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In reply to an earlier post on 19 Sep 2010 08:52:22 BDT
My last post has crossed with yours, Mr Hodder.
Some good advice in your last post. I still don't get why it is negligent to stand a camera up. My Canon compact has little pips on the base to act as little feet. This implies to me that the practice is acceptable. I'm sure Canon would give it a rounded base or issue a warning if this were not the case.
No doubt they do not believe Ariadov and I doubt they would take the trouble to forensically examine the electronics to find the truth. Thats why I suggested a threat - it shows he or she means business. A nice letter to the CEO may be a good idea firstlt though.
I too have found Jessops to be good when faced with a warranty claim.

Posted on 21 Sep 2010 12:15:35 BDT
To Doctor G. Austin.

A comment in your latest post could well point to a solution regarding the stable resting positions for cameras. Presumably, it may not be too much to ask for manufacturers to put feet or runners (ridges) on the backs of their cameras. After all, the fronts of the instruments are shaped for the hand to fit comfortably around so I cannot see why the back of the camera cannot be suitably shaped both for ergonomics and protecting the rear screen respectively. One camera in particular that I have handled had the back shaped for the thumb to rest in. It surely wouldn't cost any extra to do so. Quite a few items of electronic equipment that I have handled have two sets of feet, one for setting them down upright and another for laying them over flat in their operating positions. To keep the screens on my cameras, mobile 'phone and iPad clean I carry a quite cheap micro-fibre cleaning cloth. These cloths are available in Tesco in packs of three, and it was actually Apple who recommended them to me. Apart from the cleaning function the cloth can act as a mat to lay things on. There is, of course, the precaution to take to make sure that the cloth does not pick up any nasty little sharp particles. Belkin make a lift up shade which is designed to fit on the back of small cameras and this has the added advantage that it protects the viewing screen when it is down. The snag with those as I see it though is that I believe they are self adhesive, and that would probably be an extra encouragement for a dealer or manufacturer to wriggle out of a warranty. If Ariadov has a Maplin store nearby, they sell a small mat which is designed to go onto a car dashboard so that it is possible to put a mobile 'phone on it and keep it in place whilst driving. Perhaps one of those could be an idea for carrying around to put under the camera. What I certainly do not recommend is putting a mobile 'phone inside a car windscreen though, because even when the vehicle is moving, it can be heated by the sun, and also it is only too easy to get out of the car and forget about the 'phone and have someone break in to steal it. As an extra, I do have a "Keepit Clean" Macbook Cleaning Kit which I bought from Apple and that is excellent for cleaning filters as well. Absolutely smear free and supplied with its own cloth. Maybe just a little bulky compared with the small sprays but much better. Although your camera has small pip-like feet, it still does make sense to lay it flat because there is always the possibility of it falling over. Truthfully, I can only go by my own experience and what I have been taught. When I carry my EOS1Ds in its case it is actually laid on its back, but I am very careful to make sure that there is nothing underneath it that could damage it. These days I tend to be more careful because of costly mistakes in the past.

When I was a child. both my parents had folding Kodak cameras, and it was probably because of those that I was used to seeing cameras laid down. However, when I was in my late teens I had a 35mm. camera, and one evening I was cleaning it and left it stood on its base with its back open on a small table. For no apparent reason it just rolled off of the table and fell on to the hard floor. My own fault because even though I had had it dinned into me by my parents that I must put things properly on to a table or shelf, that time I did not do it. Fortunately, I did have the camera insured, and after it had been repaired by Agfa, it came back looking brand new and, as a bonus I did not really deserve, I actually got better results from it. In the case of Ariadov's accident, neither the extension of the lens nor the force with which it operates are that great, so I do think that it was probably too near the edge of the table and only needed just a little (gentle) nudge to topple it over.

