left in it's place leaves a bitter taste in my mouth - whats the point of giving Power Girl a less 'sexist' costume when Catwoman looks like she belongs in a playboy shoot and goes for rough sex with Batman, and Starfire is turned into some kind of nymphomaniac. It's just all too early 90s image for me, and its taken some beloved characters and ruined what made then unique. Want to reboot them fine? But don't pretend it's for anything other than business purposes. Reboots could have been done, new readers could have been provided with a stepping on point - just flesh the character back to what made them likeable in the first place - you don't have to destroy a universe to do it. If it was just to bring new readers on board, what happens in 5 years when you need more new readers and there is another bunch of continuity to deal with? Act like the new 52 never happened and reboot everything again? DC has some of the most talented writers out there, surely just making them retread old ground is as doing them as much a disservice as the fans who followed the stories pre-reboot? If it's to introduce something new and fresh into the mix, instead of the same 'old' ideas that went before, why - barely a year after relaunch, are we getting ANOTHER 'Earth 2'...

Sorry about that; nerd-rage got ahead of me there. The point is, as much of a DC fan as I've always been, It's through DC's recent editorial policies (Before Watchmen?) that I've recently found myself saying 'Make Mine Marvel'.

Posted on 26 May 2012 12:12:23 BDT
Octo7 says:
It's impossible to say. Like comparing apples and oranges. Some people like the humanity and vulnerability in Spiderman's character, others like the assuredness and stability of Superman. Nowadays, both companies are producing nothing but crap to be honest. This question would be more interesting a few decades ago.

If you were to ask which one has made a bigger impact on popular culture,I'd say DC, because Superman and Batman are probably the two biggest-selling super-hero comics of all time. Spiderman and Hulk are probably Marvel's two most popular characters.

In reply to an earlier post on 26 May 2012 12:14:43 BDT
Octo7 says:
Jeph Loeb made a name for himself on DC, writing Hush and Long Halloween. Both companies are corporate whores and treat readers and creators like crap. Not sure what makes you think DC is so great compared to Marvel, they're both killing the comics industry. DC is owned by Warner and Marvel is owned by Disney, neither corporation are gonna win any humanitarian awards.

Posted on 27 May 2012 11:11:27 BDT
Adam Jemmett says:
I don't see why DC had to do the new 52 stuff. Thought it would have made better sense to do something like Marvel did with the Ultimate Universe, especially if DC wanted to bring in newer readers and not crap on the people who have followed them all this time. Or, even more simply, maybe something like Marvel's Point One that requires no reboot or retcon whatsoever.

Again, this is all so subjective. Some people may think they are both crap, but it doesn't mean they are, just like I feel that the indies are so over-rated, and again that only means that is how I feel.
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