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Cramming in Superheroes at an alarming rate

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Initial post: 5 Dec 2013 11:30:14 GMT
So news....

The Amazing Spiderman 2 will feature 3 villains we know now.

Rhino, who now seems to have some sort of mechanised Rhino suit which looks a bit naff, Electro which everyone knew and he seems to be the main villain and also the Green Goblin, or a prortype version of him, which will be Harry and not Norman Osbournbe keeping with the feel of Spectacular spider Man they went for in first film.

Goblin looks wrong again for me, but we need to see the finished product.

Also Ist been announced that Wonder Woamn will also appear in the next DC movie, which looks more like Justice league: How they all met now.

so we have Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman and also rumoured that Nightwing is also in the movie. who knows if Aquman may turn up as well

It seems like the success of avengers has made them all wnat to cram in as many as they can it=nto one movie, but I think they are failing to relaise that Marvel gave all the avengers 1-2 Origin movies as well. DC seem to want to jump straight in, remember that when MOS was filming Avengers had not been released so its likely they changed startegy based on its success.

Oh and also avnegers 2 will feature 2 new heroes also, the Twins Quicksilver and Scarlet witch have been cast and announced as being in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Plus we have Xmen coming as well as a remake of the Fantastic Four from Fox as well.

Superhero overload commencing.

Posted on 5 Dec 2013 11:50:15 GMT
kinjoking says:
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In reply to an earlier post on 5 Dec 2013 13:10:42 GMT
Nolans was a great triology, but Marvel have to be commended for creating a comic book universe on the screen, both big and small, with the news of new TV series based around the less popular heroes and the movie plan which leads right up to Avengers 3. Its something never attempted before and the success of it has every other studio trying to copy it as quickly as possible, this si going to result in a bloated super hero schedule though

Next year we get:

Amazing Spider-Man 2
Cap America Winter soldier
X men days of future past
Guardians of the Galaxy

Year after its

Avengers 2
Justice League thing MOS 2
Ant Man
Fantastic 4

Thats a lot of movies and its due to the studios that own Xmen and FF and spider man having to keep making movies or Marvel/Disney get the rights back and can start to bring them into their universe.

One Im most dissapointed with is Fantastic four as Fox have no idea what to do with it, and they would fit so well into the current Marvel Universe.

Though I think spider-man would be far better under Marvel as well

Posted on 5 Dec 2013 13:33:18 GMT
kinjoking says:
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In reply to an earlier post on 5 Dec 2013 14:27:15 GMT
I do like comic book movies, but I like them done right, and I think so far Marvel are doing their right and Nolan did with Batman, the rest are making some very big mistakes IMO.

Surely you must have liked the Avengers?

For me a better movie than even Dark Knight rises in the same year.

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Dec 2013 15:47:41 GMT
I know what you mean but im getting as bored with the obsession 'hollywood' has with zombies as much as with comic book super-heroes.

In reply to an earlier post on 6 Dec 2013 14:20:31 GMT
kinjoking says:
i cant get onboard with any superhoro movies, a lot is due to the fact that 99% of them are all CGI and it does my head in.

Kev- u can never have too many zombies, as long as theyre the walking dead kind, not the Warm bodies kind lol

Posted on 9 Dec 2013 02:11:03 GMT
Last edited by the author on 9 Dec 2013 02:13:49 GMT
I can't help thinking it'll reach a tipping point of saturation. But I'm 100% aware that these films are very well made popcorn blockbusters. They're not going to reinvent cinema. But you pay your money, sit down and it'll throw everything that modern blockbusters can throw at you. Job done. Nothing wrong with that IMO. As entertainment it's pretty good bang for your buck. If it doesn't appeal don't go and watch it, there's millions of kids, teens and young adults at heart who all they want is that experience from a night out at the cinema.

"but I like them done right, "

@Cam: The thing is, I'm not even sure what done right means. I thought Thor was awful, Captain America was fun but it never really sets out its Universe particularly well so when it asks us to go with it as it fully diverges from our reality I found it jarring. Avengers had some good moments but it also had some really terrible moments, Iron Man 1 was great but IMO the next 2 more relied on its memory than built on it. However I'd happily watch them all again if it's a rainy Sunday and they came on the telly. So does that mean they've been done right or not?
I guess what you mean (correct me if wrong) is that they're not introducing the individual characters well, ie giving the fully drawn put origin stories. But maybe they don't have to. In fact maybe that's missing the point. The trailer to these films is really all anybody needs to know whether they want to go and see it. Throw the FX at the screen for thirty seconds and people, especially those likely to go and watch them, will be curious. I'm not sure if the origin stories of any of the Avengers makes the film any better tbh. The Hulk I think is a good example of this.