Dr. Austin, you tend to be just a little pedantic like me. (Or as the say in Bristol, "like wot I am") Your point about what is or is not a DSLR is well noted. AND I STAND CORRECTED SIR! Truthfully though, I am very grateful to you because I prefer to be accurate so I thank you very much for that and for taking the trouble to read my post. Again, grateful thanks. The advertisement by which Panasonic publicised the GH1 last year did leave me with the wrong impression, hence the misnomer. There are many good points to the Panasonic GH1, one of which is that the screen does fold away when not in use, and that might again be something that other manufacturers could emulate. While we are on the subject of Panasonic, you did take me to task for putting the name in capital letters. The reason for that was that a lady correspondent had written "Panersonic" and I wondered if she was joking, so I spelled it correctly in upper case just to emphasise it. Many Bristolians say Panersonic! Your comment to me about my EOS1Ds in which you quite rightly point out that the problem cannot be construed as a manufacturing fault is quite correct. Not for one moment would I even consider claiming that. But again, fortunately, I have taken out (as I recommend to everyone) extra warranty and insurance so I am covered by that. None of us can understand how just two pins in the middle of just one of the two rows of pins got bent. Everyone, including me, thinks that both rows should be affected. This afternoon I was in my local John Lewis store and I was talking to one of the partners there who is a real expert on photography and told him what had happened. Apparently, the person who compiles the groups news information has just had exactly the same thing happen to his canon 400D! What a coincidence!

When I was in John Lewis, a thought occurred to me which might help Ariadov. The Canon technical representative for this area is very often in either John Lewis or Jessops. Perhaps it may be possible for Ariadov, if there is a Canon expert in either his local Jessops or other photographic outlet, to get acquainted with such a person and appeal to his or her better nature to find out if something can be done as a matter of goodwill. It could be well worth trying. It was fortunate for me that our Canon man was in Jessops one day because I had ordered a Canon wide angle zoom lens the same as one of the partners in John Lewis had bought, and which had such a glowing report in a journal where the author said that from the tests that they had made, the lens was so good that it should be rated as an "L" series lens. It was also quite modestly priced. When the lens came in to Jessops and at the time I went in to collect it, Canon man was there. What I did not understand was why he asked me which camera I was buying it for because he knew that I had the EOS1Ds. Then he dropped his bombshell. The lens was, in fact, an EFS lens and as such was not suitable for my camera because of the camera having a full size sensor, and had I put the lens in the camera, the sensor would have been smashed. Ouch! How did the Canon man know? Because he had done exactly that himself though fortunately for him it was a firm's camera and he did not have to pay for the repair.

Whilst in John Lewis, I did make partner "Big John" (as he is known) laugh because I said to him that I had ordered a Canon 5D body just to "tide me over". "What" he said, "just spent two and a half grand just to tide you over"? Actually he was quoting the price nearer for a complete outfit instead of body only, it was a lot less than that.

A lot of what I have said I do realise is not going to help Ariadov, but maybe there is just something of use. All I wish is that I could be in a position to be of practical help, but there we are.

David Hodder.

In reply to an earlier post on 21 Sep 2010 15:35:55 BDT
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I wholeheartedly agree about extended warranties. I had a Canon break after only 2 years and I had to take it on the chin. When the Pentax went wrong the warranty covered repairs and ultimately the replacement of the camera.
I hadn't spotted the spelling mistake in Panasonic - I was hoping you had an amusing acronym such as Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious (Lotus) or Fix It Again Tomorrow, Fart In A Teacup (FIAT).
I'm pleased your camera pins will be repaired - how very odd that they could bend in the first place.

In reply to an earlier post on 26 Sep 2010 00:49:19 BDT
Iīve had exactly the same problem with my 8 month old ixus. I took it back to the shop where I purchased it. No, apparently itīs my fault, I must have dropped it. Itīs a write off. I was so pissed off at this, that when I left the shop, I violently twisted the extended lens to the left, and gave it a sharp tap on the pavement. Hey presto, back working, minus lens ring and a wobbly lens! Not good value as I now have a camera that seems to have a mind of itīs own and will have to be held very still.
Needing a good point and shoot I ordered a Lumix TZ7 from Amazon on 16th Sept. Arrived here in Spain 22nd Sept. With great anticipation I opened the box. Alas in it was a book I ordered at the same time, and a load of packing paper! No camera! In panic I contacted Amazon immediately, got an unintelligable stock email from them, that you canīt reply to, but they have posted me a camera, due here (in Spain) next week. Thank you Amazon, no question asked, no backing out of responsibility. That saved me any more stress or hassle. I hope the Lumix lives up to itīs reputation. The book I got is great.
I wasnīt all that pleased with the Canon ixus 120 is. Had problems with focus on the zoom. I got better pictures from my first digital camera which I bought in 2004 for a trip to Sri Lanka. It was an Olympus mju 300. A great tough little camera. Lens never got stuck, never gave ma days bother, and took great pictures. I lost it in a house robbery in 2007. Since then Iīve had a Fuji V10 (I think), also stolen and then the Ixus. Trolling through my photo libary, many places, many countries, the photos from the Olympus stand out for quality. Can this little toughie become a retro classic. I want another one!
Meanwhile I eagerly await the TZ7. Tough test next weekend as there is a huge Festival on the Spanish village where I live. Wish I had the Olympus as a back up!

