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What did you watch last night?

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In reply to an earlier post on 22 May 2012 13:02:52 BDT
Watch Flesh and Blood, a Medieval hack and slash starring Rutger Hauer!

In reply to an earlier post on 22 May 2012 15:42:44 BDT
The hitcher--ooooooo--Rutger was ignored at the Oscars but...shd have won best ....of all the others...not 'important' enough to be nominated-comedies, horror, cult, bmovies, European stars who are scary, too scary?

Posted on 22 May 2012 16:15:57 BDT
Last night I watched The Gadget Show. Is it me who finds Jason Bradbury increasingly annoying? Last week they compared the iPad with Amazon's new Kindle Fire and he bangs on about the speed of the iPad's use of 4G comparing it to the slower Kindle Fire yet NEVER mentions there's NO 4G connection in ENGLAND! Which kind of makes his point mute. Also since the format is different at the moment there's no Suzi Perry and this makes me sad.

In reply to an earlier post on 22 May 2012 23:08:56 BDT
Last edited by the author on 22 May 2012 23:09:32 BDT
It's a brilliant film and you get a good eyeful of the lovely Jennifer Jason-Leigh au naturel but I'm not sure the plague would kill as the film describes, by people drinking contaminated water.

That sounds more to me like a poisioning rather than the transmisison by flea bite which was the method of transmission for the Bubonic. The other and far more lethal variant of course was pneumonic, air borne.

As the film showed, however, it was accepted practice to hurl parts of plague infected corpses into towns to cause infection but that was to introduce the pestis - victim, pestis, pestis, victim "How do you do"?

"I'm not bad" "Oh but you will be".

Posted on 23 May 2012 09:55:48 BDT
Shazzerman says:
Basil Fawlty (to wife, after she lists what needs to be done to the hotel to comply with the inspector's health guidelines): "Can we get you on Mastermind, specialised subject the bleedin' obvious."

Posted on 23 May 2012 10:17:28 BDT
I watched My Big Fat Fetish. There aren't the words to describe how abhorrent I find those people. Disgusting. Yuck !!!

Posted on 23 May 2012 12:35:12 BDT
Shazzerman says:
Another viewing of "Once Upon a Time in America". Sublime. God Bless America indeed...

In reply to an earlier post on 23 May 2012 13:00:10 BDT
[Deleted by the author on 1 May 2013 05:00:25 BDT]

Posted on 23 May 2012 13:57:35 BDT
T says:
Watched The Assault last night, about the 1994 hijacking of Air France 8969 and the subsequent storming on the tarmac at Marseille. Interesting and pacey thriller, intercut with original news footage of the commandos going into the 'plane. I was minded to read up on the facts afterwards because the way they go through the 'plane and take on the terrorists, all hiding in the cockpit, made it look like a complete amateur job, far removed from the speed, surprise and aggression (not to mention stun grenades) of the SAS's philosophy (the French took almost half an hour to neutralise the four terrorists and secure the aircraft - which was a write-off). Having got the passengers to get down and stay out of the line of fire the French commandos then get them up and moving to the rear doors as AK fire hurtles through the cabin from the cockpit. One man takes on the cockpit with a short-barrelled revolver, fires one shot into one terrorist and then stands there asking for the burst in the chest he receives from another one. All the guys with the longer-barelled MP-5s are down at the tail, shepherding the passengers. It gels with the factual narrative in various Google results but, on the whole, it just says, "Don't fly on a French airline, always use a British one."

Posted on 27 May 2012 08:39:53 BDT
Post Soviet says:
The Clinic [DVD], horror, ok to watch once, since you find out what really goin' on. 2/5

The Shrine [DVD] it's classic retro horror about possession, american tourists disappearing in....... Poland. But of course.
For strange reasons (maybe because of the THING in fog) loved it. 4/5 IMO.

Battle Royale [DVD] at lazst. It's romantic movie about bunch of Japanese teenagers, their relationships, first love etc. For better effect
around 40 killings embellish the movie nicely. 4/5 IMO.

Oh, I watched eurovision yeasterday. That French singer, mmmmm.....

Posted on 27 May 2012 17:08:39 BDT
The football, at which point I promptly remembered how dull football gets the moment the English team put on an England shirt. I don't blame them I blame my parent's for not being born in another country.

Posted on 28 May 2012 11:53:06 BDT
T says:
Ghostrider: Spirit of Vengeance. Fell asleep before the end. 'Nuff said...

Posted on 1 Jun 2012 15:39:10 BDT
Lazisom says:
Last night I chose not to watch dvds/play on my ps3 and instead take it easy and watch tv so I watched...

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air - seen it before, forgetable
The Simpsons - see above
The Big Bang Theory - see above
Futurama *2 - seen both before yet its always watchable
You've Been Framed *2 - see above
Russel Howards Good News - NEW EPISODE! it was ok
Russel Kane Live At The Electric - NEW SERIES! was horrendously bad so after 10 mins I put on the first dvd I could find that would finish before midnight which was...
My Neighbour Tototro - Classic from Studio Ghibli
Family Guy - Something to fall asleep to

Another evening sucessfully wasted!