If anything maybe it's a good way to test which characters the public are actually interested in If people come out saying character X was brilliant they can then kick off from there. Rather than spend millions and millions and hope it's a character the public will enjoy.

Again as always Cam, just my opinion, I'm happy to be wrong.

Posted on 9 Dec 2013 07:58:42 GMT
Wayne says:
The superhero genre of films could go on forever. As long as the production values are kept high then I'm happy. I'd like to see more writers and directors dip into the actual comics/graphic novels for stories though. There's some fantastic comic book stories that would look great on screen and instead of simply taking inspiration from the comic stories why not try and recreate them.

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Dec 2013 12:13:37 GMT
Well it's just opinion isn't it. I like the standalone back stories and I thought Marvel did them all very true to their roots in the comics and the more they move away from comics into their own vision the less they work for me generally?

Btw fox are in on it now, they've announced the next x men film will be Apocalypse who was possible the best villain in the comics arguably, also they plan to link the x men and fantastic 4 universes up also?

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Dec 2013 12:14:39 GMT
Surely that's what Marvel are doing though Wayne it's clearly leading up to the infinity stones story?

Posted on 9 Dec 2013 14:30:29 GMT
Wayne says:
None of marvels films have been directly taken from any graphic novel. They've all been stand alone stories with the odd reference to events in the comics. The next xmen film will be the closest we've had as its main story has been adapted directly from a well known comic event story, although it's still had changes here and there.

I think most writers and directors just want to stamp there own mark over their product and feel that adapting someone elses story doesn't make them stand out. Fair enough I suppose but its still frustrating as I know so many stories that would look awesome on screen.

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Dec 2013 14:41:22 GMT
Ant Man sounds a little ... uninspiring lol
I'm not big on superhero movies, I like X-Men though. Some more origin stories would be pretty cool. But then saying that I remember enjoying Wolverine, but can't remember the film >.<
I prefer the comic adaptations like Sin City, 300 and Priest. Preacher is also getting made now which hopefully will be as good as the comics. It would be cool to see some more obscure comics hit the big screen.

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Dec 2013 14:43:16 GMT
I'm bored of the zombies now as well. Last couple years it was vampires, now it seems everyone's turning their hand at zombies. And I'm old fashioned, I like my zombies shuffling not running.

Posted on 9 Dec 2013 14:51:01 GMT
I was a big neigh sayer for the Spider-man reboot, pointless was my cry, i really liked Raimi's movies (well 1 & 2). However in the end I really enjoyed it, i saw past the daft mechanical web shooters and just enjoyed the film. A film that had just one main villian and was all in all, toned down when compared to Raimi's over cluttered mess that was Spidey 3.

So what do they do with Amazing Spiderman 2, shoe horn in 3 villians again !!. If Spidey 3 was not reason enough not to do this, then Nolan's Dark Knight films and The Avengers should of proved one good baddie is better than a load of meciocre ones.

Maybe ill be wrong again, it has some great actors playing this trio of nasties, lets just hope its not Spidey 3 again.

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Dec 2013 16:03:34 GMT
Thor 1 is loosely based on a comic and so is Thor 2.

Cap am is almost a direct copy of his Origin story and later thaw out

Iron Man is almost a rehash of his origin story

Avengers is loosely based on 2 different things mixed i.e. Loki as the Villain and the one where the aliens invade, cant remeber their name but was not Chitauri and they were very different.

AVnegers 2 is going to be loosely based on the many Ultron comics arks and it looks like Avengers 3 will be Infinirty stones war or something similar?

Not bang on, but enough based on the comics to have the same themes and feel for me.

Bat Begins was based on both Batman Year one and another I cant recall.

Dark Knight was half the killingjoke and half the Halloween one.

DKR was half knightfall and half the Dark Knight Returns.

The Amazing spider man was almost a copy of the first Spectacular spider Man story

Xmen I hope will be good and I am pleased they are attempting Apocalypse next, not so pleased they plan to merge it with the FF universe which to me fits far better within the current Marvel universe, but hey ho, rights and all that.

Personally I love comic book movies so for me i take them as I find them, and one person view wont neccessariuly match anothers.

I thought Wolverine would be cool as it was the silver Samurai story, I enjoyed the movie somewhat, but was not that similar to the comic and IMO not quite as good.

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Dec 2013 16:06:16 GMT
I think Ant Man, might be as good as Iron Man one was if they get the character right and get the humour in it and also some of the gritty issues Pym has to deal with, whilst not quite pushing the spouse abuse of certain comics?