In reply to an earlier post on 28 Sep 2010 11:16:55 BDT
That's interesting: my oldish Olympus F340 is better at focussing than my Canon Powershot a1100.

In reply to an earlier post on 2 Oct 2010 13:17:57 BDT
P. Storey says:
could you not get a card reader for around Ģ10 to transfer pictures to the computer and continue using the D60 still? It just means the free software included with the camera wont work but there are some free bits that would probably do what you wanted if you search on the internet.

Posted on 2 Oct 2010 13:30:33 BDT
P. Storey says:
Having used a variety of cameras over the years from the old Fujifilm z601, Canon Ixus's , Nikon D60 & D80s, etc I dont have a problem with Canon at all and find there customer service nothing short of superb.

I now run a small but growing digital media production house and have a Canon EOS 7D & 5D as nothing can touch them on the filming side of things. The quality of both cameras is great, especially considering the amount of abuse they go through. For example in April we went out to a Ski resort in France to film for a kids charity and the cameras had no problems at all, even when we left one out all night on the balcony running a timelapse at -10 Degrees, and they certainly took abuse due to my over confident skiing at times!

I have also used an ixus pocket camera a few years ago skiing which suffered from the rear screen getting a few black pixel clusters (happened to a Fuji few years previous as well) due to the high altitude and conditions, it returned back to normal a week after returning though (they dont have the weatherproof body so cant blame the manufacturer for that)

Recently when the pins got bent on the card slot, I took it down to the Canon Service centre in Borehamwood, left it there, got a call a few days later saying they could fix it for a lot less than I thought. Several days after I went and collected it again and they had also cleaned the sensor etc and left happy.

Right now we have no choice but to use the Canons due to the filming abilities but then I wouldnt want to use anything else at the minute. Saying that, I have never had bad service from any of the other companies either apart from when returning a Casio camera and as mentioned previously, that could have been a one off and wont judge them on one incident as the camera was generally really good.

Posted on 2 Oct 2010 14:37:51 BDT
Another photographer whose pins became bent in the card slot! How did you bend them? and how much were you charged?
I'm pleased that Canon have blessed you with good service. As I have pointed out before this thread would not exist if everyone had had your experience.

In reply to an earlier post on 3 Oct 2010 15:40:28 BDT
P. Storey says:
Regards how the pins got bent, we have no idea! Some of my team went off to do some filming, came back and let us know what had happened but didnt know how it happened. When they were bent, I tested and you cant even put the card in incorrectly to bend the pins! There was no evidence on the memory cards as to why either! As luck would have it we had extra equipment on the job anyway (which is common sense in our line of work really) so was just an inconvinience rather than a major problem

The cost to repair was around Ģ140 I think which was way below our expectations and the repair was carried out very quickly. I had been priced around Ģ350 by a company in central London who told me it was the entire circuit board that needs to be replaced, wheras Canon charged less and explained it was the card slot only that needs replacing but takes a little while to strip down, replace, rebuild and test but for Ģ140 instead of Ģ350 made me happy!

Posted on 3 Oct 2010 21:13:12 BDT
David Hodder had a similar experience where his pins became inexplicably bent over. How very odd - it would be interesting to know if there is a fault.