Posted on 1 Jun 2012 16:03:32 BDT
T says:
ANZACs. Just as good as it was when first broadcast.

Posted on 1 Jun 2012 22:24:30 BDT
John morris says:
I watched the safe house on blu-ray it was pretty good.

Posted on 2 Jun 2012 15:26:34 BDT
Mr D.K Lind says:
Prometheus in the cinema. Very good.

Posted on 2 Jun 2012 20:22:55 BDT
Last edited by the author on 3 Jun 2012 01:54:42 BDT
Blastronaut says:
Watched Monsters last night on Film4.
Missed the first 20 mins and it still seemed to be slow going. One of those films films that, by the time it gets going, it finishes!
Suppose the acting and direction was ok, quite atmospheric at times, just the film didn't really go anywhere. When we finally got a half-right look (and a half right-look's all ya get) at the 'beasties' I wuz left a tad disappointed... and the ending was, rather inevitably, a huge let-down; I'd say 'anti-climax' but there wuz nowt much to get excited about in the first place!
A generous 6/10.

Posted on 3 Jun 2012 14:49:14 BDT
Is Monsters the one where they miss the transport and cross through Mexico back to America - journalist and his bosses daughter ?
Never got into that at all, watched the whole thing, but it was a bit of a mind drag imo. For the 5 minutes here and there that were tense/interesting there were 15 mins either side to bring you crashing back down to boredom !! And at the end "we're the true monsters" kinda spiel *yawn* haha

I watched 'The Grey' and 'Texas Killing Fields' last night - both pretty good films. Wasn't holding out for grey, thought of CG wolves made me think it was gonna be rather naff, but good film dealing with people and that.
TKF - bit of a let down to me, you can guess the serial killer in the first five mins of the movie which makes it two hours til the police catch on lol (one of whom is an utter twart) Blurb's a bit misleading, claims the killer's so clever he makes it look like it was the police and yet nowhere in the film does anything/anyone in any way, shape or form suggest it was. But still worth the watch.

Posted on 3 Jun 2012 15:42:23 BDT
T says:
Iron Sky. It's been very over-hyped. Then again, it comes from the same director and producer as the completely unfunny Star Wreck so that I laughed at Iron Sky is quite an achievement. I suspect it was more down to the skills of the cast more than anything else (the Sarah Palin look-alike US president is an amusing touch).

In reply to an earlier post on 3 Jun 2012 16:47:16 BDT
Last edited by the author on 3 Jun 2012 16:53:05 BDT
Blastronaut says:
Yeah Kodo, that's the one. Know what ya mean with the ending; was enough to make one reach for the sick-bag.
For some reason I was obsessed with how the creatures walked about, y'know, ya seemed to see plenty of tentacles and the likes, but the 'legs' were always obscured by (the budget!) the dark or mist. Maybe the creatures were floating around but I could swear they were supposed to be strutting!
Says a hell of a lot for the film when my biggest concern was how the aliens got around!
If you watched it from start to finish I feel for ya; I missed 20 or so minutes from the start and it still felt like a marathon! : )

Posted on 3 Jun 2012 17:15:31 BDT
Post Soviet says:
Ok, time to praise two of the silliest movies EVER!

1. Deadly Prey. For reviews check US zon. And thanks whoever recommended on this tread earlier (sorry mate, lazy to scroll through the pages!). In brief, this exploitation flick was made in 1988, I imagine some doped bloke with no idea where to spend amount of cash (not big) won in lotery, at last found two 13 old teenagers sniffing glue and offered them direct a movie, combining script for 'Rambo First Blood' with script for 'Turkey Shoot'.

***spoiler*** (even hardly imagining there is the possible way to spoil anything)
What I loved the most in this nihilistic piece of garbage, was the nasty ending, when our heroe's father in law was skulking around the Baddies camp, he got quickly caught and.....killed. Our heroe's best buddie got killed too. THen heroe's wife, got caught, raped, and...... killed too. Jaeysus.....

***end of spoiler***

2. Nostril Picker, the - Uncut Version [DVD]
Aaaaaaargh..... I can't believe I watched this for the second time! Of course when my wife was away. It's not even B movie.

Rating? Impossible task, both from category 'Must See'. '0)

In reply to an earlier post on 3 Jun 2012 17:37:37 BDT
Blastronaut says:
The Nostril Picker? Great name for a film! It's not one of those 'Does what it says on the tin' films is it Sovs? : )

In reply to an earlier post on 3 Jun 2012 18:42:11 BDT
Post Soviet says:
It does for 100%, Blastro!!

In reply to an earlier post on 3 Jun 2012 19:42:46 BDT
Blastronaut says:
Ahh, now look what you've gone and done, Sovs! For some twisted reason I just gotta get a look at this film now! : )

Posted on 4 Jun 2012 01:29:06 BDT
watched archer season 3, a fair few episodes it gets better and better.
also just finished watching Taken for the first time, i liked it very much. but it was hard to think of maggie grace, who was a hot 21 year old in Lost Season 1 back in 2004 to be playing a dowdy 17 year old in 2008 at which point she was 25 i think? also nice few scenes with Holly Vallance, boy does she make the loins stir.
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