Guardians is going to be completely out there and different to probably anything we've had yet also and for me the New Cap am film looks awesome and sems to follow the rough story of the Winter Soldier comics. But thats just viewing the Trailer.

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Dec 2013 16:14:05 GMT
"I thought Wolverine would be cool as it was the silver Samurai story, I enjoyed the movie somewhat, but was not that similar to the comic and IMO not quite as good. "

Ive not seen the film, but just from the posters I cant help but wonder why Wolverine would need a samari sword ?

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Dec 2013 16:15:42 GMT
Must admit I was fine with it until I saw the design for Rhino and Goblin, which both look badly designed again for me, I also though t the worst thing about TAS was Lizards look, there are big reasons for this though and not for good movie making.

If sony create a different look for a character then they can selel the toys and merchandise etc. If the look is too close top Marvel Traditions then Disney can bring out toys and merchandise which look like the movie without mentioning it. Thats the only reason I can think why the Character models look so different to the (For me) better original designs.

Fox dont do this so much and maybe therefore they don't make as much money or Disney get a bigger slice of the Merchandising for the X men characters?

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Dec 2013 16:17:26 GMT
LOL, well he doe snot really, but he does use one in the end and there is a reason.

Its not bad TBH, better than Wolverine Origins, I just did not like the final Silver Samurai and thought he could have been a bit better.

But honestly its not too bad at all as a standalone movie and the sneak peek sets up the new X Men film also.

Posted on 13 Dec 2013 15:29:34 GMT
So further to the recent news about Fox wanting to create a Universe franchise with Xmen and FF and DC known plans to go all Justice League. (Rumour is Darkseid will be Villain or Introduced at least).

What's Sony up to?

Yes they are at it as well, but they only have Spider-man I hear you say. Exactly, it seems like Sony will build a Universe Franchise out of only Spider-Man characters. TASM 3 has already been green lit before the 2nd is out.

Add to that Sony have now announced that there will be a Venom Movie on its own (No spider-Man) and also a Sinister Six Movie without Spidey as well. Better watch out Marvel here comes Sony??? NO??? thought not.

This is of course to prevent Marvel from reacquiring the rights to Spidey by continuing to make movies at a high rate.

What's Marvels response, it seems like the deal Sony have is for Movies only and Marvel still have rights to show this on TV and they may well be planning to do this soon a la Daredevil.

What's folks think personally I prefer the idea of the TV series more?

Oh and DC are planning to make a TV series with some lesser known heroes....Original

Finally War Machine will be in Avengers 2 age of Ultron, and my have a more substantial role, which makes me think we might see a different side to Tony stark and not in his Iron Man suit much.

Anyway, there you go, more heroes crammed in.

Posted on 14 Dec 2013 22:54:58 GMT
I can't say i like the idea of a Spiderman tv series much. I actually remember as a kid watching the old tv series being repeated in the 80s. I'm sure the SFX will be a little better, but I have this sickening feeling that they'll go the route of SHIELD or The Originals, or any of these kinds of shows where nobody looks/acts like a real person. Everybody looks waaaay too attractive, with perfect makeup on, and it all has this shiny gloss. It's like 90210 does superheroes. Also I fear having to fill 21 episodes they'll rely on the tired old tricks of making it about relationships (admittedly that's more in keeping with the comic's roots but I'm too old for that stuff now).

In reply to an earlier post on 16 Dec 2013 09:59:19 GMT
kinjoking says:

In reply to an earlier post on 16 Dec 2013 10:26:47 GMT
Last edited by the author on 16 Dec 2013 10:32:12 GMT
If it ended up like that then I can see your point, personally of all the heroes I think Spideys would make the best TV series.

We have to judge Daredevil first and see how that pans out, if they do that well, then why not.

WRT Agents of shield, I think we've all been a bit dissapointed by it so far, though the last few have been slightly better IMO, rumour is they are shaking it all up in a bid to improve it for season 2 and the events in Cap America 2 will ahve serious consequences for the show as well?

P.S I think TASM 2 trailer looks very good so far?

Just started watching Arrow and I have been impressed so far, though I am only on episode 4 of season 1

In reply to an earlier post on 16 Dec 2013 10:50:41 GMT
Hey it's Hollywood, there aren't going to be ugly people in it ;) If there are, then they'll be the bad guys - nothing like an ugly baddie to make sure you know who you should be rooting for !! lol

Smallville was pretty popular though in the lines of superhero TV show though wasn't it ??
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