Posted on 19 Nov 2010 11:43:54 GMT
Last edited by the author on 19 Nov 2010 14:22:37 GMT
Daddy G says:
There seems to be a lot of vitriol about how Canon are bad and it's implied that despite the vast majority of people having good service everyone should steer clear of them. With respect the title of this thread could just as easily be 'never buy Nikon' or 'never buy Sony' or 'never buy Panasonic' etc! Customer service departments are manned by humans that have good and bad days, that's human nature. The rules for each company guiding those customer service staff are set to give defined parameters to enable black and white thinking should they need to draw the line somewhere. I don't know the circumstances of any of these particular complaints but, for example, if the customer services operative had already taken several bad calls that day they would be less inclined to be tollerant of the next caller. And if that caller had been or become more aggressive than assertive (we've all been there and it's not a criticism before I get some sarcastic remark back!) due to them feeling there has been an injustice then they would be more likely to get a 'Company Policy' type line back rather than a sympathetic 'it's out of waranty really but I'll tell you what I can do for you' approach. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but it happens.

There will always be brand loyalty and with that loyalty comes tollerance. You become more forgiving than you would without it. And we all have our favourites, there is no right or wrong just personal choice.

Let's be honest, of the millions of products sold worldwide from all of the camera manufacturers there will be problems. Some of those problems will be similar or the same. That's the law of averages. That doesn't mean there is a generic problem. And it certainly doesn't mean it's a brand problem. I'm all up for complaining but one needs to be objective. To say 'I've had a bad experience therefore they are rubbish and no one should ever use them again' is condemning a company based on one person's, or a handful of people's, experience. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but at the end of the day it is just that, their opinion and should only be used as part of the process to help somone make their own mind up. It should be factual rather than finger pointing and speculative. I don't know any company that has a perfect track record for products or customer service. but for every one person that has a negative experience, with whatever product and whatever manufacturer/retailer, there are going to be tens if not hundreds of thousands of people having extremely positive ones.

Let's just keep it all in perspective.

In reply to an earlier post on 19 Nov 2010 22:15:36 GMT
D G - you are obviously a Canon fan, and a fortunate one at that. Do you work for them directly or indirectly?
You are correct that this thread could just as easily be don't buy Nikon, Sony etc.........except it isn't. Now maybe there is a reason for that and maybe it's just bad luck for Canon that their customers have had enough of their mean spiritedness.
Similarly, as you say: "Let's be honest, of the millions of products sold worldwide from all of the camera manufacturers there will be problems." You know this is true, so do I and so too do Canon. They know they will make a proportion of duff products and in order to maintain their good name they should make allowance for it instead of taking such a harsh view time and again as evidenced from this site. Perhaps Nikon are either better quality products or take ownership of their problems? Perhaps Canon could learn from them?
As to customer service staff having off days - I say what customer service staff? All my contact was via Email. Can one speak to a human in the Canon world?
I have found that people, customers, remember the efforts to put things right long after the actual fault has been forgotten. A bit more generosity and understanding from Canon and they would have a thread entitled "Always buy Canon".

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Nov 2010 00:38:17 GMT
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Well the Lumix TZ7 arrived safely... and what a great camera. I just canīt get over the quality of the photos compared to the Canon Ixus. Quick and reliable auto focus. Makes great videos, and is all round the best point and shoot, that Iīve had the pleasure to own.
If you read my last post you will have noticed my undying love for my first digital. An Olympus mju 300. Well on ebay I found a man in the U.K. selling his family mju400 as he upgraded. Alas, how could I resist, so launched into the bidding. 30 pounds and it was mine. This camera arrived a few days later, in itīs original box, all the leads in their original little bags, and not a single mark or scratch, not even on the box! This camera has a beautiful metal body and is really tough. I dropped mine on three different continents and it never faltered. It got wet, frozen, roasted, and of course reguarly dropped. Well Iīm a happy man now . The Lumix for taking great photos in all sorts of situations from fast moving vehicles to standing on your head! And the old retro Olympus does the same thing! Thank you ebay man in the U.K. for a wonderful camera for 30 pounds! Not a Canon in sight!

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Nov 2010 18:36:14 GMT
Daddy G says:
Dr G, I can see we differ in our opinions. I'll try to answer your questions or points raised (forgive me if I do not capture them all). I've never worked in any capacity for Canon and I wouldn't consider myself a fan of any consumer brand. Yes I have Canon products. I also have Hitachi, Panasonic, Sony and a number of other branded products. I have also owned Nikon, Pentax and Ricoh 35mm slrs, a Hasselblad Medium format camera and a number of film and digital compacts from most of the manufacturers. If a product offers the right choice of quality, functions, ability and price then I would be more than happy to exchange hard earned cash for their products. I've had problems with some but this wouldn't stop me from choosing their products again should they fit my requirements best. This would be merely cutting off my nose to spite my face. And yes, some of the products I've had have been trouble free, one of those being Canon (I'll save you the trouble - yes bully for me!) and another being Nikon. The manufacturer I have had the most trouble with is Sony. Would this stop me buying their products? No.

I accept the title of this thread is 'never buy canon!' I respect the fact that people have the right to express their views or complain should they receive poor service. I know I certainly would. All I'm saying is it can be done without the vitriol and venom of some of the comments. And to make a statement like "maybe it's just bad luck for Canon that their customers have had enough of their mean spiritedness" implies, by the very words written, that ALL or the majority of Canon's customers are turning against them in some mass revolt when in fact we're talking of a relative handful. And your statement "Perhaps Nikon are either better quality products or take ownership of their problems? Perhaps Canon could learn from them?" also implies Nikon never have similar complaints. I find this very hard to believe. And before we go down the route of being told there is no such thread on Amazon, this website is not the centre of the consumer universe. There are other forums and discussion platforms out there! And I am against them too for the same reason. They are not constructive ways of trying to bring to bear the very powerful weight of the consumer masses. They are just places to whinge, whine and spout venom that has no place in reasoned, persuasive and constructive debate.

As for "As to customer service staff having off days - I say what customer service staff? All my contact was via Email. Can one speak to a human in the Canon world?" I think you'll find most replies are not computer generated and it is the customer service department that deals with all such emails. And if you really wanted to speak to someone I'm sure it's not beyond your abilities to get a phone number and call them up, even just to complain about the content of their emails! It depends on whether you truly want to resolve it or just whinge to others about it.

In answer to "I have found that people, customers, remember the efforts to put things right long after the actual fault has been forgotten" I wholeheartedly agree with you. But I have also found that whatever lengths you go to to help, some people will never be happy with the service afforded them.

Finally in answer to "A bit more generosity and understanding from Canon and they would have a thread entitled "Always buy Canon". " I'm not sure I would necessarily agree with you there. I think you will find people are more ready to condemn than praise.

There are a number of replies to this thread, and others, that disagree completely with the sentiments stated in the title but these are then flippantly discarded with remarks like "well bully for you". This fact alone clearly shows that people are not interested in hearing anything positive to counter the argument nor do they have open minds in the debate. They have a view that they will argue is right even should they be faced with irrefutable proof that it is the exception rather than the rule. And you can't argue or have a reasoned, intelligent debate with a closed mind.

Very lastly, it's funny how this fundamental and catastrophic failing of Canon hasn't reached the photographic press and been written about in the photographic magazines. Surely if they were truly that awful it would be written about in all of the magazines. It seems quite the opposite at the moment with all the awards they are winning. That is until the next Canon busting Nikon is released. Canon globally turnover Ģ23.8 billion. If they only have a handful (proportionately) of problems I'd call that a success!!

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Nov 2010 20:12:05 GMT
Another lengthy sermon from Daddio. I don't recognise your repeated comment about "a lot of vitriol". Examples? By the way if you are looking for an argument don't bother; I don't give a fig about your comments. I didn't name this site by the way so no point you arguing with me about that. You are clearly a Canon fanboy and don't care about all those who have lost money buying dud canon cameras - practically all of them compacts by the way. You are just miffed because numbers of people have dished the dirt on your beloved Canon. Maybe you sleep with it? I neither know nor care.
I spent Ģ300+ pounds on a Canon camera which turned its toes up after 22 months. That is shameful. We agree that all manufacturers have duds but whereas you are happy for customers to lump the costs I believe Canon et al should also recognise this is inevitable and compensate those unfortunate enough to have suffered from their poor quality. Toyota and BMW and SAAB have just suffered expensive recalls but Toyota have gained respect for the way they dealt with potential problems. Canon could learn from them too.
Actually most people have contributed to this thread to say they have had no trouble but not in the sorts of overwhelming numbers which would convince me that there is not a problem with Canon policy on faulty cameras.

Posted on 21 Nov 2010 11:59:31 GMT
Topsy says:
Dr. G. Austin. I thank you for your continued wit and wisdom on this thread. Who would have thought it would still be an ongoing problem as by now Canon (A supposedly wonderful manufacturer of compact cameras etc.) could have improved their customer service and now it would be new discussion "Always buy a Canon!" You may get a duff one but never mind there is always the reliable helpful customer support! Snowballs in hell come to mind. These posts have almost... but not quite.... made my experience with Canon bearable! Thank heavens I was one of the "lucky" people that took out cover /insurance on my purchase from Argos and although they could not get anywhere with Canon and were bemused by the situation I was totally reimbursed. Please keep up the good work on the behalf of myself and others that are unable reply in such an articulate way. I have since purchased a Panasonic FZ-38 and for my needs it is perfect.

In reply to an earlier post on 21 Nov 2010 13:20:09 GMT
Dear Topsy,
I'm pleased you are happy with the Pana FZ-38. Luckily I still have my Olympus for when my little Canon lets me down by discharging the battery over night.

In reply to an earlier post on 21 Nov 2010 14:37:55 GMT
Daddy G says:
Dr(?) Austen, your response just goes to confirm all that I say in my posts, that one cannot have a reasoned and intelligent discussion with someone like you that has a closed mind. You just tiringly repeat the same points and do not address the valid arguments that find fundamental flaws in your ideas. As such I find it unfair to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person!

Just three final points on your post.

1) I'm glad you acknowledge that most of the people that have contributed to this thread have said they have no trouble with the brand. But if you want a response in the numbers you are talking about then you need to put it to a wider audience and not the captive audience that is likely to respond to a thread with a title such as this. I feel you wouldn't do this though as I know deep down you know what the response would be.

2) "By the way if you are looking for an argument don't bother; I don't give a fig about your comments" - You obviously do otherwise you wouldn't have responded.

3) Dr(?) - I question you either having a Ph.D. or having attained the necessary qualifications to become a medical doctor for this one statement (it stood out from some of the other immature drivel you have written) - "You are just miffed because numbers of people have dished the dirt on your beloved Canon. Maybe you sleep with it?" - This, you will pleased to know, had me in tears of laughter. I haven't heard phrases like that since I left primary school. It just reaffirmed to me that I was dealing with someone of a rather puerile and immature mind that had neither the capability or intelligence to process any information other than that which fuels their own focused, negative views.

If you're accusing me of having a positive outlook on life then yes, I am guilty! But I don't see this as a bad thing! On the other hand, however, it seems you are accusing me of some kind of relationship with my camera. To this I can only say you have some serious issues that need professional help now before they get out of hand!

I look forward to your response as your attempts at reasoned articulation do make me chuckle!

Posted on 21 Nov 2010 17:46:35 GMT
Never a dull moment with Saddio. Now he is resorting to risible insults. But hey! I made you laugh with my last post so you can't just be a humourless self righteous sycophant of Canon. If I amused you then I'm glad to be of service.
As for your silly little insults who's being puerile now? And you quoted me selectively in order to justify your juvenile jibe. You can check my qualifications out on the net if you want. I'm not in the habit of hiding my identity behind some dull soubriquet like some hectoring bully who throws insults anonymously. I retract that last point if you are THE Daddy G of course (respect) but if so wonder why you haven't something better to do while in South America? It would explain why you are unconcerned about the cost of Canons breaking down of course. There again if you aren't the real Daddy G then I think you should stop impersonating him.
Luckily you (say you) have made your last three points (if only) so perhaps you will do me the honour of piping down for a while.

In reply to an earlier post on 21 Nov 2010 19:48:31 GMT
Daddy G says:
You've got some real anger issues!

In reply to an earlier post on 21 Nov 2010 19:57:24 GMT
Please give an example of something I said which indicated I was angry. I find it quite amusing when an adversary resorts to metaphorical hair pulling.
It seems to me you have run out of ideas so now you are fishing to get a rise out of me. Well bad luck!
Chin up!

Posted on 22 Nov 2010 01:19:30 GMT
So far 32 people have contributed to this thread, begun by Mr Miles, whose Canon failed after 2 months.
In all eleven people have posted with complaints about Canon so called customer service and one has praised said customer service. Twenty have reported no problem of whom three have been vehemently pro Canon/anti this thread and two were happy to pay for repairs to newish equipment. Generally these were the most verbose - David Hodder and Daddy G spring to mind.
Of the antis, I suggest that it is no good appealing to those who have lost significant amounts of money to see reason and agree than Canon have behaved impecably. It would be like posting to a kidney dialysis support site that your kidneys are OK so why the fuss?
So leaving aside those repesenting the undoubted majority who have had no problem there are 11 complaints against Canon customer service and a single endorsement. Interesting.

Posted on 26 Nov 2010 17:26:45 GMT
Stixman says:
We bought a Canon camcorder after our daughter was born, 16 years ago. It's been dropped, bashed about and done many miles, but still refuses to give up, with still a great sound and picture! Other family members in this time have tried all the other "top" names imaginable, and have changed at least 4 or 5 times in the same period.

We have since bought a Canon mini dv camcorder, and this was dropped after my wife was rudely pushed at an event. The flip out screen actually cracked unfortunately, but still works well through the viewfinder. We can't expect Canon to fix it, and would be unechonomical to repair the screen, but the sound and picture are still great.

I also bought a Canon Power Shot S2 IS some years ago when it first came out. This too has had a hammering, dropped many times in a flimsy soft material case, but has performed well until now, despite a not too-easy menu system, yet I would still highly recommend it.

All this to say, in my experience, I rate Canon highly, having also bought one of their superb printers. In case you are wondering, I do not work for Canon, nor even know where they are based, but I won't look at any other product that are sold in their product range. It's possible to have bad experiences with any brand once in a while, but as for me, I can only speak as I find, as I have never had to deal with their service department, so I cannot comment.

In reply to an earlier post on 26 Nov 2010 18:34:40 GMT
Great to hear your happy tale Stixman and in particular that you have not had to try to deal with Canon's customer service. The way you describe the abuse you give your cameras you should be very grateful. Maybe I should have kicked my Canon Power Shot S2 IS around; careful treatment didn't stop it going wrong. Seriously though, everyone knows a proportion of all consumer goods can and will go wrong - its inevitable when you turn out items by the thousand. If yours don't break then fine but if they do and then the customer care department can't care less I think that is a factor which should be pointed out.
If Canons are so good then the number of unhappy customers like me must be very low so the cost of being reasonable, or even charitable, would be negligible and would soon go viral resulting in excellent publicity. When my S2 went wrong after only 22 months though and I got the brush off from customer disservice I felt that was unreasonable. A Ģ300 camera should last longer than that and if not they should help with the repair - simply because they know as well as we do that mass produced items have a certain failure rate. Once I found a roll of old Agfa transparency film at least 15 years out of date. I used it in a pre war Baldax (still works BTW) with no coating. Agfa sent a new roll with apologies for the deterioration of the old film - quite unnecessarily and because they are a good firm. Canon sell a lot of cameras and may have become contemptuous of the general public.
I also have a Canon printer and its very good for little cost but I had to junk one of their fax machines because the paper feed was so poor. I also have a small Canon compact but it eats batteries. So a) you can't accuse me of not giving Canon a fair trial and b) my experience with their products can honestly be described as far less than should be expected.

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Debbie says:
I know exactly how you feel and we are by no means alone. My new ixus broke after just 7 months. It was sent off for repair only for me to be told that they wont as it has corroded internally. How?! It has barely been used, has always been kept in a case, hasn't seen any water. They actually had the nerve to say it can be caused by sunshine! Its a camera! Aren't be supposed to use them in nice weather?! Obviously not if you have a Canon one!
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